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KBR Named A Preferred Employer Among Women? Surely you jest!

Every once in a while, something so incomprehensible happens, it throws off the whole balance of nature, white becomes black, up becomes down and pigs fly.

In a recent news release from KBR, it states they have made it onto the “Top 50 Employers” list for Woman Engineer Magazine with a ranking of #46. The lists published on WEM’s site do not include KBR so I can’t confirm KBR’s claim. Assuming KBR is not trying to mislead their employees and investors and did in fact somehow magically make it onto this list, I must then ask “Who in the Hell is #47, #48, #49 & #50?” KBR is notorious for their crimes and abuses against women employees. (Click HERE to contact Women Engineer Magazine and insist KBR be removed from the list)

Let’s start with this short list of well documented cases of female KBR employees who were brutally raped, harassed, intimidated and held against their will while working for KBR in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jamie Leigh Jones – Drugged and gang raped by KBR employee Charles Boartz and other unidentified KBR employees (firemen) and then held against her will by KBR management in the Green Zone – Baghdad, Iraq. To top it off KBR has the audacity to publicly vilify Jones by calling her a liar on their own site and in the media.

Anna MayoRaped and brutally beaten by who is believed to be a KBR employee and who was allowed to leave the country most likely by KBR management at Balad, Iraq. Again KBR chooses to publicly vilify Mayo by claiming she did not pursue the issue when she felt threatened by this employee when in fact she did report it to KBR management. Read the remainder of this entry »

Another KBR female placed under house arrest

In today’s Houston Chronicle there is an article about a former KBR employee from San Antonio named Wanda Caban, who gets involved in a romantic relationship with an Afghan she met while working for KBR at Bagram Air Force Base in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2006.

According to the article, all within a month, Wanda Caban, then 21, would convert to Islam, get pregnant, marry Mohamad (Shabir) Azimi, then 22, live under KBR house arrest and leave the country, hounded by KBR supervisors alarmed over her affair with an Afghan.

Intimate relationships and even public displays of affection were forbidden under her contract with KBR. But people looked the other way — until she and Shabir, as he is known, began going out. Then things became “really awkward,” she said.

“I was under 24-7 surveillance. I wasn’t charged with anything,” Wanda Azimi said, noting that she was kept at home for a week after missing a flight home. A KBR guard accompanied her to the dining hall and the restroom.

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