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KBR, Named in Sex Lawsuits, Called One of Top 50 Companies For Women In Magazine Poll (ABC News)

KBR employee Anna Mayo, Age 26 Photo taken after brutal attack in Iraq-Anna's deserves justice. (Courtesy of Kelly Law Firm)

Has you might recall MsSparky.com first blogged about this unfathomable “award” on April 7th. (read HERE) Then main stream blogs Mother Jones, Houston Press, Huffington Post, Jezebel picked it up. Then countless smaller watchdog blogs like The Truth Has Changed picked it up. Now ABC has picked it up. One would think John R. Miller, III – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Equal Opportunity Publications (no joke) would be tired of this negative publicity and just remove KBR from the list. What self respecting company would even want to be on the same list as KBR? I do know in fact John Miller is tired of my emails, which I may just publish on MsSparky.com!

A personal message to Mr. John Miller “All you have to do is remove KBR from the list. Return any monies paid and bump everyone else up one. Easy as that!”

Company Facing Lawsuits For Alleged Sexual Assaults Voted Top Employer For Women

KBR, Named in Sex Lawsuits, Called One of Top 50 Companies For Women In Magazine Poll

April 11, 2011

KBR, a company that has been sued repeatedly for alleged sexual assaults and harassment of female employees, has been voted one of the best companies for women to work for by a magazine aimed at female engineers.

Woman Engineer named the Houston-based contracting company number 46 in the 2011 version of the magazine’s annual list of the top 50 best workplaces. Winners were chosen by readers who responded to a survey, and the magazine will publish the full list later this month.

KBR has extensive contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Attorney Todd Kelly, who has so far represented five former KBR employees who have alleged sexual assault or harassment, told ABC News that in all about 40 women have contacted his office about alleged incidents that occurred while they were working overseas for KBR or at one of its facilities. Read the remainder of this entry »

KBR Named A Preferred Employer Among Women? Surely you jest!

Every once in a while, something so incomprehensible happens, it throws off the whole balance of nature, white becomes black, up becomes down and pigs fly.

In a recent news release from KBR, it states they have made it onto the “Top 50 Employers” list for Woman Engineer Magazine with a ranking of #46. The lists published on WEM’s site do not include KBR so I can’t confirm KBR’s claim. Assuming KBR is not trying to mislead their employees and investors and did in fact somehow magically make it onto this list, I must then ask “Who in the Hell is #47, #48, #49 & #50?” KBR is notorious for their crimes and abuses against women employees. (Click HERE to contact Women Engineer Magazine and insist KBR be removed from the list)

Let’s start with this short list of well documented cases of female KBR employees who were brutally raped, harassed, intimidated and held against their will while working for KBR in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jamie Leigh Jones – Drugged and gang raped by KBR employee Charles Boartz and other unidentified KBR employees (firemen) and then held against her will by KBR management in the Green Zone – Baghdad, Iraq. To top it off KBR has the audacity to publicly vilify Jones by calling her a liar on their own site and in the media.

Anna MayoRaped and brutally beaten by who is believed to be a KBR employee and who was allowed to leave the country most likely by KBR management at Balad, Iraq. Again KBR chooses to publicly vilify Mayo by claiming she did not pursue the issue when she felt threatened by this employee when in fact she did report it to KBR management. Read the remainder of this entry »

KBR Employee (Anna Mayo) Says She Was Raped and Beaten By Fellow KBR Employee in Iraq

As many of you will remember MsSparky.com broke this story on Anna Mayo’s brutal rape and assault on December 4, 2009. Naturally we would not disclose her name at that time. There has been some speculation that Anna was somehow related to KBR’s #1 LOGCAP IV Manager, Principal Program Manager Mike Mayo. I have been informed by Anna’s attorney, Todd Kelly this is not the case.

KBR employee Anna Mayo, Age 27 Photo taken after attack at Joint Base Balad in Iraq (Courtesy of Kelly Law Firm)

June 3, 2010
Anna Mayo’s Lawsuit Is The Latest In A Series Against Military Contractor

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Houston Wednesday, Anna Mayo was working at KBR’s facility in Balad in November 2009 when she was assaulted by an unnamed rapist who worked for KBR. She charges that she was choked unconscious with a rope, beaten and raped. The suit seeks damages from KBR and from KBR subsidiary Service Employees International Inc., the contractor that employed Mayo from 2008 to 2009. Read the remainder of this entry »

KBR’s Bill Bodie babbles in Yankton

This is me responding to your bogus propaganda Bodie.....if of course I were an angry cat!

KBR President, Bill Bodie is out there trying to sell his “KBR snake oil” again. He actually took the time to responded to a letter from a reader about the Franken Amendment in a small town newspaper in Yankton, South Dakota. KBR must be absolutely desperate. Here’s my latest addition to my “Bodie Babble” category.

Response To Letter

Published: Friday, January 22, 2010 1:20 AM CST
William C. Bodie, Houston
President, KBR North American Government and Defense

Many of the statements in the letter entitled “Cases of Rape” (Press & Dakotan, Jan. 15) are based on erroneous reports regarding the Jamie Leigh Jones case, and misinformation on Sen. Franken’s amendment. KBR would like to set the record straight. Read the remainder of this entry »

Woman awarded $3M in assault claim against KBR

The Associated Press

HOUSTON — An arbitrator has awarded a woman nearly $3 million to settle her claims that she was raped in Iraq by a State Department employee in 2005 while working for a former Halliburton Co. subsidiary.

Court records filed this week show Tracy Barker was awarded $2.93 million to settle her claim against military contractor KBR Inc.

Barker had sued Houston-based Halliburton and its former KBR subsidiary in May 2007, alleging she was sexually attacked while working as a civilian contractor in Basra, Iraq.

The Associated Press doesn’t usually identify those who report they were sexually assaulted, but Barker made her identity public in her lawsuit. (click HERE for original article)

Good for her! Click HERE for an article that was written in February 2008.

Ms Sparky