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I think KBR is a disgusting pestiferous Ordog!

An Ördög is a demonic creature from Hungarian mythology which personifies the dark aspects of the world. In Christian times, it was identified with the devil.

Pronunciation: [pe-stif-er-uhs]
1 :dangerous to society : PERNICIOUS

The blogospere has been all riled up since evil KBR has CHOSEN to to further victimize Jamie Leigh Jones by asking for over $2 million to pay their attorney fees.

In my opinion, this is  a vindictive attempt on the behalf of KBR to punish Jamie Jones and her attorney Todd Kelly for the advances they made against KBR’s secret arbitration policy and changes to laws such as the Franken Amendment.

They want to send a message to ALL victims and their attorneys,  “You better not go there”. This is typical KBR bullshit. “Just keep your mouth shut or we will send you to the house!” We have all heard it in the Middle East. Now KBR wants to make sure they send that message loud and clear to any victim or attorney who dare stand up to them. “See what happens when you go up against KBR? You will pay!” I pray Judge Ellison sees through this attempt to control the legal system. This is manipulation and control at a most basic level. I have to admit, KBR is very good at that! Read the remainder of this entry »

Attorney Andrew McKinney attempts to vilify his client’s (alleged) victim

Woman’s Iraq rape allegations, history questioned

Jamie Leigh Jones, right, listens to a question along with her attorney Todd Kelly, left, outside the federal courthouse Tuesday, June 14, 2011, in Houston. Opening statements began Tuesday in the civil lawsuit filed by Jones, an ex-female contractor who claims she was raped by co-workers in Iraq in 2005 while employed by a former Halliburton Co. subsidiary and then held against her will when she tried to report the assault.

Photo - David J. Phillip (AP)

JUAN A. LOZANO – (Associated Press) –  June 21, 2011 – Attorneys for military contractor KBR Inc. and an ex-KBR firefighter tried to portray a Texas woman who says she was drugged and sexually assaulted in Iraq at the hands of co-workers as someone with a history of dishonesty and tried to point out to jurors on Tuesday what they believe are inconsistencies in her claims.

Jamie Leigh Jones, 26, is one of several women who worked for KBR and former parent Halliburton Co. who say they were sexually assaulted or harassed while working for the companies in Iraq.

Jones says she was raped in 2005 while working for KBR at Camp Hope, Baghdad. She has sued KBR, Halliburton and a former KBR firefighter, Charles Bortz, whom she says was one of her rapists. The Houston-based companies and Bortz deny Jones’ allegations. The alleged sexual assault was investigated by authorities but no criminal charges have been filed.

Jones has told jurors she was drugged and then raped by a group of KBR firefighters. She said Bortz was in her room the next morning. She says she has no memory of what happened because she believes she was drugged with Rohypnol, known as the “date rape drug,” just before she was sexually assaulted.

Read the remainder of this entry »

KBR attorneys attempt to discredit victim of brutal rape

Attorney: KBR didn’t have hostile work environment
by Kevin Reece – KHOU 11 News – June 14, 2011

HOUSTON –Attorneys for KBR told a federal civil court jury on Tuesday that their best defense against accusations of rape and sexual harassment is the trustworthiness of the accuser herself.

A jury of eight men and three women heard opening arguments in the lawsuit Jamie Leigh Jones  brought against KBR and KBR firefighter Charles Boartz. The case goes back to 2005 when Jones was a KBR IT technician assigned to Camp Hope in Baghdad.

Within 72 hours of arriving she claims KBR firefighters drugged her by placing something in a drink and that when she awoke the next morning she was naked and had injuries consistent with sexual assault. Boartz claims their encounter was consensual.

“I’ve been fighting this for six years,” Jones said before opening arguments began. “I’m just happy to step inside of a courtroom and get some justice.”

Part of the delay in getting her day in court stemmed from KBR’s insistence that the allegations be dealt with through the employee arbitration proceedings spelled out in Jones’ employment contract. Courts eventually sided with Jones. Read the remainder of this entry »

Iraq KBR rape case civil trial date set

Accused rapist Charles David Bortz mug shot from October 2006 arrest for Felony Battery in Okaloosa County Florida

Len Cannon – (KHOU 11 News) – HOUSTON – May 12, 2011 – A woman who said she was gang-raped in 2005 while working in Iraq for the Houston-based company KBR is finally getting her day in court.

Six years ago Jamie Leigh Jones, of Conroe, blamed the attack on KBR, but the company said those allegations are not true.

Jones said she has been waiting for years for her attackers to be punished and the civil trial begins on June 13. The trial will take place on the third floor of the federal courthouse in downtown Houston.

KHOU 11 News last talked to Jones in 2009, and that’s when she said she wanted to tell her story in front of a jury.

“I think this cause is bigger than myself; I want to have a deterrence, so this doesn’t happen to other women and other wives and daughters that go overseas,” she said.

Jones went overseas to Iraq in 2005. She was a 20-year-old information technology technician for KBR. Four days after arriving, she said she was drugged and raped by co-workers.

“When I woke up the next morning I was naked in the barrack and I was bleeding and I had bruises,” she said. “I was sore between my legs and chest, I was groggy and confused.”

Her lawyer Todd Kelly said he will show photos of those bruises in court.

“There is medical evidence that will clearly show that it was nonconsensual and that her injuries were related to trauma,” he said. Read the remainder of this entry »

KBR, Named in Sex Lawsuits, Called One of Top 50 Companies For Women In Magazine Poll (ABC News)

KBR employee Anna Mayo, Age 26 Photo taken after brutal attack in Iraq-Anna's deserves justice. (Courtesy of Kelly Law Firm)

Has you might recall MsSparky.com first blogged about this unfathomable “award” on April 7th. (read HERE) Then main stream blogs Mother Jones, Houston Press, Huffington Post, Jezebel picked it up. Then countless smaller watchdog blogs like The Truth Has Changed picked it up. Now ABC has picked it up. One would think John R. Miller, III – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Equal Opportunity Publications (no joke) would be tired of this negative publicity and just remove KBR from the list. What self respecting company would even want to be on the same list as KBR? I do know in fact John Miller is tired of my emails, which I may just publish on MsSparky.com!

A personal message to Mr. John Miller “All you have to do is remove KBR from the list. Return any monies paid and bump everyone else up one. Easy as that!”

Company Facing Lawsuits For Alleged Sexual Assaults Voted Top Employer For Women

KBR, Named in Sex Lawsuits, Called One of Top 50 Companies For Women In Magazine Poll

April 11, 2011

KBR, a company that has been sued repeatedly for alleged sexual assaults and harassment of female employees, has been voted one of the best companies for women to work for by a magazine aimed at female engineers.

Woman Engineer named the Houston-based contracting company number 46 in the 2011 version of the magazine’s annual list of the top 50 best workplaces. Winners were chosen by readers who responded to a survey, and the magazine will publish the full list later this month.

KBR has extensive contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Attorney Todd Kelly, who has so far represented five former KBR employees who have alleged sexual assault or harassment, told ABC News that in all about 40 women have contacted his office about alleged incidents that occurred while they were working overseas for KBR or at one of its facilities. Read the remainder of this entry »