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Buh, bye, Burger King

Buh, bye, BK (Barracks Patrol Report No. 1)

Under The Radar
by The Barracks Patrol – Military.com
February 19, 2010

Attention on the net: You got the Barrack Patrol here, bringing you the best of what we hear and what you tell us about. (And, as always, confidentiality is GUARANTEED — not too many places around this here U.S. military that you get one of those … or at least one of those you want.)

And most of the chatter on our freq the last few days has been about Big General Mac’s order to shut down all the fast food joints and other “Hey Joe” establishments around the FOBs in the ‘Stan Suck. The reaction to said order has turned into a battle royale (with cheese) of sorts between two camps: The Trigger Pullers versus the FOBbits.

Now the Trigger Pullers, who, unlike the FOBbits have actually discharged their weapons in anger, are happy for a warm meal, period, never mind one served up by a good ole’ American franchise like KFC. So when they amble back from a patrol for a little down time and see the “world within a world” that is the FOB they tend to wonder where the priorities are with the guys running the show. (These are the guys who were pinned down the day before without air support because of too few drones in theater or whatever, so you’ll have to forgive them when the sight of a Baskin-??Robbins with all 31 flavors gets them a bit steamed under the Kevlar.) Suffice it to say that the Trigger Pullers are okay with Gen. Mac’s order. Instead of Whoppers, they want more bullets. As Trigger Puller “Lawman” told us: “Only at the FOB would you have to worry about Soldiers gaining weight in the middle of a war.” Read the remainder of this entry »

A tribute to our Fallen Heroes – Coming Home

This amazing video was done by a small production compnay in the UK called Myrtle Productions. The song is entitle Coming Home and is sung by The Soldiers.  The amazing art is done by Michael G Reagan founder of the Fallen Heroes Project. I have blogged many times about Micheal’s work. For those who are not familiar, Michael is a world renowned portrait artist who now draws almost exclusively portraits of Fallen Heroes who have died in the fight against terrorism. He presents these portraits as a gift to the families free of charge. He’s been getting a lot of recent media coverage in the United Kingdom because not all the Fallen Heroes are from the US. I urge you to follow the link to the Fallen Heroes Project site and donate generously. Read the remainder of this entry »