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Recruiting SCAM uses KBR name to swindle job seekers

We first posted warnings nearly two years ago regarding recruiting scams targeting those who may desire to work for major defense contractors such as Fluor, DynCorp and KBR. During this time of economic disaster in the States, those desperate for work may be more likely to disregard warnings in hopes the offers are legitimate, therefore setting themselves up for identity theft and financial ruin.

According to a recent article from WBJFedBiz Daily, identity thieves are still setting their sites on those who want to work for KBR.

Fraudsters out to steal money and private information from those hoping to land work are using the name of KBR Inc.  in their scam.

KBR, an engineering and construction company based in Houston and with a primary office in Arlington, posted a notice on its website acknowledging that “fraudulent employment offers are being transmitted via email by people claiming to be employees or representatives of KBR.” According to the notice, prospective candidates are provided salary information, instructed to obtain immigration documents and pay application/processing fees, which will supposedly be reimbursed.

“Please be advised that these communications are FRAUDULENT and are NOT sent from anyone within or affiliated with KBR,” the notice stated. “These email messages are a scam and should be treated as such.”

Those that receive such notices are instructed to contact local law enforcement and to forward the messages to ReportFraud@kbr.com.

A company spokeswoman said that — by policy —no information about KBR is released, including employment numbers for the D.C. metro area. The company’s Arlington office is located at 2451 Crystal Drive. (click HERE for the original article)

If anyone has one of these fraudulent emails they’ve received stating they are recruiting on KBR’s behalf, please send it. I’d like to post it for all to see.

There are few things I despise more than liars and thieves, especially identity thieves.

Ms Sparky

This has to be the best Nigerian SCAM ever!

I don’t doubt for one minute that Cheney and the others are GUILTY of crimes committed in Nigeria. But the fact that Nigeria is allowing them to buy their way out just adds to their image of the biggest SCAMMERS in the world. Why not follow through? Unless of course it was just a SCAM to begin with. Cheney and the other deserve it, but I think Nigeria went about this all wrong.

The next time you get an email that starts out like the one below, it just might be true!

Subject: Business Confidential.


I am Goodluck Jonathan, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is my pleasure to write and inform you that you were strongly and reliably recommended to me although we have not met or entered into any kind of contract with you before.  Based on that recommendation and although we have not met, I personally want to believe that you are honest enough  for a transaction involving the transfer of US $285,000,000.00 (two hundred eighty five million US dollars) into a foreign account (yours) for safekeeping pending my arrival to your country. Naturally you will be compensated generously as the account owner into which the money is remitted.  This money originated from exploiting US businessmen who were most likely guilty anyway, but we felt it would be more lucrative to let them buy their way out of the crimes than try to prosecute them.

Nigeria Drops Bribery Charges Against Cheney, Halliburton After $250M Deal Struck

Nigeria’s government has reportedly dropped bribery charges against former Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton, the energy firm he once headed, after the company agreed to pay a hefty settlement.

A spokesman with Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission told Reuters that the country’s government accepted a $250 million offer by Halliburton — an offer made within days of Nigeria filing a lawsuit against Cheney and Halliburton CEO David Lesar, along with other executives and firms. (click HERE for original article)

Halliburton pays $35m to Nigeria over graft case

LAGOS, Nigeria — Halliburton says that Nigeria has withdrawn charges against Halliburton and executives including former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney after a $35 million settlement.

Halliburton said in a statement Tuesday that it had agreed to pay $35 million to the Nigerian government over “allegations of improper payments to government officials in Nigeria.”

The oil services firm said that Nigeria had agreed to desist from taking further legal action against Halliburton, former subsidiary KBR and executives.

In February 2009, KBR Inc. pleaded guilty in U.S. federal court to authorizing and paying bribes from 1995 to 2004 for contracts in Nigeria.

Cheney was named as he led Halliburton during a period when bribes totaling as much as $180 million were allegedly paid. (click HERE for original article)

FBI Tips to Avoid Being Scammed This Holiday Season

The holiday season is just ripe for scammers to take advantage of people preoccupied with finding that perfect gift and preparing for the Holiday season. These predators prey on every weakness. I found the article below on the FBI website. For other schemes highlighted on the FBI website click HERE. I just hate SCAMMERS and SPAMMERS! Please inform and protect yourself. ~ Ms Sparky


As the holidays approach, the FBI reminds the public to use caution when making online purchases. Cyber criminals continue to create ways to steal your money and personal information. If a deal looks too good to be true, it likely is.

Be wary of e-mails or text messages that indicate a problem or question regarding your financial accounts. Criminals will attempt to direct victims to click a link or call a number to update an account or correct a purported problem. The links may appear to lead you to legitimate websites, but they are not. Any personal information you share on them could be compromised.

The major legitimate delivery service providers do not e-mail customers directly regarding scheduled deliveries; you have to already have an existing account for this type of communication. Nor will they state when a package has been intercepted or is being temporarily held. E-mails about these issues are phishing scams that can lead to personal information breaches and financial losses. Read the remainder of this entry »

BP Deepwater Horizon Employment SCAM

I haven’t been covering the Deep Water Horizon accident, because EVERYONE else has. It’s been running 24/7 on the news. What could I possibly add to that? But now I’m pissed. There are SCAMMERS amongst us! I just HATE HATE HATE scammers. Those low life’s who prey on desperate people. Shoot them all!

I have a lot of readers who are in desperate need of work. I have reported on other employment SCAMS with Dyncorp, KBR and Fluor. I myself have received those SCAM emails. Read the remainder of this entry »

SCAM ALERT! LOGCAP recruiting scams

It seems that unethical opportunists are once again (or still) preying on those who desperately seek jobs overseas. Some hiring companies such as KBR and Dyncorp appear to be proactive and are aggressively trying to warn potential applicants.

KBR Warns of Fraudulent Employment Offers

We are aware that fraudulent employment offers are being transmitted via email by people claiming to be employees or representatives of KBR. Prospective candidates are provided salary information, instructed to obtain immigration documents and pay application/processing fees, and then advised they will be reimbursed for any expenses.

Please be advised that these communications are FRAUDULENT and are NOT sent from anyone within or affiliated with KBR. These email messages are a scam and should be treated as such.

If you receive such a message, you are advised to contact your local law enforcement agency and provide any details you may have. You also may forward the messages to ReportFraud@kbr.com.

If you are interested in employment with KBR, please visit www.kbrjobs.com.

DynCorp International Afghan Operation Warning

We have become aware of an internet scam using the DynCorp International name, Read the remainder of this entry »