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This has to be the best Nigerian SCAM ever!

I don’t doubt for one minute that Cheney and the others are GUILTY of crimes committed in Nigeria. But the fact that Nigeria is allowing them to buy their way out just adds to their image of the biggest SCAMMERS in the world. Why not follow through? Unless of course it was just a SCAM to begin with. Cheney and the other deserve it, but I think Nigeria went about this all wrong.

The next time you get an email that starts out like the one below, it just might be true!

Subject: Business Confidential.


I am Goodluck Jonathan, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is my pleasure to write and inform you that you were strongly and reliably recommended to me although we have not met or entered into any kind of contract with you before.  Based on that recommendation and although we have not met, I personally want to believe that you are honest enough  for a transaction involving the transfer of US $285,000,000.00 (two hundred eighty five million US dollars) into a foreign account (yours) for safekeeping pending my arrival to your country. Naturally you will be compensated generously as the account owner into which the money is remitted.  This money originated from exploiting US businessmen who were most likely guilty anyway, but we felt it would be more lucrative to let them buy their way out of the crimes than try to prosecute them.

Nigeria Drops Bribery Charges Against Cheney, Halliburton After $250M Deal Struck

Nigeria’s government has reportedly dropped bribery charges against former Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton, the energy firm he once headed, after the company agreed to pay a hefty settlement.

A spokesman with Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission told Reuters that the country’s government accepted a $250 million offer by Halliburton — an offer made within days of Nigeria filing a lawsuit against Cheney and Halliburton CEO David Lesar, along with other executives and firms. (click HERE for original article)

Halliburton pays $35m to Nigeria over graft case

LAGOS, Nigeria — Halliburton says that Nigeria has withdrawn charges against Halliburton and executives including former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney after a $35 million settlement.

Halliburton said in a statement Tuesday that it had agreed to pay $35 million to the Nigerian government over “allegations of improper payments to government officials in Nigeria.”

The oil services firm said that Nigeria had agreed to desist from taking further legal action against Halliburton, former subsidiary KBR and executives.

In February 2009, KBR Inc. pleaded guilty in U.S. federal court to authorizing and paying bribes from 1995 to 2004 for contracts in Nigeria.

Cheney was named as he led Halliburton during a period when bribes totaling as much as $180 million were allegedly paid. (click HERE for original article)

Nigerian government gone wild – sez KBR

Well if anyone knows about wildly and wrongly it would be KBR’s own Ms Heather Browne who has been steadfastly defending KBR’s managers and other criminals for years.   I just wonder how the shoe feels when it’s on the other foot. Personally, I think this is poetic justice at its best! Maybe they could fly them to Nigeria in one of Viktor Bout’s planes! One last thing….Nigeria don’t forget about KBR’s  Randy Harl, I believe he is currently the President and CEO for Wilbros! Go get ‘em!!  Does KBR’s indemnity clause include bribing Nigerians? ~ Ms Sparky

KBR Says Nigerian Officials Are Wildly And Wrongly Asserting Blame

December 07, 2010 – (RTTNews) – Engineering and construction firm KBR, Inc. issued a statement in response to recent press reports that name the company’s Chairman, President and CEO William Utt in the latest apparent charges to be filed by the Nigerian Government. The issues related to the latest set of charges involve violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or FCPA that occurred between 1994 and 2004.

KBR noted that Utt joined the company in February 2006 and the remainder of its executive team was appointed thereafter. KBR said no one on its current team was involved in the FCPA violations, adding that it in no way condones or tolerates illegal or unethical behavior.

“The actions of the Nigerian government suggest that its officials are wildly and wrongly asserting blame in this matter,” KBR said in a statement.

The company said it will continue to vigorously defend itself and if necessary, in that matter.  (Click HERE for original article)

Here is an excerpt from a longer more in depth article at MSNBC:

Babafemi said Halliburton, its Nigerian subsidiary, Halliburton CEO David J. Lesar, former KBR CEO Albert “Jack” Stanley and current KBR CEO William Utt all face similar charges in the case. The spokesman said each charge in the 16-count indictment carried as much as three years in prison.

Heather L. Browne, a KBR spokeswoman, said in a statement that Utt joined the firm in 2006, two years after prosecutors say the bribery case concluded.

“The actions of the Nigerian government suggest that its officials are wildly and wrongly asserting blame in this matter,” Browne’s statement read. “KBR will continue to vigorously defend itself and its executives, if necessary, in this matter.”

Nigeria will file charges against former US Vice President Dick Cheney

"We just bribed them a little. What's the big deal?"

Nigeria to File Charges Against Former U.S. Vice President Over Bribery
By Elisha Bala-Gbogbo – Dec 1, 2010 7:30 AM PT

Nigeria will file charges against former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and officials from five foreign companies including Halliburton Co. over a $180 million bribery scandal, a prosecutor at the anti-graft agency said.

Indictments will be lodged in a Nigerian court “in the next three days,” Godwin Obla, prosecuting counsel at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, said in an interview today at his office in Abuja, the capital. An arrest warrant for Cheney “will be issued and transmitted through Interpol” for enforcement, he said.

Peter Long, Cheney’s spokesman, said he couldn’t immediately comment when contacted today and said he would respond to an e-mailed request for comment later.

Obla said charges will be filed against current and former chief executive officers of Halliburton and its former unit KBR Inc., based in Houston, Texas; Technip SA, Europe’s second- largest oilfield-services provider; ENI SpA, Italy’s biggest oil company; and Saipem Construction Co., a unit of Eni. He didn’t identify the former officials whom he said held office when the alleged bribes were paid. Read the remainder of this entry »

Country famous for email scams busts Halliburton, how embarrassing is that?

EFCC raids Halliburton office in Lagos

By Ifedayo Adebayo and Olugbenro Adeoye – November 26, 2010 – Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Thursday afternoon conducted a raid on the Lagos office of Halliburton, Technip and Snamprogetti and officials (mostly expatriates) were arrested.
During the raid which was backed by a contingent of armed policemen, officials of the companies said EFCC officials ransacked their offices and pushed the staff around before taking away documents and some officials of the company.

Speaking to our reporter, Femi Babafemi, the commissions’ spokesperson, said the raid was the result of new discoveries and the latest development in its investigation of the American oil services firm’s alleged corrupt practices.

“I don’t have the details yet, but I know that three MD’s of Technip and Halliburton, three of them were arrested,” Mr Babafemi said.

Halliburton has been sanctioned in the UN for its role in a multi-billion dollar scandal involving the Nigerian Liquified Gas industry. As NEXT reported in past editions, at least three former presidents, Sani Abacha, Abdusalami Abubakar and Olusegun Obasanjo were implicated as recipients of bribes from American and European contractors retained to build Africa’s first liquefied natural gas plant in Bonny, Rivers State by US law enforcement officials.

Yesterday’s raid, according to Mr. Babafemi, is related to the ongoing case.

“It is the same Halliburton case. We just go back into the case based on fresh information that we have,” he said.

Read the remainder of this entry »

KBR’s Jack Stanley Free Until 2011

DateWednesday, September 22, 2010 – Former KBR boss Albert “Jack” Stanley, who pleaded guilty in September 2008 to a two-count criminal information charging him with conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and to commit mail and wire fraud, will remain free on bail until at least January 19, 2011.

Stanley was due to be sentenced tomorrow. But Judge Keith P. Ellison earlier this month reset Stanley’s hearing date, the eighth sentencing delay in the case.

Stanley, 66, admitted that from 1995 to 2004, he helped a joint venture that included KBR and its predecessors funnel $182 million in bribes to government officials in Nigeria. The bribes were paid in exchange for contracts worth $6 billion to build liquefied natural gas facilities. He was sentenced to 84 months in prison and a restitution payment of $10.8 million. The jail term is subject to review based on his cooperation.

Under his plea agreement, Stanley can’t ask for a reduction in his sentence based on his cooperation or the value of his testimony. But the DOJ can recommend a lighter sentence to the judge if it believes Stanley has fulfilled the conditions of his plea.

With Stanley’s help, the DOJ and SEC have recovered $1.28 billion in FCPA-related penalties and disgorgement so far from the TSKJ consortium members, which KBR led when Stanley was in charge: $579 million from KBR / Halliburton, $365 million from Snamprogetti / ENI, and $338 million from Technip, with more to come from the final JV partner, JGC.

Download the September 3, 2008 plea agreement in U.S. v. Albert Jackson Stanley here. (Click HERE for original article)