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And What Happens To Them After That?

Sudhama Ranganathan – (Indy Bay Media) – May 29, 2013 – Rape is the last thing we want to think about when we consider our military service members.  It just seems like the antitheses of everything they are supposed to stand for, we as a nation are supposed to stand for and what we want others to see when they encounter our military.  We want to project strength, but also the best possible representation of the nation that is known for protecting and helping to promote freedoms, liberties and rights worldwide.  We want people to think of us in the best possible light and as a people that respect others, both for what we have in common and our differences.

Unfortunately, over the past twelve or thirteen years our military, plus our intelligence services and associated publicly contracted private security and private intelligence contractors, have built a reputation for all manner of sex related hijinks and troubles.  They have been known to trade in flesh, as well as to be involved in rape, pedophilia and pederasty.

Contractors, trained during their own US military tenure, have had all manner of problems regarding these things.  One company in particular, DynCorp has in fact proven, through a repeated and consistent pattern of such instances, to have a culture within their organization that tolerates such behavior.

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How in the Hell did that happen? We’ll tell you! Wrapping up 2010

This is the Ms Sparky version of "The Happy Dance"! ("I can see you smiling!")

Because I refuse to blog about celebrities, the latest iPhone Apps, religion, every whack job loser who walks the face of the earth or conspiracy theories (even though I have a few) my reader pool is somewhat limited. And that’s fine, because I am only interested in reaching those people who are interested in defense contractor fraud and abuses, their victims, the heroes who push for new legislation to protect soldiers and civilians and the incompetence of the Pentagon to oversee these contractors.

In January 2010 we published our 2008 & 2009  blog statistics to show how much MsSparky.com had grown in the previous two years. In the big scheme of  “all things blog” these stats were not phenomenal, but we were pleased. MsSparky.com had gone from 500,000 hits in 2008 to over 4.7 million hits in 2009.  That is a 940% increase in traffic to MsSparky.com. Woo Hoo! (Happy Dance!)

But what about 2010? I had to pick a goal to work towards. Another 940% increase seemed too optimistic. Being the conservative I am and having no idea what an attainable goal should be, I arbitrarily chose a 500% increase and damn if we didn’t almost make it. (Happy Dance!) MsSparky.com racked up an amazing 20,197,850 (yes, that’s million) hits for 2010. That is a 428% increase in traffic from 2009 to 2010 and a whopping 3,878% (yes, that’s thousand) increase from 2008 to 2010! Read the remainder of this entry »

Ms Sparky’s one thousandth (1000th) blog post

Oh my! 1000 published blog posts! Who would have figured after 30 months of investigative blogging I would still be at it. 1000 published posts is a huge accomplishment for any blogger. I’m very proud of this milestone!

One would think I would have run out of things to write about regarding Defense contracting fraud and Pentagon incompetence, but it just keeps spewing forth. It’s like the Defense Departments very own “Old Faithful” geyser of crap! It just keeps blowing! I have to thank companies like Fluor, Dyncorp, CSA, SBH, Blackwater, ArmorGroup, Agility and mostly….(tearing up) KBR for making stupid management decisions that always give me something to write about. I will be forever grateful (sniff sniff).

I couldn’t have met this milestone without the support of my friends and family, my regular readers, guest writers, other collaborating bloggers, published authors, investigative reporters, super sleuths, whistle blowers, attorneys, concerned citizens, former and current defense contractor employees, widows, spouses, parents and most importantly……… Read the remainder of this entry »

Thou shalt not lie! Someone needs to tell the Pentagon!

Anatomy of a Pentagon Lie

Kelley B. Vlahos – November 1, 2010 – Antiwar.com

It shouldn’t startle anyone to find that the Pentagon has blatantly ignored a congressional mandate to start reducing its use of burn pits at U.S. bases overseas.

It was only a year ago that Pentagon officials openly doubted that the black hellfire released from tons of burning hazardous waste in the open air could possibly have any long-term health effects on anyone unlucky enough to be breathing it in everyday.

“When we look at respiratory effects on a population-wide basis,” said Dr. Craig Postlewaite, director of DoD’s force readiness and health assurance, in an interview last September, “we’re not seeing a cause for concern.” The DoD’s official view has so far not changed. So, even as more and more service members come home sick – some of them irreparably, terminally – it would seem the Department of Defense has gone into classic default mode: stall until it becomes impossible to stall any longer.

That may buy the DoD ten years at least, and by then it’ll be the Veterans Administration’s problem.

The DoD Shuffle.

“They hold with the lie until they are caught so red handed they just can’t lie about it any longer,” says Deb Crawford, who spent time as a civilian electrician in the Green Zone from 2004 to 2006. She now publishes Ms. Sparky.com, a popular watchdog site, and recently spoke with Antiwar.com. “If anyone in the Pentagon were to claim they didn’t think the burn pits were an inherent health hazard to civilians and troops, I would have to call them a bold face liar.” Read the remainder of this entry »

‘Badass bloggers,’ the defense rests, dubious contract awards & ‘spooks panic’ – the news

Ms Sparky the Superhero - fighting corrupt contractors...

Other than our very own Ms Sparky being recognized for her tireless efforts in print, on the airwaves and by fellow bloggers; here are some of the other events that made the news.  The David H. Brooks trial is wrapping up and yet another contracting official, from Camp Arifjan, was sentenced.  The DLA is under scrutiny for awarding a contract across the pond, instead of putting Americans to work.  Here are those stories and other headlines that made the news.

DC’s spy establishment in panic mode over Washington Post expose
By Daniel Tencer – July 16, 2010 – Washington’s intelligence establishment appears to be in panic mode over an upcoming Washington Post series about runaway growth in defense and intelligence spending.

A State Department email has accused the Post of planning to make public “top secret” information about defense and intelligence contractors working for the US, despite an admission in the same email that the Post’s information came from “open sources.”

The series, by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Dana Priest, will include a TV partnership with PBS’s Frontline and is expected to consist of three articles and an online database of military and intelligence contractors and their projects.

It’s that database of contractors that seems to be worrying Washington the most. Josh Rogin at Foreign Policy reports that the State Department sent out an email Thursday warning all 14,574 Washington-area employees of the upcoming reports. (Click HERE for article)

Speak No Evil: A Post-McChrystal Press Clampdown
By Tim Arango – July 16, 2010 – BAGHDAD – On Tuesday night at an air base in Baghdad a unit of soldiers from the Second Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division waited for a flight that would take them first to Anbar Province, then to Germany, then to Fort Drum in upstate New York. The soldiers were going home, this time for good.

Reporters were invited to visit, to speak to soldiers and take pictures of packed rucksacks and troops boarding the plane, images that would convey the military’s message that the United States is leaving Iraq. The press was told that the waiting area was theirs to work in.

So I started to chat up soldiers. Just as I had finished the formalities of name, age, rank and hometown with a young private from Michigan, I was interrupted by an officer who explained that a handful of soldiers had been chosen to speak to the press, and that the remainder of the group was off limits.

He pointed to a group of four or five soldiers, who awaited media interviews.

The Pentagon’s new dictum to control news coverage, issued in the wake of the controversy over a Rolling Stone article that resulted in the dismissal of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal as the top NATO commander in Afghanistan, seems to have reached the lower levels of the chain of command in Iraq. (Click HERE for article)