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Firm That Fed U.S. Troops in Iraq Says KBR Subcontractor Stiffed it for $20 Million

RYAN ABBOTT – (Courthouse News) – WASHINGTON – December 7, 2011 – A Turkish subcontractor that fed U.S. troops in Iraq claims the primary contractors – ABC International Group, of Kuwait, and KBR of Houston – stiffed it for $20 million.
Serka Insaat Ve Ticaret, of Istanbul, sued ABC and KBR Government and Infrastructure in Federal Court, alleging fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.
According to the complaint, “KBR contracted with ABC to provide certain services to U.S. troops in Iraq. ABC, in turn, subcontracted with Serka to provide these services. … Serka brings this suit in Washington, D.C. because Serka has learned that ABC and KBR are locked in a dispute over approximately fifty million dollars ($50,000,000), the dispute is being arbitrated in Washington, D.C., an arbitrator’s decision is expected shortly on how much money KBR should pay ABC, and the monies to be paid ABC are located in Washington, D.C.”
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“That’s not your jurisdiction” aka “Stay in your lane” & other news

Rare ailment found in Iraq, Afghanistan vets
(Detroit Free Press) – July 24, 2011 – Researchers in Tennessee say they’ve discovered scarring inside small airways in the lungs of U.S. troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, causing a rare condition called constrictive bronchiolitis.

The cause of the scarring — and the number of troops that may have it — isn’t yet clear. But the findings, published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, could help veterans prove disabilities stemming from their war service.

“These guys had very believable stories,” said Dr. Robert Miller of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “They were elite athletes. … Now, they can’t run 2 miles.”

Although many were exposed to a 2003 sulfur-mine fire near Mosul, Iraq, not all were, so the cause remains a mystery. (Click HERE for article)

U.S. wastes $34 billion in Afghan and Iraq contracting
Phil Stewart – (Reuters) – WASHINGTON – July 23, 2011 – The United States has wasted some $34 billion on service contracts with the private sector in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a study being finalized for Congress.

The findings by a bipartisan congressional commission were confirmed to Reuters by a person familiar with the draft of the study, which is due to be completed in coming weeks.

The analysis by the Commission on Wartime Contracting, details of which were first reported by the Wall Street Journal, offers the most complete look so far at the misuse of U.S. contracting funds in Afghanistan and Iraq, where more than $200 billion has been doled out in the contracts and grants over nearly a decade.

It also gives the most complete picture of the magnitude of the U.S. contracting workforce in the two countries.

The source, who declined to be named, said more than 200,000 contractors have been on the U.S. payroll at times in Iraq and Afghanistan — outstripping the number of U.S. troops currently on the ground in those countries. (Click HERE for article)

Kailua man admits aiding Marine to launder bribes
(Star Advertiser) – HAWAII – July 23, 2011 – A 40-year-old Kailua man admitted in federal court Friday that he helped a Marine Corps sergeant launder bribery money from military contractors in Iraq.

“A friend of mine was getting bribes. I was helping him conceal the bribes,” Francisco Mungia III said.

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Former Army NCO Robert Ashley Nelson pleads guilty to theft

Former U.S. Army Sergeant Pleads Guilty to Stealing Equipment in Iraq and Receiving Proceeds from Sale on Black Market

Photo by Globalsecurity.org

(DoJ) – WASHINGTON – June 28, 2011 – A former U.S. Army sergeant pleaded guilty today to conspiring to steal U.S. Army equipment related to his work as a non-commissioned officer helping to train Iraqi army personnel in Mosul, Iraq, in 2008, announced Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

Robert Ashley Nelson, 46, of San Antonio, Texas, pleaded guilty today before U.S. Magistrate Judge John Primomo in the Western District of Texas to a criminal information charging him with one count of conspiracy to steal public property.   According to the court document, Nelson was deployed to Forward Operating Base Diamondback, Iraq, as the non-commissioned officer-in-charge of the Ninewa Operations Command Military Transition Team.    This transition team helped train the Iraqi Army units stationed nearby.  

While serving in Iraq, Nelson agreed with a U.S. Army translator to steal eight generators from a lot on base that held various pieces of used equipment.   Once the generators were taken off the base, the translator arranged for them to be sold on the black market in Iraq.    Nelson admitted that he received half of the proceeds of the sales of stolen equipment, with approximately $35,000 of the money being wired to Read the remainder of this entry »

Complaint against KBR highlights extent of deception and fraud in Iraq

Updated 5-3-2011: It appears Yuksel Construction Company, the KBR subcontractor at the center of this investigation, may be providing the DoJ with an abundance of pertinent information. Yuksel contacted the DoJ and according to the most recent motion “Yuksel presented additional factual information bearing on the issues in the case.” One can only hope Yuksel does the right thing and gives the DoJ a list of names of the wrong doers! ~Ms Sparky

Legal Document Sheds Light on Latest KBR Fraud Lawsuit

By Neil Gordon – POGO

On Friday, the Department of Justice announced it had intervened in a False Claims Act lawsuit against KBR filed by a former employee, James A. Brady III, in connection with KBR’s LOGCAP III (Logistics Civil Augmentation Program) contract with the U.S. Army in Iraq.

The government has not filed a complaint yet, so Justice’s announcement is short on details. However, POGO obtained the complaint Brady filed when he brought the lawsuit nearly four years ago.

According to his complaint, Brady worked as an Operations Specialist for KBR in Iraq from March 2005 to October 2006. He claims that KBR overbilled the government $80 million on a subcontract with a Turkish company called Yuksel to perform operations and maintenance work at Army camps in Iraq. Of that amount, Brady alleges that at least $31 million worth of property and materials purchased under the subcontract was lost–air conditioners, refrigerators, generators and motor vehicles, among other valuable items, just vanished into the desert air. Brady also claims he was fired in retaliation for bringing his concerns to the attention of KBR and Army investigators, although KBR eventually reinstated him and transferred him to Afghanistan to work as an Operations Coordinator. Read the remainder of this entry »

DoJ steps up to the plate and takes aim at KBR (updated)

Updated 5-3-2011: It appears Yuksel Construction Company, the KBR subcontractor at the center of this investigation, may be providing the DoJ with an abundance of pertinent information. Yuksel contacted the DoJ and according to the most recent motion “Yuksel presented additional factual information bearing on the issues in the case.” One can only hope Yuksel does the right thing and gives the DoJ a list of names of the wrong doers! ~Ms Sparky

U.S. Government Intervenes in False Claims Lawsuit Against Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc.

WASHINGTON – February 18, 2011 – The government has intervened in a lawsuit against Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc. (KBR) in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois, announced the Department of Justice. The lawsuit was filed in February 2007 by James A. Brady III, a former employee of KBR, and alleges that KBR violated the False Claims Act in connection with “LOGCAP III,” the third generation of the U.S. Army’s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program awarded and administered at Rock Island, Ill. Under the contract, KBR was to provide logistics and sustainment support to U.S. military troops in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. KBR performed LOGCAP III largely through subcontractors.

According to the complaint, KBR entered into a subcontract with the Turkish company Yuksel-Reysas to do operations and maintenance work at Army camps near Mosul, Iraq. Brady alleges that KBR violated the False Claims Act because it was unable to account for materials paid for under the Yuksel-Reysas subcontract.

“Contractors hired to provide support to our men and women in uniform must play by the rules,” said Tony West, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice.  “As we’ve done today, the Justice Department will take action against those whom we believe charge the taxpayers for goods and services that were not provided to American troops.”

“We’ve decided to pursue the allegation that money that was intended to support the troops was instead used to pay claims that were false,” said Jim Lewis, U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois.

The lawsuit was filed under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act, which permit private parties to sue on behalf of the United States when they believe that defendants submitted false claims for government funds. The private plaintiffs are called “relators,” and, under the statute, are entitled to receive a share of any funds recovered through the lawsuit. The False Claims Act permits the government to recover three times its damages plus civil penalties. The government has asked the court for 60 days to file its own complaint stating the United States’ allegations. (Click HERE for original article)

Click HERE for a pdf version of James A. Brady III vs KBR.

This complaint was a very interesting read!! I would like to say I have never heard of this happening before at KBR, but I can’t. Below is a list of the names of all the people listed in this complaint. If you have any information regarding this issue please let us know or get in touch with James Brady’s attorney Jeffrey A. Lovitky.

James A. Brady III (KBR Property Administrator for Northern Iraq)
Patrick Overacker (LOGCAP III Deputy Procurement and Materials Manager)
Samuel Simmons (LOGCAP III Senior Subcontracts Administrator)
Barron Marcee (LOGCAP III Deputy Procurement and Supply Manager)
Remo Butler (Major General, U.S. Army, Retired, LOGCAP III Deputy Theater Program Manager)
Todd Bishop (KBR Director of Government Compliance, KBR Headquarters, Houston, Texas)
Jonathan Langford (KBR Government and Infrastructure Investigator, KBR Headquarters, Arlington, Virginia)
Lionel Scott (H-Sites Materials Manager)
Doug Bellah (KBR Property Administrator)
Mary Culliver (KBR Client Owned Equipment Specialist (COES)
LaTonya Newton (KBR Client Owned Equipment Specialist (COES)
Norman Mabe (KBR H-Sites Generator Manager)
Jerry Phillips (KBR H-Sites Deputy Project Manager for Operations)
Cheryl Lang (KBR Government Property Administrator)
John P. Jones (KBR H-Sites Procurement and Supply Manager)
Ron Parmenter (KBR H-4 Power Generator Mechanic)
Derrick Harper (KBR Materials Department)
Steven Arnold (KBR LOGCAP III Vice-President)
Charles House, (KBR H-Sites Employee Relations Officer)
Jennifer Bryan (U.S. Army CID Agent)
Leroy Hill (KBR LOGCAP III Property Manager)
LTC Richard Fenoli (FOB Commander for H-2 Diamondback & H-4 Marez)