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Court Revives Suit Over Electrocuted Guardsman

Larraine Mcgee holding a photo of her son SSG Chris Everett during a hearing about Iraq electrocutions

Cameron Langford – (Courthouse News) – March 1, 2012 – A defense contractor may be liable under Iraqi law for the electrocution death of a National Guardsman, the 5th Circuit ruled.
Sgt. Christopher Everett of the Texas Army National Guard was electrocuted at Camp Taqaddum in Iraq on Sept. 7, 2005, while using a power washer to clean a Humvee.
The Army attributed the 23-year-old’s fatal accident to an improperly grounded wire on the generator that supplied the power washer with electricity. It relayed these conclusions to Everett’s parents, Larraine McGee and Patrick Everett, in December.
Everett’s parents filed suit in Texas state court against contractors Arkel International, KBR Technical Services and Kellogg, Brown & Root Services in August 2008. They claimed to have only learned four months earlier about the alleged involvement of Arkel, a Baton Rouge-based company that maintained the generator at Everett’s base.
By September 2008, the couple filed identical claims in Louisiana state court.
Both cases were removed to federal courts, but the Louisiana case was stayed pending a ruling in the Texas proceedings.
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Senate DPC Hearing On Soldier Electrocutions – News Coverage

This is by far the best video out there. Great job ANP! Be sure to use the full screen mode. For some reason some company networks will not show this video. If you can’t see it you may try to view it from another system…home, Starbucks, etc.

The majority of the news media ran the Associated Press Article by Suzanne Gamboa with a variety of photos such as the YAHOO NEWS article “Former KBR Electricians criticize contractors work“. Read the remainder of this entry »

Senate DPC Hearing-Iraq Electrocutions 7-11-08 – Opening Statements

I have been listening to and reading the news about this hearing. I know the news media can only print so much, but they are leaving out many important details. So I am posting the testimony of each person that testified. I want to make sure you know the truth about what was said before the rumors start. If you have any questions feel free to email me. When and if a final transcript is available, I will post that as well.

All witnesses were asked to be at the Dirksen Senate Office Building at 9am on Friday. When I got there the hearing room was relatively empty and non threatening, similar to an empty court room. At 9am the witnesses were ushered into a conference room and briefed by DPC staff members.

The witnesses for the Senate Democratic Policy Committee (DPC) Hearing “Contractor Misconduct and the Electrocution Deaths of American Soldiers in Iraq” are: Read the remainder of this entry »

Senate DPC Hearing-Iraq Electrocutions 7-11-08 – Larraine McGee Testimony

Larraine McGee is a beautiful tall woman with a quiet grace that subtly disguises her immense strength. When I first met her I was impressed with her genuine kindness and appreciation. Her pain barely concealed behind her huge smile.

Larraine was the second witness to testify. Her testimony was articulate, honest and emotional. As she struggled to control the tears she bravely pressed on. As a mother, my heart was breaking for her and my tears were dangerously close to the surface. Larraine’s Testimony is below. Read the remainder of this entry »

The Strength Of A Soldier’s Mother

I’ll bet I didn’t sleep an hour Thursday night. I was so afraid I wouldn’t hear the alarm that was set to go off at 3:00am in the flipn’ morning! Consequently…I did hear the alarm go off because I was ALREADY UP!!!!

Other than being delayed right off the bat, having to detour around thunderstorms and a last minute gate change in Chicago the trip went off without too many problems and I got into DC a few minutes earlier than planned. I grabbed a taxi and headed for my hotel which was right on Capital Hill.

I’ve traveled so much and I’m not one to really be awestruck. But I have to say there was a certain sense of pride being in DC for the first time. Seeing the Washington Monument off in the distance and The Capital Building. I am in the capital of the most amazing country in the world. The Capital of the United States of America. Cool!! As I snapped out of my OMG moment I felt pretty positive that my taxi driver was taking advantage of my unfamiliarity with Washington DC and took the long way$$. Serves me right for not map questing it. Read the remainder of this entry »