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KBR Named A Preferred Employer Among Women? Surely you jest!

Every once in a while, something so incomprehensible happens, it throws off the whole balance of nature, white becomes black, up becomes down and pigs fly.

In a recent news release from KBR, it states they have made it onto the “Top 50 Employers” list for Woman Engineer Magazine with a ranking of #46. The lists published on WEM’s site do not include KBR so I can’t confirm KBR’s claim. Assuming KBR is not trying to mislead their employees and investors and did in fact somehow magically make it onto this list, I must then ask “Who in the Hell is #47, #48, #49 & #50?” KBR is notorious for their crimes and abuses against women employees. (Click HERE to contact Women Engineer Magazine and insist KBR be removed from the list)

Let’s start with this short list of well documented cases of female KBR employees who were brutally raped, harassed, intimidated and held against their will while working for KBR in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jamie Leigh Jones – Drugged and gang raped by KBR employee Charles Boartz and other unidentified KBR employees (firemen) and then held against her will by KBR management in the Green Zone – Baghdad, Iraq. To top it off KBR has the audacity to publicly vilify Jones by calling her a liar on their own site and in the media.

Anna MayoRaped and brutally beaten by who is believed to be a KBR employee and who was allowed to leave the country most likely by KBR management at Balad, Iraq. Again KBR chooses to publicly vilify Mayo by claiming she did not pursue the issue when she felt threatened by this employee when in fact she did report it to KBR management. Read the remainder of this entry »

Zero tolerance, zero accountability, zero prosecutions – FAR/DFARS be damned!

After reading the Washington Post article below I felt compelled to design a new recruiting flier for my friends at the Defense Department (DoD), State Department (DoS) and Justice Department (DoJ), all FREE OF CHARGE of course! It is regarding their “look the other way” policy for sex trafficking among US Government contractors. I feel if they were more public about the fact they WILL NOT enforce the Federal Laws they would be able to attract even more qualified deviants to the Middle East and SE Asia. That would at the very least, get them out of the States!

  • Work from the comfort of your taxpayer funded living quarters.
  • Dream of being an entrepreneur?
  • Want to retire to the sunny beaches of SE Asia?
  • Tired of those American women treating you like the slug you are?
  • Bored with assaulting, harassing and raping your co-workers, even though we don’t care & we won’t prosecute?
  • Has owning a brothel always been a dream?
  • Concerned that current laws and regulations will put you behind bars?
  • Worry no more, when it comes to US contractor employees, we promise to look the other way.
  • Turn your dreams into reality, apply now and become a government contractor employee!
  • What are you waiting for, get your career on the path to success today!
  • A stable of underage women forced into slavery is waiting for a “Pimp Daddy” just like you!

- We don’t prosecute perps, we do business with them –
~Signed the DoD, DoS and DoJ

U.S. policy a paper tiger against sex trade in war zones

By Nick Schwellenbach and Carol Leonnig
Saturday, July 17, 2010

(WP) An eight-year-old policy forbidding government contractors and employees from engaging in sex trafficking in war zones has proven almost impossible to enforce, despite indications that such activities are occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan

The policy, instituted eight years ago by President George W. Bush and still in effect today, calls for prosecutions of government employees and contractors and suspensions or disqualifications of companies whose workers engage in trafficking. Bush’s get-tough language also threatened criminal prosecutions for solicitation of prostitutes because many of the women are forced into the work.

Agencies say the cases are difficult to pursue because of limited investigative resources and jurisdictional questions. But some experts and lawmakers believe that authorities are turning a blind eye to evidence of such crimes.

Read the remainder of this entry »

Did KBR knowingly allow a rapist to go free in Iraq?

KBR employee Anna Mayo, Age 26 after brutal attack in Iraq-Anna deserves justice. (Courtesy of Kelly Law Firm)

I first blogged about the brutal rape and assault of former KBR employee Anna Mayo on December 4, 2009 and then again on June 4, 2010. Anna was raped and brutally beaten in broad daylight in her living quarters at US military installation Joint Base Balad (JBB) in Iraq on November 30, 2009 at approx 11am. It was clear, this psycho would not be satisfied with brutally raping Anna as he tried to beat her to death as well. Anna’s injuries were so severe she was medivac’d from Iraq to Germany for extensive medical treatment. Word spread fast of this brutal attack and I was contacted by several concerned JBB residents.

Naturally, there were countless rumors as to who this rapist was. I received information the rapist was a Defense Contract Management Agency employee (DCMA) employee, a boyfriend and a soldier to name a few. According to my sources, it has been confirmed the rapist is a KBR direct hire Third Country National(TCN) from India. Apparently this rapist originally worked for Prime Projects International(PPI) and was then hired to work for KBR directly. Although I heard he was a truck driver,  as of yet I am still unable to positively confirm his job title. Anna’s attorney Todd Kelly states “This KBR employee and rapist left Iraq and returned to India eight days after the rape”. Read the remainder of this entry »

KBR’s “just shut the hell up” attitude toward females started in 2003 says suit

Jo Frederiksen went to work in Iraq for Halliburton’s Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) in July 2003. Jo relied on KBR’s reassurances that US laws applied and that KBR had an “unwavering commitment to employee safety” as deciding factors in accepting their employment offer.

Jo experienced inappropriate touching, stalking, intimidation and verbal harassment by her male co-workers not only in her work place but in her KBR living quarters as well. Jo reported this sexual harassment by James Seton, Daryl Johnson and Justin Cooper to her Project Manager Jeff Uribe.  Jeff Uribe then reported Jo’s complaints to the perpetrators in advance, breaking the confidentiality that Jo was entitled to and subjecting Jo to an even more hostile environment. Jo was actively intimidated and/or her name slandered by Gabe Andino, Bruce Chirinko, David Stallard, Scott Mount, and Wade Wingate, among others, for reporting the vile behavior and the treatment she endured while just trying to fulfill her job duties.

Furthermore, in addition to her own harassment which she reported, Jo became aware of rampant illicit criminal behavior (including prostitution and human trafficking by Halliburton/KBR management personnel). It was known that Bruce Chirinko and many other male employees often frequented a brothel in Thailand. Oftentimes, this brothel, despite being in direct violation of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 22.17, was utilized by many at the direction and encouragement of Defendants’ managers. Upon information and belief, the brothel Towne Lodge and its adjacent bar called Toxic is/was owned, in whole or in part, by John Reddy, another manager for KBR in Iraq. This lack of oversight toward this criminal behavior, prostitution and human trafficking, only lends credence and support to a morally and ethically corrupt environment.

Company officials allegedly transferred her to a remote, dangerous internment facility, and then promoted some of the culprits. Jo Frederiksen says she feared for her life while working for KBR in Baghdad, Iraq, because sexual harassment was rampant in the KBR network, particularly in the living quarters she shared with male employees.

“Jo voiced her concerns many times regarding the co-ed facilities and lack of safety and privacy relating to her living space,” according to the complaint filed in Harris County Court. “When Jo attempted to report her concerns to her superiors or KBR investigators, she was seen as a problem.”

Frederiksen says she was forced to resign because she felt the workplace was no longer safe for her or other female employees. If KBR had taken Jo’s concerns seriously maybe Jamie Jones, Dawn Leamon and others would not have had to endure their brutal rapes.

Jo first took her complaints to the EEOC and they in turn gave her the right to sue.

Jo Frederiksen is represented by L. Todd Kelly of Houston and Nathan Hardee of League City, Texas.

I have paid for a certified copy of the complaint and you can have it for free right HERE

Now for the the important stuff….where are these KBR employees/mangers named in this suit currently working?

Jeff Uribe - KBR Project Manager. Last known Fluor in Human Resources. Is there anyone else here that is laughing their freaking ass off besides me? WTF!!

John Reddy – Last known KBR Project Manager/Deputy Project Manager. Verified by email from a current Town Lodge co-owner that John Reddy was a partner during that time. I had emailed the Town Lodge as a KBR employee asking about John’s establishment and they actually referred me to Bruce Chirinko and Michael Peck to get my questions answered.  Michael Peck is a KBR attorney that must not be familiar with the FAR. It is possible that John MAY have sold his interest in the Town Lodge/Toxic Bar & Lounge as recently as June 30, 2009. My Thai Private Investigator is still working on that.

Gabe Andino - Last known KBR Project Manager. Gabe was one of my PM’s. Hmmm now I wonder what he was saying after I left his office. Is he still working for KBR?

Bruce Chirinko – Last known KBR Project Manager

David Stallard –  KBR Project Manager at B-Sites. Click HERE for an email appearing to announce his promotion to PM. (The authenticity of the email announcement has not been verified) Updated 7-10-2009

Scott Mount – KBR Project Manager. Last known DynCorp.

Wade Wingate – KBR Deputy Project Manager. Last known DynCorp.

James Seaton -KBR QA/QC/Site  manager. Last known Fluor in Mosul?

Daryl Johnson -KBR bus driver? Last known?

Justin Cooper – KBR labor foreman? Last known?

Is anyone else seeing that the majority of alleged offenders here are KBR MANAGERS!!!!

If you have any information about any of the the people listed above leave a comment or email me.

Ms Sparky