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Funds for SIGIR, agency charged with oversight of Iraq reconstruction, set to expire in March

Ernesto Londoño – (The Washington Post) – January 19, 2013 – George Lee, a Kuwait-based U.S. defense contractor who was reaping millions as America’s quagmire in Iraq deepened, sent an e-mail to an Army major who awarded bids in Baghdad, warning her not to visit him.

“None of us want Uncle Sam, or anyone else, looking where they should not be looking,” he wrote in one of the trove of messages and intercepted phone calls that exposed the biggest fraud conspiracy from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So far, 22 people have been indicted and $67 million has been recovered in that single scheme, which remains under investigation.

But the little-known agency that uncovered the scam is about to close its doors, even though Lee remains a fugitive and 91 additional criminal investigations into the disappearance of Iraq reconstruction funds remain unsolved. Read the remainder of this entry »

Houston you have a problem & other news

…In April 2003, Dyncorp dropped its appeal against the verdict, and three days later announced an award by the US state department for a contract to police Iraq…
…”These crimes are perpetrated by individual men who rape and torture girls on mission, then go home to their wives. And it’ll carry on until there’s a knock at the door and they find themselves getting arrested in front of the wife and kids.” ~ Ed Vulliamy – Has the UN learned lessons of Bosnian sex slavery…

Soldier faces hearing at Afghan base over suicide
Associated Press – (Wall Street Journal) – KABUL, Afghanistan – January 15, 2012 – An American soldier charged with abuse that led to the suicide of a 19-year-old fellow soldier in Afghanistan is facing a preliminary hearing Sunday on a base in the country, the military said.

The hearing came as two more members of the international force in Afghanistan died of what NATO described as “non-battle-related” injuries.

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Former Army contracting officials indicted

Former Army Contracting Officials Charged with Conspiracy to Defraud the U.S. & Filing False Tax Returns and Ethics Forms

Among the work Vistas allegedly received was more than $1.3 million in Army contracts in Bogota, Colombia, for services including “riverine logistics” — planning for river-based military operations — even though Zepeda’s firm had no qualifications or experience in that field, according to an affidavit filed by an Army special agent.

Zepeda’s only tie to Bogota was that the Army’s contracting director there, Kenneth Nix, had allegedly been receiving cash payments from Zepeda’s associates, the affidavit said.
 ~ Steve Schmadeke – Chicago Tribune – March 28, 2010

(DoJ) WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 22, 2011 – Kenneth H. Nix and Velma I. Salinas-Nix, both of Boerne, Texas, were indicted by a federal grand jury in San Antonio on a multi-count indictment alleging tax fraud and false statements to the U.S. government, the Justice Department announced today.   The Nixes were charged with one count of conspiring for the dual purpose of impeding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in assessment and collection of income taxes and making false statements to the government, and four counts of filing false tax returns with the IRS.   Velma Salinas-Nix also was charged with two counts of making false statements to the U.S. government by filing false financial disclosure ethics forms.

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