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Bagram Contractor Owes $2.9M in Mercenary Suit

(Courthouse News) – KNOXVILLE, Tenn. –  January 22, 2013 – A defense contractor accused of sending mercenaries to loot equipment for Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan owes $2.9 million, a jury ruled.      MAKS General Trading & Contracting Co., a Kuwait company, won the verdict after a three-week trial against Tenessee-based EODT Technology.

The federal complaint alleged that EODT hired MAKS as a subcontractor in 2009 to provide security and build temporary homes for U.S. troops in a construction compound in Kabul.

MAKS said it was halfway through its job when EODT “deployed a team of paramilitaries equipped with assault weapons” to steal 90 homes in a “military-styled invasion.”

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Nurturing a toxic culture and other news

…the toxic culture of the military allows “open and blatant sexual harassment to occur on a daily basis,” and retaliates against its opponents…

…While the military claims a zero-tolerance policy and touts systematic reforms regarding rape and sexual assault, “this rhetoric has failed to change the misogynistic culture of the Army and has not resulted in any meaningful reform or reduction in sexual assaults”… – Military Accused of Nursing Culture of Rape & Retaliation

Halliburton senior vice-president and six others nabbed in prostitution sting
Clifford Pugh – (Culture Map) – October 12, 2012 –  A Halliburton senior vice president and six others were arrested Thursday in an undercover prostitution sting in north Harris County. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office vice unit focused on suspects soliciting sex online and set up the sting operation from a motel located off I-45 and FM 1960.

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Feds remain quiet about probe of defense contractor EOD Technology (EODT)

Josh Flory – (KnoxNews) – October 12, 2011 – It has been 10 months since federal agents raided an East Tennessee defense contractor, and so far the case hasn’t resulted in charges or indictments. That doesn’t mean the government has given up on the case, though.

In December, federal agents targeted EOD Technology with a raid at the company’s facilities in Lenoir City and Roane County, removing paperwork and escorting occupants of the buildings to their vehicles.

The same week, a government official indicated the raid was related to EOD Technology’s work in Iraq. Stuart Bowen, the government’s special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, said the Army’s criminal investigation division had helped put the case together and that his agency also works closely with the Defense Criminal Investigative Service.

At the time, Bowen said “This is not the first, and it won’t be the last, time that we work with those agencies as well as (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to hold accountable those who have taken advantage of the chaotic situation in Iraq for their criminal, personal benefit.”

Since then, the government has had little to say about EODT, but a former government prosecutor from North Carolina said it’s not unusual for a case to take this long.

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Surprise, it’s ICE baby!

This event came as a complete surprise to us. We are a very responsibly run company, and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

EOD Technology offices raided by Iraq reconstruction agents, other feds

December 8. 2010 – A team of special agents raided a pair of office buildings operated by EOD Technology. Wednesday in Lenoir City and Roane CountyAgents sifted through paperwork after dark in Roane County. EOD Technology is a private security contractor that does millions of dollars in business with the United States Department of Defense in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, the FBI, and agents from the office the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction combed through offices at EOD’s Roane County facility, loading up large boxes and hauling them to a back room.

ICE and that Special Inspector General’s office have investigating issues on a national scale before. Typically, they deal with alleged fraud as it pertains to overseas services.

None of the agencies involved, including the United States Attorney’s office will comment as to what exactly they’re investigating. They will only say they obtained a warrant to search the properties.

The two searches are just the latest for what has been a bad couple of months of publicity for the East Tennessee based contractor.

A few months back, the United States Senate Armed Services Committee found that EOD Technology and other private security contractors relied on Afghani strongment to fulfill taxpayer paid contracts.

In one case, the government found EOD’s background checks didn’t find that the people it hired had previously given sensitive information to the Taliban. By contacting previous employers, the government was able to find out employees of EOD were actually fired from old jobs for the security breaches, then hired by EOD.

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