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KBR’s Bill Bodie resigns – Good F-ing Riddance!

William C Bodie courtesy of google

Good riddance! I had to establish a whole new category when Bodie started his public campaign of villainizing victims of KBR incompetence and corruption. I called it Bodie Babble. He actually had the ballz to write op-ed article for news papers around the country supporting KBR’s position of why KBR wasn’t responsible to killing Col Gentry and making others sick at Qarmat Ali, why it wasn’t KBR’s fault at all that Jamie Jones’ was raped and held against her will in 2005 and why the Good Friday Massacre was the Army’s fault.

Below is the email sent out by KBR’s Mark Williams.

TO: All KBR Infrastructure, Government & Power (IGP) Employees

FROM: Mark Williams, Group President, IGP

SUBJECT: North American Government and Defense Leadership

KBR plays a vital role in support of the U.S. military and other Government agencies. The leadership of the North American Government & Defense (NAG&D) Business Unit is an important aspect of that support. I want to thank Bill Bodie for his work, dedication and service to KBR. Bill has resigned to take another job and I wish him well in his new endeavor.

As we work to fill the NAG&D role, I will serve as interim President. I will continue to look to the counsel of Richard Hack, Jill Pettibone, Richard Graves, Linda McKnight, Bud West and their teams to guide the organization.

Thank you all for your service and dedication to KBR. I look forward to our continued work together as we strive to make KBR the world’s premier go-to contractor of choice.

So what happened to Bodie? Did he even make it a year? Maybe….barely! He replace Bruce Stanski when he just up and quit onMarch 17, 2009 and slithered on over to Fluor taking many of his minions with him. So where is Bodie slithering too. Dyncorp? Agility?

Now I’m going to have to edit my KBR Happy Dance JibJab of Bill Bodie and Bill Utt.  For those who are unaware this JibJab is the dance I think Bill and Bill do every time there is a ruling in KBR’s favor. (Do not click if you are easily offended!)

So…..any speculation on who will be replacing Bodie? I understand Lucifer is available!

Bye Bye Bill!! I’m sure if you land in the Defense Industry ANYWHERE you will be giving me plenty more to write about!

Ms Sparky

Ms Sparky’s “Top 10″ villainous blogging inspirations for 2009


What would the end of the year be without a “Top 10″ list? I have seen “Top 10″ best, “Top 10″ worst and just about every other “Top 10″ list you can think of. So I decided I would create my very own. It was difficult to decide on just what I should “Top 10″.  Should I “Top 10″ DoD contractor scandals, indictments, lawsuits and hearings? That would be more like a “Top 100″.  Then it came to me. Why not honor, or at least recognize, those who have unintentionally inspired me and provided me with the fertile soil (aka bull sh*t) that has allowed the seeds of disbelief, disgust and disdain to flourish in my posts at MsSparky.com.

Here is my “Top 10″ list of those who kept me fired up, pissed off and the keyboard smokin’ in 2009:

10. Bruce Stanski – who resigned from KBR and before the ink was dry on his resignation letter, slithered on over to Fluor. More and more of Stanski’s KBR comrades have  joined “Team Fluor” now known as KBR East. Hello Fluor!! Let’s not forget that Bruce Almighty was at the helm of KBR when the majority of fraud, waste, abuse and other crimes were being committed. If you lie down with dogs, expect to get fleas!

9. DynCorp –  who appears to be on the brink of losing their piece of LOGCAP IV due in part to their recruiting of managers from the cesspool of former KBR managers and supervisors. (Are you paying attention Fluor?) Dyncorp has also provided us with an abundance of disgruntled disheartened employees who are more than willing to spill the beans! Read the remainder of this entry »

Trouble in Paradise?

KBR CFO leaving, eyes alternative fuels investment

Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:39pm EDT
* Joined KBR as CFO in June 2008

* Seeks opportunities in alternative fuels venture capital

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 28 (Reuters) – KBR Inc’s (KBR.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) chief financial officer is leaving just over a year after joining the company to pursue interests in alternative fuels investments, the engineering and construction company said on Friday.

The departure of CFO Kevin DeNicola marks the second executive departure for KBR this year. Bruce Stanski, the former president of its government and infrastructure division, left to join larger rival Fluor Corp (FLR.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz).

KBR said DeNicola, who joined the Houston-based company in June 2008, would step down as CFO after its third-quarter results are filed, but stay on board to help with the transition for his replacement.

“I wish to focus the next chapter of my career pursuing venture capital opportunities in the alternative fuels area,” DeNicola said in a statement.

DeNicola, who had previously been CFO of bankrupt Lyondell Chemical Co, serves on the board of Dallas-based bank Comerica Inc (CMA.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz). (Reporting by Braden Reddall; Editing Bernard Orr)

Link to the original article

There sure does seem to be a lot of attrition at the executive level, doesn’t there?  This is the second CFO to throw in the towel, in a very short time-frame.  Cedric Burgher resigned in March of 2008 and Kevin DeNicola came on-board in June 2008.  What’s up with that, Chief Financial Officers seem to be dropping like flies on Clinton Drive?  I did see that KBR stock has been downgraded from buy to neutral, maybe there is more to this story than pursuing other interests and devoting time to family?

Then of course Bruce Stanski resigned “abruptly” in March 2009, and slithered on over to Fluor.  I would still like to know why the SEC is not actively investigating the potential conflicts of interest and ethics violations on that one, or the DoD for that matter.  If anyone has any insight on the rest of the story I would love for you to share!


Change starts with you and me! 

Did the Army CID let KBR get away with murder?

flagdrapedcoffinWhat just happened here? No criminal charges filed in the death of SSG Ryan Maseth? This is like the “OJ trial” all over again except…at least OJ was charged and went before a jury. It would appear the CID took on the role of “Judge and Jury” themselves.

Naive as it may seem, I have always held the philosophies that “doing the right thing is ALWAYS the right thing to do” “justice will prevail” and “good will triumph over evil”. Those beliefs are being seriously challenged at this time.

It also appears I held the misconception the Army CID was an impartial independent investigative agency. But after talking to many people this weekend it would appear that has never been the case. The CID is an Army agency and therefore controlled by the Army and the DoD.

Why the scathing report from the DoD IG and not so much as a hand slap from the CID? Was it a trade off? The DoD IG gave just enough to pacify the politicians and general public who are enraged over the killing of our soldiers. And then the CID doesn’t file charges. That’s a “win-win” for the DoD. It gives the appearance the DoD investigated and tried to rectify the situation while at the same time no one is charged with a crime.  No one meaning, no one from KBR or the Army.

“According to the CID there were so many failures on KBR’s part that they couldn’t assign all of the blame to any one person and therefore told us they were not going to file charges, which tells me that the CID doesn’t know or is ignorant to the evidence I do know exists,” said Harris, who met with Army criminal investigators on Friday afternoon.

Is that how the Army operates? There are so many people at fault that no one gets charged. How about we just go straight to the KBR top and charge Bill Utt, Bruce Stanski, Mike Mayo and Larry Lust. And let’s just throw a little Heather Browne for good measure! I am not sure exactly who I would charge on the Army side, I will know after I read the CID report. But in defense of the Army, charging anyone for anything would clearly shine more negative light on the incompetence of the Army Sustainment Command for their inadequate LOGCAP contract and the DCMA for their non-existent oversight. And then there are the Officers on the ground who just were not paying attention to what KBR was doing. I can see why the Army would just like to see this go away!

If the CID can not find fault in Ryan Maseth’s case, how will they be able to find fault in Chris Everett’s case or any of the other electrocution investigations?

Let’s talk about the timing of all this. I do not find it coincidental the CID completed and released their report during the August Recess when there are few if any politicians left in DC to dispute this report.  Well played.

Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., said he doesn’t accept the conclusion that insufficient evidence exists.

“No person, let alone an American serving his country, should step into a shower and die as a consequence,” Casey said.

I ask that every American contact their Senators and House Representative and demand a true independent investigation into the death of SSG Ryan Maseth as well as an independent investigation into the operations of the Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID) be conducted.

This is a travesty of justice and the CID has sent a very disturbing message to all DoD LOGCAP contractors…..Anything goes and we won’t charge you!!

I hope that Senators Dorgan and Casey are not done with this because I know I’m not.

Ms Sparky

A Message from FGG President Bruce Stanski

August 5, 2009

Subject:  A Message from FGG President Bruce Stanski
To:            All Fluor Government Group Employees
From:       Bruce Stanksi, President, Fluor Government Group

Dear Colleagues,

First, let me start by saying that I am very pleased to join Fluor Corporation and to now call the Government Group home.  In the past, I have always admired Fluor as a competitor and I believe this company is the premier EPCM firm in the world.  It is an honor to now be a member of Fluor’s senior management team and to be associated with such a rich legacy and bright future.  I only hope that I can help add to the strong reputation that the company has earned during its nearly 100 years and be an active part of its future.

I joined the company in late March and have been immersing myself into the company’s systems and processes and working on some special assignments for Alan Boeckmann in Dallas.  I am excited to now take on a leadership role within FGG.  My first priority is to create many opportunities for us to get to know each other.  I am planning extensive meetings in the next couple of weeks with the FGG leadership team and scheduling town hall meetings in Greenville as soon as everyone is settled from the relocation to the Patewood Buildings.  I also intend to visit our project sites and other office locations so I can talk to as many of you as possible and learn what is on your minds and of greatest importance.

Since I am still relatively new to Fluor, I know that there are likely a number of questions you may have about me and my management style.  I look forward to answering those questions in person.  Consistent and ongoing communication has always been a hallmark of my management style, and I plan to continue that tradition here at Fluor.

Additionally, I would say that my management style is best defined by two words:   Integrity and Performance.  These are of paramount importance and guide everything I do, and they are always weighed in that order.

Having worked a long time in this industry, I am well aware of Fluor’s unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity..  The deciding factor for me to join Fluor was that I feel that my personal values and business ethics more closely align with those of Fluor than any other company in our industry.  To me, integrity includes following established internal company procedures and complying with corporate policy.  But, it goes well beyond that.  It means conducting ourselves in the highest and most ethical manner in everything we do.  I believe that integrity lives within each and every one of us, an internal compass, if you will that helps us make the right decisions.  It cannot be compromised for any reasons; not for individual aspirations, not for perceived business gains, and certainly not for profitability.  Fluor has great mechanisms to bring concerns or issues to light and I encourage everyone to use those.  I also want you to know that you have my personal commitment that I will support you in any matter of ethics

As for performance, each of us is responsible to serve Fluor by delivering consistent and measurable results.  The type of results we deliver varies greatly depending on our individual roles in the company.  However, what is common to all is the ability for each of us to set meaningful and measurable targets and then measure ourselves to these targets.  As with integrity, I believe full transparency of established targets are necessary and I will readily share those within the business group.  This is the best way that I know to establish clear line-of-site measures which drive the success of our business.

Fluor Government Group’s great success in recent years is evidence of a strong culture.  My intent is to celebrate that success and drive our performance to the next level.  I would like each and every person within FGG to understand our monthly, quarterly and annual objectives and how their individual roles fit into the big picture of success.  I would like our leadership to be thinking about strategy on a weekly basis and all of us bending our daily efforts to achieve this success.

If we understand all aspects of a job we must do, properly staff and support that job with capable personnel, and execute using our established operating procedures and know-how we will be successful.  This success will drive ever increasing customer satisfaction and shareholder value. Concurrent with operational excellence is winning new work.  Every one of us in FGG has responsibility to grow the business so that our loyal and hard working employees can grow in their careers and move from one successful job to the next so as to increase opportunities for all of us.  This means pursuing projects for which we have a high probability of success and that have an acceptable risk adjusted rate of return.  It is also vitally important that we keep the mission of our clients clearly in mind as we go about our important work.

That’s the “short version” of my principles and objectives here at Fluor.  As you may be able to tell, I’m very passionate about these topics, and equally enthusiastic about the being part of Fluor and the Government Group.  I look forward to meeting with you and discussing our future together. (end)

So I wonder how Fluor employees are feeling about this as well as KBR employees who now might be going to work for Fluor. I believe I’ve heard Fluor Logcap referred to as “KBR East”. It should would appear that way.

DOD wake up!

Ms Sparky