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You’ll pay for that & other news

“When I served four years in the military, it wasn’t so that Bechtel, KBR, Halliburton and all the other corporations could make money and buy politicians to further drag out the war and create policies that support all that,” Bodell said. “I fought for the Constitution, for representation and for freedom of the American people.” ~ Kole Bodell, Salt Lake City, UT

Ex-officer indicted for coercing soldiers
(Windsor Star) – January 21, 2012 – A former Danish officer has been indicted for threatening to send troops under his command to the Afghan front line if they refuse to pay a fine for certain errors, website Politiken said Friday.

The 33-year-old, in charge of a royal guard unit in Afghanistan, “put pressure on a number of soldiers in Afghanistan daily to contribute to a system of illegal financial penalties,” said the website.

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Troops home from Iraq & other reasons to give thanks on Thanksgiving

Guard members home in time for Thanksgiving
Conrad Wilson – (Minnesota Public Radio) – St. Cloud, Minn. – November 24, 2011 – Hugs and smiles reunited family members and friends inside a large military hanger at the St. Cloud airport as 70 members of the Minnesota National Guard returned home from nine months duty in Iraq.

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Cozy and secure with contractors and other news

In March 2006, a jury found Custer Battles liable for the submission of 5 false claims, each one of which is subject to a US$5,000 -11,000 civil fine, as well as 26 false statements supporting the 5 false claims. However, in August 2006, Judge Ellis, of the Federal District Court in Alexandria, Va overturned the verdict as a matter of law.  ~ Judge T.S. Ellis III (Isakson and Baldwin Qui Tam against Security Contractor Custer Battles)

U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III has already dismissed several of the lawsuit’s claims, including a salacious allegation that Blackwater billed the government for prostitutes. The judge said there was no evidence that Blackwater sought out prostitutes.

Ellis also struck a claim that Blackwater overbilled on a security contract it was awarded in Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  ~ Judge T.S. Ellis III (Davis’ Qui Tam against Security Contractor Blackwater aka Xe)

Judge Keith P. Ellison signed Jack Stanley’s latest sentencing delay (the eleventh by our count). ~ Judge Keith P. Ellison (FCPA against KBR)

JAMIE LEIGH JONES, PLAINTIFF v. HALLIBURTON COMPANY D/B/A KBR KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT (KBR), ET AL. DEFENDANTS. The opinion of the court was delivered by: Keith P. Ellison United States District Judge

After reviewing the voluminous record, we agree with the district court that Yannacopoulos has not shown the existence of a genuine issue of material fact. We affirm. BAUER, SYKES, and HAMILTON, Circuit Judges (Yannacopoulos Qui Tam against General Dynamics Corp.)

Want to cut big government abuses? Start with defence contracting
We have the evidence: the hardpressed US taxpayer is being fleeced by profiteering contractors and corrupt military personnel
Michael Shank – (Guardian UK) – August 6, 2011 – This past week, as US Congress quacked its way through the debt-ceiling quagmire, a seemingly non-germane offshore issue surfaced vis-à-vis Iraq. The connection between the two was anything but inconsequential, despite receiving scant review in Washington. If one wonders how US debts and US wars could be so integrally related, one needs to look no further than the latest report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR).

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Anham LLC accused of outrageous overbilling in Iraq (Updated 7/31/2011)

Dubai Firm Overbilled Pentagon $900 for $7 Switch, Bowen Says

By David Lerman and Tony Capaccio – Jul 29, 2011 9:01 PM PT

A U.S. contractor in Iraq overbilled the Pentagon by at least $4.4 million for spare parts and equipment, including $900 for an electronic control switch valued at $7.05, according to a new audit.

Based on the questionable costs identified in a $300 million contract with Dubai-based Anham LLC, the U.S. should review all its contracts with the company in Iraq and Afghanistan, which total about $3.9 billion, said Special Inspector General For Iraq Reconstruction Stuart Bowen.

“The audit found weak oversight in multiple areas that left the government vulnerable to improper overcharges,” Bowen wrote in the forward to his 30th quarterly report, released today. The contract in question was funded with a combination of money earmarked for Iraqi Security Forces and Army operations and maintenance funds.

Among the “egregious examples of overbilling” by Anham were $4,500 for a circuit breaker valued at $183.30, $3,000 for a $94.47 circuit breaker and $80 for a small segment of drain pipe valued at $1.41. Read the remainder of this entry »

Suspended, indicted defense contractor Agility loses Kuwait warehouse to fire

Agility warehouse in Kuwait burns January 16, 2011.

US Defense contractor, Agility formerly known as Public Warehousing Company (PWC), loses a  215,000 sq ft warehouse in Kuwait apparently occupied by their commercial customers only. Once source reports, no US army business was conducted there but another source states a limited amount of Prime Vendor supplies were stored here. I am still trying to confirm.

“The fire was brought under control shortly after it was discovered. The fire caused unspecified damages and Agility is not aware of any casualties but is working to make sure all employees are safe and accounted for,” it said.

Agility (PWC) was the Prime Vendor who provided food to the U.S. Military in Iraq. They recently recently lost this contract worth $6.4 billion to Anham after claims they overcharged the Army to the tune of nearly $100 million led to suspension and indictments. Read the remainder of this entry »