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Promoting corporate fraud by calling it “incentive and opportunity”

When I first read the headline for the following article I thought to myself, “Defense contractors whining about money again, no news here!”  But as I read the article I was amazed, okay maybe pissed off is more accurate, at who was standing beside these cash collectors.  Low and behold it is the same organizations who stood up for them against the Franken Amendment.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Professional Services Council!  I can understand supporting your members and promoting business but isn’t it crossing the line when protection and promotion facilitates fraud or conceals a crime?

I went to the websites of both the Chamber of Commerce and Professional Services Council to check out their ethics and bylaws and to my surprise the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have any ethics, oops I mean Code of Conduct policy.  However, they do have a mission statement:

Mission Statement

“To advance human progress through an economic, political and social system based on individual freedom, incentive, initiative, opportunity, and responsibility.”

Hmmm, wouldn’t responsibility include sound business practices and efficient business systems?   I guess the “honest days work for an honest days pay” adage has been updated and the word honest has been removed?

According to the Professional Services Council’s website they do have a Code of Conduct that their members are required to follow.  My personal fav is number 4:

4. A Member Firm will act at all times in such a manner as to uphold and enhance the honor, integrity, and dignity of the professional services industry.

a. It will not knowingly act in a manner derogatory to the good reputation of the professional services industry or knowingly engage in any business or professional practice of a fraudulent or dishonest nature.
b. It will not permit the use of the Member Firm’s name or associate in any business venture with any person or organization it has reason to believe is engaging in a dishonest or fraudulent activity.
c. It will describe fairly its work and capabilities, and studiously will avoid promoting its own interests by denigrating its competitors at the expense of the integrity and honor of the profession.

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Dyncorp Afghan police trainer honored in “100 Faces of War Experience”

DynCorp Employee Honored for Heroic Efforts in Afghanistan

Posted by John Adams on December 29, 2010

DynCorp International police trainer James Boyd will be recognized in the “100 Faces of War Experience” portrait in honor of his actions during an insurgent attack on his outpost in Afghanistan earlier this year.

While embedded with the U.S. military, Boyd’s outpost came under fire from a group of insurgents. Boyd repeatedly braved bullets and bombs, scrambling back-and-forth across the compound  to get medical bags and stretchers, lend aid and supported the team working to keep the enemy from breaching the compound wall.

According to the firm, “Boyd has supported efforts to train the Afghan border police under DI’s contract with the Department of State’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) since Nov. 2009.”

“The civilian police mentors and trainers that we have working in Afghanistan and around the world exhibit quiet acts of heroism every day,” said Don Ryder, DI vice president of the company’s training, mentoring and security programs. “James’ dedication to the mission and to helping others is a great example of the selfless contributions being made by those deployed overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is fitting that he will be honored in this exhibit.”

“A lot of people have asked about my efforts that day,” Boyd said. “I’m a trained police officer and when something like this happens, while most people react by running away from danger, we are trained to run toward it and see how we can help. That is what I did.” Read the remainder of this entry »