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Meet Ms Sparky

My name is Debbie Crawford  (aka Ms Sparky) and this is my blog…

“Ms Sparky.com”

I am a journeyman electrician, hence the nickname “Ms Sparky”. I am a member of IBEW Local 48 in Portland, Oregon. I served my apprenticeship in Local 112 in Kennewick, Washington. I started my apprenticeship in September 1979 and became a journeyman in January 1984. I was the first female journeyman in Local 112. I am currently licensed in both Washington and Oregon.

I worked at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation from 1979-1994 as an electrician, a supervisor, and plant engineer. In 1994 I decided to quit and move to the Oregon Coast to raise my daughter and open my own business. I must have been on drugs or something. What was I thinking?

In 2002 I went to work at Palmer Station, Antarctica for almost 10 months. We were remodeling a science lab for the National Science Foundation. This was my first overseas job.

From July 2004-July 2006 I worked in the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq for KBR/SEII. For all you IBEW members out there who want to know why I went to work for one of the biggest non-union contractors in the US….don’t get your “shorts” in a bunch. (ha ha that was a joke…shorts…get it?) I talked to my Business Manager. The IBEW has no jurisdiction outside the US and Canada so it was not a problem. I wish they did! Looking back on it though….I might have chosen a different contractor.

From July 2007-October 2007 I worked on the new US Embassy in Beijing, China for Zachry Caddell. Reserving comment for the time being.

I have been married to a great guy for 15 years or as he would say “105 dog years”. We’ve managed to make it through everything. He travels. Flies out on Monday and flies in on Friday and does direct deposit. I think I’ve found the perfect man. Luv ya honey!

I have one daughter Tiffany age 26 who screwed up and got involved with drugs and losers. She’s now doing 70 months in Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Oregon. She is doing great by the way. I do get quite a few “I’m Sorry’s” when I tell people Tiff’s in prison. There’s no need. I am thrilled she’s in prison and doing well. The way she was going, a funeral was inevitable. She gets out in less than a year!

I have two grandsons. I have custody of my oldest, Keelen. He is going on 8 and I home school him because he’s brilliant!  Ethan will be five in August. Tiffany was pregnant when she was arrested and Ethan was adopted by an amazing family. I am still his grandma and see him as much as I can. They take him to see Tiff on a regular basis. It’s pretty cool deal for everyone!

I am a stay at home Grandma and am blogging way more than I had ever planned. My friends and family suggested I start a blog. They said my life was interesting and that I should share it. I guess to some my life is interesting but to me it’s just my life. It’s my normal.

As for my blog….I blog about whatever I choose. It could be something cute my grandson did one day, complaining about the deer eating my roses the next, crying over electrocuted soldiers and ranting about KBR and the Pentagon the next. In the last year or so it has been more ranting about the DoD and their contractors than anything! My blog has no agenda other than sharing the things I am passionate about with my family, friends and dedicated readers.

My blog is not one of those rainbow and butterflies blogs. I say what I mean and I mean what I say and the comments on my posts are every bit as interesting as the post itself. Feel free to leave comments.

So…with all that said….Welcome to:

“Ms Sparky.com”

Below is a map of the world. The States and Countries I’ve lived in are in RED and the ones I’ve visited are in BLUE. The States and Countries I want to visit are in GREEN.