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Murder plots, corruption & Bodie seeks salvation

Posted February 7, 2010 By Forseti

He that lieth down with Dogs, shall rise up with Fleas.

~Benjamin Franklin

"The Godfather" - Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando)

This Week in Government Contracting:

Here is a rundown on some noteworthy happenings in the world of defense contracting, that occurred this week.  I am beginning to believe that there is no such thing as honesty and integrity when it comes to corporations vying for our taxdollars, or the lawmakers we elect to carry out their intended duties to prevent waste and fraud, for that matter.  Feel free to submit a comment and let me know if I missed anything that was newsworthy this week:

Take the money and run
February 2, 2010
(WHAS11) – Keith Shaw is charged with making unauthorized modifications to military aircraft parts and trying to kill his former business associates who were cooperating with military investigators.

While the plot described in Shaw’s indictment reads like spy novel, the testimony Tuesday was more like hearing a technical manual read aloud. (Click HERE for full article)

Senator Webb questions the value of  ‘Retired Generals Club’ Read the remainder of this entry »

Victimizing the victim, Halliburton has a knack for that

Posted January 25, 2010 By Ms Sparky

Halliburton Asks High Court to Block Trial

Halliburton asks Supreme Court to block trial over claim of rape in Iraq

The Associated Press

Halliburton Co. is asking the Supreme Court to block a Texas woman’s lawsuit alleging she was raped by military contractor co-workers in Iraq.

The company wants the justices to reverse a lower court ruling that Jamie Leigh Jones’ case can go to trial. Jones sued Halliburton and its former subsidiary KBR, saying she was raped while working for KBR at Camp Hope, Baghdad, in 2005.

The trial is set to begin in February 2011. Read the remainder of this entry »

KBR’s Bill Bodie babbles in Yankton

Posted January 22, 2010 By Ms Sparky

This is me responding to your bogus propaganda Bodie.....if of course I were an angry cat!

KBR President, Bill Bodie is out there trying to sell his “KBR snake oil” again. He actually took the time to responded to a letter from a reader about the Franken Amendment in a small town newspaper in Yankton, South Dakota. KBR must be absolutely desperate. Here’s my latest addition to my “Bodie Babble” category.

Response To Letter

Published: Friday, January 22, 2010 1:20 AM CST
William C. Bodie, Houston
President, KBR North American Government and Defense

Many of the statements in the letter entitled “Cases of Rape” (Press & Dakotan, Jan. 15) are based on erroneous reports regarding the Jamie Leigh Jones case, and misinformation on Sen. Franken’s amendment. KBR would like to set the record straight. Read the remainder of this entry »


What would the end of the year be without a “Top 10″ list? I have seen “Top 10″ best, “Top 10″ worst and just about every other “Top 10″ list you can think of. So I decided I would create my very own. It was difficult to decide on just what I should “Top 10″.  Should I “Top 10″ DoD contractor scandals, indictments, lawsuits and hearings? That would be more like a “Top 100″.  Then it came to me. Why not honor, or at least recognize, those who have unintentionally inspired me and provided me with the fertile soil (aka bull sh*t) that has allowed the seeds of disbelief, disgust and disdain to flourish in my posts at MsSparky.com.

Here is my “Top 10″ list of those who kept me fired up, pissed off and the keyboard smokin’ in 2009:

10. Bruce Stanski – who resigned from KBR and before the ink was dry on his resignation letter, slithered on over to Fluor. More and more of Stanski’s KBR comrades have  joined “Team Fluor” now known as KBR East. Hello Fluor!! Let’s not forget that Bruce Almighty was at the helm of KBR when the majority of fraud, waste, abuse and other crimes were being committed. If you lie down with dogs, expect to get fleas!

9. DynCorp –  who appears to be on the brink of losing their piece of LOGCAP IV due in part to their recruiting of managers from the cesspool of former KBR managers and supervisors. (Are you paying attention Fluor?) Dyncorp has also provided us with an abundance of disgruntled disheartened employees who are more than willing to spill the beans! Read the remainder of this entry »

It was the Army’s fault

Posted November 20, 2009 By Ms Sparky

This posted updated on Nov 29, 2009. I added Tommy Fibich’s response to Bill Bodies laughable letter to the editor! Tommy Fibish of Fibich, Hampton and Leebron represent the families and victims of The Good Friday Massacre.

KBR’s Bill Bodie is still on his letter writing campaign! Here is the latest edition to my “Bodie Babble” collection!

KBR defends its actions

The article entitled “KBR aware convoy in harm’s way” (Page A1, Thursday) does not address some of the paramount issues in the convoy cases. KBR would like to set the record straight.

The events of the April 2004 convoy attack were tragic. We remain mindful of those who lost their loved ones as they were members of the KBR family. However, the assertion that KBR deliberately placed these men in harm’s way or failed to warn of the dangers of working in Iraq is simply false. KBR takes great care in warning and in training employees about the dangers they will face working in a war zone before they depart for Iraq. Read the remainder of this entry »