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180 Volts From Water Stream To Ground #2

Posted September 22, 2008 By Ms Sparky

This is a follow up post to the one previous. This photo was sent to me by the same person. It is in the same bathroom. Notice I have added water marks to the photos I don’t want photo shopped. Please don’t manipulate the readings on these flukes. These readings are real. I’m sure that sounded like a challenge to every damn photo shopper out there! But seriously!

In a nutshell….This meter is reading 231.1 volt ac between the flexible metal plumping hose on the water heater and the grounded screw at the junction box. For you non electrical types…this is very very bad. This is how people die. You should not have to do a voltage test before you brush your teeth or pee!!!

These photos have caused quite a stir on the electrical forums.¬†Some people thought they might have been staged or otherwise manipulated. I know some find it hard to believe that Americans are exposed to these kinds of hazards in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it’s true and it has to stop.

Manipulating these photos would not lend credibility to me or to the cause of getting the laws changed to protect Americans on US facilities overseas. For me…it’s all about get the NEC and OSHA to apply.

Yes, this was troubleshot and repaired. During manufacture or a repair, the hot lead was terminated on the ground post and the ground on the hot post of the hot water heater. The ground in the feeder cable was cut out.¬† That’s a recipe for disaster.

Ms Sparky

180 Volts From Water Stream To Ground

Posted September 19, 2008 By Ms Sparky

This pic was sent to me today. It was taken in Iraq in March 2006. What you are seeing is 180.6 volts ac being read between the water stream and ground. No….the breaker is not tripping. Yes this photo is being sent to the appropriate people.

As you are aware there have been 18 accidental electrocutions in Iraq. Yes, some have died from accidental contact with power lines. But there has been at least one Soldier who died while in the shower. SSG Ryan Maseth was electrocuted and died while in his shower at his camp in Baghdad. Shocks in the bathroom are not an isolated incident and are much more common than what KBR or DoD admits.

Countrywide independent electrical inspections are about to start in Iraq. They have their work cut out for them.

Kudos to this electrician that had the forethought to take this photo. And thank you for sending it to me. If any of you have photos you would like to share send them to me.

Ms Sparky

Iraq Electrical Wiring Method Quiz #2

Posted September 5, 2008 By Ms Sparky

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Iraq Electrical Wiring Method Quiz #1

Posted August 19, 2008 By Ms Sparky

This wiring method was such a common occurrence used by Iraqi and Turkish subcontractors that I had totally forgotten about it until someone sent me a photo. I thought it would be fun to have a quiz. So…tell me what’s wrong with this installation!!

This is a standard 230 volt switched receptacle….It is equivalent of our 110 volt receptacles in the States.

Quiz rules:

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Ms Sparky