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Legal Problems Mounting For KBR! They Will Stand Trial In Human Trafficking Case

Federal Court Orders U.S. Defense Contractor KBR To Stand Trial in Nepali Human Trafficking Case

Published: August 23, 2013

WASHINGTON — After a review of the evidence, a federal court today ordered the Nepali human trafficking case against Houston, Texas-based U.S. defense contractor KBR and its Jordanian subcontractor Daoud & Partners to proceed to trial. A trial date has been set for April 14, 2014. Lead plaintiffs counsel is Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC.

The case involves 12 Nepali men, ages 18 to 27, who in 2004 were promised safe jobs in Jordan, but were instead involuntarily transported to Iraq. Eleven of the men were captured and killed by insurgents on the way to the U.S. Air Force base where they were to work. The plaintiffs’ complaint alleged that KBR knowingly violated the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. The Court denied KBR’s motion that argued the plaintiffs did not have sufficient evidence to proceed to trial.

In his order, Judge Keith Ellison, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, wrote, “the proffered evidence shows that each man was deceived about his promised job; each man was promised a hotel-related job in Jordan; each man’s family took on significant debt in order to pay recruitment fees; when the men arrived in Jordan, they were subject to threats and harm; their passports were confiscated; and the men were locked into a compound and threatened.”

Judge Ellison further wrote, “Plaintiffs have presented evidence that could lead a jury reasonably to find that the passport holding was coercive. Because this proffered evidence raises a genuine issue of material fact as to the existence of forced labor or trafficking, it is an issue of fact that should be submitted to the jury.”

“This brings justice one step closer for the survivor and the families of those who died as a result of the human trafficking,” said the plaintiffs’ lead attorney Agnieszka Fryszman, of Cohen Milstein. “The families are looking forward to proving their case at trial.”

The case is among the first filed against a corporation under the Trafficking Victim Protection Act. Fryszman filed Ramchandra Adhikari, et al. v. Daoud & Partners, et al. in 2008 in the U.S. on behalf of the 11 families of those killed and the surviving laborer. The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensation for the plaintiffs’ losses. The men came from poor families that went into debt to seek work abroad, and the families of the men killed were forced deeper into poverty when their sons and husbands were killed, says Fryszman.

In addition to Fryszman, the plaintiffs are represented by Paul L. Hoffman of Schonbrun, Desimone, Seplow, Harris & Hoffman LLP of Venice, Calif, and Anthony DiCaprio of New York. For more information about the case or a copy of the order, visit www.cohenmilstein.com/cases/215/nepali-trafficking. (read original article)

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  1. Comment by Jo Tarkington:

    The same is going on in Afghanistan. First with KBR and now with Fluor

  2. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    You mean KBFluor

  3. Comment by Fumigator:

    No Fluor….remember, even though Fluor retained some KBR folks, they are a separate company who had their own policies and regulations to follow that obviously the government liked more than KBR. Obviously Fluor thought they could get away with trafficking…….all in all really, it doesn’t matter KBR or whomever,,,,Middle East countries commonly traffic persons and no one ever really gives a shit anyway. Kuwait citizens bring over the folks and then take their passports and then rape and beat them on a regular basis…the US government still does business there….Saudim UAE, Qatar…its all the same…the government turns a blind eye, ignores their own rules and business as usual……so its not just KBR or Fluor…the US government is the ones ultimately culpable for allowing any business to take place that violates their own rules.

  4. Comment by Fumigator:

    DILLIGARRA anyway

  5. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    If you have been reading my post KBR heavy hitters Jim Lucksinger and Rick Router kicked Fluor exec George Rabb out of his companies contract. As of June of 2011 most of the Fluor policies have been slowly going to KBR policies including the contract hotel switching untill I posted it on this website and Fluor made a remarkable turn around. The ink marks on the Fluor paperwork was so bad you could see the KBR ink marks. Fluor turned into KBR east and it will fail as a result. So when you have KBR managers you get KBR proceedures and human traficking
    KBR sucks

    • Comment by Optimus Prime:

      I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….come up with a new tag line. KBR Sucks…really? That’s old school. Come up with something new.

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      Saturday, October 13th 2012 at 7:16 pm |
      I just left the Fluor/ITT team to take a big pay cut to come back to DynCorp
      and let me tell you all,it was worth every dollar of that pay cut. If you are as
      disgusted with KBR as we all seem to be then you already know that KBR
      heavy hitters Rick Ruter and Jim Lucksinger have forced Fluor exec.
      Geroge Rabb out of his own Companies contract. The second Lucksinger
      can back into BAF the Fluor contract hotel switched to the Star Metro, a
      hotel in which Lucksinger owns a sizeable persentage in. The new Fluor R
      and R policies are cutting their benifits drasticly to conform with KBR’s
      policies. If you look closely at the new flour policy letters you can even see
      the old KBR ink marks under the lightly printed Fluor ink marks. Fluor is
      now KBR east

  6. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    One , two – screw you, three, four, Fluor, DynCorp, KBR hit the door, five, six…suck….fill in the blank, seven, eight, fixing mistakes is too late, nine, ten……get some Gin.

    Fumigator is right….until the USG stops doing business with Middle East countries who openly traffic humans, then the other companies that have government contracts will never stop either……so here you go…USG SUCKS. Wow…something new….SL Sucks…another one……wow…I’m rolling today…..

  7. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    Oh yes…and I bow to the master…you single handedly changed the hotel of the contractor…you are a one man dynamo and the savior of all those who would kneel in slavery and desperation…..here is a new line….KNEEL BEFORE STEVE!!!!! You are sounding like Zod, albeit a whiny Zod.

    PETE ROSE SUCKS……ah ..another new one…..
    WWE Hall of Fame sucks…….WWE sucks……..damn…roliin, rollin, rollin,, keep them insults coming……Fluor Sucks, DynCorp Sucks…….wow and the hits keep on coming…..good god I love coffee……oh yeah…coffee sucks…..dammit stop already

  8. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    DILLIGARA…..??? Fumigator…, I think I fiured it out…DILLIGAF..Do I Look Like I Give A F*&%….so DILLIGAF must be,,, Do I Look Like I Give A Red Rats Ass

  9. Comment by Fumigator:

    Yep…really don’t care….KBR, Fluor, DynCorp, ITT, all the other…they all do it so who gives a shit. Show me the money….!!! Oh and …Can you smell what Fumigator is cooking? Cue the music……

  10. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    Well Fumigator you completly missed the point of my post . Optimus is just a KBR stooge who works fot Dyncore but in his heart wishes He worked for KBR. Ask any Dyn firefighter out there about Driver/operator Optimus Prime and they will tell you stories. Really dude…..you talk to your fire truck like its an autobot. KBR is not going to hire you so stop kissing their butt and milk the Dyn gravy train as long as you can becuase unless you legaly change your name back you will never get a job in the real world. And Fumagator if you dont care why did you post in the 1st place
    KBR sucks

  11. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    Well after thinking about this I just broke down and called the real Optimus Prime in Afghanistan and he has never herd of this web site. So who ever the Optimus Prime impersonator is that constantly in a flame war with me,… your cover has been blown wide open. My Apologies to the real Optimus Prime for any negative things I said about him. The impostor had me fooled for a year before I figured it out.

  12. Comment by Steve Lofquist:


  13. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    So who am I?

    • Comment by Optimus Prime:

      I tried to tell you before numb nuts that I was not that Optimus Prime. But no…..your arrogance made you say bad things about the innocent. Optimus Prime is my nickname here on this site..my real name is……???? HMMM Slim Shady >please stand up please stand up

      • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

        Your real name is COWARD. KBR loving COWARD. Post unbder your real name like someone with guts. And I know who you are and if you want I have your home phone and addy. Love the Internet

        • Comment by Optimus Prime:

          I should do that. The first time you called me, I could get you for harassing my family. Im just happy…I have a job and I am doing what I love to do…I have no complaints and don’t hate. When I get tired this, I will become an Obamacare advocate and live off the system like a democrat.

          • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

            The floor is yours

            • Comment by Optimus Prime:

              Im done…Im growing tired of the back and forth. Each of us have our opinions. Both seem to be based off experiences working for KBR…some good and some bad……so I’ll leave it at that. One further comment….come on MS Sparky….get some new stories !!!

  14. Comment by Fumigator:

    Slim Shady huh? If you are Slim Shady,, then I am Andy Griffith….Steve can be Opie !

  15. Comment by Matter:

    I was just crusing the Sparky site and saw this about KBR. They are guilty of sending men to Iraq when contracts called for other places! I too was sent to CedarII when my contract said KUWAIT!There were many Americans, along with TCN’S that had the same thing happen to them too!

  16. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    Lets pray that if this ISIS thing goes forward and the goverment uses contractors again they dont USE KBR…KBR SUCKS

  17. Comment by Fumigator:

    STFU Steve – get a life

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