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I Hate Hackers! Hackers Suck!

hackers-suckSome may have noticed MsSparky.com has been down for almost a month. That’s because we got hacked. Don’t really know who or why but it really messed things up! It appears it was for spamming purposes. I suspect it was some Chinese spammer! I can’t even begin to express my disdain for hackers, scammers and spammers. But….thanks to our AWESOSME web designer/developer Tracy we are back on line.

Tracy will be making some changes to the site in order to increase security and make it more user friendly.

Now we can get back to business as usual.

~Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by Lynn:

    Welcome back, I was wondering what had happened…

  2. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    Autobots- roll out. Must have been a decepticon incursion into the depths of cyberspace. They are cantankerous bastards

  3. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    KBR has some very good hackers working for them

  4. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    I see the hackers are still hard at work. I guess I just don’t understand what their agenda is. What’s the point?

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