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We’re Back and other news

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Christopher Castillo, 33, of Monte Alto pleaded guilty to bribery in August, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

At Castillo’s sentencing hearing on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Gregg Costa “commented that Castillo was living the American Dream as an engineer with a master’s degree, but that was not enough for him,” prosecutors said.

Castillo worked out of the Corps’ Galveston office, and supervised projects done by government contractors throughout South Texas.

“One such contractor had been involved in numerous construction jobs for the U.S. government in 2010, 2011 and 2012, including an emergency power cooling building for the U.S. Border Patrol located in Hidalgo County,” prosecutors said. (Click HERE for article)

Fired for Reporting Defense Fraud, Man Says
WASHINGTON (CN) – A defense contractor fired the boss of its counterintelligence team eastern Afghanistan for reporting its contract fraud against the U.S. government, the man claims in court.

Cornelius Hosch sued BAE Systems Information Solutions in Federal Court.

He claims the weapons-maker canned him after he reported being harassed by his boss for trying to stop BAE from billing the government for work it did not do.

Hosch says he was BAE’s head of counter-IED intelligence in eastern Afghanistan.

“BAE was hiring certain personnel to complete logistical and administrative tasks but BAE was using these personnel to bill the government for more lucrative labor,” Hosch says in his complaint.

The complaint adds: “The administrative and logistical personnel were also not conducting the duties for which BAE billed the government.

“By falsely and purposefully miscategorizing the work performed, BAE charged the government for more work than was actually performed or which was contractually permitted.” (Click HERE for article)

Workers Allege Fraud in Defense Parts
Sabrina Canfield – (Courthouse News) – February 21, 2013 – “U.S. soldiers have been injured” because Alliance Laser knowingly sold defective parts for military assault vehicles, and it fired two workers for reporting it, the men claim in Federal Court.

Alliance Laser, based in Slidell, La. makes parts that Textron uses to make M1117 assault vehicles.

One plaintiff, a welder, claims that “Alliance concealed M1117 part defects from Textron and the U.S. by filling holes and cracks with Bondo putty filler, sandblasting the defective parts, and painting over the defective parts.

“Upon information and belief, U.S. soldiers have been injured due to Alliance’s provision, and concealment, of defective M1117 parts.”

Floyd Alan Williams and Robert Vargas fired separate complaints against Alliance Laser. (Click HERE for article)

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