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We’re Back and other news

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Robert Winston and Allan Wheeler worked as independent contractor-firearms instructors for Academi Training Center, which had a contract to provide security to State Department in Afghanistan.

All security personnel were required to take a weapons qualification test, and Academi submitted these results to the State Department under the terms of its contract.

As instructors, Winston and Wheeler recorded the performance of each person as they shot at targets on the firing range.

They claim that other Academi officials wrote down false numbers on the performance reports. Wheeler claims he was asked to complete a weapons qualification report using made-up numbers.

When they reported the fraud to their supervisor, they were fired and placed on the State Department’s “Do Not Use” list, according to the complaint. (Click HERE for article) (Click HERE for Memorandum Opinion)

Private Security Guard Kills U.S. Soldiers
Marimer Matos – (Courthouse News) – Tampa – March 14, 2013 – After firing a guard who threatened to kill U.S. soldiers, a private security firm rehired him and he shot to death two GIs in Afghanistan, the families claim in court.

Three other people were wounded by Tundra Strategies employee Shia Ahmed, an Afghan citizen Tundra armed with an AK-47 and body armor, the families claim in Federal Court.

Families of the late Rudy Acosta and Donald Mickler Jr. sued Tundra Strategies, the Tundra Group, Robert MacIntyre and MacIntyre Family Holdings for wrongful death.

Co-plaintiffs Chris Hemwall, Patrick Shelley and Zackary Hombel were wounded in the March 19, 2011 shootings at Forward Operating Base Frontenac. (Click HERE for article)

San Diego Jury Finds Defense Contractors Guilty in North Island Bribery Case
(USAO) – March 4, 2013 – A federal jury today convicted two San Diego-area defense contractors and one corporation of conspiracy and bribery in connection with a fraud and corruption scheme at Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island in Coronado, California.

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