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A “Mutiny” in Kabul: Guards Allege Security Problems Have Put Embassy at Risk

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Though Congress subsequently allowed security contracts, including the Aegis contract, to be awarded on a more subjective basis, the allegations from the Kabul embassy guards suggest that problems with private contractors persist.

Last month, as a review board reported its findings about the Benghazi fiasco, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote that after the attack “we took immediate steps to further protect our people and posts in high threat areas, working closely with the Department of Defense.”

Deputy Secretary of State Thomas R. Nides later testified that some 225 Marines would be sent to so-called medium and high-threat posts, “where they will serve as visible deterrents to hostile acts.” The State Department is also seeking to hire more than 150 additional diplomatic security personnel, an increase of 5 percent, he said.

However, it remains unclear what specific steps have been or will be taken to reinforce security at the embassy in Kabul. A State Department spokeswoman declined to say.

“We do not release details about our security procedures,” the department said.

As part of the broader response to the Benghazi killings, Nides testified that the government dispatched teams to assess security at 19 posts in 13 countries.

Apparently, the embassy in Kabul was not one of them.

The State Department told POGO that security was already heightened at that post and therefore “it was determined that the inter-agency assessment teams would be best utilized at other locations.”

When asked about increased security at the Kabul embassy, one guard wrote POGO on December 21, saying, “No I have not seen an increase of security at all, in fact probably a decrease with everyone quitting and such.”

Clinton, who has been recovering from a concussion and blood clot, is scheduled to testify about Benghazi to Congress next week. (Click HERE for original article)

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