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Inspectors Slam Army, Contractor for Shoddy Afghan Base

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The contractor also only received partial payment for their work, says Burke, resulting in a company loss of more than $26 million for two phases of the contract. When asked why DynCorp accepted partial payment, Burke said, “Despite the fact that the obstacles we encountered were not contemplated by the contract, were beyond its scope, and greatly increased its costs, this was a fixed-price project and we ultimately accepted payment consistent with the terms of the original contract.”

The Corps of Engineers plans to cooperate with the investigation, according to a statement obtained by U.S. News.

“USACE conducted an initial review of the settlement that raised some questions, which involve highly technical factors pertaining to site conditions and related geotechnical issues, as well as the requirements of the contract,” according to the statement. “USACE has assembled a multidisciplinary team with the appropriate technical knowledge to conduct a more thorough investigation.”

News of the investigation comes weeks after SIGAR released a report stating Afghanistan will not be able to care for its security infrastructure following the U.S. projected draw-down in 2014. The report highlighted an $800 million contract the Corps of Engineers gave to Exelis to train local security forces. The contractor was not performing adequate quality control on the services it was paid to supply, SIGAR claimed. (Click HERE for original article)

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  1. Comment by marc:

    “contractor says problems started after it completed work”
    Same thing happened to me. My roof started leaking after the roofing contractor finished installing my new roof.

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