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At least Congress agrees on something – stop aiding and abetting government contractors’ that profit from slavery

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The Defense Department, State Department, and U.S. Agency for International Development also rely heavily on third-country nationals worldwide.  The Defense Department and State Department Inspector Generals concluded that the government does not sufficiently monitor labor practices by U.S. contractors and subcontractors, who, by necessity, rely on a large number of third-country nationals to do overseas contract work.

“I am very pleased that the Senate acted on legislation that Senator Blumenthal and I have championed for nearly a year to strengthen protections against trafficking in connection with overseas federal contracts,” Portman said.  “This bill will ensure that America’s overseas wartime and reconstruction contracts are performed in accord with not only our mission, but also our deeply held values as Americans.”

H- Site Managers John Reddy (Left); Gordon Wohlfeil (Center); Bruce Chirinko (Right) slamming shots in Thailand, more than likely at Reddy’s Hotel/Bar the Towne Lodge

“The Senate’s decision to make this measure a part of the NDAA speaks to its national and international importance.  Modern-day slavery by government contractors– unknowingly funded by American taxpayers – is unconscionable and intolerable,” Blumenthal said.  “Current law prohibiting human trafficking is insufficientand ineffective, failing to prevent or punish abuses. By increasing preventative scrutiny, investigation, and prosecution, this legislation will stop egregious human rights abuses on U.S. military bases, increasing security for our troops, and preventing waste of taxpayer dollars.”The End Trafficking in Government Contracting Act addresses this problem by clarifying existing protections in federal law with regard to human trafficking abuses  and enhancing prevention, accountability, and enforcement with regard to these abuses:

Prevention: The legislation would prevent trafficking abuses by requiring a contractor with contracts of over $1 million to implement compliance plans to prevent trafficking and related abuses such as destroying or confiscating passports, fraudulently misrepresenting wages or work location, and using labor brokers who charge exorbitant recruiting fees.

Accountability: The legislation would improve accountability by requiring the following:

1.) A contractor notify the Inspector General if he or she receives “credible evidence” that a subcontractor has engaged in prohibited conduct; requiring the Inspector General to investigate such instances; and

2.) The Inspector General to investigate such instances and consider swift remedial action against the contractor.

Enforcement: The bill improves enforcement of anti-trafficking requirements by:

1.) Expanding the criminal prohibitions that prevent fraudulent labor practices typically associated with human trafficking of third country nationals to include employees on overseas contracts; and

2.) Codifying the range of remedial actions available for violations of anti-trafficking requirements, including the removal of an employee or the suspension or debarment of the contractor.

The legislation was cosponsored by Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), John Boozman (R-AR), Susan Collins (R-ME), Al Franken (D-MN), Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Jon Tester (D-MT).  (Click HERE for original article)

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  1. Comment by Ravi:

    I was in Baghdad when this photo was taken.From what I heard, the Nepalis were brought in by a contractor and got past immigration, but their agent/escort was not allowed. So these guys, more than 80 of them were stuck outside BIAP, could not enter Camp Victory or leave ECP1, the airport wire. Some of them escaped into town and got jobs. Others just hung around, rioted,were shot at and ultimately faded away, I do not know where.

    All Camps were full of TCN slave labor, who lived in wired compounds and were allowed to travel only between work place and living quarters and were fed the exact same rice and curry 7 days a week, lunch and dinner.

    There would have been no camps if these ‘slaves’ were not present.

  2. Comment by Punk Buster:

    I usually don’t agree with most of the comments on this website, but on the case of human trafficking, the TCNs all seemed to get screwed over, especially by the Kuwait or UAE labor brokers. There was no doubt in my mind that human traficking was ongoing and prevalant on these camps.

    • Comment by Ravi:

      Kuwait or UAE labour brokers? Everyone was working for the “Coalition of the Willing” to protect “Democracy” !

      • Comment by Punk Buster:

        Damn….I actually tried to say something good and agree with some of the comments, then someon, (RAVI),makes a smart ass comment. Jeez…..I guess from now one I will just diasagree with everyting so your smart ass comments are deserved.

  3. Comment by CAMP ARIFJAN WATCH:

    Gulf International Company is withholding employees passports. Why are they still doing business with the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force in Kuwait ?

    • Comment by Punk Buster:

      Because no one will ever change how the Kuwiatis do business no matter how much we bitch and complain. The USG has no choice but to suck it up and move on or either leave all the camps located in Kuwait and most of the Middle east. It sucks, but it is what it is.

      • Comment by Punk Buster:

        I am not trying to make it sound like i agree with these traffickers,trust me, I worked in the Middle East for 7 years including two 1/2 years in Kuwait. I know how badly that GIC treated there employees. we worked over 3 months with GIC on the AABOT & KAOT building a new TOC, DFAC and living containers for the Navy on a CONCAP project. GIC crammed all thier folks into accommodations and pretty much fed them rice and curry paste for the time on land. On the boat while working they ate pretty good cause we forced them to treat them good on the barge, but still Kuwait sucks and the USG has no control over their treatment of the TCNs. If the USG quit dealing with human traffickers worldwide, Wal-Mart would not be able to sell almost any clothing and the US Military would be holed up inside their own borders because they cannot function w/o outside labor doing the cooking and cleaning. I hate to say it….but the Middle East sucks…..kuwait would be a good country w/o the Kuwaities.

      • Comment by marc:

        and all the child molesters in Afghanistan, well what are you going to do, when in Rome etc etc

  4. Comment by CAMP ARIFJAN WATCH:

    Thanks for validating that GULF INTERNATIONAL COMPANY are withholding passports. We will get a TIPS report in on them and get their contracts cancelled.

    Anyone know what contracts they have without filing an FOIA on the Army and Airforce. Then contracting officers will do their jobs or there will be some contracting officers looking for new jobs in another country. Forewarned. GIC – Time to return the passports or lose your contracts.

  5. Comment by Slingblade:

    GIC has a contract w/ IAP WWS, an AFCAP contractor. They provide IAP w/ vehicles and handle their “Half Kuwati Citizen” process for the American expats. IAP encourages their employees to go thru this process so they can go to town & run people back & forth to the airport. It seemed idiotic to me, I left- I felt safer in Afghanistan.

    • Comment by GIC WATCH:

      Thanks for the information. Will get a TIPs report in and a report to IAP and posted. Any company not withholding passports who want to take the subcontractor duties over from GIC should contact IAP. They are going to be dumping GIC soon.


    Mike Thompson just let his constituent know that he going to continue covering up for ITT and their economic crimes against the United States. ITT has overcharged the United States by $ 50 + MIL and he, as a congressman, is fine with that.

    RECALL CONGRESSMAN MIKE THOMPSON – he is costing America our tax dollars.

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