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… Of course, military contracts, “makes jobs.” So do automobile wrecks, dope traffic, prostitution, abortions, frivolous lawsuits, arson, wars and, perish the thought, social programs. It just happens to be hard to appropriations for such activities if undifferentiated job creation is your objective. Military contracting is another matter; it is downright unpatriotic even to question it. ~ Dina Rasor, Truthout

United States Sues Jacintoport International for False Claims in Connection with the Delivery of Humanitarian Food Aid
(DoJ) – October 19, 2012 – The United States has filed a complaint against Jacintoport International LLC under the False Claims Act in connection with a warehousing and logistics contract for the storage and redelivery of humanitarian food aid, the Justice Department announced today. Jacintoport is a cargo handling and stevedoring firm headquartered in Houston.

As alleged in the government’s complaint, Jacintoport entered into a warehousing and logistics contract with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for the storage and redelivery of emergency humanitarian food aid in 2007. This contract, among other things, contained explicit caps on the rates Jacintoport could charge to load humanitarian food aid onto ships (referred to in the industry as “stevedoring” charges) bound for crisis areas around the world. The complaint alleges that beginning around January 2008 and continuing through at least October 2009, Jacintoport regularly exceeded these caps, resulting in inflated charges to the United States in connection with the delivery of more than 50 thousand tons of humanitarian food aid. (Click HERE for article)

Manning Jury Can Hear Some Obama Remarks
Adam Klasfeld – (Courthouse News) – Ft. Meade, Md. – October 19, 2012 – President Barack Obama’s remarks 2 years ago that WikiLeaks disclosures “don’t reveal any issues that haven’t already informed our public debate on Afghanistan” could be used to seek a reduced sentence if Pfc. Bradley Manning is convicted at court martial, a military judge ruled Thursday.

The 24-year-old soldier faces up to life in prison if convicted of sending WikiLeaks hundreds of thousands of files about U.S. diplomacy and warfare, including 91,731 documents related to the Afghanistan War, which WikiLeaks published on July 25, 2010.

Two days later, Obama said in the White House Rose Garden: “While I’m concerned about the disclosure of sensitive information from the battlefield that could potentially jeopardize individuals or operations, the fact is these documents don’t reveal any issues that haven’t already informed our public debate on Afghanistan; indeed, they point to the same challenges that led me to conduct an extensive review of our policy last fall.”

Weeks later, Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote to Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., that the Pentagon could not find evidence that sources were compromised. (Click HERE for article)

We’ve Seen This Video Before: Drunk Security Contractors Gone Wild
Joe Newman – (POGO) – October 19, 2012 – When we first heard that ABC News was working on a story about U.S. security contractors in Afghanistan getting drunk and doing drugs, we had one of those collective sighs: “Here we go again.”

The leaked cell phone video that ABC News and CNN broadcast this week showed a shirtless, staggering security manager for Jorge Scientific showing off his drunken Kung Fu and later wrestling another man. Even more troubling was a shot of the company’s chief medical officer appearing stoned out of his mind on what the report identified as the drug Ketamine.

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  1. Comment by KBR WATCH Watch:

    I was electrocuted 2 times while in the double-stacked trailers set up under the over-hang of Believer’s Palace across the street from the U.S. Embassy ( Republican Guard Palace ) I reported the shock equivalant to the shock of a electric horse fence to KBR under LOGCAP III and they said they would fix it. It happened again and I switched to taking a shower with hot water set up into 1 liter bottles to avoid the shocks. It wasn’t until 2 years later did I hear of these electrocutions which meant that DCMA, the overseer of KBR was not putting out announcements or taking corrective action against KBR to correct the situation. DCMA being in bed with KBR and afraid to issue them a CAR ( Corrective Action Report ) which would knock down their award fee was entirely on the lap of MG Darrly Scott and the next DCMA overall commander. I already experience a DCMA commander, US Army Colonel McQuain covering up for KBR, so it is no surprise that the danger would not have been communicated. The mechanisms were in place however to have prevented all 35 electrocution deaths, but weak DCMA oversight and signing off on jobs without qualified Quality Assurance Representatives only served to undermine quality and safety.

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