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Gone Fishin’ and other news

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We imagine the lobbyist stalking the halls of Congress trying to use cash to influence important people. But it doesn’t always work that way. Often, the Congressman is stalking the lobbyist, asking for money. ~ NPR, Money in Politics Series

Army probes drug use by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan
Lolita C. Baldor – (The Associated Press) – WASHINGTON – April 21, 2012 –  The U.S. Army has investigated 56 soldiers in Afghanistan on suspicion of using or distributing heroin, morphine or other opiates during 2010 and 2011, newly obtained data shows. Eight soldiers died of drug overdoses during that time.

While the cases represent just a slice of possible drug use by U.S. troops in Afghanistan, they provide a sombre snapshot of the illicit trade in the war zone, including young Afghans peddling heroin, soldiers dying after mixing cocktails of opiates, troops stealing from medical bags and Afghan soldiers and police dealing drugs to their U.S. comrades.

In a country awash with poppy fields that provide up to 90 per cent of the world’s opium, the U.S. military struggles to keep an eye on its far-flung troops and monitor for substance abuse.

But U.S. Army officials say that while the presence of such readily available opium — the raw ingredient for heroin — is a concern, opiate abuse has not been a pervasive problem for troops in Afghanistan. (Click HERE for article)

Government Worker Claims Rape on the Job
Iulia Filip – (Courthouse News) – MONTGOMERY, Ala. – April 20, 2012 – The U.S. government faces federal claims that a manager in the Defense Department harassed and repeatedly raped a contract worker.

S.O. says she worked as a systems administrator for the Defense Information Systems Agency from February 2007 until October 2011.

Shortly after the agency hired S.O., her direct supervisor Timothy Tarver began subjecting her to unwelcomed sexual advances, which continued for years despite S.O.’s protests, according to the complaint.

S.O. says Tarver repeatedly made offensive comments to her, touched her inappropriately, grabbed her, looked for pretexts to be alone with her in his office and masturbated in front of her.
“Some of Tarver’s comments included … ‘I want to taste you,’ ‘Boy I sure love me some chocolate… ain’t nothing like sweet dark chocolate,'” according to the suit.

S.O. says Tarver became more aggressive as the months passed. He allegedly started stalking her, calling her at home and driving by her house at night when her husband was out of town.

Though he apologized after each incident and begged S.O. not to report him, Tarver continued to harass her and remind her that “he was the boss,” the suit states. (Click HERE for article) (Click HERE for complaint)

USA Today: Online Pentagon Payback Campaign Targeted Us
Katie Drummond – (Danger Room) – April 20, 2012 – The U.S. military’s propaganda activities — known formally and euphemistically as “information operations” — has this week faced serious accusations of targeting Americans, a major infraction. According to USA Today, military personnel (or contractors) apparently took to the web to unleash a vitriolic, and embarrassingly transparent, smear campaign against two of the paper’s staff members. Why? Because they published a damning investigation of the military’s dubious propaganda campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

USA Today reported on Thursday evening that a reporter and an editor, Tom Vanden Brook and Ray Locker, respectively, had been victims of a web campaign intent on damaging their professional reputations. Though the paper couldn’t confirm who was behind the attack, they’ve got their suspicions: It started shortly after the two staffers kicked off an investigation of the Pentagon’s own propaganda contractors.

The campaign included phony websites, dubious Wikipedia entries, Twitter accounts and message forum posts. All of which, according to the paper, have now been taken offline.

The paper’s investigation of the Pentagon’s info ops was scathing. In February, USA Today published a lengthy report — co-bylined by Vanden Brook and Locker — critiquing “poorly tracked marketing and propaganda campaigns,” orchestrated to win over Afghan and Iraqi citizens throughout the wars in both countries. (Click HERE for article)

Federal Court Upholds Ban on Contractor Campaign Donations
NEIL GORDON – (POGO) – April 20, 2013 – This week, a federal judge in Washington, citing the government’s interest in preventing corruption, refused to block enforcement of a law that bans federal contractors from donating to political candidates and parties.

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my image



    Why is it that DWC-Malek Al-Haddad & Sons General Trading & Contracting Co http://www.dwcme.com/ getting awarded a SINGLE SOLE SOURCE CONTRACT WORTH $ 25 MILLION IN KUWAIT when there IS COMPETITION. Why is contracting officer Rick Elder awarding a contract without a valid Justification and Approval ?

    USACE Contracting Officer awarded the same company in 2009 a $ 11 Mil contract when the company was only months old and with no past performance.

    Where is POGO? Where is the DoD IG ? Where is Congress on this one.


    This J & A was written by a Lt Gen Robert Antwerp in May 2011 just before he retired and certainly isn’t valid now.


    The Administrator of the website is Retired U.S. Army Major Bradley Wood who was also working in Contracts at HETCO

    It seems that according to WhoIs DWDC was only formed in 2009 and USACE Contracting Officer Marsha Rudolph ( marsha.f.rudolph@usace.army.mil ) awarded the former U.S. Army Major a $ 11 Million Contract. W912ER-09-R-0072

    Now, Rick Elder wants to circumvent the Competition in Contracting Act using a long ago retired general’s letter as a Justification. That letter was written in FY 2011 and we are in FY 2012.

    President Obama said in a Memo in 2009 that Single Sole Sources must end.

    Everyone wonders how it was that First Kuwaiti was given a Single Sole Source to build the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, and the one that the United States is owed back $ 170 Million on due to faulty workmanship.

    Contracting Officer Elder ( richard.c.elder@usace.army.mil ) has not even posted the name of the company which is the newly formed company DWC-Malek Al-Haddad & Sons General Trading & Contracting Co

    So, somebody fill us in – what is the connection between U.S. Army Major Bradley Wood and Lt General Robert Antwerp ?

    • Comment by Uncle Same:

      He is in divorce now, he has new pinoy wife but old wife in america which he is making divorce now knows everything about his army contract friend who gives him the contract. Company boss Mr. Hoss paid in usa for giving his company the contract. Hoss is american but never lives in USA, just keeps money there when he needs to pay people. Talk to American lawer working for Hoss – he know everything

  2. Comment by F.T.:

    dont no d conection but Wood is silent partner

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