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Former Fluor employee David John Welch pleads guilty to stealing & selling military equipment in Iraq

Former Civilian Contractor Pleads Guilty in North Carolina for Role in Scheme to Steal and Sell Military Equipment in Iraq


(DoJ) – WASHINGTON – April 2, 2012 – A former U.S. civilian contractor pleaded guilty today in the Eastern District of North Carolina to conspiring to steal military generators in Iraq in 2011 and selling them on the black market, announced Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Thomas G. Walker for the Eastern District of North Carolina.

David John Welch, 36, of Hope Mills, N.C., pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge W. Earl Britt to a criminal information charging him with one count of conspiracy to steal property under the control of a government contractor. 

According to court documents, in 2011, Welch was the operations and maintenance manager of a U.S. government contractor on Victory Base Complex in Baghdad.  In this capacity, Welch had the ability to influence the distribution and movement of military equipment as well as U.S. government equipment.  In addition, Welch was in charge of overseeing the movement of generators from the compound to the Defense Reutilization & Marketing Office (DRMO).  In October 2011, Welch and a co-conspirator entered into a scheme to steal and later sell approximately 38 generators on the black market in Iraq to unknown co-conspirators by diverting these generators from the DRMO to an undisclosed location off-base in Iraq.

After the generators were stolen from the compound, Welch’s co-conspirator provided him with four stacks of $100 bills, totaling approximately $38,600. 

At sentencing, scheduled for July 9, 2012, Welch faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a $250,000 fine and three years of supervised release following his prison term.  As part of his guilty plea, Welch agreed to pay $160,000 in restitution to the United States. 

This case is being prosecuted by Special Trial Attorney Mark Grider of the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section, on detail from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), and by Assistant U.S. Attorney Banumathi Rangarajan of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina.  The case is being investigated by the FBI, SIGIR and the Major Procurement Fraud Unit of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigative Command. (Click HERE for original article)

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  1. Comment by Outta There:

    Wow, I worked with him at KBR in Tallil! Who knew!

    • Comment by Andrea Pratt:

      This is not the whole story!! Like all things where the government is involved… there is alot missing and this is not a true account of what really went down!

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        Then please do tell us the truth with all the facts.

        • Comment by andrea pratt:

          Due to the upcoming sentencing, I will refrain from disclosing any facts of the case for fear of having a negative impact on the outcome. I will however say that anyone who worked with mr. Welch in Iraq knows that there must be more to this story.

      • Comment by DOJ WATCH:

        The DOJ are once again protecting the Prime Contractor. They don’t do the investigations for the People of the United States and forget who they hell pays them. There are Qui Tam cases to recover billions of dollars that the DOJ and Judges sitting in Boulder Colorado are GUILTY of not investigating for a Prime. But how long will the PEOPLE tolerate that systemic problem of the Government covering up for Corporations ? Administrative admonishments are not enough for the Primes to get the message and it doesn’t recover the PEOPLEs money.

        Vote for a change at the head of DOJ. To vote out OBAMA will surely send Eric Holder out the door and that alone is for the best for the American People.

        How about them apples Holder. Obama is guilty of covering up for Corporate stealing by blocking Qui Tams and letting these investigators steer ( and that is the applicable word ) steer the attention away from the corporation’s real responsiblity. But what is Obama and Holder getting in exchange. Abusing public authority Holder & Obama.

    • Comment by Sherri:

      how did you know this if he had not been sentenced yet???

    • Comment by Sherri:

      how could you know this if he was not even sentenced yet?? you wrote this on april 2nd he was sentenced the 4th… please explain

  2. Comment by Angel Beotch:

    Ok click on meet ms sparky, she says she must have been on drugs or something soooo who wants to listen to her and you cant believe anything a journalist says anyway and who gives a damn about the government they take from people everyday and no one is doing anything about that, you know its bad when people make a living off of other peoples problems. How bout this ms sparky since ur on drugs or something lol omg get a life and quit rubbin peoples faces in their mistakes like u have never done anything wrong and also while your wasteing all your time in someone elses business maybe you should be more interested in your own life take your kids to the park or something. GET A LIFE MS SPARKY put that in your joint or blunt and spark that ms sparky! smdh……

  3. Comment by David:

    And people are surprised that mr Welch would do this??…I knew him as well….he was one of the KBR “boys” and one of the most arrogant and sleezy people on that project…he was doing much more than that at the T-Sites…..what a dirt bag….

    • Comment by Shirley-Lyn:

      Do Tell…. this is the ONE who knew nothing… until SOME OTHER woman showed on the Doorstep!!! He may have been a sleeze but at the Time I thought he was the best Husband in the World. I guess when you live on 2 sides of the world you start to believe you have to live double lives. Or your Ego is so BIG you think you could possibly NEVER get caught. He Lied, CHeated, and Stole…not from just the Government but from Many lives. Welch’S~Beasley’S~Sweat’S~ We all are Suffering!!!

      • Comment by David:

        I am sorry for your pain…he was a terrible person in Iraq….but I give him credit due to the fact that he was sucked into the group of the “clan”….he was weak and allowed to be the person that he was…this guy was doing so much wrong…and encouraged by others as they shared the spoils. He casued some great people their jobs due to his indescretions..by blaming them for his greed. The level of his ability to be corrupt was amazing. he tried to get to me as well…i sent him packing rather quickly…sorry for you pain…

      • Comment by andrea pratt:

        Oh please nikki… You and your step dad general David fox are just as responsible for what happened Iraq as Mr. Welch is. Mr. Welch’s work record does not reflect anything but an outstanding work ethic. Let’s face it, David was ready to have a life outside of Iraq but you and your rotten family decided you deserved more… And you took and took and took until there was nothing left. Quit googling his name you obsessive bitch!!

  4. Comment by andrea pratt:

    The family of Mr. Welch… Paid for his defense… Not mr. Welch because he had nothing left after his mistake of a marriage to “shirley-lyn”. He turned over every dime of the money he received from the third party involved to the FBI…. My point is, whatever your feelings may be about Mr. Welch, he plead guilty even though we had the best lawyer money could buy… And now he is serving his time… So why don’t all of you move on with your lives! As for Shirley.. aka nikki… You know how I feel about you!!

  5. Comment by Shirley-Lyn:

    You Can’t Hurt Me!!! You Can’t Hurt Me!!! You Can’t Hurt ME!!! Gods Listening and Watching My paths that I cross~while I’m Praying. You Can’t Hurt Me with all the Angels around Me. I Pray You have Happiness so You can LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! SHIRLEY-LYN NICOLE BEASLEY-WELCH

    • Comment by Andrea welch pratt:

      I love how you are walking with angels now but were walking with nothing but drugs while in the marriage. I hope you have cleaned yourself up. You can drop the “Welch” at the end of your posts from now on… You are not and will never be a “Welch”… As happy as I am SHIRLEY-LYN NICOLE BEASLEY, I don’t think I will truely have the peace I once knew before my brother met you. You are still looking in on and asking about David so you have not moved on… so I will not either!!! If you want peace from me, then I suggest you delet David’s name out of your life.

    • Comment by Andrea Pratt:

      You are not fooling anyone with your post! I know you and I know the path you walk… and it is far from HOLY!! That being said, if you want peace from me, leave David alone, do not contact him and do not inquire about him to anyone. You have taken all you can take. Except the dogs because you were too sorry to take them, so I got them :-) And no more putting Welch at the end of your name… you are not and will never be part of this family… move on with your life so we can move on with ours… I will never stop defending David so if you want me to leave you alone delete his name from your life!

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