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That bird won’t fly and other news

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Priestley operated Hummingbird Aviation, a company in Louisiana. He entered into a contract with the USTRANSCOM, part of the U.S. Department of Defense, and responsible for national and international military transportation for the United States. USTRANSCOM’s headquarters and contracting office is located at Scott Air Force Base. The contract allowed Priestley to provide helicopter service in Afghanistan, effective October 1, 2007. The contract provided that the United States would pay Hummingbird for the services of each helicopter at $298,790 per month. (Click HERE for article)

Jury trial reset in foreign bribery case
Joanne Bratton – (Baxter Bulletin) – January 6, 2012 – A jury trial in a foreign bribery sting that involves a Mountain Home man has been scheduled for May after ending in a mistrial last year.

The jury trial for Lee Allen Tolleson of Mountain Home, Andrew Bigelow and John Benson Wier III of Florida and Pankesh Patel of Great Britain has been set for May 29 in the U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, according to a Wednesday federal court filing.

The four defendants were among 22 businessmen arrested in January 2010 following a federal undercover investigation that aimed to catch people bribing foreign government officials.

The sting involved a scheme to bribe the defense minister of an African country in order to win part of a $15 million contract to outfit the presidential guard.

As part of the fake scheme, defendants allegedly agreed to pay a 20-percent commission to a sales agent who was supposedly representing the minister of defense in an African country, but was actually an undercover agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. (Click HERE for article)

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