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Former Soldier Sues KBR Over Health Concerns

Isiah Carey –¬† (Fox Houston) – ¬†HOUSTON – A former U.S. soldier has filed a civil lawsuit against a major military contractor claiming the Houston-based company ruined his health and military career.

David Parr, a former service member from Ohio, served in the army in Afghanistan.

Parr says while he was stationed in Afghanistan, he was within breathing distance of the KBR waste disposal operation. He adds that employees of KBR disposed of human corpses, chemicals, old batteries and much more in the burn pits.

The soldier says as a result of his proximity to the operation, he was forced to inhale the fumes from the waste.

In Parr’s lawsuit, he says the smell from the waste burning process was so bad soldiers stationed near the burn pits had to wear inhalers at night to breathe.

The lawsuit alleges because of Parr’s exposure, he and other soldiers developed severe respiratory and other health-related problems.

Parr alleges he had to leave (honorable discharge) the military because he could no longer pass the physical examination in the Army.

Houston attorney Michael Patrick Doyle is representing Parr in this case. (Click HERE for original article)

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  1. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    Bullshit! KBR never disposed of human remains, chemicals or batteries or chemicals in thier burn pits in Afghanistan and/or Iraq. However, KBR did not rfegulate what the military disposed of in military operated burn pits. The military did what they wanted and KBR could not stop them due to the military operated burn pits not being under KBR control. This soldier was probably hitting too many roids in iraq and has since, lost his mind.

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