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Complacency for non-compliance and other news

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At the State Department, spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said at her afternoon briefing that she did not have numbers of incoming contractors available. “In an environment where U.S. forces are withdrawing who have in the past provided security for our civilian programs, we’re going to have to do some contract security, but those numbers do sound high to me,” Nuland said.

Some lawmakers called it a game, as the Pentagon draws down while the State Department builds up. “The Obama administration is about to see a major surge of contractors there in Iraq –17,000 contractors, 5,500 private security contractors — as the military goes away,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah. “Are we just playing a little bit of a shell game here?” (Click HERE for article)

Man sentenced for accepting military gratuity
(WTNH) – Jewett City, CT – October 3, 2011 – A Jewett City man was sentenced to four-months of home-confinement and ordered to pay restitution for accepting gratuity from a military supplier.

Barry S. Szafran, 49, was sentenced today in New Haven to one year of probation, the first four months of which he must spend in home-confinement, for accepting a gratuity from a foreign supplier of fire safety systems to a military base in Kuwait in Iraq.

According to court documents, Szafran was the civilian fire alarm manager at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, for a contractor for the U.S. Army on a government-owned, contractor-operated base. In this position, he was in charge of making sure that there was an adequate supply of repair and replacement parts for fire safety systems.

An investigation, which included an examination of Szafran’s emails, showed that he had developed an unethical business relationship with a local parts vendor. (Click HERE for article)

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