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Tyrants of the Pentagon and other news

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The government’s complaint alleges that Bollinger proposed to convert existing 110-Ft Patrol Boats (WPBs) into 123-Ft WPBs by extending the hulls 13 feet and making additional improvements. As a result of Bollinger’s misrepresentations about the hull strength of the converted vessels, the Coast Guard awarded a contract to convert eight Coast Guard 110 foot cutters to 123 foot cutters. The first converted cutter, the Matagorda, suffered hull failure when put into service. An investigation by the Coast Guard and the prime contractor, Integrated Coast Guard Systems, concluded that the calculation of hull strength reported by Bollinger to the Coast Guard prior to the conversion was false. Efforts to repair the Matagorda and the other converted vessels were unsuccessful. The cutters are unseaworthy and have been taken out of service. (Click HERE for article)

Victim of Rape on Fort Bragg Sues Army for Negligence
IULIA FILIP – (Courthouse News) – RALEIGH, N.C. – August 16, 2011 – An enlisted man at Fort Bragg repeatedly told officers that he wanted to kill a dozen men in his unit, and himself, but they discouraged him from seeking help “because it would ‘mess up’ his military career,” a woman says. After months of this negligence, she says, he broke into her home on base and raped her under threat of killing her children.

Plaintiff M.N.D. sued the United States of America for negligence, in Federal Court. The United States is the only defendant.

M.N.D. says she was raped by “Specialist Pernell.” The 6-page complaint does not state his first name. News-14 Carolina, a Time Warner station, reported in December 2010 that Army Specialist Aaron Pernell pleaded guilty to raping a woman at Fort Bragg and was sentenced to 50 years in military prison. He also pleaded guilty to battery and burglary, according to the Dec. 9 TV news report.

A specialist is an enlisted rank, just above private first class.

According to M.N.D.’s complaint: “In March 2009, Specialist Pernell informed Staff Sergeant Rangel that he wanted to kill 11 current or former members of his unit, and that he also wanted to kill himself. Sergeant Rangel responded by telling Specialist Pernell that he should not seek mental health assistance because it would ‘mess up’ his military career.”

M.N.D. says Pernell renewed his threats in August and October 2009, and got the same response from his superiors. (Click HERE for article) (Click HERE to read the complaint)

State Dept. overseeing some intel in Iraq
Walter Pincus – (Washington Post) – August 16, 2011 – Editor’s Note: This post, which originally appeared on Aug. 16, was altered on Aug. 19 to clarify the portion of the Army contract at issue.

The State Department is taking over some intelligence activities in Iraq.

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  1. Comment by ACC Watch:

    The Department of Defense is all for the lowest bidder. They got what they deserved. They used prison labor, a violation of the Federal Acquisition Regulations and they simply got what they paid for. UNICOR is a sign that our Federal Government is against Small Business when Small Business has to compete against slave and bonded laborers – from within the walls of the United States no less. It is time for U.S. Businesses ONLY being allowed to bid for U.S. Tax Payer dollars and unfair competition and foreign competition eliminated from eligibility. The DoD hide 70 percent of the solicitation from U.S. Businesses located physically in the United States and are getting far less quality than that coming out of UNICOR. This is why America is on a slide. OUTSOURCING is not just a corporate phenomenon ruining U.S. Small Business – the DoD are a contributing factor. Nothing is going to change.

  2. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Bet the blackberries are abuzz in LOGCAP land because they’re all working on plan to bring Clifford Stanley into the fold.  A retired Major General who “allegedly” commits fraud, waste and abuse, is accused of being incompetent while creating a command climate marked by fear and mistrust.  A person whose leadership skills include destroying morale and effectiveness, he’s a dream come true, Utt, Stanski and Gaffney probably have their minions working overtime to seal the deal before the competition snatches up their ideal candidate. 

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