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KBR Awarded $500M Base Life Support (BLS) for State Department in Iraq under LOGCAP IV (updated)

Updated: Here is the original solicitation on this Task Order. Below is the email from KBR’s LOGCAP Principal Program Manager, John Cusick announcing the award and KBR’s Press Release.

—–Original Message—–
From: William Gahlbeck on behalf of FDXBKBR – LOGCAP III HQ ME
Sent: Tue 8/2/2011 3:39 AM
Subject: KBR Awarded Task Order to provide support to Department of State under LOGCAP IV

TO: LOGCAP III Middle East Employees

FROM: John J. Cusick, Principal Program Manager, LOGCAP III ME

SUBJECT: KBR Awarded Task Order to provide support to Department of State under LOGCAP IV

DATE: August 2, 2011

Congratulations to the KBR proposal team and LOGCAP IV leadership for winning the Department of State Base Life Support task order award.  This is a huge win for LOGCAP employees and the entire KBR team.

Under the task order, KBR will provide support to the U.S. Embassy staff in Baghdad and services at other diplomatic and training post locations throughout Iraq. The period of performance is one base year plus one option year.  Services will include facilities and utilities management; firefighting; food service; laundry; shuttle bus services; retail fuel; postal service; and airfield operations.

The award is a result of KBR’s performance as a team effort: Task Orders 151 and 159, LOGCAP IV Task Order 002 and the KBR proposal team.

Once again, congratulations to KBR and the LOGCAP IV team.

We Deliver . All the Way,

Principal Program Manager
LOGCAP III Middle East

KBR Awarded Major Task Order Under Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) IV Contract in Iraq

Houston, Texas — August 2, 2011 — KBR (NYSE: KBR) today announced it was awarded a task order by the U.S. Army Contracting Command under its current Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) IV contract to execute the LOGCAP IV Post 2011 Base Life Support (BLS) requirements for the U.S. Department of State’s mission in Iraq. The task order is valued at over $500 million with a Period of Performance of one base year plus one option year. This award is KBR’s third task order under the LOGCAP IV contract.

KBR will provide support to U.S. Embassy staff in Baghdad and services at other diplomatic posts throughout Iraq. Services will include facilities and utilities management, fire fighting, food service, laundry, shuttle bus services, retail fuel, postal service and air field operations.

“This award affirms the U.S. government’s recognition of KBR’s proven capability to deliver projects and services in logistically challenging environments,” said Mark Williams, President, KBR Infrastructure, Government and Power. “KBR is proud to support the U.S. Department of State’s mission as we continue our support of the U.S. Government in Iraq which began in 2003.”

KBR is a global engineering, construction and services company supporting the energy, hydrocarbon, government services, minerals, civil infrastructure, power, industrial, and commercial markets. For more information, visit www.kbr.com.

Rob Kukla, Jr.
Director, Investor Relations
Gabriela Segura
Manager, Media Relations

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  1. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    I am still looking for the original solicitation, if there is one. But this was just sent to me.


    Mission Operations and Logistics Support: $598,616,000 including 3 positions

    The request sustains ongoing embassy operations previously funded from the FY 2009 supplemental and is in addition to the FY 2010 OCO level of $118.4 million.

    Operations and Basic Life Support (BLS): $266.1 million: Funding is requested for increased logistics costs related to the new facilities and personnel in Baghdad. This uptick is critical given the increasing responsibilities the Department will assume. Significant increases above FY 2010 and FY 2011 levels are projected following completion of new facilities and the negotiation of new contracts for support services, particularly for Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) or successor contract. The Department will likely not benefit from the same economies of scale in the current DOD contract. Many of these expenses represent support tasks that were previously provided by the military at these facilities to include a broad range of medical and other life support services. It also includes increases to the embassy and offshore support units to provide the additional management and oversight of the numerous support contracts necessary to operate the embassy in the post-DOD environment. Funding is requested by the Department for BLS costs in Baghdad for all U.S. agencies other than USAID and DOD and other national security agencies.

  2. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    Cool and the Autobots have won another battle. Now my Autobot brothers and sisters-go forth and show your strength and let your dumb ass attitudes and errors in your ways wash away. Please be cognizant that this is not normal LOGCAP my brothers, this is high profile and the ignorance and stupidity will not be tolerated. Fear well the reaper for he will come for you if you pillage, sllep on the job, mis-quote your timesheets or revert to you usual LOGCAP behaviors. Step up my Autobots and remember that you must set the example.

    roll out.

    • Comment by IH8SNAKES90:

      We are rolling prime not sure if it is going to be in Iraq LOL. The Sand Bots are missing a leader according to IRONHIDE. Alot of changes are coming. The new leader of the Sand Bots is a stickler for everything. The Sand Bots had it good under your leadership!!!! The Desk stealer is still the same i have not blasted him with my pulse rifle :)

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  4. Comment by two cents:

    Has anyone seen thier LC IV BLS Employment contract yet?

    We will not be paid any uplift costs.

    I don’t understand that. The DOS has set uplifts for this area and we wont be paid any of those uplifts?

    Can someone explain?

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      No uplift at all for the BLS (BLISS) contract? Seriously? I’d like to know more about that!

    • Comment by Jimmy D.:

      Here is what a friend of mine sent me. Hope this helps.

      Program Management Office
      4100 Clinton Drive
      Houston, Texas 77020
      TO: LOGCAP KBR Employees
      FROM: Mike Mayo, LOGCAP IV Principal Program Manager

      SUBJECT: Pay Program for LOGCAP IV Iraq Post 2011 Base Life Support Task Order 0004

      DATE: 03 August 2011

      Soon the LOGCAP IV transition team will begin extending job offers to LOGCAP III and LOGCAP IV individuals for Task Order 0004, which was recently awarded to KBR. The job offers will include the position, base salary, work week hours and other pay compensation items. Details regarding your salary and compensation will also be included on the Iraq Base Life Support data sheet when you sign your employment agreement. When you receive a job offer, a calculator will be provided to allow you to approximate your change in pay. A pay compensation overview is provided below.

      For All Employees:

      The LOGCAP IV pay compensation program is a change from the LOGCAP III and LOGCAP IV CTP programs. Over the last couple of years KBR has adjusted the pay program for LOGCAP employees to observe local labor law. This occurred in Kuwait and Dubai and was initiated on the Bahrain task order from the start of the award.
      The Iraq Post 2011 Task Order compensation program provides overtime for time worked over 8 hours each day and a premium for night shift and for work performed on holidays when a day off is not offered. In addition, KBR will continue the 5% International Service Premium for overseas employees. Adjusting to this program will mean the Department of State uplifts will not be used.
      Task Order 0004 will continue to use the same base rates for job codes as LOGCAP III, LOGCAP IV CTP and Bahrain rates.
      The standard work week will be 72 hours.

      Foreign National Employees:

      Your experience is valuable to the company. We have changed the LOGCAP IV Foreign National pay to the pre-2008 rates for employees who have LOGCAP experience. This will have a positive affect for the employees who are currently on LOGCAP IV CTP and took a pay reduction on that task order to stay with the Project. We thank you for your sacrifice.
      All new hires will be recruited under the home country rates. Exceptions may be made if an individual has LOGCAP experience and demonstrated excellent performance while on the Project.

      Interim Leave:

      The interim leave (R&R) policy has not changed in Task Order 0004. Individuals will still be eligible for 80 hours of paid R&R. Airfare that is authorized in the LOCGAP III agreement is not in the LOGCAP IV agreement. Instead the employee receives a $1,000 allowance that can be used for any purpose. The company will continue to make travel arrangements for employees.

      If you have any questions concerning this notice, contact Sarah.UiMhuirgheasa@kbr.com or send your questions to the mail box: FHOUKBR – LOGCAP IV PMO.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        Thank you!

      • Comment by IH8SNAKES90:

        Iraq does not have any labor laws, hell they don’t even have a complete government.

        • Comment by Jimmy D.:

          Just great, you mean KBR is not telling the truth? Just making up stuff as they go along? Man… shut your mouth! ;^)

          It does look like from reading the above that KBR is actively try to force out the ex-pats (only 5% up-lift) and keep/bring in more FNs (increase in base pay). Just my humble opinion.

          • Comment by Ms Sparky:

            I was just getting ready to post the same comment. I also believe this is a way to discourage US Expats from accepting positions on this contract. Just think about it, less US expats, fewer people who sue KBR in the states, fewer people reporting to Congress, fewer people who know what the laws are that apply to them. Even though this contract is on US Sovereign soil (the US Embassy) they are aligning the contract to Iraqi labor laws. In my opinion it’s an attempt to keep these suits out of US Courts and in Iraqi courts where the system appears to be more favorable for companies.

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  6. Comment by allhands:

    if i am right the new contract covers BLS in the green zone maybe task order 151 i worked there before same money on contact from co workers there.,, RR maybe different, mabyr the Kbr-f drop the F USMI was good comparred to afghanistan

    • Comment by Curious:

      I have some friends over there and while the contract specifics have not been released there will be a MAJOR drop in salaries, uplifts will be adjusted to Kuwait standards (not final) and yes -conditions won’t be as pampered as they once were. 64- 90K will be standard salary. Not sure on R&Rs but not like the old times..

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  9. Comment by fly on the wall:

    Speaking of awards, Fluor had 25% cut off their latest award fee. Why? Item 3 said they could not find people who understood english. Now this was not about the Balkans but the SW Asians they keep hiring and we must deal with. But the truth about almost any new contract is that the money will not be the same as before no matter what company you go to now. Times are a-changing as the song goes. In Qatar they are only paying 53K for ex pats.and that is on a 60 hour week. Bottom line is this 9%+ unemployment back home = company/USG arrogance.

  10. Comment by Dyn Employee:

    Iraq does have labor laws and they must be followed or you can lose your license to operate in Iraq

  11. Comment by allhands:

    The news in the contract world is less expats more OCN, however the lack of English skill and customer service is upsetting to some of the clients. As soon as there is DCMA over site and our government starts tightening the purse strings, Fluor is no different then KBR only more over staffed and more ridiculous policies to hide it, or cover it up, look at the numbers of OCNs and expats, how many have applied for a position on the wonderful Flour web site, and never called, why..because OCNs do not have a background check and are cheaper and easier to flood the theater with. It is a shame the President say we will be downsizing our military in Afghanistan, yet someone forgot to inform the contractors, spend spend and hire and build staff….KBR learned the hard way yet the same mid level managers lead Fluor down that same path….

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  13. Comment by Richard S.:

    Does anyone have a contact # or email for KBR postal operation in Sather AFB or Properity massive layoff Dec 13th yet to receive my mail that was sent even with the forwarding info. given before I left

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