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I think KBR is a disgusting pestiferous Ordog!

An Ördög is a demonic creature from Hungarian mythology which personifies the dark aspects of the world. In Christian times, it was identified with the devil.

Pronunciation: [pe-stif-er-uhs]
1 :dangerous to society : PERNICIOUS

The blogospere has been all riled up since evil KBR has CHOSEN to to further victimize Jamie Leigh Jones by asking for over $2 million to pay their attorney fees.

In my opinion, this is  a vindictive attempt on the behalf of KBR to punish Jamie Jones and her attorney Todd Kelly for the advances they made against KBR’s secret arbitration policy and changes to laws such as the Franken Amendment.

They want to send a message to ALL victims and their attorneys,  “You better not go there”. This is typical KBR bullshit. “Just keep your mouth shut or we will send you to the house!” We have all heard it in the Middle East. Now KBR wants to make sure they send that message loud and clear to any victim or attorney who dare stand up to them. “See what happens when you go up against KBR? You will pay!” I pray Judge Ellison sees through this attempt to control the legal system. This is manipulation and control at a most basic level. I have to admit, KBR is very good at that!

Here is some information on the employee KBR protected in this case.  A reader who was at the trial noted that Andrew McKinney, the attorney who represented Charles Bortz was seated at the KBR table in the courtroom.  The reader also noted that the jury did not hear about the criminal history of violence against women perpetrated by Mr. Bortz:



But yet, the jury was allowed to hear every sorted detail of Jamie’s past. Something sounds terribly wrong with that. Bortz dropped his counter suit against Jamie for slander, primarily I think so his criminal past would not be heard by the jury. I just have to wonder if KBR paid Bortz or his attorney to drop his suit. If I were a betting woman, I would have to say money exchanged hands!

Speaking of money, click HERE (21M .zip) to read KBR’s demand and how much Porter Hedges LLP charges to represent a “Pestiferous Ordog” (invoices included).

Click HERE (.zip) to read the responses of Todd Kelly and the legal team representing Jamie Leigh Jones.  It is very interesting that the only attorney named in the demand is Todd Kelly.  It’s as if Todd is being singled out for retribution, wonder if KBR will threaten to send him to Fallujah too!

~Ms Sparky

Revolting: KBR aka Halliburton Wants Alleged Gang-Rape Victim to Pay Its $2 Million Legal Fees

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd – (AlterNet) – August 23, 2011 – Jamie Leigh Jones says she was gang-raped in Iraq while doing business for KBR, the military contractor formerly known as Halliburton. She was not the only person to make such claims—at least four other women accused KBR employees of rape—yet the corporation tried to suppress her case, at least until the jury ruled against her last month.

But winning wasn’t enough. Now absurd, greedy KBR wants to make her pay, literally. The contractor has filed a lawsuit for $2 million against Jones, claiming the suit she pursued was “frivolous, unreasonable, and groundless.” Talking Points Memo:

Jones said there is “nothing frivolous” about her claims, according to the Wall Street Journal, pointing out that a judge let the trial proceed and that the jury deliberated for over 10 hours before it reached its verdict.

Jones’ lawyer Todd Kelly told WSJ’s Law Blog that his client doesn’t have the means to cover KBR’s fee request. “They have beaten us and now they are attempting to crush us,” he added. “This is an attempt by KBR to chill other people from bringing claims against them.”

KBR lawyer Daniel Hedges told the WSJ that the corporation’s legal fees were “substantial.” And when he says that, we can’t help but be reminded of the billions of tax dollars KBR receives from the government to keep its vile operations running. Also, wasn’t there a little accounting problem wherein they bilked Americans out of a couple bill? Perhaps they could extract their legal fees from that. (Click HERE for original article)

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“Now that KBR has prevailed in Jamie Leigh Jones’ civil case against them, they want her to pay their fees, which total in the millions. And, legally speaking, they are probably just doing it to be assholes.” – Irin Carmon – (Jezebel) – August 24, 2011

Cop Rapes Woman at Gunpoint, 11-Year-Old Rape Victim Smeared, Accuser Sued for $2 Million: Is US Society Failing Victims?
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  1. Comment by gonewild99:

    Ms Sparky thats what happens when a individual makes accusations and get caught in a LIE.

    Honesty is always the best policy just as this lady should pay for twisting her story and being a gold digger

    maybe if she had told the actual truth the out come would be different, but when you LIE their is always a price to pay either today or tomorrow

  2. Comment by Jack:

    Really Ms Sparky? pestiferous Ordog? Where in the hell did that come from? No pun intended.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      All the other nasty adjectives were taken by other writers. I had to dig deep for something different. Thank God for Google. It has a nice ring to it, just flows right off your tongue. I dare say, I doubt KBR has been called that before.

  3. Comment by curious:

    Well, the truth be told…yes, they are going after Mr. Kelly with all the force and might they have. Kelly, in most of the circles, is just a propaganda hound who lost his best chance at a rich and prosperous career. They are gunning for him because he thought he had Mayo in his back pocket and after the Jamie Leigh fiasco, Mayo will be the least of his concerns. Yes, it is also true, Mayo fabricated the account of her “rape”…more evidence will be forthcoming. Sorry Todd…it appears you will be paying back some funds.,

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Mayo fabricated the account of her “rape”…more evidence will be forthcoming.

      Yeah we’ve all heard that evidence already. What a joke that is. It’s time lay off the KBR kool-aid.

      • Comment by curious:

        The problem is she was not raped. She was beaten up by her boyfriend. The TCN was nothing more than a patsy to the ruse.. I know of severl people who reached out to Kelly’s “firm” and were told they could not help them. Kelly is going to get slaughtered by KBR

      • Comment by Hawaiin Howley:

        That’s a racist statement….Ms Sparky if I ever heard one……

        So, are you (referring to black folks) when you say “Kool Aid”

        Wowwwwww…..21 century and we are still using slurs for “catergory of peole”

        What is America coming too……

      • Comment by Hawaiin Howley:

        Ms. Sparky,

        That is a “racist” statement you just said…..

        Lay off the KBR Kool-Aid….

        Are you referring to black folks when you say that………

        Can you explain to me what that statement means……I don’t quite understand what you mean by that “statement” can you explain that and clearify…..the derivative meaning or your personal “message”……he he he

  4. Comment by George:

    The sad truth is if you pursue an issue against a large company within the legal system and do not have deep pockets, you will lose. If you pursue the issue through the political system, that is, your Congressperson, and do not have the necessary connections, you will be ignored. If you think the political avenue will get you, an ordinary citizen, satisfaction, you may be delusional. Ms. Sparky is a good way to get the issue in front of people, may even shape opinion and keeps us informed but it is of little consolation to wronged.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      You would be amazed at who reads this blog/comments EVERYDAY. the dotMil’s, dotGov’s and the list goes on and on. Yes, it’s a great way to get information to the people who need to see it. Keep in mind, those big mega companies like KBR hire firms to investigate the internet for them. I see them on MsSparky virtually EVERYDAY poking around. So, if you have information you don’t necessarily want companies like KBR to know you have but still want someone to see it, shoot me an email via the “contact us” button and I will try to forward it for you.

  5. Comment by Former USMI Employee:

    Bottom line is you shouldnt lie to Congress, CNN, 20/20 and millions of people. The jury uncovered the truth.

  6. Comment by IH8SNAKES:

    Well i guess the goat has been got. As the USMI guy said tell a fat lie and now you need to pay 2million. I am sure someone will fork over that money.

  7. Comment by Lippido:

    Ms Sparky, you speak of “KBR’s secret arbitration policy”. Can I ask just how secret is it? It was in my 2003, 2005 and 2009 KBR labor agreement in plain sight. Let’s see the exact same clause was in my agreement to work for CACI, Cubit, Raytheon, PAE and numerous other US companies. It has ALWAYS been there in plain sight for anyone who reads the agreement to see before signing. Is it KBR’s fault no one reads the agreement or doesn’t understand it prior to them signing it? So please tell me just how “secret” is this arbitration policy?

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Not that fact they have secret arbitration, the arbitration itself.

    • Comment by Forseti:

      Arbitration proceedings are non-public and are intentionally kept secret both from the press and for purposes of appeal. When attorneys Mary Stowell and Linda Friedman began to work on a sexual harassment and discrimination suit against Solomon Smith Barney in the late 1990’s, they found that employees were forced to submit to secret mandatory arbitration. This meant that the allegations would be heard only by the National Association of Securities Dealers, an organization whose members are mostly men. In addition, the proceedings would never be made public, a huge deterrent for large employers facing this type of suit.

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