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Jury says “No rape, no fraud” in Jamie Leigh Jones Rape case against KBR

Jamie Leigh Jones

by khou.com & The Associated Press
Posted on July 8, 2011 at 3:32 PM

HOUSTON – A federal jury on Friday ruled that a woman who sued KBR over an alleged sexual assault in Iraq was not raped, and the company did not commit fraud.

Jamie Leigh Jones sued KBR, its Houston-based former parent company Halliburton and KBR firefighter Charles Bortz, who she claimed led an attack on her while she worked for KBR at Camp Hope in Baghdad in 2005.

Jones’ attorney, Ron Estefan, told jurors during closing arguments that KBR had neglected to enforce its policies against sexual harassment by its contract workers in Iraq, which facilitated Jones’ rape.

Estefan asked the jury to award his client as much as 5 percent of KBR’s net worth in actual or punitive damages, which would have been more than $114 million.

“It’s a lot of money, but it’s a lot of harm that was caused to her,” he told jurors. (click HERE for the rest of the article)

I have to add, I’m so sorry Jamie lost, this is a sad day for other KBR victims! ~ Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by GS-12:

    All I can say without taking sides is, if you read the e-mails it gives you a keen insight into the aftermath of the attack. Word floating around the community KBR will be seeking to recover court costs at a hefy price. I would like to know the truth however something must have made them come back with a negative verdict. Now for the Mayo case and KBR has already tied the two victims together as “profiteers” in it together. Wow…is all I can say and I hope justice was adequately served but, will we ever really know.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      From what I understand, the date on the emails is prior to the attack. Something sounds fishy to me. KBR claiming rape victims are profiteers? If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black. I’m not sure what’s up with these juries lately.

      • Comment by gonewild99:

        I can tell you whats up with the Juries

        they are not allowing people to make accuations with out firm solid proof, you can not just say someone or a company did something with out solid proof not he said she said garbage.

  2. Comment by IH8SNAKES90:

    The Jury has spoken and that is justice in american courts. No one made the jurors come back with a negative decision. That is America and the freedoms we enjoy and sometimes it does not go the way we wanted to but is it Justice?

    • Comment by Curious:

      That’s a huge setback for past, present and future female contractor sexual assault victims. Jamie was the shining light for abused women overseas. NOT RAPED! Then what happened to her?

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        I don’t know, I still think she was raped, if not by Boartz then by the justice system. I’m sure the KBR and Bortz attorney’s are popping the cork on the campaign in the same manner Casey Anthony’s attorney’s did.

        • Comment by Curious:

          …and Bortz is countersuing her to boot? I wonder what he is seeking in money….they will probably try to sue the law firm as well. So strange, right after the Anthony verdict.

          • Comment by Ms Sparky:

            I could be wrong and I will have to check, but because KBR won this case, I believe their expenses are reimbursable by the DoD plus and administrative fee. A cost of doing business in Iraq. If that’s the case, the taxpayers will be picking up this one up and any other cases they win.

            I have to do some checking on this.

            • Comment by fed up with crap:

              When did proof go out the window?? If the jury who was privey to the details couldn’t find cause in this case…why are you so sure its true. Ms Jones said she was gang raped. That means there were more then one witness. The evidence showed that she had consentual sex 1 person…maybe yes maybe no but she is the one who gave the story and it couldn’t be substantiated and further more was deemed by the judge as fabricated. She could face charges. I’m all for real victims of rape receiving justice. A made up allegation in order to extract money from “Big Bad Corporation” is just as wrong as the crime that was allegated in this case. I’m fed up with this assumption that in spite of the evidence she’s the victim.

              • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                They weren’t privy to all the details, just as the jury in the Casey Anthony trial was not privy to all the details. Was justice served there as well?

                • Comment by Happygolucky:

                  Wow, can’t you just admit that you were wrong. Her story is pure fiction for the benifit of herself.

                  “The evidence in her medical records indicates that Jones has alleged rape before. The records, according to KBR experts who reviewed them, show that in 2002, she and her mother told a doctor that a boyfriend had raped her. Later, just a few months before going to Iraq, she told a doctor that her 40-year-old manager at KBR in Houston had sexually assaulted her. She asked about getting a rape kit but was told that too much time had passed to collect evidence. In her civil suit, Jones accused the KBR manager of sexually harassing her, a charge KBR planned to counter with evidence suggesting that Jones was having a consensual relationship with him. In any case, the judge dismissed all of Jones’ sexual harassment claims related to her employment in Houston, so these allegations were never presented to the jury”

                  Seems like this Girl sure did get raped allot. Her is the best thing that came out in the trial.
                  “Jones has maintained that the attack in Iraq has rendered her agoraphobic, afraid to leave the house alone, unable to work, and unable to sleep. She has filed disability claims to this effect. As a result of these claims and her lawsuit, Jones has undergone extensive psychological evaluations. That paper trail contains several land mines.

                  Some of the conflicts are fairly obvious. At the same time Jones was telling therapists and psychiatrists that she was virtually disabled by post-traumatic stress disorder and could not work, leave the house, drive, or have meaningful relationships with men, she has completed three college degrees, including an MBA; gotten married; had two babies; worked as a teacher and now as a part-time college professor; testified repeatedly before Congress; gone on TV; appeared in a documentary; and started a foundation to support women working as contractors overseas. It’s not the résumé of someone as paralyzed by trauma as Jones has claimed to various therapists and psychologists”

                  If you asked me she was looking for her five minutes of Fame and now it is over. She can consider herself lucky if KBR, Congress, and everyone else she slanders doesn’t go after her with the same vigor.

  3. Comment by Kelly:

    i am pretty sick of this continued attack on women by the bush-era cronies.

    and i’d like to see the recent entries for the bank accounts of the jurors.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I’m confused as well. It seems our juries have gone insane. First Casey Anthony now Jamie Jones. Makes one wonder doesn’t it.

      • Comment by Hunter:

        It’s because the morals of the world has changed significantly. What was once wrong is now right and what was right in the past is now wrong. We are upside down and unfortunately, it will get worse. We have not learned from history. It so very sad.

        • Comment by It is what it is:

          What comes around goes around……

          There was never any “morals” to begin with……

          Until you give back “America” to it’s rightful owners…….

          People in America….can’t be bitching about rights and wrongs…..you reap what you sew………

          This land is for the Native Americans…….and not to anybody else….who have “forcibly” toke it from them……

          So, look at yourself…look at “history” and learnd from your pass….what you do on to others….will be done “on to you”………

          Let this be a lesson to “any human” that walks on this earth….for there is only one “judge” in this world……The “creator” that brought you to life in existance, will be the same one that will determine your faith….and the same one that will “make your life miserable”……

          We are a product of our “own outcome” how we treat each other and the “world we live in” will have a “profound” affect on what our future holds in the “the future”…….

          Being a powerful country and having the most money….does not mean to speak with arrogance and ignorance….but to humble yourself, learnd to adapt and seed your mind with….the right attitude…instead of “complacency”………and denial…….

          Correct what was done “wrong” to the people….and hope that they “forgive you” or that “karma” you will carry on to you….for generations to come………that is the unwritten “LAW” and it has been in “motion” since the beginning of time…….for all people.

          Money will blind you and too much power will breed “ignorance” to those who can not “humble themselves”

          It will have a “reverse” affect on you…if you can not “contain it”

          It is what it is…..the law of nature.

    • Comment by Former USMI Employee:

      Nice try. The jury had the facts. That is all they needed. Ok that and 4 weeks out of their lives to listen to this.

  4. Comment by taking no sides:

    I have sat back and watch this unfold over the years. I arrived at Camp Hope the day this unfolded. I heard rumors from rape to Jamie was just embarrassed and made the claim to save her reputation. The truth is probably somewhere in between. But I have been impressed with her determination to seek what she thought was right. Everyone is blaming the jury on the decision, but it seems there were a lot of inconsistencies with her story. The story below provides a very analysis of the trial and her story. It would leave a jury very confused about what really happened.


    • Comment by It is what it is:

      As I am reading some of the “blogs” here, it makes me smile how all judgements and opinions are bouncing off the walls….rumors, speculation…I think, he thinks, and she thinks, she said this on her report…….blah blah blah..

      This is one of those things….where only the “two people” involve….and only God knows…what happened.

      Every living thing or person’s life is “timed” and not one is out of “sequence”

      Judgement day will come…when there time is done, on earth.

      Nobody, will speak for them….but it is them who must “speak” for themselves……

      The question to ask is…….Where is your Faith in me?

  5. Comment by Mike:

    What about the man she accused of rape? He finally has his name cleared. She had a fair trial and it shows she was only out for money.

  6. Comment by June:

    @Mike, wait a second…. “it shows she was only out for money.” ??? Seriously. Just because a team paid millions by KBR to attack the victim’s credibility and successfully prevent the jury from hearing any negative information about their company and the attacker doesn’t mean the rape didn’t happen.

    @Curious: Bortz’s attorney immediately filed a non-suit on his defamation claim against Ms. Jones when the judge made one ruling in her favor: that Bortz’s criminal history could be presented to the jury in defense of the defamation claim. To keep that damaging information from the jury, they dismissed their claim against Ms. Jones. As always, attack the victim and protect the attacker.

  7. Comment by Former USMI Employee:

    Debbie Debbie Debbie – You were at Camp Hope during this time. Did you forget? After reading your blogs I am surprised you didnt claim to try and save her. Jamie Leigh Jones had her day in court, the facts came out and she lost. The attorneys for KBR are not popping any corks. As a US Contractor that worked in Iraq for KBR I am proud of the job I did and we are all disgusted at you and your attempts to throw all of us under the bus.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Yes, I was in Camp Hope, but on R&R when this happened. I know what I was told when I got back, “a fireman raped a new girl”. If you had in fact read my blogs you would know I don’t throw the boots on the ground workers under the bus unless they have committed a crime! They are doing their jobs the best they can and with the tools they have. Management is the problem, not the people who actually do the work. As with the majority of the people working for KBR, I did the best I could despite the very poor leadership at USMI.

  8. Comment by Iraqi TrUcker:

    the only similarity between casey anthony and ms jones is that they are both whack jobs! They both had their day in court and a jury of their peers made their decision on the EVIDENCE presented! Duke lacross, IMF leader,and now KBR just because somebody cries rape doesnt always make it so! The media skewes peoples opinions to their point of view instead of looking at all the facts and then you are all suprised when it doesnt end up like the way they said it was! The media would not have cared less if ms anothony had an abortion so why where they so hell bent on caring about this poor little girl now! Yes it is very sad what happened to her but I dont think we will ever know the truth of what really happened to her but we do have a thing called reasonable doubt and the evidence was not there to convict unlike the OJ case. KBR has been a bad guy in the media for years and some of it is justified but this jury did not buy her story and neither did I. I have been over here a long time and I have seen a few instances where disgruntled females file sexual charges against a person they didnt like then shortly there after where caught sleeping with the supervisor that replaced the one she got fired! You people need to realize that things are not always as the media make them out to be!

    • Comment by Concerned Citizen:

      Iraqi Trucker, first, thanks for your service to our country.

      Second, do you understand what sexual harassment/gender discrimination really is? Can you tell me all the years you worked over there you did not see men treat woman like objects; say degrading things about woman and their body parts, treat them like they were less than their male counter parts, hit on them when it wasn’t wanted?

      Do you have any idea what happens to any woman who works there if work gets out she has made a sexual harassment complaint? She is ostrasized, outcast, found by her male (and many of her female) co-workers as a contemptable and dangerous outsider to be shunned and feared. It is so if the harassment takes the form of being hit on by her supervisor, if it is being treated like a whore by her co-workers, or rape. I know: I made a simple complaint against a high level manager– not trying to get him fired, just trying to get him to change his behavior as to set a better example and create a healthier environment for everyone.

      With the comments on this site, especially from men, it is clear that your female co-workers can never win. Either “shut up or put up” is their only option.

      If the jury could not find enough evidence to convict Bortz, than that is that. However, it does not “prove” the “truth” in any way, shape, or form that the rape did not happen. Not by a long shot. Can you ever in a million years imagine yourself making a false claim of “rape”? No. This is how rare it is for a woman to do so. Jamie lost everything by coming forward: everything. Woman don’t make lesser complaints of sexual harassment unless they are treated like shit or like a sex object — at work — and suspect they are being treated like that because they are a female. So many men don’t understand that they cannot act like they do at a bar or strip club with their co-workers. Most men don’t even mean to harass: they are just acting normally, like the other men they work with. That is why it is such a problem!

      The jury was not allowed to hear half the arguments or the evidence the prosecution had: this is why if they want to appeal, they probably will be able to.

      Come on guys — you know how horribly some people treat others there — this DOESN’T deny the fact that KBR employees have done AMAZING work over in the most dangerous places. We do need to honor you and the others who sacrifice everything for the mission, much more than they have been. But that fact doesn’t deny the other fact that people are being harassed, raped, and yes, killed because the company is not taking the precautions they could be; they just don’t care enough about their employees: they are willing to sacrifice YOUR well being to accomplish the mission and make as much money as possible.

  9. Comment by Concerned Citizen:

    Jamie is a wonderful woman and one of the most bravest and sincerest I’ve ever met. The ignorance of so many people about this case is staggering, and the media is crucifying a rape victim now without even presenting both sides. No disrespect to the jury, whom I’m sure did thier best, but part of the problem is that the jury is made up of people like those who are posting things that indicate they really believe woman often lie about rape. Research for 100 years shows that rarely happens, and most men still think that if you get a woman high or drunk and she is too stoned or asleep to protest, it is consensual. Why a jury of 8 men and three woman considered a “jury of her peers” is beyond me… it should have been mostly women, or at least equal. While I understand that there may not have been enough evidence for a jury to say it was “rape”, I don’t know how they can say it was “consensual”? How would they know this? All the “inconsistencies” the defense pointed out are NOT inconsistent at all with human nature and with the experience of rape victims. Just because Jamie was excited about a book being written, or went on to get a Master’s degree, or had been abused in the past doesn’t mean she wasn’t traumatized and injured by the rape.

  10. Comment by Todd Kelly:

    Jamie Leigh Jones has more courage in coming forward and allowing her personal history to be exposed to the light of day than anyone I have ever had the privilege to represent. I am proud to have stood by her side and would do it again without hesitation. For those who believe that this verdict means she was not raped, then you do not understand the nuances in the system. That’s okay, I likely don’t understand the nuances of your professions either.

    Do you realize that KBRs lawyers represented all of the witnesses in the case? The jury couldn’t know that.

    Do you realize that Charles Bortz was arrested for battering two separate women after this incident, and plead guilty to a lesser offense for at least one of them? The jury couldn’t know that either.

    Do you realize that after knowing full well that her sexual history, in all it’s sordid glory, would be dragged out for display to the jury, the galley, and the media, that this brave young woman gritted her teeth, found her courage and decided that this case was larger than she was?

    Did you know that she was sworn to put every penny of punitive damages (the vast majority of the funds we asked for) into the non profit organization she set up to help the countless other victims who were forced into arbitration or were simply too devastated to fight back (there are a lot of them, by the way)? For those who don’t know, once she did that, the money would not have been available to her again.

    Jamie Leigh Jones is a hero – regardless of this verdict. My heart breaks for her, but I would stand by her again without hesitation.

    For those who want to engage in a long argument, I am not inclined to respond. I was there. I know what happened in this trial. I write this only as perspective from someone who has had the privilege to know this American Hero for the past five years. Jamie, if you addressing this, I am so sorry we are not celebrating justice today. Hold your head high. You remain a hero.

  11. Comment by ugh:

    If KBR and the State Dept. had conducted a proper investigation and preserved the collected evidence a jury could have had something substantial to deliberate on.


    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I have to agree with you on that one!

    • Comment by GS-12:

      I have to disagree with the KBR aspect of evidence involvement. They would have had no business collecting any type of evidence and if they did, they should be sued for intefering with with an investigation or tampering with evidence. As for the State Department that’s another matter but maybe another sut can be brought against KBR for evidence tampering. Also, if the armed guards were in play and indeed working for KBR that would have been a direct violation of the LOGCAP Contract (see previous lawsuits) concerning the issue. KBR would have been fried for employing armed guards.

      Well, I wonder how the Mayo case will turn out now. This will be a make or brake case. I was passing through Balad when it happened and it was quite an event.

  12. Comment by Duke 99:

    AS a former KBR rank and file employee, I can tell you what I know, not what I think.
    KBR management is rotten to the core. If the American public knew how their tax dollars were spent, the waste, the fraud, there would be a revolution.
    If you stand up for what is decent and lawful in Iraq, you are branded a trouble maker and transferred or fired.
    The coverup and the collusion there is unbridled.

    More people will suffer at KBR in Iraq as a result of this verdict. While it is true some women there do take advantage of their sexual power and come back and make false claims of misconduct with superiors, these claims couldn’t happen if management followed General Order #1 and the Company Code of Business Conduct.
    KBR management abuses their positions of power like no place I have ever heard of.
    People there know what they can get away with and do so.

    While Jamie may have lost the case, she knows more about freedom that most of us ever will.
    just because a person has had an abusive and sexual past doesn’t mean anyone can do what they want with them. People like Bortz prey on vulnerable women like Jamie.

    Jamie has shown more courage than any of the others involved in this case.

    I am sorry you lost the case Jamie, but you are free.

  13. Comment by Todd Kelly:

    Contingency lawyers are frequently completely uncompensated for the work we do. Particularly hard after five years and so many sacrifices by so many people who cared about justice here. The “well compensated” attorneys typically work for large corporations who can pay their bills. Injured individuals typically can’t do that, so we take risks on cases we believe in. Sort of makes one wonder about the mythological “frivolous” lawsuit, doesn’t it?

    • Comment by Duke99:

      If one is concerned with the facts, “frivolous”
      lawsuits are rarely that.
      For example Mc Donalds Hot Coffie award:

      During discovery, McDonalds produced documents showing more than 700 claims by people burned by its coffee between 1982 and 1992. Some claims involved third-degree burns substantially similar to Liebecks. This history documented McDonalds’ knowledge about the extent and nature of this hazard.

      Hardly frivolous

      I can comfortably say there are hundreds of women at KBR in Iraq who suffer harrassment and hundreds more employees who “shut up and take it” when it comes to workplace abuse.

  14. Comment by TQ-B6:

    OK.. from Houston news..!. she had no date drug in her system.2.KBR has NO armed guards..3.she admits she was drinking alcohol and understood it was against GO#1,and KBR policy. 4.She said she was gang raped, but remembers nothing, and woke up and Bortz was in the room.5.She went to work instead of security,hospital,or MPs6. The CID did an investigation and said no evidence of rape…..With that being said, and its common access info….. Ms. Sparky, can u as a former KBR supervisor HONESTLY say you never had a drink in Iraq? If you cant, you WERE the same KBR management you hammer on in your blog…Just sayin.. the evidence above was presented, the defense team didnt object to it.. the jury gave its verdict..Yes I worked in Iraq for KBR, no I didnt enjoy the job,but it was everything my contract said it would be..Just sayin…

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      1. There was no drugs detected in her system by the time she was tested. 2. KBR DID have armed security at Camp Hope via Global Security. I was there I saw them daily. 3. Drinking alcohol at Camp Hope WAS NOT a violation of General Order 1 because Camp Hope was not a LOGCAP contract it was a USMI (State Department Contract) 4. Not uncommon to not remember all the facts or anything for that matter. 5. Not uncommon to NOT go to the hospital or even report it for years sometimes. 6. I was NEVER a KBR supervisor. 7. Yes I drank and it was legal at Camp Hope until about somewhere in late 2005ish then it was company policy that drinking was not allowed. We DID NOT fall under General Order 1.

    • Comment by Duke99:

      As far as going to work instead of the hospital, security or MP’s, well I can tell you I know dozens who dont go to the medic or hospital for fear of the way they will be treated.

      If you go to the medic you are guilty till proven innocent and there is enormous pressure from the medics and safety and security to influence you from reporting anything that may raise issues.

      HSE managers regularily (against federal Hippa laws) go into patients medical records. That fact that things dissapear is not surprising at all.

      Going to your supervisor does nothing but get you into trouble. Conform or be cast out.

  15. Comment by TQ-B6:

    2. They were state department armed guards..NOT KBR.. read the contract..not say what you think was the case..KBR might have had a tsak order for guards, but their responsibility and control and oversight stopped there…3. Drinking was NOT allowed for KBR.. state department personnel, yes, never KBR..Again read the State Dept contract and SOW..Because KBR intrepreted it as you could drink, as I said before it was GO1.. I had oversight of RIO /state dept contract Im aware of the wording..Also all I was saying in first email was what was in Houston news..not my opinion or views, not sure why you attempted to correct me.. Your a piece of work Sparky..

    • Comment by Curious:

      No true…KBR employees were allowed to drink until after the rape. Otherwise, you are correct on payments but KBR had the discretion at the time to allow employees certain virtues of GO #1 exemptions if the PM approved. Guards (armed) no-way…the unfortunate truth is it was a wild FBI party and Jamie went home willingly and had sex. Like it or not it’s what happened. How were her breasts disfigured? I mean unless she had implants, it makes no sense. She was as normal as day when she went to work tha morning. Todd???

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I’m just trying to correct you. I don’t care what was in the Houston news. I was there in Camp Hope for two years. KBR had numerous company sponsored events where alcohol was served by managers. It wasn’t until late 2005 that drinking was no longer allowed and that was KBR policy because we weren’t under GO1. They may have tried to enforce GO1 but it wasn’t a requirement with USMI contractors. As far as the armed guards go, I saw them with my own eyes. State Department was not responsible for our camp. We were outside the embassy grounds. I don’t know who was paying them, but they were there.

      • Comment by Curious:

        Deb, if that is true (and I don’t doubt) that is a massive fine against KBR, Their contract soecificaly stated (DoS or other) they could not hire armed guards,,period! If they did they were in serious violation of contract, Maybe Todd Kelly can answer that and find another way to get something for Jamie.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          There is already another audit where KBR was required to pay back money for hiring armed guards and then billing the DoD for it. I’m sure I posted that audit. I will have to search for it.

    • Comment by Curious:

      Who the heck are you and what is your point? RIO was a massive failure and you have the balls to claim you had oversight??? You and Remo? I’m not taking any sides and personaly, the victim was not a victim. Especially when you saw her at work the next day typing away, chit chattingand talking about the night “next week”, however put facts to the case.

      • Comment by Concerned Citizen:

        Unbelievable what some people are writing here!. How many of you who claim you know the “TRUTH” about Jamie have ever been raped or spoken intimately with victims of rape and abuse? I have known dozens. And I have researched this personally and professionally. I can tell you less than 25% EVER report it. They are raped or molested (by family, by dates, by strangers) and they go to work the next day. They go to school. They go out with their friends. They go on with their lives because the only other alternative is to crawl into a ball and die. Some of them do: they kill themselves. But the one’s who learned coping skills earlier in life just go on. They rarely tell a soul: if they do, it’s one person, maybe years later. They live in shame and fear of not being believed.

        Human Psychology 101: people cope. They deny, they repress. They forget; in the best of situations, they tranform their horrible experiences into meaningful events and discover how to be stronger and make something positive out of their situation, like Jamie has done.

        How does the soldier kill people and witness unspeakable horrors on the battlefield and then go out and party with his pals, or show up for roll call the next day and do all that is expected of him or her? How does a woman undergo the pain and trauma of childbirth, and then go take care of her entire family the moment she can stand up? The FACT that Jamie went to the army doctor (her only choice, in Iraq) the very day she realized she had been raped shows she believed something to be very wrong. She did exactly what someone should do when she is raped.

        Have you ever been traumatized, terrified, grief-stricken, horrified by something, but you hid it from everyone else? How many thousands of times were you told as a child to “put on a happy face”, “suck it up” and move on. I’ve seen dozens of people laugh at funerals, including spouses and children. Does this mean they aren’t suffering terribly. or they aren’t also grieving horribly. It means they are human, and have a wide range of emotions that shift minute by minute.

        The army doctor did NOT say Jamie WASN’T raped. Five years after it happened, she said she could not say for sure if the bruises, swelling, damage to her implants and blood dripping down her leg occurred because of rape.

        IF there was not enough evidence to convict Bortz (and partly because half the evidence and arguments were kept from the jury and all the Defense’s witnesses were represented by KBR — just as her lawyer says) so be it; but this does not mean at all that Jamie lied or was not raped.

        Just because one thing could not be “proved” does not make the other true. This kind of slander against the victim is the very thing that makes rapists think they can do it again, and makes victims afraid to speak up. Most men who don’t want to admit the high level of sexual harassment and abuse and rape that occur either don’t want to see the world as it really is (woman don’t have a choice), or they are guilty — to some degree — themselves, and feel the need to defend themselves and their friends from bad behavior. This could and might already have happened to your wives, your daughters, your sisters. When people say the same thing you are saying about Jamie, what will YOU do?!

  16. Comment by TQ-B6:

    Duke.. as I told Sparky, NOT my opinion or beliefs.. its what was in the Houston news.. I in no way am casting verdict or judgement.. I am aware how KBR operates. I worked for them in Iraq..

  17. Comment by Former USMI Employee:

    FYI everyone – another fact Sparky and Mr. Kelly
    won’t mention. After the “alleged” rape, KBR began an investigation but was told to stand down. The State Department took it over and finished it.

    There were armed guards but they were not KBR employees, they were sub contractors for the State Department.

    Jamie Leigh Jones lied. She didnt get any money from KBR but some Sunday afternoon I am sure we will see a movie on Lifetime. She seems to enjoy all the attention her sensational lies have brought to the media.

    • Comment by Curious:

      I don’t know about her lying. I mean how would she have received som much attention if someone didn’t check out her story first? Yes, the guards were paid for by DoS and not KBR. So, I guess they will be exempt from that (for the time being) anyways. Yes, KBR was told to stand-down. So that let them off the hook. I do know, the Mayo case is going to put Mr. Kelly out of business. I’ve heard they have some powerful evidence to rebut the lawsuit and claims. That’s the case I am looking forward to seeing. Inside info has it, they have got the two girls tied into both cases by reason of suit.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        I don’t know how they can tie the the Jones and Mayo cases together. Although, KBR will no doubt pull out all the stops.

      • Comment by Former USMI Employee:

        She received a lot of attention because her lies got a lot of media attention. It was a great story about being raped by multiple men and then locked in a shipping container? Really? One would think that someone like ms sparky that actually worked at Camp Hope would confirm or deny that those horrible employees at Camp Hope intentionally locked her in a a shipping container in Iraq ….in July???? She would have been dead in a short time. Instead they put her in a VIP hooch, queen size bed, cable tv, a/c, private bathroom. Oh wait, that doesnt sell cnn or 20/20 stories. Ms Sparky simply cut n paste those wonderful stories on her web site and in turn got a lot of attention herself.

        Ted Poe jumped on the band wagon as well, didnt bother to confirm any facts and in the process, looks like a total fool.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          Are you attacking me or Jamie? It’s getting hard to tell. Obviously you had a vested interest in this case. You won, the victims lost. Revel in your victory.

          • Comment by Former USMI Employee:

            You have been attacking your former co-workers for the past 6 years re this issue. We are just happy the truth is finally out. Jamie Leigh Jones, Ted Poe, and you owe everyone an apology.

            • Comment by Ms Sparky:

              I have not been attacking former co-workers for six years. I have only been blogging for three. I have been attacking KBR’s handling of this investigation from the beginning. My stand has not changed.

              • Comment by Former USMI Employee:

                KBR was not allowed to investigate the issue. The State Department conducted the investigation. KBR on the other hand went out of their way to assist the employee in the alleged attack. A fact, she conveniently forgot.

                But that’s ok, the facts dont sell as much as a good lie.

          • Comment by Iraqi TrUcker:

            the point some of us are trying to make on here is that you took every word from her mouth as gospel before the evidence started coming out! And now that she had her day in court and the evidence and witness testimonony disputed alot of her allegations what do you expect us to say? Are you saying she never lied in the case, it appears she did and on more than one occasion! I mean I looked at the stuff that came from the trial and the burden of proof is much lower in civil court vs. criminal court {OJ Simpson!} and they could could not side with her either because things just didnt add up! Atleast she did something to get this arbitration rule changed because it was a real pain in the a@@ for legit claims against KBR!

    • Comment by Concerned Citizen:

      Do you think the same of all whistleblowers, all men and woman who spoke up against a tyrant or a monster or a corporations poisoning the health and wellbeing of its employees, who have had books and movies made about them? Were they making it up because they wrote a memoir sharing the experience, or agreed to let their truth be told to a mass audience.

      If there was something significant enough to be made about your life and someone wanted to make a film about your experience, would you say know?

      Jamie, like all true hero’s, took a tragedy and embarked on a brave journey to turn her experience into something good and helpful for all people, everywhere. If the jury, like some of you, think this was “evidence” that Jamie was lying, than you must think anyone who had a book written about them was just doing everything in the story for attention, and lying as well.

  18. Comment by all hands:

    USMI had many entry control points manned by armed gaurds, to enter KBR Camp Hope, either in a car or on foot one had to pass thur the entry control point the guards had M-16 s and checked ID cards. Drinking in USMI was allowed at some point, after that it was drink at your own risk, many embassy parties from the different countries and the Dept. of State could drink, sell and serve booze.I was there 2008 -2010,

  19. Comment by sparky hater:

    It is really very simple the “burden of proof” is on the prosecution the evidence was heard by a jury of her peers and the evidence showed that there was no rape. yes KBR has some of the worst human beings on the planet but they also employ some of the best people ive ever met. It is my belief that she put herself in a situation where she endangered her safety, no respectable woman would put herself in a room with multiple alcohol fueled males in Iraq. Is that an excuse for rape? No, Her story was filled with inconsistencies and the jury heard the evidence and the prosecution failed.

    • Comment by Concerned Citizen:

      First off, anyone who calls themselves a “hater” of anyone has serious mental health issues.

      Oh my God, once again, the ignorance of bloggers into the reality of life on the remove bases overseas is staggering. It’s not like she went to a bar after an 8 hour work day in the states with strangers. SHE LIVED WITH THESE MEN! She worked 12 hours a day with them and then lived in the equivalent of army barracks, just like the US military. She’s only been there three days! Would you say the same thing if she were a soldier who sat down for food and a drink when they were off duty with the others in her squadren? THESE WERE FIREFIGHTERS, for God’s sake! The men who we were all told were “HEROS” after Sep. 11th. There were hardly any other woman there. There had not been any reports in the media about the harm done to woman by supervisors or co-workers at KBR. KBR did not offer this information, which is why Jamie’s lawyers accused them of “Fraud”: they led her to believe that her co-workers would do everything to keep her safe in the most unsafest of countries. Everyone needs to have friends, especially in such a far environment. Why should she ever have doubted them? Now, woman can read Ms.Sparky’s blog. But this didn’t exist then. And forced arbitration means no one ever even knows the company or its employees are accused of anything bad. It was kept secret.

      • Comment by sailor:

        I agree with you and thank you for your comments. The information you provided was educational- compared with the emotional trout Sparky offered.
        Seems Charles B has proven himself someone capable of physical aggression towards women. In more than one state.
        I am thankful for Franken. At least there was a positive outcome in a tragic situation.
        And ‘Sparky hater’ answer this, does it make sense that a young woman consented to sexual activites that caused enough damage to require reconstructive surgery? Yep make sense to me. “I really want to go to Iraq- away from family- for an adventure- of sexually inviting violenece.” Yep this makes sense to me. She, unlike, Charles B, has not repeated her behaviors- you know the conniving type that would try to trap a man into a compromising situation.

        She was 19 yo- she was really a baby girl.
        And, KBR finished raising her. In psychiatry the prognosis of sexual molestation has a lot to do with how protective the non offending parent is.

        The trial outcome is a done deal. Let’s hope, (this includes Sparky hater) that the trial outcome does not mean the company is not accountable. It is and was accountable. Trial did not and will not change that.

        And the trial outcome does not mean,I hope, that we as a country and culture do not protect our young people. Young people who deserve a chance to be naive- to be innocent- to learn about life, taking the needed risks, to fail, to succeed, to pick themselves up- without fear of violence.

        The trial did not have the outocme expected. But, I hope she knows enough of us believe her, have hopes for her and pride in her heroism. That there are adults who are parents themselves who know she deserved to be protected.
        Like our own daughters who may want to have an adventure and live a dream, with a sense her country and her culture (her family) will protect her.

  20. Comment by sailor:

    Correcton- the first Sparky mentioned in the above comment re: emotional trout was Sparky Hater- not Sparky. I respect what I have read from Sparky.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Thank you! I’ve been catching it from all sides on this one. But I stand my ground in what I believe. People get awfully brave and it’s easy to throw darts when you are an anonymous commenter (not you).

  21. Comment by ITT Watch:

    I would like for there to be an open thread regarding the ITT contract (KBOSS) as we now have no information regarding one of the biggest on going contractual obligations during this war time. I know there were some personal issues being displayed for the whole internet and world to see on the thread that was closed but I think that it would be beneficial for those interested in the happenings of Kuwait contract to be able to speak about them, especially since the word is that ITT may very well lose the contract soon.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I am currently working on adding a forum to MsSparky.com so these conversations can continue. There will be a category for each contractor with subcategories for individual topics. I hope to have this up and running within a week. I will publish a post at MsSparky.com announcing the new forum.

      • Comment by ITT Watch:

        Thank you so much for all that you do. I know it got a bit crazy in the near past on that forum but there were still nuggets of information still streaming out for us to consume and I would hate to see one the of the biggest contracts going unnoticed (exactly what they want).

    • Comment by Hunter:

      ITT Watch, I heard that KBOSS now has APO priviledges.

  22. Comment by Wanna Throw Up?:

    We recently got this email. Just makes you want to hurl at KBR management’s arrogance. I wonder if they would have sent us an email if they had lost. I guess rapists and pervs have a green light to go. Who in their right mind would report it to KBR?

    TO: All KBR Employees

    FROM: Bill Utt, Chairman, President and CEO

    SUBJECT: Court Reaches Favorable Decision in Jamie Leigh Jones v. KBR

    On Friday, July 8, the Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, entered a verdict favorable to KBR in the case of Jamie Leigh Jones v. KBR.

    Since 2005, KBR has been the subject of untrue allegations in this case. As many of you have witnessed, Jones’ false claims were perpetuated by Jones in front of Congress, in the media and to the general public on a national scale.

    Upon KBR’s presentation of the facts in court, the conclusion drawn at this jury trial, by a jury panel composed of Jones’ peers, is the same drawn by the US State Department in 2005 and the US Justice Department when the case was, again, brought before it in 2008.

    We are deeply gratified by the ruling in the case and pleased to see that the justice system has worked. I’d like to especially thank you, our employees, for your unwavering support as we faced this unfortunate chapter in our history.

    We continue to be proud of the work we do in supporting the US military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are proud of our dedicated employees and their commitment to making our troops as comfortable as possible in a hostile environment.

    KBR is a company that is truly committed to its core values of transparency, accountability, discipline and financial responsibility. These core values have been and will continue to be a priority for KBR as we maintain our path to success.

    Thank you.

  23. Comment by Duke99:

    Hey, can we all email Mr. Utt and share our thoughts?

      • Comment by Concerned Citizen:

        I suggest anyone who knows how laughable this statement is,that KBR has core values of “accountability, discipline and financial responsibility, transparency” tell him so. I certainly will. Would be nice if they also valued, “Equality, Safety, and Integrity”!

        How disgusting! The FACT that they took the alleged rapist side over Jamie’s from day one, kept him employeed for 10 months after this happened, says everything. This is lower than low.

  24. Comment by Bortz is a jerk:

    I worked with Bortz in Baghdad. He’s a jerk. He and his fireman buddies were totally disrespectful to women, they descended on the new hire women like predators. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have a bet going on who could nail Jamie first. I just can’t believe Jamie or anyone for that matter would willingly have sex with this throwback. She had her choice of the hottest best looking men in the Green Zone. She had to have been totally out of her mind, drugged or drunk beyond rationale. That’s the only logical explanation for anyone to have sex with Bortz. I think we will be seeing his name in the news again, anyone wanna take bets on what the arrest will be for?

    • Comment by WTF:

      I agree! Bortz is a troll, and arrogant, controlling narcissistic troll. It would be interesting to know if he has any other “alleged” victims out there with KBR or in the US.

  25. Comment by Hang 'em High:

    Too bad they cant administer justice the way they used to in Texas.

    If Jamie were my daughter, he would never have
    been able to testify.

  26. Comment by It is what it is:

    Don’t let your “emotions” cloud your judgement and take the law on your own hands…..This is the United States of America……

    You are Innocent until proven “guilty”

    Unfortunately the evidence and facts shown did not reflect what the “majority” would like to have done….but we still need to obey the law and respect the final decision made by the jurors and the judge…….

    It is what “IT IS”………but only God will seek the justice when “time has come for each individual” and for all people…..

    There is only one “judge” in this world and certainly not any of you!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Comment by UNBELIEVABLE!!:

    I was considering working as an independent contractor oversees. Thank God I read these comments before proceeding further. I’ll stay state side and earn a more modest living, but at least I won’t be stuck in the middle of the dessert, surrounded by a bunch of unbridled wild firemen who seem to have no self control and who answer to no one. Too bad that Jamie’s father wasn’t able to confront Bortz and his crew.

    If these companies like KBR cannot or will not protect their female employees, then the other men on camp and the other female co-workers need to step in and protect each other from these types of assaults.

    I was never at Camp Hope. Do the employees carry weapons? If so, this is the time when people need to protect themselves if all else fails.

    Our judicial system is good but it is not foolproof. That’s why the majority of rape victims keep it to themselves or share the information with only one or two people. The experience is bad enough but when one’s life is paraded around as if they are the criminals and the rapist is the “decent” human being, many rape victims decide to shut up and move on with their lives as if nothing had happened.

    Only Jamie, Bortz and his “men”, and God know for sure what really happened. With Bortz’s history of brutality, I suspect that something very wrong happened. As the lawyer said, much of the evidence was withheld from the jury. The jury can’t make an informed decision when they only know half the information.
    I hope and pray that one day the real truth will come to light. As for me, I’m staying state side.

    • Comment by Duke 99:

      I wouldnt let this verdict make your decision for you re: the job.

      Yes, its a harsh environment but not everyone is raped and you can stay safe.

      That said, it is a highly sexually charged place at all bases. Perhaps because people are away from home and get emotionally needy. (I am not talking about the case in question here, just general population).

      That said, KBR management is as corrupt as Huey Longs administration and expecting people to do the right thing is the exception rather than the rule.

    • Comment by Former USMI Employee:

      “Decent” human beings are not habitual liars.

  28. Comment by UNBELIEVABLE!!:

    Sorry about the type-o’s in my previous posting.
    I didn’t proof read before submitting the comments

  29. Comment by Matter:

    Greetings Ms.Sparky!!
    I bring great news for any/all CSA employees. You will be contacted by an attorney that wants to do a class action suit against CSA! Within two days, he’s sending me a contract to distribute to all who are interested! The FALA, FUEL ALLOCATION, and other pay issues will be addressed in this suit. Now; of/when this happens, will you please post this information so that all can apply?? Thanks again.

  30. Comment by Matter:


    ADDRESS: 1050Th. ST. SUITE600

    • Comment by Curious:

      Am I on the wrong blogsite? I thought this was about Jamie Leigh? I also thought certain people had been blocked from frivolous postings such as bogus class action suits. What was their names again? Info, Walter and others? I guess they are all back again. Oh woe goes the pertinent news of the day.

  31. Comment by Matter:


    • Comment by Curious:

      Well, good luck to you all. I know he was involved with a suit with Blackwater, if I reacall. I can say he’s a heavy hitter and might bring some legtimacy to the cause. But my point was kind of this being a blog on Jamie Leigh (right,wrong indifferent etc.) Good luck. What are you guys suing for? I don’t understand what FALA is exactly.

  32. Comment by Elly:

    Do people realize that she had to under go reconstructive surgury because the “tearing and ripping was extensive”?

    I have no doubt that this woman was raped. I am just so sorry that her day in court ended this way.

    The American Justice system was once so great…now it is nothing more than yet another business.

    I truely recommend people watch the documentary called “Hot Coffee”. Jamie’s case is discussed extensively. The jury should have hung those bastards out to dry!

  33. Comment by Jamie D:

    You can argue this both ways I suppose and we dont have all the info the jurors did but can someone explain why women have to keep putting themselves in this position? They KNOW it will be 200 to 1 man to woman going in, and THEN you combine that with DRINKING???? I am in NO WAY condoning a woman being raped. All I really can say is my wife or daughter would NOT be in that position. Over my dead body. She should have bagged the little naive act too, she doesn’t look that stupid.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Really?? I’m not sure what country you live in, but in the USA we don’t own our women and they are free to do as they please. Free to work where they choose. It’s ILLEGAL in the USA to discriminate against a person because they have a vagina or “fake boobs” for that matter. She may not look that stupid, but you do!

  34. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    For all you non believers who steadfastly denied that KBR had armed security take a look at this… I hate to say I told you so….that’s not true, I don’t really hate it! I TOLD YOU SO!


  35. Comment by gonewild99:

    Ms. Sparky you need to suck that comment right up and read the complete artical, that lawsuit is from subcontractors using private security to escort food products into iraq instead of using the military convoys. again your facts are flawed with misdirection of your hoping to be right. but in reality your want to beleive the unthinkable.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I told you all!! I was in Camp Hope, I personally saw the armed security inside Camp Hopes perimeter! Global Security was the name of the subcontractor.

      • Comment by Curious:

        This is where it’s going to get tricky. Ms. Sparky, if you recall the IZ (green zone) was also HQ to MERO and RIO/USMI (under DoS Task Order – though technically LOGCAP 3.) Those people (RIO/MERO) were employed by another set of rules however; under the Halliburton/KBR offices. Those people (not all) also lived in Camp Hope. Remember, different pots of money for some. So, who was the charges for the armed security charged to? That is the question. If it was charged to armed security under MERO or RIO no harm no foul even though LOGCAP benefited from the extra protection. However, if it was charged to LOGCAP…big foul and violation. This is the facts and truth of the matter.

    • Comment by Gonewild is wrong:


      You are wrong, again. While you were busy slurping down the KBR Kool-Aid, Blackwater was busy carting LOGCAP personnel around town in up armored Suburbans. Anyone else remember the Suburban’s disguised with Arabic decals and stickers to “blend in?” They came on to Camp Victory quite frequently to pick up KBR employees and take them to camps off site. The drivers were Iraqi and the shooters were Blackwater Expats. There was also a lead car of Iraqi shooters. Armed Blackwater contractors subcontracted to KBR!

      • Comment by Curious:

        Kind of right and kind of wrong. Most of the people were with KBR but were not technicaly Logcap, they were cost coded under corporate, consultants or RIOR/MERO projects. I won’t deny a couple of the LC cronies jumped a ride every now and then but when you look at the books the charges were under another charge code and somewhat legit. Also, it wasn’t BC it was TC doing the security services.

        • Comment by Gonewild is wrong:

          I was KBR LOGCAP III, I was not a consultant, nor was I a crony. I was transported several times from site to site in these armored up vehicles and the armed security contractor was Blackwater.

          • Comment by Curious:

            Exactly what I just said…some cronies from LC hitched rides and were transported you ignorant fool. What were you a laborer cleaning port-johns? Seeing your ignorant..how would you know they were Blackwater in the frst place? They wouldn’t, and weren’t allowed to…unless your were security and even that would be a stretch moron

            • Comment by Curious:

              So was Global, Triple Canopy and Blackwater fool. Don’t bother commenting on what you don’t know about.

              • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                It sounded to me as if Gonewild is wrongs comment was from first hand experience. Sounded like he was sitting right there next to them. Why the hateful comment. Why insult the labor foreman’s? Without the labor foreman the vast majority of the labor work would not have gotten done. I knew some awesome labor foreman. Your comment seems out of character from your other comments.

                • Comment by Curious:

                  I do apologize. It’s like you said, he/she sounds like he/she was speaking of solid facts and I can attest this is not true.

                  As for the comments about Labor, not an attack but a poor choice of words or terminolgy.

            • Comment by Gonewild is wrong:

              How do I know they were Blackwater? Maybe it was the fact they told me they worked for Blackwater or maybe it was the Blackwater logos on their shirts. Does TC or Global wear Blackwater logos on their shirts? This is such typical KBR manager bullshit. I tried to share something I experienced firsthand and some KBR suck ass manager like Curious is trying to tell me I didn’t when I know I did. Same as in theater. I can’t tell you the number of times I was told YOU DIDN’T SEE THAT!

  36. Comment by gonewild99:

    Black water was hired for the State dept contract so your name is fitting wear it well ,

  37. Comment by IH8SNAKES90:

    There was a trail and veredict rendered by a jury end of story. You all can comment all you want the case is over and closed. Instead of going to panel and settleing out of court. Ms Leigh was swinging for the fences and got nothing. That is the chance you take in the court of law.

  38. Comment by gonewild99:

    hey look Jamie Leigh Jones is still going to get paid big $$$$$$ for all the book and movie deals that will be coming her way, its all about the money not justice, cash is just icing on the cake.

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