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Taxes – we pilfer from them but we won’t pay them & other news

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Kucan is expected to appear before U.S. District Judge Mark Fall in federal court in Newark Tuesday afternoon. He has been charged with one count of theft of government property, according to the statement released by the U.S. attorney’s office.

A criminal complaint from the U.S. District Court – District of NJ states that Kucan, who was responsible for obtaining, storing and controlling ICE equipment at the ICE offices in New York, had regularly stolen property between December 2004 and February 2011.

The complaint went on to state that Kucan allegedly maintained an eBay account in the name of an elderly relative through which he sold approximately $37,000 worth of ICE property. The complaint says that the stolen items included printer cartridges, film, batteries, camera lenses, combat lights for ICE’s M-4 rifles and an immersion suit designed to prevent hypothermia in cold water. (Click HERE for article)

US defense contractor pleads guilty to offering bribes to Navy official in San Diego
(AP) – SAN DIEGO – May 16, 2011 – A San Diego-based defense contractor pleaded guilty Monday to offering bribes to a Navy official who, in return, placed $300,000 worth of orders from the company for military aircraft.

Jesse Denome, owner of JD Machine Tech, Inc., admitted that from June 2004 to September 2005 he gave a Navy official a bicycle worth nearly $2,500, a model airplane engine worth $449 and made $18,000 in payments on the official’s personal credit card.

In exchange, prosecutors say the official placed over 100 orders from the company for a Navy’s aircraft program.

The Navy is still investigating the official, identified only as D.V. (Click HERE for article)

5 postal employees indicted in corruption probe
Ed White – (AP) – DETROIT – May 13, 2011 – A contractor who was paid millions to repair Postal Service vehicles provided agency employees with cash, cars, tickets to major sporting events and prostitutes to ensure that work would be steered to his garages in Michigan and Ohio, federal authorities said Thursday.

Five Postal Service employees with authority over vehicle maintenance were indicted on conspiracy and bribery charges. One of them, Bruce Plumb, is accused of accepting free sex medication and weekly $300 trysts with a prostitute.

The contractor, identified in the indictments only as “Contractor A,” was not charged. Much of the vehicle work was done in southeastern Michigan, although the government says the corruption stretched to Akron, Ohio, where one of the workers was transferred in 2007 to become manager of vehicle maintenance. (Click HERE for article)

Executive Spotlight: William Bodie of Parsons
Beth Hawley – (ExecutiveBiz) – March 3, 2011 – Bill Bodie has worked in and around the government contracting community long enough to know how to lead a company through. His recent appointment as manager of the Energy, Systems & Security Division for Parson’s Infrastructure & Technology group is his next big challenge. ExecutiveBiz spoke with Bodie about his new position and where he plans on taking the company.

ExecutiveBiz: Could you tell me a little about Parsons and what brought you to that company?

William Bodie: Parsons is one of the world’s leading engineering, design, construction and services companies. It was founded just after World War II by Ralph Parsons who was one of the mid-century American visionary engineer construction magnates. Today, Parsons is a global firm with about 12,000 professionals working all across the United States and in dozens of countries overseas. We are essentially divided by our key markets and capabilities. We have a transportation group that participates in a variety of large-scale transportation projects from rail to roads and bridges and tunnels; everything from design to construction and operation of those types of projects. We have a water group that focuses on water treatment plants, wastewater and other types of engineering projects associated with the delivery of clean water to people. We have a commercial services firm that focuses on everything from nuclear energy to the delivery of large scale construction services and engineering support. We have our government group, which I’m part of. We provide a range of professional services to the United States government, principally within the national security arena, the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, the State Department and the Intelligence Community. (Click HERE for article)

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