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Secret squirrels squandering tax dollars & other news

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Rita Lynn Kewer’s lawyer handed toward a prosecutor a $40,000 check as partial payment of restitution for Wyle Laboratories.

Circuit Judge Michael J. Stamm said the contractor’s total loss, estimated at between $60,000 and $70,000, affected its employees and prospective employees.

“There are people who are unemployed,” the judge said. “You exploited a position of trust. What you did affected more than just a company. Every time you reach into a company’s pockets, the employees are the ones who suffer. That $70,000 would have helped give someone a job and support their family.”

Kewer, 51, originally was charged last spring in district court through a summons with stealing $23,257 from the business in California’s Wildewood industrial park.

A co-worker of the suspect at the firm told law officers that a check of Kewer’s company-sponsored credit card showed that Kewer had embezzled more than $67,261 from the business from January 2005 to last year “through various methods,” according to a charges application filed by Maryland State Police. (Click HERE for article)

Marines Go Solar in Afghanistan to Avoid Dangerous Fuel Runs
Noel Brinkerhoff – (AllGov) – March 23, 2011 – Going green is a better idea than going to funerals, the U.S. Marine Corps has decided for its troops fighting in Afghanistan.

After realizing that Marines stood a 1-in-50 chance of getting wounded while retrieving fuel or water for units, service commanders have decided to equip thousands of Marines with solar-powered equipment in order to reduce gasoline consumption, and thus, the need to make risky runs to get it.

Another benefit of the solar strategy is that it makes less necessary the controversial hiring of local contractors to truck fuel from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Many of those hired to run supply convoys have spent tens of millions of dollars on protection from the Taliban, resulting in American taxpayer dollars winding up in the hands of the enemy. But by relying more on solar, Marines won’t require as many fuel convoys. (click HERE for article)

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