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Secret squirrels squandering tax dollars & other news

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This week’s document: Audit report: “Foreign Language Program Training and Proficiency”

Document agency: U.S. Army Audit Agency

Document number: A-2010-0141-ZBI

Document date: July 22, 2010

In a nutshell: There’s ample room for improvement in the Army’s foreign language program.

Quick background on military audit agencies: The Department of Defense has numerous oversight agencies with responsibilities similar to those of the Inspectors General (IGs). These Pentagon oversight agencies, however, operate under a different set of rules than the IGs, which have a statutory basis in the Inspector General Act of 1978. (Click HERE for article)

Family Members Charged in Plan to Send F-5 Engines to Iran
Justin Blum – (Bloomberg) – March 23, 2011 – Four family members were indicted by a federal grand jury in Miami on charges they attempted to export 22 F-5 fighter jet engines to Iran in violation of a U.S. embargo.

Felipe Echeverry of Bogota, and three of his relatives conspired to sell the engines for $320,000 to an undercover U.S. agent and agreed to help ship them from Miami to Iran via Panama, according to a Justice Department statement today.

Iran relies on a network of people often operating out of houses or storefronts to evade the embargo and obtain parts with military uses, U.S. officials have said. Iran produces an aircraft compatible with the F-5 engine, according to the Justice Department.

Also indicted were Diego Echeverri, 42, of Elmhurst, New York.; Amparo Echeverri Valdes, 53, of Bogota; and Carlos Alfredo Pantoja-Coral, 57, of Bogota. (Click HERE for article)

Woman jailed for stealing from Wyle
Pays $40,000 toward restitution
JOHN WHARTON – (SoMdNews) – March 23, 2011 – A St. Mary’s judge sentenced a La Plata woman on Friday to serve 18 months in jail from her guilty plea to the attempted theft of money from a defense contractor firm where she worked.

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