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Charges dropped against accused rapist, Daniel Phillips (updated 07/27/2011)

Rape charges dropped against former Iraq contractor

By Louis Hansen
The Virginian-Pilot
© July 27, 2011

A judge has dismissed rape and indecent liberties charges against a former Iraq contractor.

Police brought Daniel P. Phillips, 46, back from Iraq in January to face felony charges of rape, indecent liberties and aggravated sexual battery, according to a police report.

In court papers, Phillips denied the allegations and stated that he was in Kuwait and Iraq between December 2004 and January 2005, when the alleged attacks occurred.

Earlier this month, a prosecutor asked the judge to dismiss the charges and release Phillips from the Norfolk jail. Circuit Court Judge Charles E. Poston on Monday signed an order dismissing the charges. (click HERE for original article)

Daniel Phillips, 46 (photo courtesy: Norfolk Police Dept.)

Norfolk police, with the assistance from the federal government, arrested a civilian government contractor that was wanted for the rape of a juvenile female relative between 2004 and 2005. The suspect fled to Iraq soon after the crime to avoid arrest and began working with computers as a government contractor. (Updated Jan 15, 2011: Daniel Phillips allegedly worked for DRS TSI (Formerly Tamsco)and was at a ‘MINI’ Satellite site in Balad)

Investigators began tracking the location of Daniel Phillips, age 46, in December of 2010. With the assistance of the federal government, Phillips was located in Iraq. Arrangements were made to fly Phillips to Kuwait and then Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.

Phillips arrived at Dulles Saturday morning. Norfolk Fugitive Investigators accompanied by U.S. Marshalls boarded the plane and took Phillips into custody without incident at approximately 7:15 a.m. He was returned to Norfolk and is currently in the Norfolk City Jail awaiting trial for rape, aggravated sexual battery, and indecent liberties with a child.

I want to know who this dirt bag has been working for in Iraq and how he was able to get past the “wants and warrants” check for a Common Access Card (CAC). I would also be interested to see how many times he R&R’d to SE Asian countries such as Thailand where you can just buy yourself a little girl!

Ms Sparky

Update: Adam Weinstein at Mother Jones just came out with an awesome article with some more on this scum bag. Go check it out.

Contractor Hid in Iraq for Seven Years Over US Rape Charge

Updated: January 13, 2o11

NORFOLK — Bond was denied Thursday for a man police say left the country to escape a rape charge in Norfolk, Amanda Howie with the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney office told WVEC.com.

Daniel Phillips, 46, was returned to Norfolk from the Middle East, where he’d been working as a civilian contractor, police stated.

He had been in Iraq, was flown to Kuwait, then to Dulles International Airport, where he was arrested by Norfolk Police and U.S. Marshals, according to investigators.

Police say he sexually assaulted a juvenile relative between 2004 and 2005.

His preliminary hearing is set for March 8, Howie added.

Updated: January 15, 2011

Daniel Phillips allegedly worked for DRS TSI (Formerly Tamsco)and was at a ‘MINI’ Satellite site in Balad

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  2. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Adam Weinstein at Mother Jones just came out with an awesome article with some more on this scum bag. Go check it out.

    Contractor Hid in Iraq for Seven Years Over US Rape Charge

    • Comment by Lilia:

      What exactly makes this an “… awesome article with some more on this scum bag”? There were no facts, just the same inaccurate and impossible, sensationalist crap that you wrote. Goes to show how lazy “journalists” can be when they repeat someone else’s fiction without checking facts. Please know from someone who’s been “in theatre” for 5+ years that what this story is insinuating is not possible. Dan has worked hard, supported his family (yes: 6 kids), paid taxes, received not only a CAC card but also a security clearance; it’s not physically possible to have ‘hidden’ for any amount of time in a war zone.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        I’ve been there. Two years in Baghdad and I know exactly how this COULD happen. I’ve also had a CAC and a TS clearance and I find it very difficult to believe he had charges pending in Norfolk for years and it wasn’t discovered during the clearance process. So…I am calling BS on the clearance.

        • Comment by Lilia:

          I find it hard to believe you spent 2 years in Iraq and don’t know that everytime a contract is redone, or a person changes to another company, they are run through JPAS to verify their clearance. Maybe you don’t know as much as you seem to think you do.

          • Comment by Ms Sparky:

            I don’t care what you believe.

            • Comment by Lilia:

              What bothers me the most about this is the fact that everytime I come up with a fact you can’t refute, you just turn it personal. This is a fact. I work with the S2. Every time, new JPAS check. Everytime he has to get a new computer account: new JPAS check. Yes, I think I will believe what I know are facts.

              • Comment by What!:

                JPAS and CAC scans has nothing to do with NCIC checks or AFLETS in a criminal sense. They are separate and distinct. Unless an LOI or revocation of clearance was issued from the Facility Security Officer on the persons clearance there would be no flag in JPAS. Do you think the Feds who were looking for this guy knew he was working in Iraq/Kuwait etc.? Doubtful, and even if they did it would have nothing to do with the fact he had a wants and warrants check out for his pathetic ass…we’ve had several felons working on DOD contracts who have broke probation or bail and don’t get caught until someone dimes them out.

            • Comment by Lance:

              You have defamed a hard working man all with out checking the facts. You may have reprecussions for doing this all the pearsons that validated that he had to be in JPAS and had to have a TS clearance is Correct. To just obtain a CAC Card and or a clearance you have to a valid SF85 and or sf86 clearance form on record to work on computers. As well here somehting NO ONE has even stated in order to work on an government Computer you have to use Your CAC card to make it work. Which showes were and when you used it and what terminal you used it at. So the POLICE and the Investigators are full of S#$T and i call BS big time on that for a simple check with state department and or DOD would have verified were and when he last used his cac card.in Addition this man has to eat while here in iraq and EVER time you go to the DEFAC you scan your Card to get in to Eat your Meal.
              This man is working,paying taxes and providing for his family and now he will never get a job if he is found not guilty because of your Blog or Your Crappy journalism!! he will be hard pressed to find any job let alone a good paying job like he had here in Iraq. Now my question to you who will suffer for that”?? His KIDS will suffer !!yes that right you just took from his kids by trying and convicting him without his due process of the LAW !!!and you have to live with that!! hope you dsleep well know his kids went from have to having Nothing!! So i can say this About Dan he was a nice guy he was a computer guy he was always helpful and Did his job and I never ever heard anyone complain that he didn’t Do his job. I have Known Dan for 4 years and to know Dan is just that he was Dan! the IT guy and always got your stuff fixed. But he was a good guy but never did HE HIDE out in iraq that is ludicris and just stupid to even insinuate for our checks and our balances here showes and dictates exactly were we are and we are accountable ever day by our parent Units for a dailey accountability SO again i just shot another hole in you so called he hide out!! You need check your facts and get your story straight before Opening your mouth on the net and you may have done irreputable harm to a good man?? we will see how this all plays out in the COURTS of law which you didnt give hime his due there now did you?? and i hope and i pray for his kids and family that he sues the ever living S@#t out of you for what you said about him on this site.this is SLANDER and defamation of character. hell You didnt even know him and as well you insinuated he went to Thailand as well that he never Did he always went home to family as far as i knew. for we did talk of kids and our family for i am a family man and he prided in his kids. NOW my suggestion to you is get yourself a lawyer your going to need it !!

        • Comment by Joe:

          One question is if Dan is accused of any wrong doing why would he go home to Norfolk for his R&R’s. People saw him come and go. Does it sound like he “ran way to Iraq”. Innocent till proven guilty. Keep the comments about Thailand to yourself. Don’t make presumptions Sparky.

        • Comment by Sharon:

          Not to mention a clearance is good for 10 years, if he already had a clearance prior to this occuring, then the clearance would still stand as good and they wouldnt run another…

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  4. Comment by KBR - AFG:

    KBR had one of its IT managers in AFG that was on the run for Rape. They finally caught up with him in Thailand. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/local&id=7246369

  5. Comment by Justice4all:

    I think we would all like to know who this dirtbag worked for. Wouldnt that be harboring a criminal if his employer was aware in any way that this man was charged with rape? Certainly someone reading this knows who Daniel Phillips worked for and you can anonymously tell Ms. Sparky.

    • Comment by What!:

      Why anonymously? Let everyone know who he worked for. The guys a freakin scumbag and it just illustrates the failure of the background system. I don’t know if this guy worked for KBR or one of its subs or someone else but, it is known and proven that KBR has a less than stellar record when it comes to hiring felons, pedophiles and other unsavory characters…even when they’ve been notified they have someone on payroll they are hesitant to fire the person or contact authorities.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        I hear that. We had a plumber general foreman who bragged about going to Thailand every R&R and buying little girls. KBR HR was told and did nothing. He got caught in the Green Zone with an Iraqi girl. He chose to quit before he could be fired and went to work for another contractor in the Green Zone. During the investigation the International Zone Police (US Air Force) kicked him out of the Green Zone so the contractor fired him. What did KBR do?? Rehired him and sent him to another camp in Iraq. The guy is a freakin’ pedophile! They knew why he got kicked out of the Green Zone. They knew about the investigation regarding the Iraqi girl. They knew about Thailand and they hired him back. I have to chalk that up to….Things that KBR does that make you go WTF!

        • Comment by Justice4all:

          By anonymous, I meant that if someone wanted to tell Ms Sparky what company it was that he worked for without giving up their name they could do it. I think for punishment we should hook up some of the malfunctioning electrical work to his balls. He is one sick jerk.

          • Comment by Ms Sparky:

            (clapping hands) yes he is. Can you imagine having to live with people like this, day in and day out? He is not an isolated case. Although I truly believe the vast majority of people over there are good and are just trying to support their families, believe there is a larger than normal percentage of people were are hiding over there for various reasons or working over there for the free trips to Thailand.

            • Comment by Lilia:

              I loved working with Dan for over 4 years in Iraq, and living near him. Dan has always been one of the good guys. So why not stop insinuating he’s “hiding” there, or that he goes to Thailand on his leaves. He doesn’t. Unless you know differently, stop posting speculation, innuendos and outright lies. You haven’t been to Iraq/Afghanistan, so you don’t know. Stop trying to pass yourself off as someone who does know. You’re a pathetic imposter trying to get people to support your site here. I hope Dan sues you for what you’ve written.

              • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                I spent two years in Baghdad as a civilian contractor. Sue away. Sounds to me like you have a personal interest in “Dan”!

                • Comment by Lilia:

                  What, Ms. Sparky? Again, you have no facts so you resort to cheap shots? I have facts that you could refute if they were not true; you have innuendos. I do not have a personal interest in “Dan”, but he has been a caring and loyal friend and he’s well respected by many people who know him. Why not just remain silent if you have no facts, rather than spout off crap just so you can write something?

        • Comment by Kevin:

          No kidding…i got fired from KBR because an SCW backed my truck into another parked truck and did minor damage to the tail lights on both trucks. Do you think i got my job back…

          • Comment by Ms Sparky:

            Yep, no kidding! I hear that crap all the time. It’s like there are a few who have dirt on someone and can get away with anything! And others are fired over the most minor infractions. Crimes can be committed and the perps are hidden and/or protected in hopes the CID or media don’t pick it up.

            I’m sorry you got fired.

      • Comment by ACC Corruption Watch:

        Woolverton – U.S. Army

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Yes….I have my suspicions. But I am waiting for confirmation!

  6. Comment by Bill Strumski:

    We worked for different KBR’s it looks like. Long story short in mid ’08 KBR looked into anyone going to SE Asia more then one time. I know this because my wife is from the Philippines, my bosses had to remind HR of this. They had the files to show my wife lives in the PI. Last I knew you where only allowed to go to SEA one time a year.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I’ll bet that put a cramp in those KBR manager owned businesses in Thailand and the Philippines.

      • Comment by Lilia:

        Again, Ms. Sparky, where are anything resembling facts in your comments? Someone who’s worked for KBR has just told you there are at least some checks in place to stop multiple trips to SEA, and the best you can do for a retort is to insinuate KBR managers are somehow gaining from this? How about responding with some facts about KBR’s unwillingness to allow multiple trips to the Philipines or Thailand? How about some facts? Do you have ANY of those available for us? You’re the journalist, so how about checking to see what KBR’s policy has been for the past 7 years; is Bill Strumski’s post factually correct or not?

  7. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Post updated: Bond Denied!

  8. Comment by Lilia:

    I have worked with Dan and he’s no rapist. Innocent until proven guilty, remember? His wife is a nut case and is undoubtedly behind this, as she’s had no problem taking his paychecks and allowing him to come home on leave and stay at his house. Please give Dan a chance to prove his innocence.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I guess I would be more convinced if he had been more proactive about facing the charges. Did he not know he had charges pending? Plus, no one ever wants to admit they were duped into liking a rapist. How long did you know he had charges pending?

      • Comment by Lilia:

        This needs a sanity check. Dan’s wife, neighbors, and all family members have known he’s in Iraq. Your CAC is scanned at least 3 times each day; in fact, he’s a computer tech and he has to use his CAC to log on to work. It was no secret where he was, so why is this story inferring his whereabouts were “suddenly” discovered? His paycheck has been supporting his wife for all those years; she saw paystubs and knew exactly where he was. He stayed in his family home when he did go on leave over those 7 years. If he was guilty, don’t you think someone would have phoned the local police when he was home to turn him in? It doesn’t make sense to think he could rape a juvenile relative and no family member would pick up the phone when he’s home. I’ve known Dan for 4 years, so I know where he’s gone home on leave and I’ve heard him talk about that loony wife of his. This poor guy is now going to lose everything because of the speculative character assination you all are engaging in. Honestly, what makes you all so sure he’s guilty when you’ve never met him, when I’m telling you these facts in the story just don’t make sense and I do know him? Since you wrote this story, how long have these EXACT charges been pending? Are they charges or were they just accusations on the part of a wife who’s having an affair but doesn’t want to lose the steady paycheck Dan provided? And even if he knew there was some accusations, why would he have turned down a good-paying job to lose everything he had paying an attorney to defend him against untrue charges? At least consider that much of the story about how he’s ‘eluded’ law enforcement for 7 years cannot possibly be true. Also consider how his family (wife, kids and also relatives) all knew he was in Iraq where there was no possible way he could have ‘hidden’ from authorities due to his constant, mandatory CAC use.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          He could have divorced her at any time. And as one of his few allies, I’m sure he’ll appreciate the cards and letters.

          And no one ever said the Norfolk police didn’t also screw this up somehow.

          • Comment by Lilia:

            How many people do you know that try to stay together for the sake of the kids? You are an idiot if you think because he didn’t file for divorce earlier that he’s guilty. Maybe he was afraid of the very thing that’s happened: she’s making some bogus allegations? Who knows. At this point it’s speculation, and you’re just passing your speculations off as fact. He hasn’t been investigated yet, let alone convicted but you are claiming to the world you know he’s guilty. You can put up the facts to show he’s guilty, or you can shut up and stop crucifying this guy. I hope someone does this to you some day.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          You may want to consider the status of your own clearance if you have one. Don’t forget to report you have be associating with someone who has been charged and arrested for child rape.

          • Comment by Lilia:

            I am not in the least bit worried about my clearance. I am proud to be Dan’s friend. And unless I know these charges are true, I will have faith in my friend that I’ve known for years. Unlike you, I react to facts, not fact-less speculation by people who don’t know him.

            • Comment by Ms Sparky:

              You react to facts? You weren’t there, you have no idea what happened. You are reacting to what he told you or didn’t tell you and nothing else. If it’s not the pot calling the kettle black!

              • Comment by Lilia:

                I’m reacting to the fact that I know this man to be a decent and honest man in all the years I’ve known him; you, on the other hand, have never met him. I am his friend, like the others defending Dan on this site. He has been a good and loyal friend to me. I will be more than happy to let this go through the court system as is Dan’s right. I am not happy to see a friend ruined because some chippy somewhere has decided that he’s guilty without knowing a single thing about him or ever having met him.

  9. Comment by Daniel Phillips:

    You people are pathetic. If the past week didn’t teach you people anything about jumping to baseless conclusions, I would hope you could hold yourselves in check until this man is actually convicted of the crime he has been accused of. Hard to believe the Norfolk police had no clue where he was considering he has been home on vacation a few times since the alleged crime was committed 6 or 7 years ago. If he is convicted, by all means throw the book at him, but until then, it would be nice if you people would shut your pie holes.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I can not tell you how many times someone (normally a family member or defense attorney) jumps to the aid of one of the many accused rapists that I blog about. They get all indignant until the accused pleads out or are found guilty and then you never hear from them again. Go ahead and defend away.

      • Comment by Lilia:

        Again, let’s leave innocent or guilty judgement to the courts. I just don’t understand how anyone can think nobody had any idea where Dan was. He paid taxes, his CAC was scanned numerous times each and every day for 7 years, and his entire family knew where he was. He wasn’t “hiding”. I would like to have this site a little more factual, Ms. Sparky, instead of emotional/inflammatory. How can you dispute the fact that everyone knew exactly where Dan was all these years but there were no ‘outraged family members’ who turned him in?

        • Comment by Lilia:

          Well, Ms. Sparky? Where’s your remarks to this comment? How can you refute what I’ve just stated? Or are you all about just making inflammatory remarks and are not able to defend your remarks? What about my comments doesn’t make sense, and are you willing to admit they do make sense and maybe you are wrong at least about Dan ‘hiding’?

          • Comment by Ms Sparky:

            You only know what you think you know. What he told you. I’m pretty positive he didn’t tell you he was a child rapist and there were charges pending. If there was no merit to the accusations I find it unlikely charges would have been filed. And….why was bail denied? Obviously the judge felt there was some concern he was a flight risk and/or a danger to the victim.

            • Comment by Lilia:

              How stupid are you? Have you never heard of the guys over here going home to find their house has been sold out from under them, their wife has moved away taking their children with them, and if he insists on seeing those kids she will turn around and file a child protection order? They don’t take chances with kids, and will automatically assume the worst in the name of “child protection”. Just because the “victim” or her relatives thought they can get Dan to continue supporting them now that he’s either close to getting divorced or is newly divorced, doesn’t mean there’s any truth to the matter. The “victim” isn’t out anything for making false accusations.

              • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                You do realize you are vilifying a child victim don’t you?

                • Comment by Lilia:

                  Geez, what’s up with you? Maybe you should move to Iran or something where you are not presumed innocent! It has not been proven there is a victim yet. It’s being investigated. Why can’t you get that through your thick skull: HE HAS NOT BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF ANYTHING YET.

      • Comment by Daniel Phillips:

        We just had a weeks worth of the crazy world that the libetards live in trying to link the Tucson shooting to right wing rhetoric. I find it funny that you people are willing to crucify an “innocent until proven guilty” individual on the word of some police hack and a very short article minus a whole lot of facts. What I want to know is when the warrant was actually issued considering nothing I have seen on the various web sites have been able to supply that little tidbit. What we know: Daniel has been accused of a crime, he has made multiple trips back to his neighborhood since the supposed crime, and he was a government contractor. I find it hard to believe that his wife had no clue on how to contact the father of 6 children. BTW, who was paying the bills for this family and why couldn’t bank statements be accessed by the popo to find out what company was issuing the paychecks. Like I said, if he actually committed this crime, throw the book at him. Until then, you people are looking pretty foolish.

        • Comment by Lilia:

          Why does it matter which company hired him? Let’s not get distracted from the fact that he’s being crucified by people who don’t know him, don’t know what it’s like being in a war zone, and don’t understand how things are over here. Dan was supporting his family this entire time, and his wife definitely saw paystubs and W2’s to know who he was working for. He paid taxes, so if anyone in law enforcement was looking for him, he couldn’t hide even if he wanted to. He’s got to be just devastated, and I hope he knows he’s at least someone will point out the idiot, inflammatory remarks by this Ms. Sparky site. This is not journalism, this is sensationalism at it’s worst.

  10. Comment by WasInIraq:

    Hey everyone.

    I worked with Dan Phillips for some time and I always found him to be very professional and above board. He’s been on R&R many times back to the states, going through customs, many times so he wasn’t `hiding out’. He is a professional and does his job.

    We both work(ed) for DRS TSI (Formerly Tamsco)and he was at a ‘MINI’ Satellite site in Balad. Obviously DRS doesn’t do any background checks because this should have been flagged, even though I don’t beleve this allegation.

    I hope everyone can just give him the benefit of a doubt and just wait and see…

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Thanks for letting us know who he worked for. I remember Tamsco when I was there. Did he not know he had charges pending? I am still finding it difficult to believe he was able to get a clearance and with pending charges and a warrant.

      • Comment by Prof I-R-DUMB:

        Dumb-asses! The company was named in the original article. You should read what you post! I read this straem, not amused at the cackling, but to see when you would figure out who he worked for. How’s California?

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  12. Comment by WasInIraq:

    To put this to rest, the following folks are/were his managers. Send them an email and they can verify that Dan was not `hiding out’ and could have been found within a few minutes within the CAC DEERS account that DRS vetted him on. EVERYONE knew Dan was in Iraq. Wife, kids, neighbors. His LOA orders actually place him on the base he was working complete with telephone numbers, email addresses and company contact info.

    It’s sad to see such a waste of my tax dollars at the `unreal’ capture of Dan with all these `organizations’ working together.

    Everything you read on the net is misleading folks to think he was hiding for over 7 years and contracting companies were assisting him and that’s a complete falsehood that can be easily proven wrong. What else is exaggerated?

    I think this whole article was slanted and very poorly written…. I think it’s sad.

    I am sure the following folks would love to clear Dan’s good name and get him back to work so please inquire with the following managers.

    Snyder, Elizabeth Miss CTR USA

    Couture, Andre W. CTR USA DRS-TSI

    The situation is that either Dan didn’t know about the charges, OR it was never put into the system.

    It’s one thing to be charged and another to be convicted. I am sure all of us know someone who has been falsely accused. Let the wheels of justice turn and wait for the outcome…

    If he knew about these charges that have apparently been in effect these last 7 years, why did he go back home on R&R’s these last 7 years??? Would you have??

  13. Comment by WasInIraq:

    darn… Emails didn’t take…

    I can’t imagine that Dan knew about this.

    His bosses are….

    Snyder, Elizabeth Miss CTR USA
    elizabeth.snyder3 with us dot army dot mil
    elizabeth.snyder with mmcs dot army dot mil
    Couture, Andre W. CTR USA DRS-TSI
    andre.couture with mmcs dot army dot mil

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Thanks for that information.

      • Comment by A. Guy:

        Ms. Sparky,

        I don’t know how much traffic your blog gets, but do you really think that exposing the email addresses of Americans working in a still-dangerous “not a war”-zone for the unwashed masses to find is really a good idea?

        Also, I suggest you reacquaint yourself with the notion of “due diligence”. Even the headline of the Mother Jones article you laud screams out a callous disregard for letting facts get in the way of making a point. Just a couple of weeks into 2011, how is it possible for somebody accused “sexually assaulted a juvenile relative between 2004 and 2005″ (according to your post) to have been “Hid[ing] in Iraq for Seven Years” (according to the Mother Jones article)?

        I don’t know what, if anything, Mr. Phillips is guilty of, but I’d rather wait until the relevant facts have been sorted out in a court of law than rely on your strident certainty that he must be guilty simply because he’s been accused and the victim of record is a minor.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          I didn’t leave the comment with the email addresses. But noticed they were not complete and most people wouldn’t know how to decipher it. Those who could probably had them anyway. And I did not break the story. Norfolk local media broke the story not me.

          If he’s innocent then I will publish it. This is much more than the main stream media would do. Being found innocent is not normally news worthy as far as they are concerned.

          • Comment by Lilia:

            Yes, and my whole outrage with this blog is that you’ve been villifying him BEFORE he’s found guilty of anything. And people have read your comments. People are not going to keep checking back on this blog, so their take-away is the ‘fact’ that your assurance that Dan is a real scum-bag who raped a little girl. If he’s found innocent, will you be able to undo the harm you’ve done to him and the devastation that will surely follow this? No, you can’t. I hope something like this happens to each and every one of you, to teach you all about how dangerous it is to jump to conclusions without knowing a single thing about it except what you’ve read somewhere.

  14. Comment by Bill Strumski:

    Hi all let me make a few points here i made the point my base and my deptment did there job as in trips to SEA that does not mean KBR did.I have a long list of rules that came from Badad but no gear or backing to get it done. I belive a lot of times KBR made rules but never folled though with them (note OSHA)there have not fould Iraq yet its only been 8 years I was luckie i was on a small camp Great bosses and you find on a small camp the “good guys”work with them to give the DOD what there need when there need it.POINT IS THIS WAS NOT DONE FROM THE PM OR ABOVE IT WAS DONE FROM SITE ONE DOWN.the rules you get every day 365 a year con you remember 365 rules? thats the lawers sending out rules to cover there asses iv worked for a other Co bigger thay did the same thing. its to bad it that if there do there job then we would be able to do ares better and please do not give me rules with out the gear needed to do the job by the book you give me.Ms Sparkie doing a good job on the whole

  15. Comment by What!:

    Wasn’t this the same site, Balad, that at least three or four females were raped at? One was a female soldier and the others were gov contractors…not saying it was him but, something to check out

    • Comment by Lilia:

      Oh for the love of God!! What is wrong with you people??? If the general population CONUS has 2 rapists per 1000 men, then the men in Iraq will have 2 rapists per 1000 men. We are no different from anyone else. They have rape/assault problems on EVERY SINGLE BASE OCONUS. The woman living on the other side of the trailer from me in Balad was assaulted, and it was from a TCN who thought women should submit. Are you really so pathetic that you think every rape there should be possibly blamed on Dan? Are you really so uneducated that you don’t know child molestors almost never, ever molest adults? And vice versa? You are just sad and apparently not very bright.

      • Comment by What!:

        Your funny Lilia…I’m just wondering what your angle is. Your definitely up to something nefarious…yes, Dan is now a suspect in all unsolved rapes at Balad and any other base he may have been at. Just the nature of the game…bond denied? That means someone thinks the charges are not only serious enough to hold him but a good likely hood he’ll repeat his actions. Are you his fiancé and bought into all his sob stories, Lilia? You’ve got some angle to come onto a blog site defending a pedophile..

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          I have to agree with you on that one. Too much emotion and energy spent defending for someone who is “just a co-worker”.

          • Comment by A. Guy:

            Ms. Sparky, nobody likes to see an acquaintance’s name dragged through the mud, especially when the charges are inherently questionable.

            If the charges against Mr. Phillips are dropped or he is acquitted, will you invest anywhere near as much energy into even extending him an apology as you have put into declaring him a guilty “scum bag”?

          • Comment by Lilia:

            Or is it you people have no friends? To have a friend you have to be a friend. And that’s all I am to Dan. Be assured he has a lot of friends, by the way. And you all keep ignoring the fact that he’s not a pedophile — he’s been ACCUSED. This will be the last hour I respond to anything morons on this site write, because you are making me literally sick to my stomach with this. I am defending a man I have always known to be good, decent and a loyal friend, and now you are accusing me of something nefarious as well? How much harm will you do to people just to see your comments on the web? Apparently there’s no limit.

  16. Comment by Javabear:

    I’ve known Dan for about 5 years and he’s a good dude. I don’t know if he’s guilty or innocent of these charges but I do know his wife is a psycho and he was trying to do the best he could for his family. Any of you who think that he might possibly have been involved in any sexual assaults in Balad, don’t forget about all the times the females involved recanted their stories after the males were arrested and humiliated. There has been more than one case of “buyers remorse” over here.

  17. Comment by NANRY:


    • Comment by Javabear:

      Honeywell uses a company called Hire Right that does a complete background check before you can be hired. It doesn’t matter who you know. The TS clearance Dan had requires re-investigation every 5 years, so I doubt he was hiding from anything. Those investigations are pretty thorough.

  18. Comment by RC:


  19. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Why is it that all too often people in our society will run to the defense of every accused pedophile and rapist claiming he is misunderstood, a good guy, innocent beyond doubt because they know him, worked with him etc.. Then everyone jumps on the bandwagon to blame the victim, she was asking for it, she wanted it and if she sues, then she’s just in it for the money? People are especially brutal to rape victims from a war zone, with the “What did they expect when they decided to work in a war zone?” A lot of stories are recanted because of the harassment from co-workers.

    RAPE is not about sex; it is about control. A vicious violent act against an individual with permanent lasting effects emotionally and sometimes phyisically. In this case the alleged victim was 12 years old, imagine if this happened to your daughter and a family member you trusted did this. How would you feel about some of these comments about “buyers remorse” and what a good guy the accused is?

    If there was not reason to believe these charges were true, bail would not have been denied. His friends in Iraq are victims as well. He has betrayed their trust and that can be as painful as a physical assault.

    If the charges are dropped or he is found innocent I will publish that story. For now, he has been charged with the rape of a child which I personally think should be punishable by death!

    • Comment by Javabear:

      Look, IF he’s guilty then I agree with you and he should be punished severely. However, if you read my post you will see that not once did I blame any victims or say any of them were asking for it. I have seen too many peoples lives ruined due to false allegations because someone has an axe to grind or is ashamed of what they did one drunken night in Dubai.

    • Comment by Welcome to ITT:

      Perhaps its because as Americans we have rights guaranteed by the constitution, specifically the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. There is no way this guy was hiding, they do a background check before they even issue a CAC card now. And how many people have been through the security clearance process? You actually have to talk to an investigator, and they already know everything about you. And if there was a warrant he would have been arrested at on arrival in CONUS (they send you passport info ahead) so I’m calling BS. When was this warrant actually issued? And MS Sparky it seems awful callous to insult and threaten Lilla because she disagrees with you. How many of us here know someone who was arrested but not convicted?

      Jesus, at least give the guy his day in court. Bail being denied does not prove guilt, except to you apparently. And a story being recantedcan also mean the alleged ‘victim’ was lying. As was the case of the college student not so long ago who had sex with 5 guys and then claimed to be raped. Does happen, sad but true.

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        As far as Lilia is concerned, turn about is fair play. Because I disagree with her, her conversation hasn’t exactly been civil and I don’t believe I have called her one name. She can’t say the same.

        • Comment by Lilia:

          Right. You haven’t called me one name. You’ve just made inferences that I’m sleeping with Dan, or I have some ulterior motive. You have personally attacked me when I am trying to make my point of let’s presume him innocent until proven guilty. There isn’t one person here (including his neighbor who was quoted in his local newspaper) who doesn’t think Dan is a good, decent, helpful man. You can’t even leave that stand on it’s own, without somehow twisting it to fit your slant. You haven’t been civil, you’ve been passively aggressive to everyone who’s tried to say “whoa, slow down there” and wait for the investigation to go it’s course. You are too sad to be believed, with your pathetic attempts to gain some press time for yourself at the expense of someone you have never met, and are perfectly willing to ruin with your comments. Again, I hope someone does this exact same thing to you someday, and then you spend the rest of your life trying to make ammends to the very people you did this to.

  20. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Oh my God! I see Lilia’s awake!

  21. Comment by Scooby Doo:

    I have read this thread form top to bottom and I can say this. INNOCENT until proven guilty. It appears that Ms. Sparky has blinders on and if she (probably a he….transvestite. Wait, you see how I did that, I just took a personal opinion and passed it off as fact), anyway if Ms. Sparky wants to lean on the side of guilty, it’s is IT’S right to do that as an America. I personally believe he or she was touched in that special place by an uncle or daddy and this is the basis for the opinion. (There I go again passing conjecture as fact). I stress again, it is the transvestite’s right to do that(there I go AGAIN.) Anyway, the 1st Amendment provides the freedom of speech so, this is my suggestion. If you don’t like what you are reading, don’t post here, don’t come here, don’t tell others about it. The best way to combat that which you don’t like is to exercise your right to NOT take part in their reindeer games. Hat’s off to you Lilia for standing by your friend. You have exhibited stellar traits of being a human. Ms/Mr Sparky, I acknowledge your right to free speech and was glad to fight for that right in a couple wars.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Why is it every time I post an article about a pedophile or rapist, the defenders of the dirt bags stoop to name calling and insulting. That just goes to show who supports these scum bags…..other scum bags, fellow pedophiles? Oh….Scooby Doo…..thanks for serving so YOU can freely express your opinion as freely as I can.

    • Comment by Dwight:

      The only thing I can see here is you must be a relative, his attorney, a fan or perhaps a fellow lover of children (pedophile).

      I seriously doubt I’m wrong on ALL four guesses.

      Just love those Freedom of Speech rights you claim you fought for. Thanks.

  22. Comment by anonymous_P205:

    First of all let me say this,
    What I type is proven fact, not the Medias opinion or hearsay
    I am not here to defend anyone but simply to put out all of what I know about this situation.
    I prefer to remain anonymous simply because this is a pending case and might be subpoenaed for trial.
    I have known Mr. Phillips, kids and wife since 2008. From 2008 to current he has only been over in the states for 3 weeks total. One week for each year, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Phillips and his wife hardly communicated and when they did it was either by personal email or she would get their son to talk over the phone. The times that he did come home, he never wrote, called or communicated in any way that he was coming home. He would just show up at the front door and say here I am. Miss. Phillips says it’s like seeing a ghost at the front door. The Kids hardly knew that that’s there dad.
    While he was over here in the states Mr. Phillips rented hotel rooms to stay in during his visits. He and his wife have not cohabited in about 6 years. His wife and children refuse to let him sleep overnight. He would check in to the Oceanview inn to sleep. While he was over, it was strictly business, making sure his money went where it is suppose to go. House repairs, bills, kids, the biggest being house repairs. He would help fix up the house, and clean. Spend time with his 3 sons, never the 3 girls, not alone anyways.
    From the times that I talked to him, He was a very polite smart man. He was very helpful, hardly got angry at anything even thought there was a lot to be angry about. I do have some respect for him and what he is doing. Being overseas, and hardly getting to see his kids and wife in return to make money to support his family. To everyone saying that he is a nice kind person, he is. But you never know what goes on behind closed doors. Everyone has secrets that no one else knows but themselves.
    I don’t know why the news said they were looking for this guy since 2004, this is not true.
    The warrant was issued in June of 2010. The incident happened in 2004. Miss. Phillips was out of town to visit her sister in New York while her husband who was not working at the time stayed at the house to take care of their kids. His daughter who is the victim came out to her mother about what had happened between herself and her dad around May of 2010. The mother was in shock when her daughter spoke out to her. She did not believe it at first. But as time went by her daughter started having more flash backs and emotional issues that had brought her to the mental hospital off and on. The mother then began to realize that her daughter was not just trying to get attention or was just acting out. That to her daughter this was real not just made up. She began analyzing everything and putting the puzzle together. Quote from Miss. Phillips, Now I know why Dan would run up to his room in his underwear every time I came home. Quote from Miss. Phillips, there was a time I caught Dan in his swimming trunks in the bathtub with my daughter with a massive hard on. One thing that Miss. Phillips never forgot that Dan said to her after they got married was that he confessed to her that he had raped his baby sister when he was younger. She said if she would have known that earlier in the marriage she would have got her marriage annulled. The reason why the daughter took so long to come out with it is because she thought her dad would never come back to the house after he left the states for work. It took Miss. Phillips awhile to file a police report to the Norfolk Detectives. Their daughter spoke to the detectives about what Dan had all done to her. Her mother does not know what all she told them nor does she want to know what all she said to the police for the fact that she can just not take it.
    Dan was here in the states, June of 2010. He did his usual like he always did on his R&R time. On the 3rd last day of his visit the family went out to macaroni grill and his wife had explained to him that he had a warrant or for his arrest. I am not sure what all was said that day but I do know that Dan was aware of the warrant. After that day had ended he told everybody that he was leaving and going back to work. So he did just that. He thought he would be okay over there since his top secret clearance did not have to get renewed for another year or so. I guess his plan was to continue working there until he had to renew his clearance. I do not believe Dan went to go hide in Iraq, he just had to go back to work is all. Although he did know about the warrant, but I don’t blame him I would have done the same thing. Dan boarded a plane to Iraq 48hrs before the warrant was out.
    Well a couple of days after he had left they had US Marshalls surround the family house. The Marshalls told Miss. Phillips to surrender his work address and info to them, so she did. That’s how they found him; all they did was just ask for his info from his wife. After the US Marshalls obtained his info they were able to revoke his passport then his job found out. I guess he thought he was going to Washington D.C to try and get his passport renewed but before he could even get off the plane the US Marshalls boarded the plane and transported him back to Norfolk. On January 13 Dan had a bond hearing where his wife showed up. The judge denied bond simply due to him not having a place to stay.
    I have told Miss, Phillips that your daughter better hope to god that what she has said is the truth, because if it’s not and she made this up then your husband your father just lost his life cause of a damn lie. Now if the charges are true then he will get what’s coming to him. What will happen, will happen on that day. Honestly I believe the charges are true. I just don’t see why a daughter would make this serious, life damaging charge up. No one has anything to gain from what is being said. Mr. Phillips and Miss. Phillips basically had separate lives. Dan lived his life over there and hers over here, things where good. He supported the kids and left everybody alone. So no one would want to mess that up. But once his daughter said something that’s when it did get messed up.
    IF you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I and everybody else just want the truth.
    The main reason I wrote this is because there is just so many lies and biased opinions, and the media makes it bigger and worse than it really is.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • Comment by anonymous_P205:

      Not that it makes no difference, Just want everything to be as accurate as possible.
      Correction On the 3rd last day of his visit the family went out to macaroni grill and his wife had explained to him that he had a warrant or for his arrest. It was the Olive Garden, I get the two confused.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Wow! Thanks for clarifying the facts. I really hope you change you mind about talking with the investigators in this case. Also, I find it interesting he didn’t immediately start fighting this. Did he get an attorney right away or just head back to Iraq before the warrant could be issued?

      What most people don’t understand about offenders of any kind is that most blend right in. That’s how they are able to offend and get away with it. The don’t look like the Boogie Man or Chester the Molester! Most are trusted members of the community or workplace. That’s how the can perpetuate these crimes for so long.

  23. Comment by anonymous_P205:

    No he did not immediately start fighting it. When his wife questioned him about what thier daughter said he simply denied it. But she knew that he was not telling the truth. That was before the warrent was issued.
    He did not have an attorney hired before he went back to work out of states. Both of them did have attorneys for thier pending divorce, but the divorce had been halted and both droped their attorneys once all of this started happening.
    Dan left the area around 24-48 hrs after the warrent was posted on the front door of the family house.

    • Comment by Justice4all:

      Did his wife tell him about the warrant? Did he see the warrant on the front of the family home? Just seems like he would want to clear his good name if he knew about allegations of sexual assault. No one wants to be be accused from something if they havent done it.
      With all of this, than getting on a plane and then 6 months later they finally get him back to the United States. Anyone can see how this would look like Mr. Phillips was running from something – where better to go than far far away.
      I’m still thinking about what anonymous_P205 reported. Miss. Phillips reports that Mr. Phillips raped his baby sister. That is just plain disgusting!

  24. Comment by anonymous_P205:

    On the 3rd last day of his visit the family went out to eat and his wife had explained to him that he had a warrant out for his arrest. She told him away from the kids outside of the restaurant.
    I am not sure if he saw the actual warrent paper but Ms. Phillips did leave it on the door just incase he did come back to the house so that he would see it. Ms. phillips said that Dan thought she was jokeing about the warrent when she first told him. Thats why she left the warrent paper on her door untill she knew that his vacation time was up and was out of the states.

  25. Comment by Scooby Doo:

    It really sounds like if this is true that his wife is complicit. Way to go mom!!

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Maybe. But….. what wife does not trust their husband to be left alone with their children? Who wants to believe the man they are married to is a pedophile. Although you can’t rule it out, complicit may not be the right word. Denial may be more appropriate. Pedophiles are sneaky and they tend marry women who are easily controlled and manipulated.

  26. Comment by Burl Acott:

    i am not sure about the allegations against this individual but i DO know the one HR specialists comments about KBR only allowing a contractor to go to SE Asia once a year is nonsense. KBR could have cared less about where you went on R & R. I knew several individuals who went to Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam every 4 months, no questions asked. Anyone who spent anytime with KBR knows HR is a farce.

    • Comment by jamieconners jamie conners:

      Wait a minute. Daniel Phillips violated the law and justice has been served. HR KBR Travel is no different than other company Travel unit. An employee works-men or women and go to places they desire. Imagine if you were told that you can not travel to places whether Southeast Asia or anyplace on planet.

      Regardless of sexual vacation destinations or not. I do not advocate anyone harming women or children in any country. But this path way suggesting that KBR Travel personnel could care less is FOOLISHNESS! Burt Alcott KBR HR is a farce. WHAT! Who do you work for? and if you worked for KBR was HR a farce when you pleaded for a job day and night..brother..stop this foolishness. Men and women out here are in danger everyday…I do not want some exec. getting righteous or start standing up telling our people you can not travel here or there..after reading your FOOLISHNESS.. FORGET HIM EVERYBODY LET’S GO BACK TO THE ISSUES OF MONEY,CONTRACTS..WHAT IS GOING AT DYNCORP-BURT ALCOTT AND THEIR PEOPLE IN THE AFCAP PROGRAMS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THEIR CONTRACTS,EXPENSE ACCOUNTS R&R..LET’S TALK ABOUT BURT ITT LIKE FLUOR TAKING THOUSANDS OF APPLICATIONS AND HRING A HANDFUL HOPE TUNRED TO SADNESS! LET GO MAKE ON THIS BLOG TO TALK ABOUT THE MANY CLASS ACTION SUITS THAT NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT NOW. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE END OF THE CONTRACTS AND HOW TO INSURE PEOPLE GET MORE UPLIFT BUT THESE DREAM JOBS IN MASS NUMBER DISAPPEAR..IT I HAD TIME BURT…I WOULD TELL YOU ABOUT REALLY ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    I just updated this post.

    Charges were dropped. That doesn’t mean he’s innocent, just that charges were dropped.