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Dyncorp Wins Afghan Police Training Contract Despite Scandals

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Rich Garner, a police adviser with the U.S. security firm DynCorp, instructs Afghan police during a training session on room-clearing techniques near Qalat. Drew Brown / S&S

Mercs Win Billion Dollar Afghan Cop Deal…..Again.
By Spencer Ackerman
Danger Room
December 21, 2010
12:54 pm

The solution for Afghanistan’s endlessly troubled police force? According to the Army, the same contractors that have trained them for the past seven years.

Danger Room has confirmed that DynCorp, one of the leading private-security firms, has held on to a contract with the Army worth up to $1 billion for training Afghanistan’s police over the next three years. With corruption, incompetence and illiteracy within the police force a persistent obstacle to turning over security responsibilities to the cops by 2014, NATO has revamped much of its training efforts — except, apparently, the contractors paid lavishly to help them out.

The details: DynCorp will provide security personnel to train the Afghan cops at 14 different locations across the country. Those trainers will support the NATO training command run out of Kabul by Lt. Gen. William Caldwell in getting the police into an “independently functioning entity capable of providing for the national security of Afghanistan,” the Army’s Research Development and Engineering Command says in the award. The contract runs for two years and earns DynCorp $718.1 million, but an option to re-up for a third year brings the total price to $1.04 billion.

And to think: this all could have slipped through DynCorp’s fingers. From 2003 to 2009, company held a contract with the Department of State for training the Afghan police — law-enforcement training has historically been a State Department operation — that earned the company over a billion. But last year, Gen. Stanley McChrystal successfully lobbied to place the police training under his control. An obscure Army entity usually dealing with counter-narcotics known as CNTPO let it be known in fall 2009 that DynCorp wasn’t part of the companies it considered for the bid. So DynCorp registered a complaint with the Government Accountability Office contesting CNTPO’s fitness to award the contract. GAO sided with DynCorp in March; the bid went out under the Research Development and Engineering Command instead this summer; DynCorp won yesterday.

“We are honored to continue to support coalition efforts to train the Afghan National Police under this competitively-awarded contract,” company spokeswoman Ashley Burke emailed Danger Room. “Our extraordinary law enforcement professionals, working at the direction of the coalition forces and side-by-side with the Afghan people, have helped to make significant progress in developing a civilian police force in Afghanistan under challenging circumstances. We look forward to continuing this important work.”

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  1. Comment by justice4all:

    It’s like giving a bank robber the keys to the safe. Pathetic…

  2. Comment by justice4all:

    Anyone who plans to work for DYNCORP, do your HOMEWORK! Please please know that if do decide to go to work for Dyncorp, you assume the risk of the companies negligence when they get you killed or severely injured for the rest of your life.
    Remember that the tax payers are paying for the private security firms so the insurance your family gets is paid for by the tax payers and any “worker’s compensation” is also paid for by the tax payers. Basically Dyncorp will get paid, you are a warm body until you get injured and sent home to be placed in a system of getting the run around for medical care. The insurance companies (AIG, CNA etc) do not care about your injury, they care about saving money – they ALSO bill the government which means the tax payers pay that bill.
    What exactlly does the government get from these multi-billion dollar companies? I know that the men and women who work for these companies are for the most part fantastic people who are just doing their job. Ms. Sparky has showed us that there are always the dirtbags that bring the honest ones down.
    I know how it works, I’ve watched Dyncorp maneuver lawsuits at all costs (billed to the taxpayers) to avoid being accountable for injury and death to their employees.
    Here is a video link from an incident where Dyncorp workers were injured and killed in August 2004 in Kabul Afghanistan. If you were there, you will remember this well.
    This resulted in a lawsuit that spent over 5 years with Dyncorp manipulating the court system. Even admitting negligence it all boils down to the BIG companies killing/and or injuring the little people. He with the bigger wallet wins and apparently Dyncorp’s wallet will be 1 Billion dollars bigger.

    What the hell is going on in Congress?

    Call your Congress men and women and ask them WHY this company continues time after time to get contracts even with all the fraud, waste, dancing boys, negligent injuries and deaths and illegal activities all at the tax payers expense. Maybe someone can provide a full list of the new Congress so we can call them!

  3. Comment by Mr. Conversative:

    Who Dat!!! DYNCORP…wins again! Go Dyncorp, Go Dyncorp, Go Dyncorp!!!!!

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  5. Comment by Forseti:

    Great article, here is another DynCorp “incident” in Baghdad reported in Barry Halley’s testimony to the Democratic Policy Committee in April 2008:

    While I was working with this same defense contractor, the site manager was
    involved in bringing prostitutes into hotels operated by the contractor. A co-worker
    unrelated to the ring was killed when he was traveling in an unsecure car and shot
    performing a high-risk mission. I believe that my co-worker could have survived if he
    had been riding in an armored car. At the time, the armored car that he would otherwise
    have been riding in was being used by a manager to transport prostitutes from Kuwait to

  6. Comment by Mike Doe:

    Wow. First things first. (1) Have you ever tried to train an uneducated Muslum? I mean, no education at all. Zip. You can’t even get these guys to form a single line at school. That’s something “we” are conditioned to do since the first day of school. Then send the same Muslum through a life time of smoking hash. Throw in the “Cultural” differnce, and tell American cops to turn these guys into cops. Don’t forget that they hate us, although they may not know why. I’ve found it more because we are the “haves” and these guys are really broke and dysfunctional. Oh, and make them be “honest cops” too. Yea, no problem. Any other culture in the world would be my first choice. Did I mention that they are kind of nutty about their religion, and they view us as invaders? Second Issue(2) None of you readers would go to Afghanistan and do what we do. Oh….maybe for the right money???? I’m not going unless they double my state-side police salary, and they did. Lastly, the reports of “Lady-boy” dance crap is just that: CRAP. I’m really sick of reading the lies you publish about that shit. You really should be sued by DynCorp. Does anyone really believe that the Dyn Cops are a bunch of San Francisco Fag Cops? Are you out of your mind? The shit was investigated, and it was determined to be bull-shit. It was, I was there, at Konduz. It was joke that got played, and filmed. An ass-hole got a copy of the film, and was angry because he was being sent home. He fired the video off to the press, DOS I.G. investigated, and determined that it was bullshit. But it makes a grat fucking story for you liberal pussys to throw out there. Yes. My salary is GOOD. And you wouldn’t do it because your pussies, and distort the truth. Publish that ass holes.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I’m sure Dyncorp and Karzai will find no humor in your description of your students and you misspelled Kunduz….ass hole!

      No one accused you of being one of the ArmorGroup guys doing vodka shots from each other butt crack. Now that is just nasty. We accused you of a trafficking in persons (TIPs) violation for hiring a child who was most likely sold into the bacha bazi industry and is someone’s property and is being pimped out. A boy is forced to dress up like a woman and dance for men. Oh wait that’s nasty too.

      So you are saying if this disgruntled employee hasn’t released the video and Wikileaks hasn’t released the State Department documents this would have all been swept under the carpet.

      • Comment by Mike Doe:

        It is spelled “K-O-N-D-U-Z”. Unless you are German and they spell it Kundoz, and sometimes Kunduz. As in all transliteration systems, going from Dari to English is not an exact science. Dari uses a completely different alphabet, and they write from right to left. As far as the dancing matter being “swept under the carpet,” let me tell you, that was a stupid sideshow compared to the events that I’ve witnessed here. YES, stupid things happen here every day, and YOU don’t get to hear about them. I know, it’s not fair. I can’t imagine the mileage you would get out of the information I could provide you. But, I don’t believe in your cause. I think you have the wrong agenda. I’ve been here more than a few years, and I believe it’s time we pulled out. That’s the direction I’d like to see you take. As tax payers, we would be better-off giving our money to homeless alcoholics on the street, knowing full well that they are going to buy alcohol with it. That’s pretty much what we’re doing now when we give aid to Afghanistan. We came here to address 2 problems: First, Terrorist Organizations that use this country as a safe haven, training ground and launching ground for their misdeeds. Second, we attempted to address the opium cultivation and smuggling. Most people would agree that these 2 issues are relevant to the safety and security of the USA. However, in addressing these 2 issues, we created a third problem: BIG Government Money Corruption. Corruption is at all levels, and on all sides. It’s much bigger than the other 2 problems. The citizens of Afghanistan are dirt poor, and they see this corruption. They know their government is corrupt, and they don’t buy what the government and police are selling. The Taliban uses this as a selling point to keep the people against the government. There is so much wrong here, and we can’t fix it. Continuing to throw money at the problem would be much like putting out a fire with gas. Another point that you seem to miss is that DynCorp is but mere drops in the bucket compared to all the money and other nonsense going on over here. There are US and foreign corporations here making tons of money, and everyone of their employees will tell you it is a failure and a waste of money and lives. I guess was bothers me is ignorant people that talk about this place as if you have any idea.

    • Comment by Wut up:

      This it to Mike Doe (D, should be for dumb shit)

      First of all your one “Prejudice and borderline RACIST” cop.

      Second, your job is to train and teach them, to become a cop…….and that’s what you are being paid to do “stupid”…… your a dumb shit.

      Weither if they know how stand in “single line” or not; that is beside the point. Your responsibility to teach the Afghan recruits, is what you are being paid to do, that’s why you are the teacher and they are the students.

      That is why you are “training them” and them not training you “Stupid”

      To be a good cop, you have to have a good “MENTOR” or a teacher. But, I already see the OUTCOME of your students before they “even graduate” to be as “COPS” or before they turn against you, because of your “bad attitude”, racist remarks and prejudice against your own students.

      Here is why:

      First your attitude stinks towards the people you are trying to train. Your prejudice, arrogance and the lack of understanding and respect about the Afghan culture is why “Americans” like you get shot or killed by Afghan students/people……because you suck and you are nothing more than a racist and prejudice pig or “high paid” RENT a cop.

      Number three……########333333333333

      Mike, your Afghan, students cop recruits don’t know how to stand in a single line and you don’t know how to “SPELL”.

      Mike, HOW DO YOU SPELL “MUSLUM”? MIKE, this is how to spell it “CORRECTLY” Muslim Pronounced:(mooooos lim)

      So, just like you are prejudice with your students. I am, going to treat you the same way about your own stupidity and your ignorance………..I will assume you are “stupid” and you never finish “high school” or even college. Your a high school drop out, with a GED and you feel you are better than anybody because you are American Citizen……. You got your job, because a buddy of yours is a “manager” and he hooked you up “am I right” Mike????????buddy system

      Mike, your nobody and your nobody special. Stuck on your own world and stuck on yourself……so don’t let your ego get bigger than your “intelect” what you really are, is an over paid…… RENT A COP……..and nothing more…..Wake up and smell the coffee, Mike. If you weren’t working overseas training Afghan recruits; you would be securing KMART or Home Depot or a bouncer at some club.

      What about this Mike, the day you learn how to spell “Muslum” correctly, is the day your students will learnd how to stand on a “single file line”

      Change your ways and your outlook towards others.

      A student can only be as good as a “TEACHER”

      You think about that Mike, maybe that might teach you someting about yourself and your outlook towards improving yourself and the way you teach and train people, Afghans or not………

      • Comment by Justice4all:

        Is Mike Doe frickin stupid or what? If you dont have any respect for your students they sure as hell wont respect you just like NO ONE here has any respect for completely idiotic comments you have made.

        I just hope Ms. Sparky can track the IP address for Mike Doe and make sure that Dyncorupt has instructors who actually give a crap and that they arent wasting tax payers money paying someone who really doesnt like his job. You arent very smart Mike Doe!

  7. Comment by Barry:


    Ms.Sparky is no asshole,and many of the fine readers here have Indeed been exactly where you are.Because you are on a CIVPOL mission Is no cause to boast and brag and act like you are anointed from on high.Whoop dee doo.Youre hootin at people that have been over there,made all kinds of money and have done all kinds of things.

    To respond to allegations that there is rampant meatheaded buffoonish behavior with an obscene,threatening meatheaded buffoonish tirade would be funny If it werent so pathetically dumb.

  8. Comment by Sparky:

    Wow … Failing for 9 years and the government awards to them again. I wonder who they bought to get that decision. Gen Caldwell must be proud after that interview on 60 minutes. RDECOM awards this thing while Congress is on recess. US Taxpayers are getting screwed again … DynCorupt is laughing again.

  9. Comment by Mr. Conservative:

    Unfortunately, it appears that alot of bloggers are scorned people lashing out at others. Bloggers state their opinions and as we know the old saying goes, “opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and they all stink” (mine included)…

    There is not a company in the world that has not had it’s share of problems. I know there were some x-KBR employees that were not employed by Dyncorp when the the LOGCAP contract tranisitioned which probably left them scorned.

    I hope you, Ms. Sparky, were not working as an electrician for KBR when all the “SHOTTY” electrical work was performed in IRAQ.

    Hopefully your daughter will straighten her life out when she gets out of prison.

    By the way, I don’t believe that Congress was “on recess” when the latest Afghan police training contract contract was awarded.

    Have a good day.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Yes, I was an electrician for KBR when “SHODDY” electrical work was being done. I did my best with the tools, materials and management I had to do the best work humanly possible. But, the vast majority of electrical work was done by third country nationals (TCN’s/OCN’s) hired as a cost saving measure. What it cost were peoples lives. Not one person was electrocuted in my area of responsibility because I called back and checked. If that was a “SHOT” you missed.

      If I thought for one minute you actually cared about my daughter and wasn’t using her as a weapon I would respond to this statement.

      • Comment by justice4all:

        Mr. Conservative, you are the type of person who gives these type of companies a bad name.

        Only a completely pathetic loser would make any comment about Ms. Sparky’s daughter…that was just plain stupid and just shows the mentality of the DieCorp or Dyncoruption. Its no wonder there is so much bad press about Dyncorp.

        Merry Christmas Deb and may the New Year bring Peace in your heart and lots and lots and lots of blogs about the corrupt contracting companies.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          He admits to being at the party. He was not the one who stopped the exploitation of this child. Therefore he participated if in no other way then by remaining silent and not stopping it himself. His inaction speaks volumes about his character. Then add in the personal jabs at me….that pretty much sums him up.

          • Comment by Mr. Conservative:

            Ms. Sparky,

            If you are saying that I, Mr. Conservative, was at the alleged “party”, and I assume you are referring to the alleged “Kunduz party”, then you have once again miss perceived what you have read.

            This is the only site that I have ever blogged on and blogged for the first time the other day. I guess blogging is not for me. There appears to be a lot of hatred among bloggers at least on this site.

            It is your choice to believe what you want about “allegations” of any nature. In the end the proof is in the pudding as they say.

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

        • Comment by Mr. Conservative:

          Ms. Sparky herself said that “I do get quite a few “I’m Sorry’s” when I tell people Tiff’s in prison. There’s no need. I am thrilled she’s in prison and doing well. The way she was going, a funeral was inevitable. She gets out in less than a year!”

          I was merely giving a wellwish for Tiffany. I absolutely said nothing derogatory about her situation as I don’t know the details. If the wellwish was perceived the wrong way, by anyone, then it was all in the perception or miss perception of the reader. Just as your perception or miss perception of who my employer is.

          You appear to have alot of hatred towards contractors and the companies that employ them…..

          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  10. Comment by Barry:

    Dyncorp has had It’s share of problems with allegations of bad behavior and criminal activity as well.In Bosnia,for example Dyncorp got quite the black eye as a result of their employees partaking in human rights abuses.Dyncorp is now fighting allegations of similar bad behavior in afghanistan.Its tough to spin boy prostitution (its on TAPE,folks)but here we have documentation in these very comments of the way these knuckle dragging clowns bully and intimidate.All of this can be googled-so go strong arm google,you simple minded dumbasses.Crawl back under your rock now and stop the bully boy tactics.You bring shame and discredit to your profession,to the UN and to the CIVPOL program.Sparky can say what she damn well pleases!

    You just never know who might be reading this,dummies…

  11. Comment by Dave:

    It’s a shame that we pay these guys when there are numerous active and reserve Military Police units that can do the job 10X better and actually be held accountable for AFG police development via the military chain of command.

  12. Comment by justice4all:

    Dave, I agree completely that is why we are working with several new Congressmen to have the Dyncorp contracts reviewed and possible options such as what you suggest.

  13. Comment by ex-dyn-intl:

    Former Dyn Intl employee…
    For what its worth, They won this contract because they were lowest price…by a significant margin. I do not know how they were able to credibly bid it so cheap…may not have used US personnel and used Australians or something.
    They have a lot of internal problems and Cerberus/IAP just laid off in the last two days a huge number of personnel from Fort Worth and VA. A number of senior people were pushed out the door…maybe they can turn it around…they have a LONG way to go.
    Keep up the good work Ms. Sparky.

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