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Thou shalt not lie! Someone needs to tell the Pentagon!

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DoD officials would no doubt like the growing number of veterans and their advocates to “shut up and keep it to themselves,” but the evidence that these burn pits are connected to various ghastly illnesses is becoming harder to ignore. Prepare for the drip, drip of Pentagon acknowledgments as their denials become untenable. We saw this after the Gulf War, when at first, the DoD was silent about possible toxic exposures and the complaints of ill vets – then it revealed that 300 to 400 had been directly involved in a possible leak of nerve gas when it exploded an Iraqi weapons depot in Kamisiyah in March 1991. A year later it confirmed that more than 100,000 soldiers were exposed to the nerve gas in the Kamisiyah leak. Today, recent studies have shown not only the toxic air in the field, but a combination of controversial Army inoculations and pesticides, have made Gulf War veterans sick.

Of course, this is all about liability for the Pentagon. While it happily spends trillions on wasteful, inefficient hardware and bloated, mismanaged defense contracts, the government will fight for decades to assure its responsibility for service-connected health care and compensation is at the very minimum.

The DoD Shuffle. (Click HERE for original article)

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