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“LaVena Johnson – The Silent Truth” documentary released

Updated Wednesday, Nov 10 at 9:56 AM

(KMOV) — For years, a St. Louis family has wondered how their soldier daughter died in Iraq.

Lavena Johnson, who was 19 at the time, was found dead of a gunshot wound in July of 2005 on a U.S. Army base in Iraq.

The Army ruled her death as a suicide, but her family believes Johnson was raped and murdered.

A new documentary about her death premieres Wednesday night at Webster University at 7:00 p.m.

The film, “The Silent Truth” is being shown to the public for free.

Johnson’s father, along with the film’s director, will be available to discuss the movie afterwards.

The film is put on by “Veteran’s for Peace,” a group which aims to expose what it calls “the true cost of war.” (click HERE for original article)

MsSparky.com has been following this case since we first heard about it. We have been waiting anxiously for well over a year for this documentary to be released MidTown Films. Finally the public will get a glimpse into the world of Army Criminal Investigations. The LaVena Johnson case is but one classic example why I personally have NO confidence in the Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) to investigate the rapes and assaults of not only female soldiers but civilians as well.

You can view the documentary trailer HERE. I caution you, there are some very graphic crime scene photos in this trailer. I also have the trailer on my YouTube.

You can also get more information and view other videos at the PFC LaVena Johnson website.

It is so incredibly sad this military family as well as so many others must personally investigate the crimes against their loved ones. Defense Secretary Robert Gates should be very ashamed of himself. This is absolutely unacceptable!

As soon as I find a link to view the entire documentary I will post it. If you have a link please email me.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by Keven Barnes:

    Tillman – cover-up and a true picture of U.S. Army integrity today. The Department of Justice has started its own Procurement Fraud Unit because the Army CID are inept, corrupt, and truly not respected any longer in Law Enforcement.

    Where is the autopsy report from her home-state county.

    We have already seen Ms Sparky uncover the Army CID giving rape-kits away to KBR.

    The lack of integrity of the U.S. Army to award KBOSS to a convicted felon, ITT, while they are on probation for violating terms and conditions of a Prime Contract and while violating the terms of their probation are just another sign of the lack of integrity for the Army. It has nothing to do with the mission – it has to do with them as an organization and their willingness to cover up time and time again.

    We have seen too many examples where you just don’t entrust the very Agency that allowed the crime to occur on their watch, on their base, and under their command to investigate themselves. Never. When is Congress going to put investigations of fraud, murder and rape under the FBI only and let an independent investigation that is not colored by even the hint of loyalty to a branch of service. Only then will families like the Johnson’s trust the results.

    No hiding behind a stage name here – you have a problem with this post U.S. Army fans – you write me. kevenbarnes@yahoo.com

  2. Comment by Avis Darden:

    How can I view the Silent Truth LaVena Johnson Documentary?

  3. Comment by brie:

    any updates? I saw the youtube trailer for this…. what’s the hold up? I thought we had this thing called the constitution???…we saw the invisible war, lets see the silent truth! I was considering enlistment until I learned about LaVena, Morganne McBeth, Sophie Champoux etc….Soldier rape shouldnt be considered an occupational hazard!

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