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ITT awarded Kuwait Base Operations and Security Support Services (K-BOSSS)

According to a letter from the Army Contracting Command, Rock Island Contracting Center the Kuwait Base Operations and Security Support Services (K-BOSSS) contract W52P1J-09-R-0065 has been awarded to ITT Federal Services International Corporation.

The Government received five (5) timely proposals and one (1) late proposal. Of the five (5) competitive proposals, one was eliminated from the competitive range.

The determination of contract award was based on the overall best value to the Government among the four offers in the competitive range.

K-BOSSS is one of three contracts that will replace the current Combat Support Services Contract-Kuwait (CSSC-K) contract #DASA02-99-C-1234 held by Combat Support Services (CSA) in Kuwait. The three contracts replacing CSSC-K are Kuwait Base Operation Security Support Services, Ammunition Supply Point, and Supply Support Activity. The CSSC-K contract was to end September 30, 2010 unless it is extended again. The total amount of CSA’s CSSC-K contract has approached $3.5 billion since first awarded in 1999.

According to FedBizOpps.gov the amount of the contract is $75 Million! I don’t know what the length of the contract is for and how many options are available.

Regarding the recent scathing DoDIG Report regarding CSA’s lax security on the CSSC-K contract, one has to wonder if that weighed in on the Governments award decision. Not knowing for sure if they even bid, I wonder if it was their proposal that was eliminated.

Let the protests begin!!

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by Info Said:

    No. Should they? Probablly but just look at the posters when CSA had the contract. Really, review all the comments of hatred, the hope of them losing the contract and the warnings that were posting they all had it pretty good. Now look at the posting of a few disgruntled few ex-employees. Again, should they? I think so, however the reality is they have it and will keep it for the foreseeable future.

    • Comment by me in q8:


      Why are the ITT departments being told to provide continuity books if they are not about to lose the contract? How is it that they have been on the ground for 4 months and still do not have an approved SOP? Really a continuity book before the SOP is approved looks like the writing is on the wall to me.

      • Comment by Info Said:

        Okay, understood but what’s the point? They are going to lose the contract because of this? I will bet you right now there is no change in the contractor come the Sep time frame. Bottom dollar – no change. Even if they lose the contract your going to get someone worse than ITT or CSA who came before them however, I bet everyone wishes CSA had the contract. Just look at the looser named Walt.

      • Comment by Hunter:

        me in q8, what is a continuity book? ITT has no SOP after 4 months? What about Work Instructions?

        • Comment by me in q8:


          I am not sure about all of the departments but I know for a fact that many of them have a draft copy only for their SOP. A continuity book is like a smartbook for the USG and the IPC (incoming performance contractor) so the they are not left completly blind when they get boots on the ground. Continuity books generally include SOP’s work standards, CDRL’s and POC’s. CSA provided both hard soft copies of this to ITT.

          My information comes from an ITT Manager.

          • Comment by Hunter:

            Thanks me in q8! Good information.

          • Comment by JAPOC:

            I would swear under oath that my whole department put together Continuity Books (24+ 3″ binders!) to leave for ITT. Me in q8 is correct on the contents and I know for fact that ours also included Internal Work Instructions (37 sets in my branch alone), flow charts/processes (thanks Six Sig!) and even POCs for KMOD badges (including the on-base SECFOR OICs) so if everyone (department) did this, ITT knew by end of week 1 that they were grossly undermanned…as did the ASG-KU.

            • Comment by Hunter:

              JAPOC, they knew. It was always about money with them. We just didn’t know until they cut the Westerners by more than 50 percent. Who knows what the think was. Like Noone said, ITT did not want the contract.

              • Comment by noone:

                So true my friend. So any news on what is the latest with the contract rumors

                • Comment by Hunter:

                  Noone, I still hear the same. Supposedly, ITT will not have the contract for very long. Some of my friends on the ground have heard the same thing. They are waiting for some clarification.

                  • Comment by Info Said:

                    Okay Splinter (in my rear) and Sploone a little history lesson for you individuals of no education in contracts or knowledge other than what your TCN friends provide to you: prior to CSA losing the contract you need to remember they had received numerous formal warnings from the USG (government) to improve performance and get their “act together.”

                    Several of those were what is called Level Three warnings, which are issued only in cases of serious noncompliance with the terms of a contract. As noted, this is the primary reason CSA was not awarded the new KBOSS. Now, for the USG’s (Army’s) ongoing arrangement with ITT, the contract specifies a grace period and Letter of Understanding of these previous deficiencies (committed by CSA) and inherited by ITT, with a acknowledged and agreed upon time frame for compliance to SOW classified as immediate to undetermined; monetarily incentives are built into the contract for Level A achievements to withholding of performance bonuses for Level D performance.

                    Now go back to your friends and ask them to clarify what they are hearing because “I ain’t hearing” anything to the contrary”. Again, you two are out on the street and will never be invited back so way do you care so much about matters which don’t involve you? I’m very curious for an answer.

          • Comment by Rob Gardiner:

            Thank you , you are quite correct I sat and watched many of the continuity books being put together in the Supply & Services by some real good managers , especially in the area of the fuels, ITT sadly made themselves look like fools, from the start, not smart, not enough people on the ground to go learn from thos that were leaving what was going on, I still in many ways go back to the takeover, the recruiting people , who were EX CSA some now ex ITT, You get it wrong from the start it be a long hard road ahead, A shame for the many fine people that stayed to do their level best without enough help around them to make this work for ITT, CSA had faults yes, but for sure lack of manning was never one of them. ITT will pay in the end pay the price for their poor planning and preparation, worse still at a cost of real support to the people they are meant to be there for,,, the U.S, TROOPS…

            • Comment by Info Said:

              Rob, I agree 100% with your statement however you must realize the manning requirements is IAW with the contract. The budget was set and specific requirements on % of personnel and nationalites to be hired. Another “behind the scene” fact is, the numerous IG complaints filed by employees of CSA for the many years. Yes, that also was an unoffical factor into the equation but personnel numbers was strictly dictated by the USG and not the winning contractor.

            • Comment by Hunter:

              Robert, greed is something that will always hurt people. Unfortunately, the innocent are always caught in the middle.

              • Comment by Info Said:

                To Sploone, Slunter, Splat, Splaoc and any other “men of merriement.” Much of the reasons surrounding your incompetence is nothing more than your cheap anesthetic to deaden the pain of your empty lifes, my fine gang of five friends.

                You all need to remember that there is just something just so innately perverse about the absence of time and desire to achieve success that you all endear yourselves too. In reference to your statement concerning greed, I can only say the more we acquire, the more elusive “enough” becomes.

                Just remember you gang of fools, that your complaints are not over the lack of being wronged as much as your overt hostile temperament as the scorn of you being shown the door and being put out on the street.

                You bellyache over the scorn, not the basics of the situation. Not over loss benefits and ability of yourselves to defraud but the entitlements you feel you deserve but have loss for doing basicaly nothing.

                The source of your problems is only people acknowledging your presence.

  2. Comment by Walt:

    You need to review the hatred and prejudice you have put out INFO. Lok at it and tell me how you justify that. Is it professional?? Intelligent? Would you be proud to show it to your family? Your employer? Don’t answer just read and be ashamed. Just really, look at it as if someone else had written your text and tell me how it looks, and what it is.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Splat, what is your point? I just called you out and nothing more. Okay, maybe I didn’t always call you darling but my messages have been spot on for the many Americans rooting out fraud. Yes, unfortunately, you are one of them. For the life of me, I don;t know what you think of me as I have a job, work hard, express my opinion and work to bring criminals to the courts. You however, ar a welfare brat on food stamps.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Took your advice fool and I got several impartial high fives bud….the consensus was, why are you or anyone else, not employed by said contractor, even commenting on matters you all have no knowledge of.

      Yes, I showed all of your posts and several other cronies. Yes, I was reprimanded for some minor attacks against person and I do apologize however I was exonrated when I explained my hatered for ignornat people ike Splaters…

      • Comment by me in q8:

        Doesn’t this fit you??? You stated that you never worked for ITT, CSA, or TC. So why do the comments on this post offend you to the point that you resort to name calling and berating? I dont agree with alot of things that other people post, but you know what I spent my time in uniform, defending the constitution so people do have the freedom of speech. I have said this before and I will say it again “if you do not like what is being posted then go to another blog”. Going to another blog could be your freedom of speech.

  3. Comment by noone:

    I agree with you 100%

  4. Comment by Walt:

    Well folks I see MIS INFO is at it again. He never disappoints with his ingorance. All I can wonder is why he has chosen to continuosly attack 5 people on this blog. perhaps the items addressed by matter, hunter and al has helped to close in on his worthless ness and taken some of his cronies down\. In past posts he even alludes to this. So the blog has accomplished its purpose it has identified some contractors that were doing wrong. And if he can’t silence everyone he knows hes next.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Thanks Splat…I forgot to name Splatter. As to your comment..WTF??? Are you intoxicated or high? Take who down? I just want to expose you fools for the fools you are. Just look at all your whining complaints about CSA past and present and the whining about someone you never worked for – ITT/TC and I wonder “why?” are such disgruntled people allowed to communicate? I don’t want to silence anyone except a bunch of rouge whiners who have turned off a lot of legitimate bloggers.. Thanks Splat…illiterate moron.

  5. Comment by Info Said:

    This is fantastic; 48hrs with out a whisper of KBOSS. I only criticize myself for piping in but it’s such a moment for celebration…yea to all!

  6. Comment by walt:

    I guess MISINFO has alot of time on his hands. Propabably charging the US Taxpayer for it though.
    Proof??? 1. he constantly monitors this blog. When does he work? He must be monitoring/commentating on work hours.
    2. What does he do on his off work time? Its not family or friends, its KBOSS blog.
    3.Obviously no time for hygiene. too busy with KBOSS.
    I envision a bald grossly obese white guy in a diaper watching blogs on his laptop. so sad but probably true. I wish he had a life like the rest of us. but I guess Ms Sparky is his life. Way to go – Info!! you are doing good. Maybe next year you can haunt another blog.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      You know, I do get a chuckle from your comments but I must affirm this: if I was physicaly as you describe that would mean I am one of your former colleauges and this is the type of person who was employed by your FORMER employer. Hmm, fat, bald, greasy and lazy…sounds about right. What do you put down on your resume? It sounds like you actually have a thing for me…miss me?

  7. Comment by walt:

    Haven’t seen Info today. Time to eat half a turkey and change the diaper. I guess the nurse is in or hes watching computer porn.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Glad to see you too, Splat. How’s that job hunting going? No Rite Aid positiomns open around your neck of the woods? We’re all hoping to see your number fall off the unemployment index soon.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Splat, I should come to your defense slightly though and actually be helping you out a little with a little “tough love” so hear goes. First, I understand what being unemployed can do to a man’s sense of self-worth – it must be a hideous thing. The mere fact that you were let go is bad enough, but I’m sure you’re feeling crummy that you can’t find a job. I’m sure your low point has been the realization you can never go back OCONUS and that the local school won’t even hire you as a volunteer crossing guard; I’m sure that was as low as it gets. I’m also positive it has all hit you hard and I do empathize with you and your situation. I’m sure when they wouldn’t hire you on for no wage it was like, “Wow, if I’m not fit to work for free walking pedestrians across the dang street, what am I fit to do?” I’m sure you know what they say about success: “10 percent inspiration (Splat and crew) and 90 percent perspiration (rest of the hard working work force).” Get of that inspiration thought my wooly haired friend and take the perspiration route.

      Splat you have to be cognizant of the truth that having a job is enduring the perspiration without inspiration. But let’s face it after looking at the majority of personnel files of former “slackers” of your ilk; you have to probably first make restitution to your consciences before you can find any success. Splat the thing about not wanting a job and finding other ways to make money is that it makes you free, and freedom is scary for people like you as you’ve been institutionalized the majority of your life. When you left CSA it was probably like being kicked out of your parents’ house on your 18th birthday: Sure, you can do whatever you want, but you gotta pay the rent. Failure is on you.
      Don’t be an unemployed loser! Be an unemployed winner.

      Yeah, I’m talking’ to you, Spalt now get out there and report back your success and no more words of failure. Go forth old man; go forth!

  8. Comment by Walt:

    you are an idiot. If I told you who I am and what I am doing you would literally crap your diaper. I am already more sucessful than you will be in your entire worthless life. I never needed to come to kuwait in the first place loser… it was a fact-findinding tour for me jackass

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Splat, I’m on your side don’t be angry. I understand the self-denial aspect of the issue and I am in no way offended on your weak comeback. You have just contradicted yourself via prior postings which I have read in totality. Fact finding mission? Come on Spalt, you can do better than that. More successful? I only hope, but it’s a dream you and I both know.

      Let the truth save your soul and that will be your first step in your redemption. You were a gate guard bud. Get over it. How could you have been “more” successful than I who may or may not have commanded a work force of military and now civilians, in masse?

      I’m on your side Splat, just get it out and we’ll get you fixed.

      A little trick that helps me out is when I think about all the times past and present when I realize how hard I’ve worked my freakin butt off until I achieved my goals or just dropped dead.

      Splat don’t let people think you’re a loser for clinging to your mindless, exaggerating and clueless mediocrity to rule your life.

  9. Comment by Walt:

    Dude I have more education, experiance and skill than you can hope for. Secondly I bet my pool is bigger than your doublewide lot. I don’t have to defend this . the fact you are online here as much as you are speaks volumes for your level of success. And the fact that it bothers you so much that a couple of people are bitching also speaks volumes. It shows what a weak minded person you truly are. And actually. this is as much time as I can allot to you tonight my disgusting sorry acquaitance . I truly feel sorry for you that you can’t find work at home in the US. But at least you can be somebody among ill trained, illeterate, and incompetant peers overseas. Its truly where you belong

  10. Comment by Walt:

    As a matter of fact Mis Info .Since Im so dumb and broke .I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll send you an email link where you can provide your true identity and then see if I can’t make your life miserable. Since I’m so miserable this should be a sucker bet. After all ,you are much more superior.,you should be able to crush me. So…. you wanna play???

  11. Comment by Walt:

    What yo say hero? Put up or shut up

  12. Comment by Walt:

    Pretty quiet now huh big shot?? The offer holds… I’m ready when you are. I’m sure you may own something I want, even if its to give it away.
    I’ll sue you for your last penny. And you really believe you’ll have a job to continue to earn US dollars? fat chance. Nevertheless a computer to chat on. So lets play. Remember, I’m nobody you have nothing to lose.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      I’m good for it bud…I was hoping to help you and your pathetic life out but I see I’ve hit a raw nerve. I’ll of course take the high road and still extend my offer to help you out and get you on the straight and narrow. I’d rather help a misguided sorry soul than kick down a beaten dog. I’m here for you Splat.

  13. Comment by Walt:

    Ok gambler,
    I’ll set up the address and post it here for you. Then I will vett that address and check out the information you give me. When my people insure me its correct we will discuss this situation.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Just give me your address…I’ll be in your neck of the woods (or I already am) very shortly. I’m in sunny LA bud, Palos Verde. Close or are you down in Carson?

    • Comment by Info Said:

      “My people”, Who the the Oompa-Loompas??? You’ve got to be on drugs Splat. I urge you to get off them ASAP!!!

  14. Comment by Walt:

    As for now I have some business to attend to. It will be good to see how much crap you talk when the aliases are gone. I think that you will be alot more should we say subdued. You see my friend.. you never know who you are addressing online.

  15. Comment by Walt:

    No addresses dude we handle it via email and go from there. I am glad if you are in CA I always wanted to have some CA property. So I’ll get yours.

  16. Comment by Info Said:

    Business to attend to? You can do unemployment on-line these days fool. Food stamps, that’s another thing. I can help out if you need a loan though.

  17. Comment by Walt:

    you will need your olive leaf cause i’ll have your clothes dude. you can eat a dirt McMuffin when I’m finished with you

    • Comment by Info Said:

      I didn’t know ex-Rite Aide guards were so empowered. Oh, I get it now. You were former corrections and THINK you have some LAPD connections. Your what we call the wannabes cops. Ok, now it makes sense. Your just one of those fools driving around flashing your correctional badge pretending one of us. Now it all makes sense.

  18. Comment by Walt:

    OK , anyways nuff said. I’ll send the address in a day or two after I contact the folks that I need to. And we can go from there.

  19. Comment by FatestGuyontheContract:

    Can we stay on focus here? I don’t think anyone cares about CSA Oxygen Thieves. Information about ITT K-BOSSS I thought was the topic not former CSA employees “Info, Walt, Hunter and Others”. While I would love to see the cage match between these hicks I would like current and relevant information on ITT and the new K-BOSSS contract.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      The problem is the people commenting are no longer on the contract. I agree with you, if it’s relevant from people in country, okay. However those gang of five are all ex-lacky employees fired and have no information to provide except hearsay. Now, if you have information relevant to the current situation, I’m all ears and will gladly supplement, confirm or if need be clarify/deny said comments. If you look at my previous blogs (aside from the gang of five comments) you will see I’ve been pretty spot on with what is going on. Splat however, is a ex-wannabe who had his but kicked out of country,

  20. Comment by walt:

    I also agree with you Fatest. The problem is in fact Info just go back on the blog and see who brings the most misinfo into this forum. He wants his point of view the only one here. I really think he has run off anyone with relevant and current information

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Name one person who had relevant and current info idiot? One person, in the past month? Even that is a stretch. No one was run off except (and I hope) you, SPALOC, SPLUNTER, SPLATTER, and Splooge.

      • Comment by me in q8:


        I think the info on continuity books is relevent and current. Per your own words I still dont understand why you are here. You have never worked for any of these companies so why do you care? I really must say you are incredible just not credible.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      It’s people like you who need to be brought to bear. People trying to impersonate a legit officer of the courts, of the people or of the country. Not a freakin correctional guard working Twin Towers waving his fake badge.

  21. Comment by puzzledinQwait:

    I agree with Walt, actually. Infosaid has done nothing but attack everyone on this blog. If you dont like what is being discussed Info said . why don’t you leave??

    • Comment by Hunter:

      PuzzledinQwait, I agree with you wholeheartedly however, some people simply like to fan the flame. To those whose comments offer no value and exhibits belligerence it is worthless to even address them because some people, sad to say, will never change. The purpose of this blog is for information, support,justice, and sometimes laughs, and that’s it. Anything else does not belong here.

  22. Comment by noone:

    I agree. Mz Info should not care what is being said here since in his/her own words has never worked for any contract company and there is no way the USG or any company will pay anyone to sit around and monitor a blog. Ms. Sparky needs to delete/investigate this person he is a FRAUD

    Now what is the latest on the contract.

    • Comment by Hunter:

      Noone, information on the contract trickles down slowly. I have not heard anything new. I am sure when additional information comes out someone will post it.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Whoa bud, I never said I didn’t work any contract company just not the ones you have worked for. However, I work for the agency that has a lot of oversight of the firms you work for (or did), if that makes any sense to you. If not, I can explain in clearer detail for you.

      • Comment by noone:

        Hey lady your a liar. I remember a posting you did that said that you had never worked in contracting. Once again you have been caught in a lie. Of course that is all you do is lie. So do us a favor and stop posting here

        • Comment by Info Said:

          Splooge, there are things that your feeble little mind just is not able to comprehend and that is expected for such a low level source enabler promulgating erroneous and false information to the crew of five (including yourself.) Didn’t someone post here just recently only put down factual information from people on the ground and not from the ex-looky-loos who just can’t get enough drama from their own pitiful existence they sit at home hoping the ones who remained fail and suffer. You should be dang ashamed of yourself, fool

        • Comment by Info Said:

          There are things that your feeble little mind just is not able to comprehend and that is expected for such a low level source enabler promulgating erroneous and false information to the crew of five (including yourself.) Didn’t someone post here just recently only put down factual information from people on the ground and not from the ex-looky-loos who just can’t get enough drama from their own pitiful existence they sit at home hoping the ones who remained fail and suffer. You should be dang ashamed of yourself, fool

  23. Comment by Sean:

    This place is like the LCpl underground. The fact about the Security part of the contract is a joke. More then half the people that were hired did not give a shit about base security. Guards spent more time looking for new jobs while working or they spent more time sleeping. Most of the guards should have never been aloud to carry any firearm.
    The facts are that every person that came to CSA knew how much they were getting paid. In my eyes most of the Security department was over paid for there skill and knowledge they had in the Security industry.

  24. Comment by Sean:

    If you truly believe what you write in this blog and you are professional and tactful in what you say and write then you should not hide behind a screen name.

    • Comment by Afghanistan...Yes I Can:

      Well Sean, you do the job if your such a subject matter expert. The truth is many of those guys are former infantry and combat arms. You must’ve been a desk-jockey. Matter of fact, what did you do?

  25. Comment by FatestGuyontheContract:

    Can we get back on track? How is the ITT-KBOSSS contract going? I am seeking information from those in the ITT Kuwait trenches not from Bill Stirling Ethically Challenged Managers. All former CSA employees who have negative posts are encouraged to work it out at your local Olive Garden or on Jerry Springer and not on this site.

    • Comment by Long Time in Kuwait:

      Well Guy, Each contract had a All-Hands meeting the other day but they had them seperately this time due to the location, the chapel.The only things those guys wanted to talk about wasthe splitting up the company so they can keep more money in each division, meet the new division president, safety, and how much they have made/ how much they want to make. They spoke to our contract first, TACSWACAA, and nothing happened in the question and answer part. Can’t count on them getting down to bottom about anything asked because all they care about is how much money they are saving the goverment, ie: they asked if anyone had any insight on the DFAC’s reason for having us pay, and that reason is someone said that they were told by one of the DFAC managers that all contractors pay because they get FALA or per diem, which of course is false. So the management said they will look into it with DOL. KBOSS was after us, which probably every “body” on the contract from Arifjan was there. Most of them, the local hires, really didnt need to be there because they got the best part of the deal out of all them on that contract. APS-5 was after them more than likely but I really don’t know anyone on there anymore.
      Once I find out about what was said from KBOSS’s meeting I will make sure to share. I do know that for sure they will be around till the end of their original end date of this first year(Feb 2012).

  26. Comment by Walt:

    Long time . So the army is looking to split the contract again?? Or is it the contract holder?

    • Comment by Info Said:

      The contract will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

      • Comment by noone:

        Splat no one asked you for you worthless lying comment. We want to hear from people who know what is going on not someone who claims he does. Remember, I know exactly where you work

        • Comment by Info Said:

          You know what’s funny? Part of my job is to review prior contract closeouts, discrepancies, fraud, hotlines etc. and I’m looking over a document which states that many civilian contractors who worked in Kuwait didn’t have proper security clearances for a majority of the DoD contracts and could have undermined national security. Now, I know this information was widely reported in the news however that is about all you heard about. What you didn’t hear about was the follow-up to the issue and as such if is still ongoing. I am free to disclose this tidbit of information as people will need to be contacted, those identified by the companies. I’m guessing all five of you idiots were one of those people on the list thus, not retained by the former company. That is probably why you are sitting home.

          • Comment by noone:

            I know more about the clearance than you forgot about. As was said last night “you have no idea who may be on the other end” I suggest you remember this SPLAT. Why don’t you tell us all how you were demoted in your job.

            • Comment by Info Said:

              Hey spooner, give me your e-mail so I can contact you off-line. I need to give you a formal reprimand. Demoted, just when I need to put a foot up someone’s a#$, like yours. Height requirements you know.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      I thought we were done with you? Go home already.

    • Comment by Long Time in Kuwait:

      Itt the company is financially dividing up! I don’t know if you know but ITT is 3 different divisions for example all government contract fall under ITT Systems, which is changing to ITT Defence. They are making it formal split so that those divisions can keep the money within that division what they make off of contracts rather than it all going to ITT main and diveed up from there. They are getting it finalized thru wall street right now for the share holders.

  27. Comment by Info Said:

    You do? Jeepers, Creepers, where did you get those eyes? Ahhhh!!!

  28. Comment by Walt:

    Demotion? Really Info? why don’t you talk about that? Yo have an opinion about everything else. How does a guy on the honey truck get a demotion?

  29. Comment by Walt:

    noone tell everyone about this guy!! and his demotion. I am sure hes proud about that. Actually its probably someone else’s fault

  30. Comment by Walt:

    I want to hear about the demotion. Anyone else interested in Infos career pattern??

  31. Comment by Walt:

    Just trying to help you info… you must stop deluding yourself its going to jhelp you get better. So, confession is good for the soul. Have at it

  32. Comment by noone:

    Hey F’s up and blames on it on everyone else. he is god and does not make mistakes. Heck he has no tact in dealing with anyone regardless of nationality. He had ITT thinking he was a DOD civilian but when they found out otherwise he was just lucky to get hired by them.

    He always brings his laptop to work on a daily basis

  33. Comment by Walt:

    We can see his people skills as he communicates here. Info tell us about the demotion… Mr DOD civilian. Its your way to redemption

  34. Comment by Walt:

    Now he has nothing to say noone .No big words, no slimy comebacks, just silence. The truth does hurt Info. But if you promise to behave we will allow you to suck up to us.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Hey Splooge, Splunter, Slapoc, Splatter and Splat why do you gang of five all love each other’s company and relish in each other’s misery, I wonder aloud? Why do you all bash your former company and tattle-tale like little children? Is it out of jealousy? Is it out of resentment? Is it true that miserable people just naturally attract one another? Or is it actually a combination of all three, although one or all aforementioned factors probably need to be weighted more heavily than the others to determine the true answer to your situations of despair and loath.

      Of course your anger and dissatisfaction with your said existences has to depend on the actual individual (or does it) and in your cases it would be simplicity and foolishness of losers (of course you are all just naive.) For the sake of being polite, I usually try and not laugh at you, only because I can see how badly you all are miserable and love each other’s company. Most normal people that are happy with life generally don’t criticize or attempt to belittle others unless it was done to them first. I believe when you worked for CSA you were treated like dying dogs thus your current and present attitudes toward advice providers like me, have been compromised and cannot be changed – thus your disgruntlement at life and your pathetic lives.

      I understand you look at Ms. Sparky as a Mother figure and probably me as a Father figure and you are all fearful of what we both stand for; this is understandable and no offense taken guys.

      To give you all the benefit of the doubt, I do understand that not all of you are miserable however; you have all linked up with each other and one of you has exhibited the Alpha Male syndrome and the others are just being dragged down with the leader. I understand you are all unhappy with your current lifestyle (street pimping, Mexican labor force –day laborer, pool cleaner etc.) and whether it in the workplace or your personal life (no outside contacts other then the blog site, no girlfriends or wives etc) you are all simply looking for a way out to normalcy, and will often look to each other for help, not as targets for you own misgivings as you all share in your misery.

      The uncanny thing about all of this is, instead of you guys asking for my or others advice, you are all readily able and set to dismiss us and come up with your own execuses of being wannabes, pretenders, experts, and just bad people.

      Guys, you all have to reason that maybe you aren’t making the smartest decisions in your life and it seems you’d rather give up an attempt to better yourselves just in hopes of watching someone else fall. Prove me wrong you gang of Five.

  35. Comment by Walt:

    And noone we know why he brings his laptop now. Maybe you need to call ITT and see if they know why.

  36. Comment by Walt:

    Speak of the demotion Info. Stop trying to avoid the issue. Were you demoted or not?? stop trying to sway the issue or change the question

  37. Comment by noone:

    Ask you for advise surely you gest. You are nothing on this contract and we all know it. You are not an expert or anything else. You are nothing but a waste of space. Your a joke and you know it.

    time to stop wasting my time with you you bald headed MFer

  38. Comment by Walt:

    Noone so what was he doing before the demotion??

  39. Comment by Walt:

    and before his fradulent claims to ITT to get reemployed?

  40. Comment by Walt:

    Instead of attacking people who aren’t even online. Address the questions asked.
    1. The Demotion
    2. The fraud you perpetrated “DOD Civilian”

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Me? You have to be kidding. Haven’t you read any of my informative posts you munchkin? How did the pool cleaning go today>

      • Comment by walt:

        I don’t know did you clen my pool correctly or will I need to DEMOTE you??

        • Comment by JAPOC:

          could we PLEASE stop acknowledging the presence of one that is nothing but rude?

          Stop munching down on his little teasing kibbles…okay? Please???

          It’s like when a child has a temper tantrum…you ignore them and they stop.

  41. Comment by Walt:

    I guess noone he has conditional amnesia. Can’t seem to remember what he has done. Well blame us Info…. so it can make you feel better. Demotion!!! I am laughing so hard I can’t wait till your next Demotion.

    • Comment by Info Said:

      You two eggheads definitely display all the attributes of the “loose cannon” and phycotic personality disorder or you are just plain weird. I mean let’s just look at you two from this evening’s posts: you both routinely mock authority figures (me) and probably did the same to your former supervisors, other adults in your life’s.

      You both can’t keep a job, your proven that your undependable and you’ve acknowledged you’ve been fired at least once (I’m sure it’s rampant in your records.) You all lie. I’m sure you’ve been married at least twice, if not more, and of course it never lasts does it Splat? I’m sure one or more of you joined the military and one or two have been dishonorably discharged. Your recklessness and impulsiveness in your comments bodes well for your cover of being superior and I’m sure at least one of you has demonstrated such a sexual promiscuity that one or more of you have Herpes or HIV. What can I do to help you guys?

  42. Comment by noone:

    He did the same job. ITT did promote him but he was shortly thereafter demoted to the position he held prior to the end of CSA.

    Hey, he said he was on vacation in Ca but why is he on here while on vacation. Truth is he is afraid to take vacation for fear ITT will get rid of him.

  43. Comment by walt:

    Info?? is it true?? So how long did you have the new job before demotion?? Not long I guess. A month or two? long enough for ITT to see the incompetance. We are “mocking” you, how so? You are more superior. So lets discuss the DE motion. I have never had one. How does it work? Did you lose pay as well or just perks and prestige. Now I understand your anger. ITT emasculated you… (my guess it didn’t take much)

    • Comment by Info Said:

      No sh%t dumba#$, they just fire your sorry a#!. Why waste time with a loser like you to demote? You are the ones we just go to the top with and can….gosh, you are “dumb”. Have they instituted the UA test for the welfare babies in Calif yet? I can’t wait till we yank your sorry butt

      • Comment by walt:

        So about the demotion. They spent time to demote you right? that makes you better?? I’ve never been demoted Promoted yes but demoted. how does that work??

  44. Comment by noone:

    Here we go again attempting to blame others for your mistakes. Stick to the subject and tell us all how you were deomoted. Come on tell us or are you afraid.

    You can dish it out but can’t take it

    • Comment by Info Said:

      Splooge, I thought we got rid of you already…WTF?? Still around? Oh well, here goes some tough love just for you bud.

      I know you will dispute the notion of your being a follower (and loser,) as the eminent essence of your presence on this blogsite (as you have nothing relevant to provide) however, I just don’t see you as having anything in common with anyone except the gang of five and I’m sure you have very few friends in life outside this blog. I’m positive as a result of your insecurity you purposely hide behind the screen blogs.

      I’m also sure you’ve spent most of your time alone since being fired from CSA and now you have to wipe your ass by yourself and this must be quite foreign for you. Believe me if there were people you could relate to, I’m sure you would be hanging out with them all the time and inserting yourself to a positive society as a normal and upstanding citizen however, some people prefer to be alone, a loser, an incompetent and you allow your choices of friends to be the ones on this blog site.

      • Comment by walt:

        I vote for the guy who was DEMOTED to be Alfa LOSER. Congratulations Info!! You have been promoted to Loser. You Won!!!!

  45. Comment by walt:

    He doesn’t like to talk about his demotion noone they probably caught him jacking off in the office or something like that

  46. Comment by Info Said:

    Hey guys, I think I’ve gone a little overboard with my intellect and lambasting of you guys so I want to apologize because I realize you are all very emotional when you’ve been confronted with the cold hard facts that I’ve beaten you down with time and time again.

    I hope you guys aren’t to the point that I have made you even more loony than you already are okay? So seriously, I understand and forgive you all for being self-centered, illiterate, and not knowing your weaknesses. I understand you aren’t leaders that know their strengths and understand their flaws…not you little tiny former CSA employees who were all fired from the same job. I understand guys.

    I know you are all overly emotional, which makes you unable to see how stupid and maddening your writings are. Your babes in the woods and have been confronted with the realities of your life from a stranger who has called you out almost 100% correctness. I know you are all checking your files, e-mails and wondering how I could know all the things I do about you but with that said; your also realizing how much I’m right and how much you are have realized how despicable to yourselves when you look at your respective faces in the morning.

    I know there is one or two of you worried about the HIV and Herpes issue but just go to the free clinic in the am, they’ll take a look for you. Guys, I’m your friend and not your enemy. Just call me your Daddy and let’s get along, okay?

  47. Comment by Forseti:

    Looks like ITT was re-awarded K-BOSSS:

    ITT Systems Corp., Colorado Springs, Colo., was awarded a $267,918,208 cost-plus-award-fee contract. The award will provide for the modification of an existing contract to provide base operations and security support services in support of the military troops and equipment moving through the country of Kuwait. Work will be performed in Kuwait, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 28, 2015. The bid was solicited through the Internet, with five bids received. The U.S. Army Contracting Command, Rock Island, Ill., is the contracting activity (W52P1J-10-C-0062).

    Public Queries for DOD
    General questions or comments concerning the DOD