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Attention KBR truck drivers past and present

US supply convoy in Iraq

Even though I was a KBR electrician, I think KBR truck drivers are the most under appreciated under-recognized of all KBR employees. I believe there have been more drivers killed and critically injured than any other group at KBR. KBR drivers haul everything from drinking water, fuel, ice, mail, food and even the hooches (CHU’s/trailers) the soldiers and civilians live in. If it weren’t for the drivers we very well could have been sleeping on the ground, eating bugs and drinking water out of the Tigris River. YUCK!! A personal “HATS OFF” TO ALL KBR DRIVERS!!

They put in long hours. Much of which  is on the road dodging bullets, rocket propelled grenades (RPG’s) and improvised explosive devices (IED’s). Many hours are also spent loading and unloading and waiting……and waiting……and even more waiting.

Rumor has it that KBR has been contacting current and former truck drivers  in Iraq about a pending arbitration against them in San Fransisco in which drivers are claiming they were forced to work “off the clock”. KBR has been trying to get drivers to help them by asking them to sign declarations or sworn statements they recorded all their hours they worked as drivers in Iraq.  If you or anyone you know has been contacted by KBR in the last couple months and asked or “encouraged” to sign anything about hours worked I would like to hear from you. Either leave a comment or email me.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by TruckStop:

    KBR contacted me several weeks ago on 9/11/2010 … first by phone, then by email. I was contacted by Arlene M. Jackson, Employee Relations for KBR.

    The entirety of the email that I received is as follows …

    My name is Arlene Jackson and I work with KBR’s Employee Relations Department in Houston, TX. I am emailing you about an arbitration that has been filed against KBR by some former employees who worked as truck drivers in Iraq. You may have already heard of this case if you received a letter from the truck drivers’ lawyers (letter was sent out in early 2010 by lawyers in San Francisco, CA).

    It is my understanding that you also worked for KBR as a truck driver in Iraq. We are in the process of contacting all former truck drivers to ask them about their experience in Iraq as it relates to the allegations being made by the plaintiffs in this case. Would you mind if I ask you a few questions? If you are willing to speak with me about this subject, please contact me at 713-753-3144 at your earliest convenience or if you prefer, you may provide me with a telephone number where I can reach you and a date and time that I can call you.


    Arlene M. Jackson
    KBR, Inc.
    Employee Relations
    4100 Clinton Drive, 01-112
    Houston, Texas 77020
    713-753-3144 phone
    713-753-2767 fax


    When I spoke with Ms. Jackson, it was obvious that KBR is attempting to discredit the drivers involved in the filing and paint them as “malcontents” … as KBR always attempts to do. (The old “Chicken or Pasta” routine.)

    I explained to her that I was not aware of any filing, but since I had been a driver in Iraq for KBR … and if this law suit was to eventually be certified as a class action … that I would be a member of that class.

    Therefore, until I had further knowledge of the details of the complaint, I was not interested in speaking with anyone from KBR or signing anything.

    It is obvious that KBR is grasping for straws, if they honestly think that this meager attempt to discredit the truck drivers involved is going to succeed.

    But we all know KBR … and how they treat their employees.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Thanks for this info. Hopefully, more people will step up with information, especially the drivers in theater.

      • Comment by Randall Huggins:

        I was in Iraq, Camp TQ, from 12/04 to about 10/06 when I was transfered to Cedar II and demob’ed 11/06. I AM part of the suit filed in San Fransisco, Ca and you are exactly right. I just recieved an email about the people that were there, and some that still are, wanting “declarations” that they were paid for all hours, a few that I can recall were the same ones in an uproar at TQ when we were made to change our timesheets.

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          Thanks! If you still know KBR drivers in theater send them the link or copy and paste the post for those who can’t get to MsSparky.com

        • Comment by Brad Mcvey:

          This is mudflap Always catchin the mud,while protecting others! ha..2004 to 2007 TQ,Then Camp
          Delta 2007 2009 then Alasad 2009 till 2010 AUG
          Bobtail,UNPAID CC,I havent recieved a phone call
          yet but I called them left messege see what all this was about. Its good to at least read you mail
          some of the people I served with.But hey everyone that was over there Your top percent of the American population.. thank you

  2. Comment by VSE CORP WATCH:

    Of course KBR never cared about their drivers because they never armored their cabs to protect them – in all those years they never did. Unlike a camp where KBR can say an employee was off the clock, driving in a convoy is something entirely different.

    Question to KBR – “How does the driver go off the clock?”

    Chicken or Pasta, that is being asked now of VSE Employees in Kuwait as this company is also trying to get away with not paying overtime and pocketing the employees labors as their own profit when clearly it is fraud.

    VSE Corp, as you can see, it may take a while for your employees to files suits against you in the States, but you, and many other companies are guilty of stealing your employees overtime wages. Criminal.

  3. Comment by Donnie Fox "chewy":

    Yep, they called me too, wanted to ask A few questions, so I answered them truthfully and told the lady that yes as A convoy commander and driver I seen on this happen on many occassions, but she never asked my to put it in writing, gee I wonder why they don’t want both sides in writing???Must be afraid of the truth…LOL……E-Mail (edited)

  4. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Has anyone of the drivers ever heard the saying “84 and no more”?

  5. Comment by White Rose:

    I was a driver for them and I know first hand that KBR will do everything they can to discredit anyone that says anything against them, even if it is the truth. I am still dealing with that kind of crap 6 years later. And let me tell ya, watch your backs. Once some of the drivers that “hold the party line” know who you are, they will also talk crap about you to everyone that will listen. CYA all the time when it comes to that company

    • Comment by kangsc:

      I am not driver,but worker& understand when you say CYA.A KBR Supervisor, a former colleague of mine,told me to document an event against my present supervisor.This boss allowed the military to place a person without a manifest on a vehicle.If the vehicle had a crash and people would have been killed,I would have been held responsible. This person said that KBR will use anything against people.

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  7. Comment by Krash:

    I’m haven’t heard from KBR, but I was contacted by the lawyers in San Francisco, and I will gladly tell KBR about the “big-wig” managers that came from Anaconda to Cedar to tell us in “All Hands” (meaning just drivers) meetings that we had to reduce our overtime immediately or our jobs would be eliminated. I also remember one Anaconda manager telling us that we (truck drivers) would be out of work in 12 to 18 months. That was in the summer of 2005. I also remember that we as a group asked if management would put that in writing and we were told no. I lost count of the times that we, as drivers, were threatened with “Chicken or Pasta”, if we didn’t reduce our hours. I’m still trying to figure out how sitting in your truck on the MSR waiting for EOD to clear the road of bombs is considered off duty by KBR TTM managers!?!?!

    So KBR Houston, maybe it’s time you start listening to the “employees” instead of the BS reports that the managers send in.

    I will be sending this post to all on my mailing list so those still deployed will at least get to hear both sides.

    • Comment by hollywood:

      oooo..what a mess .they have found themselfs in … i was there 2003-..2004..me and my older brother joe….and i will tell ya .were are the militaray airforce layers .. we all signed a contract as amy contracters why are we paying for out side help ..ok whatever.. kbr will have to pay all of us what they own.dont worry my friends it will be handled..god heres my prayers .. trust me when i say that ..love all of you boy and girls .. speend more talking to jesus about it ..he knows and he is doing something about it .look how far we all made it . so dont worry, hang it there love yall

  8. Comment by Ben Aurtingdeimst:

    this is the family of the truck driver! oh men… those days won´t come back…

  9. Comment by KBR Recovery:

    It’s not just truck drivers, I was in Recovery, and more than a few times we stayed out for 24+ hours on Recovery missions not getting paid.

  10. Comment by glenn fiore:

    Worked for KBR as a truck driver 2005, if you worked 15 hours one day the next day only had to work 9.

    • Comment by Tony Dupuis:

      Your joking right…. I was there from 06 to 10 and if you got comp time you were extremley lucky, we always had to put in overtime and come back the next day to work a full 12 or more

  11. Comment by kevin "taff" jones:

    Worked for K.B.R. From April 07 till Aug 09 based at Tallil. Was employed as a Heavy Truck Driver and a H.E.T. Driver. On many occasions was called in to the supervisors office and told to reduce hours on time sheet. When I questioned this, the reply I got was “Quote” There’always a way for you to go home earlier than you intend to. Went to H.R. With the complaint but nothing was done because I was a T.C.N.

  12. Comment by Charles Irvin Hanson:

    I was employed as a heavy truck driver from Feb 2010 untell Jan 17 2011 and we were told at least every other day that we could not show any more than 84 hours a week no matter what!

  13. Comment by Dennis Toebben:

    whats the latest news on the arbitration for the KBR truck drivers overtime pay?

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