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Two Dyncorp employees killed at Kandahar

(This article is from an Irish newspaper. That’s why the American is being referred to as a foreign national. )

Two killed in Afghan raid

Two foreign nationals were killed in a suicide bomb and commando attack on an Afghan police training centre in Kandahar today, officials said.

An American and another unidentified foreigner, both with the US security firm DynCorp, which is contracted to help with police training, were killed in the attack.

The Kandahar governor’s spokesman said one suspected Taliban insurgent blew himself up, blasting open the gates of the training centre and allowing two other insurgents to enter and start a gunfight before they were killed.

The Taliban insurgency is at its height since the Islamist group were overthrown in a US-led invasion in 2001.

US-led NATO forces are planning an offensive on Kandahar and its environs in the coming months, mixing a troop surge with governance and development projects. (click HERE for the original article)

As I get more information on this I will let you know. I don’t know yet if these were LOGCAP or CIVPOL employees for sure. My condolences to the friends, families and co-workers of the latest victims of these cowardly terrorists.

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