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KBR’s Bill Bodie resigns – Good F-ing Riddance!

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Good riddance! I had to establish a whole new category when Bodie started his public campaign of villainizing victims of KBR incompetence and corruption. I called it Bodie Babble. He actually had the ballz to write op-ed article for news papers around the country supporting KBR’s position of why KBR wasn’t responsible to killing Col Gentry and making others sick at Qarmat Ali, why it wasn’t KBR’s fault at all that Jamie Jones’ was raped and held against her will in 2005 and why the Good Friday Massacre was the Army’s fault.

Below is the email sent out by KBR’s Mark Williams.

TO: All KBR Infrastructure, Government & Power (IGP) Employees

FROM: Mark Williams, Group President, IGP

SUBJECT: North American Government and Defense Leadership

KBR plays a vital role in support of the U.S. military and other Government agencies. The leadership of the North American Government & Defense (NAG&D) Business Unit is an important aspect of that support. I want to thank Bill Bodie for his work, dedication and service to KBR. Bill has resigned to take another job and I wish him well in his new endeavor.

As we work to fill the NAG&D role, I will serve as interim President. I will continue to look to the counsel of Richard Hack, Jill Pettibone, Richard Graves, Linda McKnight, Bud West and their teams to guide the organization.

Thank you all for your service and dedication to KBR. I look forward to our continued work together as we strive to make KBR the world’s premier go-to contractor of choice.

So what happened to Bodie? Did he even make it a year? Maybe….barely! He replace Bruce Stanski when he just up and quit onMarch 17, 2009 and slithered on over to Fluor taking many of his minions with him. So where is Bodie slithering too. Dyncorp? Agility?

Now I’m going to have to edit my KBR Happy Dance JibJab of Bill Bodie and Bill Utt.  For those who are unaware this JibJab is the dance I think Bill and Bill do every time there is a ruling in KBR’s favor. (Do not click if you are easily offended!)

So…..any speculation on who will be replacing Bodie? I understand Lucifer is available!

Bye Bye Bill!! I’m sure if you land in the Defense Industry ANYWHERE you will be giving me plenty more to write about!

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by .....:

    Has anyone checked Fluor or DynCorp’s job boards to see if one of them has a posting for a village idiot?

  2. Comment by KBR Expat:

    I wonder if his medical insurance will cover having the puppet masters hand removed from his @ss. Will he qualify for workers comp. I think it could be considered a work related injury.

    Does anyone else notice how many KBR and LOGCAP execs have recently jumped ship? Ms Sparky there is something going on.

  3. Comment by Baboo Remembers:

    It seems as if most of those who perform media oriented public relation positions appear to have a limited life cycle.

  4. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Here’s an article from GovCon about Bodie’s resignation/termination.


  5. Comment by Charles M. Smith:

    The KBR memo brought to my attention a fact of which I was unaware. The Richard Hack mentioned in the memo was LTG Hack when I knew him. He was the Deputy Commanding General of Army Materiel Command (AMC). Of course, the LOGCAP program is part of AMC. At that point (2003-2005) LTG Hack could give direct orders to the Commanding General of Army Field Support Command who was responsible for the management of the LOGCAP contract. Certaianly no conflict here!

    • Comment by LD:

      You are 100% correct, Sir. In fact when the RFPs for LCIV was going on he flew into JBB for a meeting with the then current CC to discuss business. He was AD at JBB in 04-05 if I remember correctly.

  6. Comment by KBRoger:

    Billie Boy went to Parsons. So he didn’t follow Mr Forever Tan (Satanski) to Fluor.

    And Rick “The Hackster” Hack? He is loathed and despised at KBR. Paid tons of moolah and hasn’t gotten them a single contract. IDIOT! And treats his peeps like SHITE. What a jerk. Sad commentary on the Army that Hack ever made it to the rank of General.

    The folks left at KBR Arlington are miserable. All looking to jump ship as soon as can do.

  7. Comment by KBRoger:

    More leavings at KBR. Rich Graves, VP for Design and Construction left a few weeks ago, and just yesterday, Linda McKnight,the VP of Sales left. Totally incompetent. Did they leave or were they forced out? No one knows for sure……The Arlington office is almost empty now with everyone leaving. No one left to turn out the lights. Over 30 folks have left there in the last 2-3 months. Hear the British side of the business is winning work in the Middle East -their management has more on the ball evidently.

  8. Comment by Richard:

    BASH, BASH, BASH….where is your proof? More Mis-guided info….people will start to understand your motives soon enough…

    “I strive to live my life in such a way that when my feet hit the floor in the morning corrupt defense contractors shudder and say ‘OH SHIT…SHE’S AWAKE!'” ~ Ms Sparky

    Were not REALLY shuddering, more like laughing…especially when you have Fraud media like Huffington post quoting you…now when FOX News or Rush, Hannity, Beck, or the like start noticing your posts because of the truth value…maybe we can take your cause seriously.

    I love the way you Pat yourself on the back and use profanity to stress your weak point.

    keep em coming…were all dying to see your next riviting comment!


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