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Happy 105th

Some have said we are polar opposites! Haven't you heard....opposites attract!

Behind every psycho serial blogger who is committed to exposing corporate corruption in the Defense industry is a wonderfully patient husband who doesn’t give her too much grief for blogging and investigating 10-14 hours a day for free.

With that in mind, as my husband and I prepared to celebrate another year of marital bliss I feel the need to thank him for a few things.

Thank you for not getting too upset when we are talking on the phone and a call comes in from…Iraq, Kuwait, DC or wherever and I put you on hold for “just a second” and then don’t get back to you.

Thank you for not being too upset when the phone rings at 4am on a Sunday morning because someone in Iraq forgets we are on Pacific Standard Time not Houston Time.

Thank you for not being too upset if I forgot do do something important (like pay the cable bill) but can remember the names, dates and places of each electrocution victim from Iraq.

Thank you for not being too upset about the half finished projects that were started and then interrupted by “breaking news” or a “hot tip” from the Middle East. The blog post got finished but the project(s) is still in limbo.

Thank you for not trying to keep me from blogging even though you don’t understand where my passion comes from.

Thank you for 15 great married years (20 total) or as you would say, 105 dog years! I know it’s not easy being married to Ms Sparky so I’m sure there are times when it actually feels that long!


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  1. Comment by Mr Sparky:

    “Thank you for not trying to keep me from blogging..”

    As if I could keep you from doing anything! :)

  2. Comment by justice4all:

    A special thank you to Deb’s Mr. Sparky :) – may you have many many more years of wedded bliss!

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