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DynCorp just can’t seem to “Get ‘er Done” in Afghanistan

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Severe soil settling has caused this guardhouse to lean and its surrounding walls to crack. SIGAR has recently identified significant soil stability issues at the construction site of the Kunduz ANA garrison. (SIGAR photo)

Oversight report: Construction of barracks for growing Afghan army delayed

DEB RIECHMANN – Associated Press Writer –  April 30, 2010

KABUL (AP) — Construction of two barracks to house 5,800 soldiers in the growing Afghan army are months behind schedule and even after they’re built, the Afghan government won’t have the money to maintain them, a report issued Friday by the U.S. inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction said.

U.S. strategy in Afghanistan is linked to shoring up the Afghan security forces so they can take responsibility for securing their own nation after international forces leave. Delays and construction problems uncovered at two army garrisons being built in Kunduz and Laghman provinces undermine that strategy.

The Afghan National Army is slated to grow 52 percent from nearly 113,000 to 171,600 by October 2011. The Afghan National Police is to expand its ranks by about 35 percent from nearly 100,000 to 134,000 in the next 17 months.

An estimated 1,800 Afghan soldiers are to live and train in a $72.8 million army garrison being built in Kunduz province in northern Afghanistan.

An initial construction phase to build barracks, storage areas, a dining room and compound for embedded U.S. trainers is 20 months behind schedule, according to the report by the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. A second phase to construct more barracks, a clinic and detention facility is more than a year behind schedule.

According to the report, the Afghan government does not have the capacity to sustain the Kunduz garrison or other Afghan National Security Force facilities once they are completed.

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  1. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    C’mon Spark, spank Dyn Corps A&& the same as you would if this was KBR. Don’t cut them no slack. How in the hell can the govt decide to give them the damn contract anyway when KBR was 900 Million cheaper…..seems like something the taxpayers need to know…whatya say Spark? Seems like the taxpayers would need to know that an overpriced POC (Piece of Crap), contractor cant perform the job and is endangering American lives when KBR was there and getting 99s on the AFEBs and the military loved KBR. Hmmm?

  2. Comment by Michael R. Gersley:

    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? Since when is it that being an American is a black mark against you. Our own government stands by as Fluor sends you home and hires foreign low pay labor, does congress have stock in Fluor? who is behind this? Is it corporate GREED ? The American people are getting bent over time and time again. When Is it going to stop? Rebel American REBEL Stand up and say no more, no more, Vote, Vote,them out of office. Stand up for were your tax dollar go.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I believe it is the Defense department who has mandated this push to hire foreign unskilled labor as some sort of cost savings. You get what you pay for. I agree VOTE THEM OUT! I am painfully close to voting against EVERY incumbent up for re-election no matter who they are.

      • Comment by jamal thompson:

        Yes this is what they say, oyu get what you pay for but the real ture is the us soldier are teh one suffering because the stupidity of Fluors, ITT and Dyncorp. however OCN are also treated bad and inhuman by our Fluors and ITT xpax, owuld and americna company descriminated against an american, hell no, they are getting away with murder becasue they feel OCN are not protected by us law. I ask one american at the DFAC in FOB Sharana. why this OCN did not have the proper equipment to work, ” don’t worry they be ok ” really it ok to him. because he is not the one doing the dirty work.OCN not only get pay less but they also get from verbal abuse and harrassment from our American prime contractors.

  3. Comment by ear to the ground:

    I disagree with Optimus Prime. At KingsBay Naval base J A Jones was under bid by another contractor by like 60 million and was chosen. Why? Best value is why. If KBR was so well liked why is it that many National Guard members are suing it? Does KBR have stateside O and M contracts for miltary bases? Nope, but Fluor does! One can say the reason KBR got away with things is because of Guy LaBoa.The retired generals club. The Military honchos would not want to piss off a lucrative, self centered,pompous clique or they would not be getting those cushy jobs after they leave the service. ( Gen Sanchez , $625/hr now with KBR). I have heard many complaints by the client about KBR, so no the Army did not love KBR.How many lawsuits are against KBR by soldiers? Is anyone counting?

    • Comment by sail:


      You obviously have not done your research – KBR has a number of O&M contract in the US including NAS El Centro that the have been reawarded four times and Los Alamos just to mention two. In fact KBR has more BOSS contracts than Flour.

      So before you state a fact know what you are talking about.

      • Comment by jamal thompson:

        That is true kBr have more ocn working for them, I never saw so many descrimination toward OCN, like i see it here in Sharona, Fluor should be prosecuter for violating this OCN civil rights, an american gets called a bad name and they get suit, and OCN gets called stupid MF and Fluors. ITT, gets to walk free.and people wonder why OCN hate us. we pay the price for what our stupid ingnorant american do. I never saw so many american been so danm racist, this is not our country
        some of you never have nothing until you got here, most of you lie in the resume to get a job, 75% don’t even have a high school, and some of you for some reason or other still think they are better than others. what is going to happen when you go home and you see yourself with no job, can’t pay for the nice home that you purchace to impress your friends, I tell you what is going to happen, you either go crazy or you be flipping burger at burger king. Karma is a bitch, God don’t like ugly. you are no better than anyone, god make us equal. educated yourself and don’t make an ass of yourself.

  4. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    Best value – Ok ear to the ground- you must have your head in the sand. Best value- give me a freakin break, 900 million cheaper – best value and now Dyn Copr is getting hit with level 3 CARs left and right…ok…you said it-best value. You are entilted to your opinion, you sound like another disgruntled employee wanting to take a swipe. i dont think KBR did a bad job or they would not have got excellent ratings in most of the PEBs and AFEBs…Hmmm – best value..WTF ever

    • Comment by Ksniper:

      Optimus, we all know that Dyncorp has screwed the pooch and i heard from one of my side kicks that one of them either fluor or dyncorp got a Lv 4 CAR, i mentioned this to sparky awhile back but i guess she either one did not track it down or found out and buried it in the spam box. LOL, put it this way neither contractor is performing and if you notice Mr Gersley said they are sending american’s home and hiring FN’s reason not cheap labor sparky but it is easier to get them to afghanistan instead of waiting for the SF85 or 86 to process. Now Fluor is telling folks to stay home until they clear and then come to Greenville. No more getting paid to sit on your ass or billing the government for that BS. Come sparky you tend to find CARS on KBR but where is the ones for Fluor and Dyncorp???????

  5. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    Oh yeah, about some of those lawsuits. Qarmat Ali Hmm I believe that the Army did an env survey before anyone went there…Hmmm seems to have dissapearred. Also – I am 100% about protecting soldiers, but when you walk into an area and see busted bags that say Sodium Dichromate – you might want to pull back instead of just walking around in it.

  6. Comment by El Jefe:

    Right on Ksniper, how come there is nothing ever reported on the other contractors? Rumor has it that one of the companies restrict use of the internet at the field locations because they don’t want that dirty laundry hanging out there. Remember these new kids on the block are in a nice warm and cozy bed with Uncle Sam, and since Uncle chose them they sure in hell can’t spank them too hard!! The expats also know that if they get caught reporting something they can be replaced almost instantly with a FN. Hopefully someone will muster enough guts to let Ms Sparky know what is really going on because there is no way in hell these other guys are CAR free?

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      You guys keep saying I don’t blog about the other contractors. You want to hit my Dyncorp, Agility, CSA, Blackwater, Triple Canopy, SBH, Teng tags!!! (and very soon to be Najlaa)

      • Comment by Ksniper:

        Sparky we asked about Dyncorp and Fluor’s CARS not about blogging if you are going to sling dung then slinging equally not just because the one you are trying to bring down is not getting all of the CARS at the moment. Share the wealth or let me see you are “TRUE BLUE”. Come on sparky, you say you have contacts with the DOD and all of those big wigs in Washington then spread the dirt on Fluor and Dyncorp i never see you post those wonderful CARS that the other 2 recieve. Do i smell some bias or another BS smoke screen?

        • Comment by Ms Sparky:

          I will call a staff meeting right away. If my staff is slacking and is not equally publicly humiliating the big three and more, then heads are going to roll! And if I have people who are not sending me information I think I need, as soon as I need it, well then I’ll fire them too. How’s that? Feel better?

          For those who are new to Ms Sparky, I don’t have a staff. I am a one woman show with the help of Forseti who volunteers their time. When I get it, I blog it.

          • Comment by Forseti:

            Staff reporting and fit for duty, do I get a snappy hat and lanyard now??

            • Comment by Ms Sparky:

              What a great idea!! Ms Sparky caps and lanyards. You are a genius. I am so lucky you volunteer to work for me for free!!! Now you had better shape up because Ksniper says we are not spreading the sh*t equally amongst the DoD contractors.

              • Comment by Forseti:

                I forgot to say Ma’am in my 1st comment. Please forgive the omission, Ma’am. Also, at the risk of a Ksniper tirade: He is not the boss of me :)

                • Comment by Ksniper:

                  LOL, Sparky you need to spread it evenly and Farseti i am the boss of no one. It is quite comical that KBR CARS are quiet easy to get but for Fluor and Dyncorp the seem to be hard to find. HMMMMMMM. It is going to be very interesting to see the reply. LOL, if i want a laugh i always will have one here. Ask for information and then i get the run around like i thought the information is not flowing as well as i thought.

                  • Comment by Ms Sparky:

                    Ksniper- You just like to be argumentative.

                    • Comment by Ksniper:

                      Not true Sparky, i just ask for balance and of coures it is not on this forum. I understand you dislike for KBR and if they were so bad, why stay 2 years in Iraq with the outfit? Hell if it was as bad as the Green Zone was i would have left after i seen all of the BS that you said was happening there. I just speak up when the dung gets deep. Yes there is stories out there about both Fluor and Dyncorp, but the thing is it never reaches the blog. Not sure who VSE is but Najila is a sub to guess who? KBR!!! This blog sometimes reminds me so much of Hannity of Fox News. Talk much junk about the democrats and promote the Drill baby Drill concept of the former Gov of Alaska and when BP dumps a rig in the Gulf and now a enviromental mess is on going and what do they say it is the President’s Katirna instead of lets get this thing capped. Sorry about hijacking the post but you see what i mean sparky. Fluor and Dyncorp are golden but KBR is always in the ditch in your book. Something wonderful is going to happen soon and i pretty sure this blog will be hopping and all of your regulars will be out in force.

  7. Comment by MRG:

    As you e-mail your gripes, please take some time to E-mail your congress men/women,and the President about the hiring of foreign unskilled labor replacing Americans,Blast the DoD on goverment links.You put them in office and you can take them out.See how they like it.

  8. Comment by Baboo Remembers:

    The garrison built in Kuduz province was built by Afghan subcontractors. The collapse of the guard tower was caused by inadequate soil analysis, concrete batch mix and footing design to support the required dead load.

  9. Comment by sail:

    I have to say – this whole construction situation and falling down – just leads me to believe that there seems to be a lack of lessons learned regarding construction in the Middle East.

    I was with a large US contractor (not anyone who is in the headlights today) in the late 1980’s that was given a TO to build a $100M+ training building in Saudi Arabia. They picked the site – did not do a soil survey and built a cement and rebar 4 story frame. Over the next 6 months – thanks to shifting sands – well the entire 4 stories sank to a level 20ft below the ground.

    So for another $100M+ a new TO was issued and a new building was build on top of this structure with the theory being that the original building had finally hit bedrock and was now a frim base.

    Of course back then no one was making a stink about wasted money.

  10. Comment by El Jefe:

    Easy lady, there is no question that you do a great job putting out the info you are able to obtain on most DoD contractors. But apparently the really big new LOGCAP player is Fluor and current news on their performance (good or bad)seems scarce?

  11. Comment by ear to the ground:

    As far as no one speaking about Fluor getting CARs I will say this. First, mostbut not all Fluor managers, supervisors, foremen are ex-KBR, second jsut maybe the ones in charge now are having the freedom to do things correctly versus the good ole boy system of KBR. There seems to be 2 Superintendants that were promoted by chance as the transition took place. There were demoted to Foreman. They could not justify their qualifications for the promotion. More demotions to come. About internet blockage, this is good. How many times have people gone into offices, MWR, Billeting, etc and people were chatting, IMing, shopping, etc? Four people were recently fired for violating the Fluor policy. Just ask Ms. Perez about this. The answer to all you Fluor bashers will be coming shortly as a PEB was just done. We are all waiting patiently for the results. As far as CARs go, I have spoken with several DCMAs and they are pleased for the most part. There is a problem here or there that has not changed according to them from the way KBR was doing things and this area still needs improvement. Oh by the way, even the locals are complaining about Fluor having to make them work, OMG! Some are talking of a strike, lol. No one ever heard the locals complain about a company before but this shows how things are changing. If one wants to compare apples with apples then they should do this. In the first year KBR was awarded the contract, how many CARs did it receive? Oh let’s not forget the Level 4 CAR a DCMA gave KBR last year or so but someone in Wash. DC downgraded it to a Level 3, that was shown in a Congressional hearing, hmmm?

    • Comment by Ksniper:

      EAR i think you are sadly mistaken, when you cannot get expat to the theater because of the SF85 process and Fluor goes to hiring more fn to fill the void. No level 4 hand i think you need to read more carefully. If the DCMA is happy with Fluor then why issue CARS. The funny thing is EAR it was already an established project and not a dam startup egg head. Maybe if you got qualified people in place instead of hiring a boat load of FN’s and send expats home maybe things would not be so bad. If you fire the afghans who is going to do the work because your folks are chatting and sending IMs. PEB results ok post them when they come out they usually send them out to the folks to let them know how good they are doing. I cannot wait to see this, Priceless

  12. Comment by Baboo Remembers:

    When you say making the locals work do you mean the Balkan mini-me’s or the Afghans?

  13. Comment by LD:

    One thing, nor ever mentioned, is the morale issue. Talk to anyone at Fluor and you’ll be told “it’s a job”; The living conditions are what they are…bare base, tents and offices in the tents. Now that they have shut down the Burger Kings and Pizza Hut’s, the morale, military/civilian alike, is horrible. But, it’s what is should be. We are not to be pampered during a time of conflict. It’s funny to see how everyone is complaining about the “good ole days” when they were in Iraq. As for the CAR situation, best be told it is mostly a myth (for both companies alike.) For LCIV, Iraq, the word is the BMI testing and now the signing of new contracts is going to have more people grumbling as those salaries are going to be dropping like a rock. Danged if you do and danged if you don’t.

  14. Comment by Baboo Remembers:

    People forgot why they are there in the first place too many amenities. A hot shower, secure living quarters, three squares a day and being paid on time…A little hardship builds character.

    • Comment by Spark48:

      I could care less about the Burger and Pizza joints. I have lived in tents for the Military and KBR, in Afghanistan. I dont think any of the Contractors I went over with did it for the beautiful scenery and spacious living conditions. We did it for the money, and if we dont get paid, then our families back home suffer, and the work ethics go out the door. Seeing that paycheck deposited on time, made you feel more secure about why your doing it.

  15. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    Baboo- WTF kind of comment is that? Not getting paid on time? WTF? That is one of the few things we have to look forward to every month and boosts morale. I dont know what you are used to but if you want to sleep in a bunker I will bring you some straw and you can use bottled water to wash your smelly A$$. Being paid on time…freaking stupidist comment I have ever heard in my life. I thenk Sparky would even agree that your comment was stupid…not getting paid on time…GOTN.

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I hate to use the “S” word, but I think may Baboo was being sarcastic? I hope. My contention has always been that civilian contractors (Americans, Locals, TCN’s etc) are employees not soldiers, not slaves and therefore are entitled to certain protections under the law. Which includes, sanitary living conditions, nutritious food to eat, as safe a work environment as can be achieved, and being paid on time and as agreed to. I have never not will I ever waiver from that stance.

    • Comment by Baboo Remembers:

      The amenities I mentioned such as “A hot shower, secure living quarters, three squares a day and being paid on time,” is all you need, nothing more nothing less.

      I have slept in bunker and survived a few other close calls. I was one of the lucky ones.

      Remember, for most a sense of patriotism is attached to every paycheck.

      So tighten up!

  16. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    Forseti – Sparky loves you man….no need to kiss A&&. Just feed the info to here about DYN CORP, FLUOR and KBR and make sure its balanced. All of us Sparkettes follow this blog and like to see something besides KBR getting hammered. KBR is old news…time to roll up on the new kids in Afghanistand and kuwait…..KBR will always be your main biT@# but you need to take a crack at your bottom Biaches sometime. can someone give me a hell yeah! I can hear the crowd explode with applause as I drink my 2 beers. PIME 3:16 baby

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      Oh I beg to differ…..a little A&& kissing never hurt anyone. You KBR guys should know that! I am working two posts now. One on VSE and one on Najlaa. If anyone has information I need to know about…..SEND IT!!!

  17. Comment by Optimus Prime:

    And before anyone takes a whack…yes I mispelled some words and I am a wrestling fan. And I am not a TTM trucker nor am I from Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana or Alabama.

    Baboo – your opinion is truly yours and is unique. LOL! But Americians like a shower, money on time and food. We love to bit$$ about things. I agree that we are spoiled and that Afghanistan was a wake up call for a lot of folks, but we whine…thats how we roll. We whine, we get over it, we rock on and conquer that hill. Sometimes with overwhelming force. So if you want to build some character….go talk to your billiting and I am sure someone wants your tent and shower and you can have the bunker and water bottles and work on charcter building. Good luck with that.

  18. Comment by David:

    Noted structure issues with significant soil stability problems at Camp Falcon. This is a contract and Q&A problem. A few of the 1100 series barracks split right in the center. I gather this is one of the reasons why the showers and restrooms had to be added.

  19. Comment by Ms Sparky:

    Dyncorp seems to be searching for a new Project Manager for Afghanistan. Maybe they are trying to cut the head off the snake!

  20. Comment by reggie:

    I worked for kbr in Iraq not so bad then got a offer to work for Fluor in Afghan lo in behold I was told they take care of there employees yeah right I was number 2 to take over Bagram I went on my r and r around christmas came back and both big bosses the day i landed dec 30 in bagram was telling me they needed a ringer to take over fob fenty next morning i was headed there we were working over 120 hours only to claim 96 hours cut story short i was standing on steps of b-hut and passed out because of not eating and drinking i passed out and was led to believe they were going to take care of me i get back to bagram to be told i am fired even my bosses wanted to keep me but some one in greenvile HR fired me was not reimbursed for r and r or ticket Fluor is not the great company everyone thinks. HR has all the power so now i am about to be in foreclosure on my house. I have been thinking of taking a trip to sc and getting payback from the hr guy who fired me maybe a beat down

    • Comment by Ms Sparky:

      I don’t recommend you go to SC. Just let it go and move on. If it is the same HR manager I am thinking of, he will get his in the end. If it is him, you would probably have to stand in line to give him a beat down anyway. It’s just not worth it.

  21. Comment by thesilentone:

    That is the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen.

    It amazes me that grammar like that can work anywhere.

    • Comment by What!:

      I’m still stuck on the guy was going to be the “number #2″ to take over Bagram!! Whew, we dodged a bullet there. Seriously, in reference to Fluor it is true the good times are slowly coming to a crashing halt. There was several All-Hands meetings at the smaller FOBs in Afghan recently and employees were told Fluor was going to do a restructuring of the workforce (RIF!!) – . A friend who works Project Management said they were going to lose about 30% U.S. Expatriates in the Jan-Feb time frame due to some MODs being made to the contract and new mission orders. Apparently, the first ones to go will be the KBR’s whose contract is up for renewal and expiring…they will not be extended unless you have a skill that is sorely needed. They have way to many people over there (Fluor does.) The next cuts will be the with the benefit packages they offered – they can’t handle it so thnew contracts will be restructured in regards to R&Rs and payment plans.

      But please, someone help Reggie out…

      Ms Sparky, who’s this HR Manager we speak of?

      • Comment by Ms Sparky:

        it’s just a hunch that it might be Jeff Uribe. Uribe is a former KBR Project Manager and one of the nastiest most physically and verbally abusive managers KBR every had. Rules and policies did not apply to him. He then slithered over to Fluor after a short stint with IAP. I thought maybe he would have been placed as manager of Fluors “employee extermination” department or something equally as fitting. When I found out that Fluor made him an HR manager, my world started spinning. Up was down, black was white and dogs and cats were sleeping together! It was incomprehensible. If I thought Fluor was doomed to repeated KBR’s mistakes when Stanski to the helm, I was even more convinced when they placed the likes of Uribe into any position other than picking up trash in a parking lot.

        • Comment by Uribe is an ASS:

          Jeff Uribe is a Nazi plain and simple. I worked for the bastard at ISG/F3. He ran a cruel dictatorship. He had a “punish the masses for the sins of the few” management style. He was known for shoving his pointed finger into the chest of employees when he was pissed. The SOB kept us locked down for hours and hours in the bunker on Christmas Eve so he could perform hooch searches looking for alcohol. Of all my time at KBR he was one of the most hated managers I ever ran across. The fact that Fluor hired him for HR is laughable. I can see him more in Vector Control killing innocent puppies.

      • Comment by reggie:

        This was number 2 in my department. I just thought they did a “piss poor” job at not having any type of medical like KBR did. The “before 30, 60 etc.
        I was not even reimbursed for my last r and r or plane ticket and they gave me no time to hunt my tools and personal belongings down to at least have them sent home, or taken them home with me. After being gone from my office and tent for over 2 months out FOB Hopping to come back to Bagram not realizing anyone in our office building as it had been filled with very young (Bosnian)? Or some other TCN or OCN which ever is proper this year.
        . The way I feel if there American tax dollars use Americans. If British Pounds then use more Brits. The other bad part was to cover there ass you would have thought they would of drug tested me and had me fit to fly tested at the Canadian Hospital in Dubai? I was so sure there was a huge screw up I couriered a case of piss test kits to Dubai to a guy who was supposed to be the “Theater HSE Manager” figured one had my name on it but they were for the TCN or OCN’s that were going to be working in Dubai..
        I was told a guys name of made the decision name was not Jeff’s. I am sure I have it stored in an old email.
        People talk some bad stuff about Uribe but he had always acted professional to me, mainly in passing when he would fly over to check up the departments he ran. But there was none of that each department head had any say my top in country boss did not know of it till I went and told him it is all HR with the power in FGG.
        Sorry for the grammar or run on etc shit fuck dam piss when your on the verge of losing everything and back surgery did not fix the nerve damage and I have paid out of pocket the money for this it was close to 35k a person can sometime go ranting and spewing shit out as I did and if I wish will continue. Just want the whole left nerve ass down to stop from being so painful and I will go back to work for the great state of Texas.

  22. Comment by MRG:

    To All Fluor Employees.We need to finf away to protect areself form Dubai medical.How many of us have had to spend thousand of dollars to prove the medical was flawed.Fluor says it gives 4R&R a year.WRONG.1 medical and 2 R&RS and 1 were thay send you home at the end of contract.But the thing that we need to stand up to is the @#$#@@ medical.Can we get together on this?What rights do we have?should we take Fluor to court?Can we refuse to take a medical in Dubai?How can a Employee Stand up to this B/S.Can we stand united ?Lets hear some ways around this Abusive treatment commited by Fluor and Occuare.

  23. Comment by David:

    I’m owed money and have been owed money for two years now for supplies purchased by dyncorp and still haven’t been paid. There is always an excuse even after submitting proof of delivery to them. Anyone else having the same issue? What can I do?

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    […] audit, Pentagon inspectors identified failings at the camp in northern Afghanistan that included “poor site grading” and “serious soil stability issues.” Inspectors returned in March of this year to find […]

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