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Even Ms Sparky needs a vacation!

Posing with his 3rd place Board Breaking medal! Woo Hoo!

After working on MsSparky.com 10-12 hours a day virtually 7 days a week for months on end….while at the same time maintaining my parental and domestic duties, even Ms Sparky needs to take an occasional break! Working those hours is reminiscent of my time with KBR in Iraq, only more interesting!

I’ve always been of the opinion when one goes on vacation and leaves the cat to guard the house, it’s probably not a good idea to blog or tweet about it prior to or during the trip. Unless of course you blog the code to the security system and ask them to clean the litter box and feed the cat while they are stealing your stuff. That’s why I didn’t officially announced my Spring Break trip.

For those of you who sent email asking if everything was OK and wondering why I haven’t been blogging, how thoughtful! Thank you.

I have been on an “almost” totally non-working Spring Break with my 7 year old grandson. Our Spring Break started with his first ever USTF Taekwon-Do tournament.  He’s a 9th gup and competed in the Pee Wee division. He earned a 2nd place medal in patterns, 3rd place medal in board breaking and 4th place medal in pad sparring. Yep I’m proud!

The following Monday we flew to our “2010 Spring Break” destination. I know exactly how I would feel after wading through security, spilling my coffee,  hauling my stuff to the gate, dealing with rude people, waiting in line, finally locating my seat only to find I was seated next to a 7 year old boy. I wouldn’t say anything out loud, but the conversation in my head would be “Shit shit shit shit shit! Valium? Anyone got a Valium?” And who could blame them? I do my best to minimize any potential periods of restlessness with plenty of low sugar snacks and activities. I try to keep the flights between 2-3 hours long even if it means more connections. You just can’t expect any child to sit still for longer than that. I am proud to say my grandson is becoming a well seasoned traveler and received quite a few compliments from the flight attendants and fellow passengers who were seated around us. He was more polite and better behaved than some of the adults on our flights.

My grandson and his "OMG elephants sure do stink!" face

At seven, he has mastered the four most important things in an airport, getting through security, finding our next gate, locating the restrooms and most importantly to me…..locating a Starbucks. He also manages his own bags. But, for some reason I can not seem to impart the importance of “keeping to the right” and pulling your bags in a straight line. He seemed to prefer the more tactical serpentine pattern and power walking on the moving sidewalks seem to be a favorite airport activity. He has mastered getting his bags on and off the up escalator but I am not ready for him to practice handling bags on the down escalator so we normally take the elevator which he is quite capable of “driving”.

I saw many tired parents with tired children and more often than not they were all crying, the parents included. I felt a sense of relief and no small amount of pride that we were actually having a good time at the airports.

After our week of traveling, visiting and sightseeing we headed home just in time to color eggs and enjoy a nice Easter dinner with husband. My grandson is now back in school and I am rested up and ready to hit it hard again.

My special thanks to Forseti who contributes consistently and who dutifully and without hesitation takes care of MsSparky.com whenever I need a break.

To everyone who keeps me informed of the dubious deeds of these nefarious Defense contractors and keeps me aprised of breaking news and events, you provide and invaluable service to MsSparky.com readers. I am but one person, and can’t possible follow it all. Thank you.

So for those adversaries and critics who assume I am just some former disgruntled KBR employee phsyco serial blogger with no life…..FOOLED YOU! I actually have a most amazing life!

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by Charles M. Smith:

    A well earned vacation!

    Spending it with a seven year old grandson is even better. My grandkids are 7 (a girl) and 9 (a boy). They were here for Easter, along with all the kids, and are the source of more pleasure and humor than one can imagine.

    You should take your breaks and keep your mind and health sound.

  2. Comment by Justice4all:

    Most of us missed you except maybe those that you accurately report their bad behavior. :) Sorry KBR, Xe, Agility and Dyncorp – the vacation is over!

    Glad Ms. Sparky is rested and back to keeping the bad companies on alert for the next story via Ms. Sparky.

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