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Many Dyncorp LOGCAP IV employees disgusted

I can’t even count the number of complaints I’ve received regarding the pay issues and the working and living conditions for Dyncorp LOGCAP IV employees in Kandahar, Afghanistan. All in all it has to be close to 100% that being an new American expat working for Dyncorp sucks. Many are saying it’s worse than working for KBR. But I’m sure if you’re Scott Mount, Jeff Archie or Conrad Cannon your living conditions are premium.  Below is an email from a Dyncorp employee.


If you are thinking Dyncorp for your job, let me give you some true blue facts. I know everyone at one time or another has ask, “what have you heard about Dyncorp”, well you are hearing it from the horses mouth.

Dyncorp is not what you expect from a company of this size and reputation. The HR is as bad as it gets. The finance (pay) is a hit and a miss. Some people get paid others are not paid for up to three months. The living conditions are as poor as there is. We start out in a circus tent with 300 people double bunked with 2 foot of space between bunks. Then we are moved to an 8 man tent but they have placed bunks in for 20 people. The top bunks are only 2 inches from the top of the tent and the lights. We are given 3 to 4 foot between bunks and this is our permanent living assignment, even for Supervisors. There are CHU’s(Civilian Housing Unit)  with TCN’s (Third Country Nationals) running everything. There is no such thing as a waiting list for CHU’s and nobody can explain why most xpats are in tents. I can see most xpats demobing once they all get their clearances.

The laundry goes this way…you turn your laundry in with an issued bag which holds 2 sets of clothes. It takes 72 hours to receive your laundry back. They wash your clothes without removing the clothes from your bag. If you do not put the soap powder in your bag your clothes are washed with dirty water only. When you receive your clothes back they smell, most have dirt stains on them (which were not there to start with) and they are waded up and wrinkled beyond belief.

The chow is bad, C-Rations are better. The working conditions are bad, I will not go into this. Think the worst and then add more bad things to it and you have the work conditions.

There is no safety or any kind of QAQC around the company.

We all share the bathrooms with the TCN’s. These guys are from all over the world. They are doing their laundry in the showers and sinks. Absolutely disgusting people. There is nobody around to enforce rules or regulations in the camps. It looks and smells like a group of animals just spent 24 hours in the showers. Nasty to say the least.

One of the Transportation Managers (name edited out) here just got busted with drugs and having classified material in his computer. Real class act management. I thought KBR was bad until I came here. I found out some supervisors and managers that KBR fired – are here. It’s hard to get away from idiots.

Stay away from DynCorp Intl.

I know this will guarantee some hate emails but I stand by my opinion there are inherent safety issues with American expats living in close quarters with unvetted TCN’s from SE Asia, India etc. At least Americans get a back ground check and you know there are no convicted felons sleeping in the next bunk. With regards to TCN’s you have no idea who the person is sleeping next to you and then there are health issues. Diseases such hepatitis and tuberculosis are near epidemic conditions in some countries and it’s a well known fact that labor contractors lie about getting these people vetted including medical checks.

Ms Sparky

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  1. Comment by Pete Maile:

    Hey All, I read the DI comments with laughter at the humor, but angry at how real what you all say is true here. I am in KAF, living in a 10 man tent housing 40 people. The site manager at South Park is a total waste of fucking space, so no point in even complaining there. The showers are filthy, Indians even use them as a toilet….YES AS A TOILET!! Security called us last week to have a safety stand down to discuss how to use a toilet!! They blow their bloody snot everywhere over the sinks, wash their feet in the sinks and when they are not shitting in the showers they shit all over the toilet, just not in it. I was never a racist before coming on to this project, but Indians are animals and most expats here will agree with me. They steal constantly from the tents, you cannot leave anything unattended, even for a moment as they will swipe it. Dare you go to the MP’s to report a theft, DI don’t want you doing that, they want you to report it to them, this means they may tell security who are all Indians or other TCN’s, you will not be reinbursed nor will they investigate it….the MP’s will come and search the tents for you. DI don’t want this as MP’s will find GO#1 violations which means they will have to send their TCN’s home and go through the hiring process again. If you come prepare to share your bunk with a filthy tcn also, soon as you step out of bed, one is leering around the corner to get into it. This has happened to me several times and it has taken all i can to not smack the animal. KAF is filthy beyond belief, trash is everywhere as are the rats (real ones, not Indians), the food is beyond humane, the selection is poor, its all self service with other nationalities who cannot figure out that the silver untensil in the serving tray is to scoop your food on to your plate, instead they use their dirty hands to lift it. HR in DI is worthless, all TCN, calling the Ethics Hotline is worthless also, they do not investigate any COBC violations, so basically if you are lazy, dishonest and have little morals DI will hire you and keep you in a job. There are many many wonderful expats here, but the mess that this company is in and the unscrupulous manner that they perform this contract in is beyond belief, how has the DCMA not thrown their asses out of country for this. I never worked on contracts before, this experience has put working for more than my year a definate NO NO. I will finish my contract and get the hell out of here…….also, made to comment, if you have an emergency at home where you need to return, make sure you have the funds to buy a ticket, this company will not help you in any way!

  2. Comment by O&M-1:

    Everything you say is correct…I was told I was a “Surge” candidate, it was crucial to get me in country ASAFP, yet I was put up in a hotel in DXB for 25 days, and have had to endure a week of unbelievable conditions here at South Park (Bed Space Issues Abroad, they for sure put the cart before the horse and left a huge bill for the US Tax Payer to pick up…I can’t believe the DCMA and Fire Dept have turned all eyes away from this mess out here and allowed them to exceed headcount capacities in all tents nere or how the bumbling, rude SM and staff have managed to stay employeed here. There is no TB-Med 530 or 577 observation out here… All food mermited out here is not maintained at temperature, items such as pudding are routinely left out from dinner to breakfast, pans are washed out at the pump up hand wash station in non-potable cold water without any bacteria killing solutuon being used…I’m surprised people are not dropping out here.
    All US, Tx-KBR employees, I highly recommend reevaluating employment with DI

  3. Comment by cali:

    Um did you forget you are in Afghanistan like so many other soldiers risking their lives living in the same conditions as you are. If you dont like it you have the option to go hoe to your comfortable living, soldiers do not have that option. They fight around the clock and get 2 weeks vacation. Most of youare former military and understand the living conditions are not ideal. Stop complaining you make so much more money than soldiers sacrificing so much more than you.

    • Comment by Donny:

      I didn’t see one comment that had to do with U.S. soldiers; that is neither here nor there. O&M is simply voicing his opinion on Logcap IV, and trying to give a heads up to would be contractors. Although I fully support our soldiers, and wish nothing but their safe return, exactly when did a draft take place? It’s an all volunteer Army cali.

      • Comment by Jessica:

        Oh my GOSH!!! Are you fucking kidding me??? Volunteer ARMY?? The nerve, first of all Cali is right, stop friggin complaining. That’s all these damn Contractors do, they come out here and friggin complain. I can’t you said that BS about some volunteer Army…we all raised our right hand so that complaining and crying ass people like you will not have to worry about bombed the hell up for the rest of your life. Just like she/he said if you don’t like it get another damn job. Save so of that money up that you BLOW AT THE BOARDWALK on pizza for your fat asses and buy a plane ticket home!!!

    • Comment by GR:

      Cali, It’s one thing to volunteer for the Army or any of the Armed Forces and agree to anything (up to and including giving your life). I highly praise the military and everything it does. I wouldn’t be where I am today without serving in the military. However, the problems come when the soldier’s officers sit at their fancy office in the States asking and begging for contract support with anything from garbage removal to intelligence and promise certain things as stipulations for this support. The contractor then arrives in country and realizes that the officer was full of it and then it’s either deal with and complain about it or go home without a job (because they probably left a previous position to come here).

    • Comment by goran:

      DynCorp is an Kenyan and Indian Company, European and U.S employees are nowhere in this show, everything is SO BAD, living conditions are on the end, army is not happy at all, even if you are an general Labor they will put you as a Site Manager but without promotion-NO MONEY AT ALL.

  4. Comment by Raider:

    Just a couple of quick points: The food and DFACs at KAF are controlled by NATO so DCMA has no dog in that fight. Thats why the food in the DFACs are so bad! The FOBs have much better food. Also the area your referring to is controlled by the military and not Dyncorp…thats how they get away with how many people they put in there etc… Is it right? no….but there are reasons some of the things are the way they are there.

  5. Comment by Bob Smith:

    Anyone know who the Dyne Theater Security Manager is in Afghan? I need an email or phone number from him. I was working with KBR Security and my contract ended. Looking for a job.

  6. Comment by Eugene:

    After reading many complaints regarding Dynacorps conditions in Afhganistan regarding sleeping conditions/food I would like to know if there are any fast food places on the bases and is there any PX’s on the base. When was the last time Dynacorp employee went without a paycheck. Has anybody ever contacted the DOD/DCMA about their complaints? Has anything ever been done about it? If the conditions so bad why are people still working there?

  7. Comment by Steve:

    I presently work for DI and have no real issues. Yes I have to work with SOME incompetent Subcontractors from PPI. There are some hired on by DI (TCN’s). Then there’s the TCN’s that are worth more than what they earn. Speak good English, listens, and can work on there own. YES thees a PX in fact a brand new one on my camp. So far they’ve been keeping it well stocked. We have eight dinning facilities that serve 24/7. My pay works out just fine. I live in a RLB, hard shelter structures. Emotions run kind of high at times, that’s only the military keep pushing us to provide services that’s not part of the contract. We do have to say no at times, although we hate too. I don’t have a vehicle but that’s OK. I lost 25lbs just walking around. No , it’s not like Iraq with wet chu’s. Wit some adjustments you’ll survive. Oh yes we have a KFC and a Pizza Hut. Along with some local markets on post and British,Danish and a Jordon PX plus several civilian stores not LOCAL. And they have food shops and more.

    • Comment by Dennis:

      I will be leaving for LOGCAP IV in July from the States and would like to hear more opinions and facts on conditions. Those given above are one extreme or the other and it is hard to know exactly what to expect. I know that it is no rose garden but the opinions seems quite one extreme vs. the other.

      • Comment by Patty:

        Spouse just returned. Lived in tent. 7 x7 ft. no walls in tent. Only can hang cotton sheets or blankets for privacy. Army rules. Worst when first get there until get permanent assignment. Pay is good, but save for taxes in case have to come home.

    • Comment by Oh well:

      That makes sense Steve. I don’t work for DynCorp but I have too heard insanely negative things about that company. With regards to other comments, you can’t really compare military vs contracting in this respect. Military has STRICT guidelines with 1 group of people abiding (forced) by certain standards. Out here in Afgh as a contractor, you deal with so many different type of people that you live, eat, work, and share shower units with. Personally, I gree that hey, this is Afgh so you should not be surprised by surroundings, conditions, etc. What I do NOT agree with is a company(s) that does not pay on-time, allows personnel to bring in drugs, alchol, bribery, lack of care for support of the military that is shown through their hire of candidates and quality of work. I have many more things I could say but I will just leave with this…

      We all know (who contract in the Middle East) that hey, we are here to make money, support the military, and hopefully make a positive impact in some form or fashion. Unless your food is SPOILED, ROTTEN, OUT-OF-DATE (which I have experienced from the PX in the past), it’s NOT realistic to complain about DFAC food ( in my opinion ) *I actually like the DFAC food* People washing their clothess, blowing their snot, or washing their feet in the sink is just nasty and have shown a lack of respect towards their other co-workers. Personnel taking a DUMP ON A TOILET SEAT is a lack of respect towards humanity in general.

      I like the DFAC food, I don’t mind the tent living, I don’t mind taking a bottled shower if I have too, and if I have to take a cold shower in the winter (which I have) then oh well, and if I have to walk everywhere – oh well…Never expected grand style living out here – heck, they pay me enough to do it.

      Although, I have heard that representatives in processing for DynCorp told personnel “How many of you worked for KBR? *hands raised* you all were Over-Paid so don’t expect to be paid that much.”

      Well, my response to that is – you’ve lost your mind – LOL

    • Comment by Jameel:

      Steve, thanks for not stereo-typing all TCNs like i’ve seen most of the comments been put out. As a TCN i’ve gone through many supervisors with DI, some of them know what they are doing and some don’t even have the slightest clue of whats going on, but require and depend on their TCN admins to do it all for them and email it to them for “scuitiny” then send it up the chain of command like they did it themselves. Is it fair? HFN!!!! but we have to endure the constant blames and discrimination.
      South park is a shit hole, but I came from a worse place than it and know how to appreciate and adapt, for those complaining about living and working conditions, do the honourable thing and resign, give that opportunity to someone else and if it so bad here, thwn why are you stil around?

  8. Comment by james walker:

    anyone with recruiter info pls cemail me. Jamessouth@hotmail.com. 3 yrs in iraq as ROWPU/ water treatment. also have class a cdl w/ haz tanker and pass endorsement. thanks and god bless

  9. Comment by devinder:

    i m working in dyn corp but company good management not good

  10. Comment by Patty:

    Considering nursing job with Dyncorp. Anyone have any heads ups on conditions for women in medicine over there? My spouse worked for DI and reported he lived in tent and was squeezed down to 7 x 7 ft. Army was culprit, not Dyncorp. He doesn’t think I’d have that problem, ie. female employee in medical field. Spouse pay was good and always paid on time.

    • Comment by Radar:

      Thats not entirely a true statement. Dynacorp likes to say the army is to blame yet they have the contractual responsibility to provide a certain amount of living space for its employees. However per requirements the living space at min should be 50 sq ft. It also depends on where you end up living as to the overall conditions etc. some FOBs are just nicer than others. I cant offer any feedback as far as the overall conditions for women or the medical field.

      • Comment by DI Employee:

        If the Army (They pretty much controll everything)does not give you the space that is needed then you have to use what you got…And yes bed space is a major issue due to the Army not wanting to give up space..

      • Comment by Sherm:

        There are many choices we make to pay the bills. Working in AFG is not Iraq… so get past that quickly. I’ve been here two years and will tell you, the RSOI is not where you want to live. DI has been begging for land to build more living for their employees. We can Bit#$ about anything and just remember you are a volunteer too and you can quit and go home. The men and women cannot go home until they finish the years they signed up for. I walk around the bases and talk to them they are not winers like contractors. Come, WORK hit your goals and go home, or better yet… quit BTC#ing and get to work.

      • Comment by Jill:

        Petty is correct 50 square feet living space is min, Osha 1910.142

    • Comment by Subbie:

      DI do not employ medics as far as i am aware. They sub contract medical services to OHS.

  11. Comment by all ears:

    Nurses or medics usually have it as good as upper mgt. They must be in a fairly clean enviroment and be available for emergencies. They usually have a b-hut or part of a building all to themselves.

  12. Comment by true true.......:

    just one question for Ms.Sparky? How come DI gave around 1000 and possibley more Asian contracts to Balkan guys that are from Europe and gott away with it…..there was a pay scale for expats EU guys and asians…….im sure that was not legal…

    • Comment by DI Employee:

      What do you mean give away jobs???? So people from the Balkans arenot allowed to work for DynCorp? And yes pay rates are different for each countries….

    • Comment by Sherm:

      If you don’t like the pay go home. you all complained when KBR cut your pay. Work hard and you will move your way up. If you sit and complain you will never move up. The choice is yours. Can you get a job in your Country? I know if the job market was better I would sure be home.

  13. Comment by kimanzi:

    Whats all about changing job??? then the salary drops?? from light vehicle to maintenance??? am gona not accept this offer…

  14. Comment by Oh well:

    I’ll tell you what, what’s with all this talk about certain people cannot get hired by DI? Lol, man or woman, whatever – most of these major contractors ( KBR, Fluor, DynCorp ) hire MAINLY Bulkan (OCN’s) and LCN’s. I know this b/c I work(d) for one of the 3 listed and let me tell you, 92% were from outside the US and some barely spoke english and the company has the balls to say they are an American company – please. Not saying I’m against hiring from other countries, but what I am saying is that the reason for that hire move is a cost savings purpose only and yet the job quality ends up lacking severly – ( I know from experience from what I’ve seen ). Joke Folks.

  15. Comment by Jimbo:

    Aaaah! All the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy comments I’m reading. Wah, wah, wah! This could be Iraq or A-stan (I’ve worked in both).

    There are just too many crybaby’s who think everyone should listen to their specific little snivel. Get over yourselves. You are there to support the troops, not whine because Scott Mount or Conrad Cannon are doing well for themselves. I’ll wager that half the jerk-offs bellyaching about Conrad and Scottie don’t even know them. I personally worked with both guys in Bosnia and I can say that they are good people.

  16. Comment by DI Employee:

    Gotta love these comments about living conditions…Original caontract was suppose to be 6,500 people and it is now around 17-18,000….Do the math it is 3 times larger that was originally planned and the Army is not giving you any additional space so yes it will be tight…But, you are sttill better off than the average Soldier or Marine…

    • Comment by NEW YORK:

      at least the Soldier and Marine don’t bump ugly’s at night when you are trying to sleep (rope back mountain)and also are not unsat. they do wash and don’t do laundry in the shower .Kaf. did suck and to live in South Park well need I say any more. I was in a big top in Bagram and it was cleaner than Kaf. Marmel was a large base with tons of room and had loads of personal space and other FOB’s up north

  17. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    I have worked for CSA, KBR and DynCorp and I will tell everyone that KBR is the worst by a mile. DynCorp did not threaten you every day. DynCorp also did not threaten not to sign your timecards if you wouldent admit someone in another department was not your supervisor. DynCorp also has the best inprocessing I have ever been through. KBR is out for a reason. Murder of 16 soldiers, poising all the water in Iraq and triple charging the goverment for services NOT RENDERED.

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      Ask Jamie or Anna if KBR is better than CSA or Dyncorp?

      • Comment by Beck:

        Steve Lofquist, I agree with you KBR had some bad stuff, and I believe I have worked with you a few times while in Iraq, so everything I know about you is that your are a legit guy. But Honestly you cant blame all of the 16 murders/deaths on just KBR, I think that KBR didn’t stand their ground enough against the Army, nor the Army Corps of Engineers. In 9 of 12 of those cases, you should know that fluer, ITT and possibly DI did the initial work and KBR took over, Ignorantly signing for responsibility and maintenance of those properties.

        No one in Iraq from any of the contractors made any fuss out of the “internally grounded pumps” that were plumed in with PVC instead of copper piping. That is why All contractors especially KBR had to do the grounding and bonding. Hind Sight is 20/20.

        As far as Anna goes, I feel really horrible for her, and I did know her personally because I was the youngest HSE Coordinator in Iraq up til 2009. So we were in the same age group. I also stayed up for two days both on the clock and off looking for a male matching that description. I searched everywhere on balad, for the next couple day’s. I was given a description of a TCN with claws on his neck and face, never found one. (did anyone?)

        You too should also remember the rape didn’t happen until ITT/fluer was transitioning over the billeting so to only blame KBR is kind of wrong too.

        We should chalk up the fact that contracting sucks, one mans favorite contractor is anothers nightmare.

        I hated LSI and even though KBR sucked at times, it was better than LSI. KBR was still a lot cheaper for the US government. Dyna-corp hires a lot less Americans, Which means that the only Americans making most the money are the Executives.

        I’d like to see less complaining and more people admitting what no one wants to, we got it good, we have the only country that pays us so much damn money to never “have to leave the wire” We get paid that by companies that ask that we don’t. Remember most mercenaries get paid just a little more but don’t get that option.

        Red, Blue, brown, The lanyard beets wearing OD Green.
        KC BECK

        • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

          I was never in Iraq with KBR. Who is LSI

          • Comment by Beck,:

            Than maybe I’m mistaken, maybe it was talk from Scott or some of my other HSE coworkers, I thought you were HSE for KBR, my mistake and LSI is a once KBR Subcontractor now known as URS.

            Either way I believe that it is not the company that your working for its the people on the ground, it was the same way in the Army, I got hurt in the Army, I got out so I went with LSI and KBR to pay off debt, and stock up, I got a house and I’m in college with a pention from the Army now. It was a good way to spend my early twenties.

        • Comment by Fab5Brother:

          Dude, what are you talking about? There was no Fluor/ITT transistion at JBB or any other place in Iraq. KBR finished out the LOGCAP IV contract in Iraq.

          You and “Steve Lofquist” (not the real one) sound like a couple of OCNs or TCNs, a couple of dreamers. In 18 months your fantasy LOGCAP life ends, forever. Enjoy.

          • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

            Jalalabad is in Afghanistan so yes there was a transition team for Fluor/ITT on the FOB in December of 09. There was only one Lofquist in all of KBR so I am the real Steve Lofquist

            • Comment by Fab5Brother:

              Beck was saying how the rape of Anna Mayo wasn’t the fault of KBR because of the Fluor/ITT transistion at JBB. There was no Fluor/ITT transistion at any base in Iraq.

              I’ve been to J-Bad. If you were a KBR fire inspector at J-Bad before the transition (and didn’t go to work for ITT) you are more than likely a Balkan OCN. The Balkans were filling a lot of FD slots in AFG but got the boot when the USG want only expats in those positions in LCIV.

              Tarmi, enjoy going to Africa to work for Fluor for at least half of what you are making in AFG.

              • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

                Fab5Brother you seem to be a bit confused. I never said that any of the sex crimes commited by KBR employees in Iraq had anything to do with KBR in JBB (where ever that is). KBR had no OCN fire inspectors. I was at Jalalabad as a fire inspector and I am an EXPAT. I find it odd that since I an anti-KBR that people are throwing all kinds of wild false charges at me hopeing that one of these may accualy be true. Its pathetic .

                • Comment by Fab5Brother:

                  “Steve” you seemed more than just little confused and not credible at all.

                  First off, as I mentioned it Beck talking about the rapes, not you. Pay attention.

                  Being with the FD you also probably know that WSI handled most of the fire duties for KBR, right?

                  You sure do write like an OCN/TCN.

                  • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

                    So your baseing my nationality on my writing style? Thats flawlessly logical and Professional. Is that really all you have? OH and I was never in Iraq as a contractor….Jalalabad in in eastern Afghanistan by the way. While you all had wet CHU’s I was sleeping on cots with the guys in places like Kamu,Keating and Korengal. I know WSI handles most of the fire in Iraq untill my buddy fired them. Your Kung Fu is weak

                    • Comment by Fab5Brother:

                      You could indeed just be a poorly educated redneck living the LOGCAP dream.

                      What are you going to do when it ends and you have to go back to your $10 hour job in States? Or work in Kuwait or Africa for $40-50k?

              • Comment by Beck:

                Please do not misquote me I said Fluer and Dyna Corp were transitioning at JBB (Joint Base Balad) The rape of Ana Mayo happened at JBB aka Balad. In 2009 all KBR O&M were losing their jobs and being transitioned over to ITT/Fleur or Dyna-corp. TTM, CLSS, and JMMT got to keep their jobs for a few years after I left.

                I personally blame the army because even they didn’t keep good records of who came and went from billeting in 2009 once they took over the key room, and had the new contractors.

                And Excuse me I’m absolutely not a F***ing TCN, FCN or OCN. Im an American. I am also a US Army Veteran.

                I was a HSE Coordinator, in Iraq for JMMT, & TTM. We helped O&M with searching the base, and since we all knew Anna, we searched every one on base who matched the description. I still remember riding the bus, eyeing every TCN for scratch marks on his face. I rode the bus every night for the next few days after that, I couldn’t sleep.

                I just hope she is alright, and that she eventually gets justice.

                I also hope the army will implement better key control to its contractors.

                I only chimed in to back up, a company that I think did what they were told to do, they abided by that contract to a T, sometimes those contracts were detrimental. I have about a 100 cases like this. The LOGCAP Contract underwriters in Rock Island Illinois are Fu***ng Idiots. To include their plan for us to use 110v,US with 220v,EURO electricity. Shows their education skillset. It didn’t take long for a few americans and a few brits in the first QCP class to figure out. It was me and those people in that class that helped fix the grounding and bonding problem, we made the first recommendations to KBR headquarters, and they recommended it to the Army.

                We were the very first Quality Control Plan class at Victory. I take pride in being part of that turn around group.

                • Comment by Fab5Brother:


                  I don’t know if you are a LOGCAP dreamer or what your deal is but KBR never transistion to Fluor (notice how it is spelled FLUOR)/ITT in Iraq, at any base. KBR finished out the LOGCAP IV contract in Iraq. Ok? Understand?

                  I was at JBB for part of 2008 and 2009.

                  • Comment by Beck:

                    Sir, Fab5brother, I’m sorry all I know is the Fluor/ITT being worn by expats, and TCN’s in late 2009 the first section to transfer over were billeting, then MWR. URS Also got a bunch of AFCAP contracts, because As you said you were only there for part of 2009 I finished it out leaving the 28 of December 2009,

                    here is the first link to the award on the US Army website from late 2010


                    They fought for a year and a half and awarded all O&M on balad to Fluor/ITT and Dyna-corp.

                    This is what happened, I’m not dreaming, if you stayed you would have seen major changes at the end of 2009. Ask any one at Joint Base Balad at the end of 2009.

                    TTM, JMMT, and CLSS stayed KBR. Also there was a plan to transition all contracts over to AFCAP the Air Force Logcap Equivalent. Either way, I had done certain training with KBR, and I was HSE with TTM which allowed me to know some of these things, I got emails every day as being part of the Senior Leadership Team.

                    I have every single email on a 1/2 TB Hard drive. As well as the official copies of the Contracts for TO 159, and the LCIV QCP. This was always the plan in

                    • Comment by Fab5Brother:

                      You sent me a link confirming that KBR finished out the LOGCAP program in Iraq under LOGCAP III. Did you read it?

                      Iraq never transistioned to AFCAP or LC IV because Obama told the Iraqi’s to GFY and pulled all the troops. What USG civilian contractor support that is going on now (and soon to end) is being handled by the DoS – department of state.

                      I repeat! Fluor/ITT/DI never transistion LC III or LC IV in Iraq – at JBB or anywhere. Ok?

                      What may be confusing you is that the KBR camp at JBB opened up to a whole bunch of DoD contractors, not just KBR anymore.

                      On another note, the JBB KBR camp was sweet. I was in lower row 27, within 100m of the convoy cafe, the post office and the laundry drop. My CHU mate was a nice older guy from the rust belt.

                    • Comment by Fab5Brother:

                      I just talked to one of my bud’s still working the DoS contract in Iraq.

                      Apparently it is LC IV.

            • Comment by singh:

              i tell the truth Indian are the Real workers i have never seen others working they just sit and smoke not doing work at all just showing people. i think without Indians these kind company will never make money. i have seen others playing card online and doing sex on skype. well guys don,t mind but there is no difference between Donkey and Horse……..

          • Comment by Tarmi Ricmi:

            KBR is still in IQ, project is under LCIV. How do you mean LCIV will end up in 18 months? Fluor just got the new contract in Africa under LCIV wich takes till 2017.

  18. Comment by Steven Gunn:

    I also worked for KBR for 4 years, As far as someone threatening my job NO. Writing you up at times.No issues with the water. As far as triple cost I don’t know about that. I made my money and went home. Now I’m with DynCorp So far not bad I like the R&R travel arrangments. Money still good. I’m in the in crowd, meaning I get along. The management here does like to threaten people with there jobs both verbally and through e-mails. Come to think of it I do remmember KBR doing some things like that but not as much as DI. Had wet chus in LC3 now is 6 man PEP’s(?) in LC4. I got used going to a EASTERN PJ at night. I have an office and internet with a phoone constant communication with my family thats whats important .

  19. Comment by Steven Gunn:

    LC4 here is alot better off organized and approved stores and on camp resturants/pizza palors. Not just Pizza Hut which I still like. The people are good knowing your with them 12-14 hours a day. You’ell see thier emotions come out. The other comments are right about TCN/FN pay scale it’s based on thier country’s economy. I’m going for my second year with DI.

  20. Comment by Joe Paterno:

    “Personnel taking a DUMP ON A TOILET SEAT is a lack of respect towards humanity in general.”

    Don’t miss that. I remember inspecting Indian only toilet facialities more than once and seeing crap clogging the toilets along with toilet and poo piled up in the corner.

    I would like to comment on the South Park situation. It seemed to me everyone but US citizens (South Affricans,Brits,Aussies,Balkan) managed to get the much vaunted and mysterious KAF card and yet dyncorp could not manage to secure them for their US personnel.

    One of the reasons I quit Dyncorp. I would dread anytime I had to leave a FOB and go back to KAF (which was frequent).

    I worked for Dyncorp twice-once Afghan and once elsewhere. Both times sucked horribly. Good luck to you who are still out there and stay safe.

    • Comment by Rr Rhonna:

      I was recently at Camp Leatherneck working in the billeting dept. That dept. went through 5 managers in 2 years. I have never seen an operation run that way. they had two other people in the office. they were from Kenya. it was a true nightmare. once they found out what religion i was they kept calling me CHRIST KILLER. i went to HR. HR did NOTHING about it the new manager told me that i should not trust him or anyone on the base. the chief of housing kept bragging about how much money he gets paid to do his job. the Marines really hate this guy and Dyncorp. he should really not be in the position he is in. he was one of the rudest people that i have EVER ENCOUNTERED. Needless to say DIGNITY AND RESPECT as not part of their training.people were jumping the chain of command and nothing was done. HR and the billeting manager sided the people from Kenya. i thought, at one time, that KBR was bad. NO WAY!!!! you don’t know what you have until it is gone and everyone there would have rolled out the red carpet for KBR to come back. the living conditions are HORRIBLE. mold in the rooms and in the showers. those of you have been out there will appreciate INDOOR PLUMBING! KBR really had us spoiled. i know that this is not Iraq however there is no reason in the world to be treated the way the American contractor is treated. American’s were the TCN’s out there. I am not saying that American’s are better than anyone else. we have different sanitary standards and bathing standards. they had their own camps. as far as SOUTH PARK the TCN’s run the show and night the “site manager”. that is how he is keeping his job. the DOS just turns his head and lets this keep happening without doing anything about it. AMAZING! i have never seen people moved so much in one department. there is no stability with work ethics. no motivation and very, very poor morale is at the top of the list when it comes to Dyncorp. REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING ELSE TO BE SAID THIS WOULD BE THE WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE TO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY.

      • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

        I worked at Leatherneck back in march of 2010 and it was, at its worst, 10 times better than KBR. My job was never threatened…ever. I diddent have to worry about the NKVD (KBR security) opening my mail or planting drugs in my room. The manager you are talking about was a PROFESSIONAL and most likely a KBR golden boy who Fluor wouldent pick up. KBR sucks

        • Comment by Rr Rhonna:

          you have no idea who i am talking about. it is KH. i was told they were trying to get rid of him and the chief of housing. everyone in that department had been told NOT TO TRUST ANYONE. THIS WAS TOLD TO THEM BY MANAGEMENT AND BY THE MANAGER HIMSELF. KH kept telling us to remember that we are there for the money. i NEVER heard anyone in billeting say they were here to support the troops. REMEMBER WE ARE THERE BECAUSE OF THEM. THEY ARE NOT THERE BECAUSE OF US. unless you know the facts just remember everone has an opinion. everyone also has an a**hole.

    • Comment by NEW YORK:

      I guess I was a lucky American I got the KAF ID back in 2009 / 2010 and your wright on about the TCN’s and south park and HR could care less what goes on I bitched to them and got no ware.MY boss was from South Africa and was a dirt bag stuck up for all the TCN’s so I told him straight up to go Fu$# himself and Quit on the spot ! it did feal good than I got a gig with Fluor just a little better off with them but not by much at least Fluor had tool’s and you could do your job

    • Comment by Debra:

      I hear you and agree on that. I was sub-contracted to DI and if you think they treat their employees bad you should see how they treat sub-contractors….I stayed a year then voluntarily took a $70K cut in pay to get the hell away from DI/Afghanistan and transfer elsewhere in the ME where my company was a prime instead of sub-contractor. Even though I only had to go through KAF on my way in/out of country on leave it played a huge role in my decision to demob. I hope to never again in life see that place because it is truly the 10th layer of hell!

  21. Comment by Stevgu93:

    All this time I’d believed I was there for the Soldiers since I couldn’t get recalled back to active duty (didn’t need my particular MOS). The phrase here for the money, I never heard it too much in KBR but here all the time. I still won’t say it. I still believe I’m here for them. Although my position has nothing to do to with supporting the military. My position solely does nothing but protect DI’s reputations in making sure they pass inspections. When someone asks who I work for I just tell them that I a subcontractor. I’m ashamed to say I am DI. Why do I stay? If it comes down to it I guess it really is the money. Sad. But I have to pay bills to. I still don’t say I’m here for the money. I say I’m here for my family.

  22. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    You could work for KBR whick makes DI look like the greatest job in the world….KBR sucks

  23. Comment by Stevgu93:

    Did KBR for four years. Both companies have their issues. Working for either company you’ve got to be very very flexible. How you bend is up to you. Your emotions, personality and choice of buddies (not friends) are tested.

  24. Comment by Junior AKA Safety:

    You know its funny I was laughed at all the time, but I got promoted to safety coordinator after being with KBR for a year and a half, I was the youngest paid coordinator too.

    Like Stevgu93 said you got to be flexible, when they wanted something done I did it and I did it better than others and for that I was rewarded, I left to go to a University, I’m almost done when I’m done with my degree I may go to the next big war, maybe syria, or something else who knows but It’s funny the complaining I hear on here.

    In stead of complaining why don’t you listen to some KC Beck, and chill out. LOL

  25. Comment by sweetpinta:

    I just want to work. Why all the complaining? There are so many people that would love to have the opportunity to obtain a government contract with either one of those companies. Can someone tell me how do I get my foot in the door. I have filled out so many applications. Do I need to call them or are they pretty good with contacting when jobs are available

  26. Comment by ARMY WATCH:





    • Comment by ARMY WATCH:

      OH, BY THE WAY, I WAS DCMA IN IRAQ AND A QAR THAT OVERSAW A LOGCAP CONTRACT THERE OVER KBR. THERE ARE 64 SOPs and I will get them to Ms Sparky to publish. The difference from LOGCAP III TO LOGCAP IV is going to be small.

  27. Comment by TCN:

    Living condition doesn’t matter for me here because we are in WAR. What matters to me is the pay. But DynCorp is treating foreign nationals as an animal in terms of pay and benefits. This company is thinking that we are bullet and rocket proof because we do not have hazard/danger pay. Our salary and travel allowance is based on Nationality by which our expenses when we will go to some other country is not cheaper because we are TCN. Even @ American PX the price of goods is not based on Nationality. But US Government Officials are just closing their eyes even though they are aware of this matter. I wish and hope that there is US government agency that will stand for TCN’s in WAR zone. Contractors are abusing Foreign Nationals because no LABOR LAW in US Military Bases.

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      What arew you talking about, maybe you have mixed up DynCorp with KBR. I am with DynCorp now after I left Fluor. Fluor is now KBR EAST. OCN’s in DynCorp get treated just like Xpats including pay….

      • Comment by Myrick:

        Hey, I get everyone has an opinion about their contract condition. But in all no one has actually mentioned what the pay is for KBR, Dyncorp and Flour! Can anyone break it down from a security post position?

  28. Comment by keeyman:

    The author here is most biased and openly racist with hos comments abt TCNs. Its a little shame to read him referring to them add animals.

  29. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    I just left the Fluor/ITT team to take a big pay cut to come back to DynCorp and let me tell you all,it was worth every dollar of that pay cut. If you are as disgusted with KBR as we all seem to be then you already know that KBR heavy hitters Rick Ruter and Jim Lucksinger have forced Fluor exec. Geroge Rabb out of his own Companies contract. The second Lucksinger can back into BAF the Fluor contract hotel switched to the Star Metro, a hotel in which Lucksinger owns a sizeable persentage in. The new Fluor R and R policies are cutting their benifits drasticly to conform with KBR’s policies. If you look closely at the new flour policy letters you can even see the old KBR ink marks under the lightly printed Fluor ink marks. Fluor is now KBR east.

    • Comment by Neal Cassidy:

      Put down the pipe and come back from fantasy land. Some day this war will end and people like Steve Lofquist (overly entitled, conspiracy theorist, under educated, complainer, knows a little snippet of information but usually not the whole story, posts based on rumors, really not in a position within the organization to really know all the facts, etc.) will return to whatever minimum wage job they had before they had an opportunity to serve on one of these projects. 2014 is coming soon so you better get your resume tightened up because the ride is coming to an end and you will have to get back to the real working world. A world with out uplifts, trips to Thailand, foreign earned income exclusions, getting paid for every hour you work, etc. Give us all a break – go back and do your job and stop complaining. You are all over this site with posts, most of which are partly or fully fiction so obviously you must be pretty underemployed. I do enjoy your posts how ever, andmost of the posts on this site. Its like the McLaughlin Reports meets Duck Dynasty meets Jerry Springer.

      • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

        This is going to be fun….lest see where your facts are all wrong. and they are ALL wrong.
        “Steve Lofquist (overly entitled, conspiracy theorist, under educated, complainer” I have 2 BA degrees and have worked for everything I have ever gotten
        ” really not in a position within the organization to really know all the facts, etc.”..I have friends everywhere and I am in poisitions to directly or indirectly know all the facts in the cases I post on
        ” trips to Thailand” Been out here for over 4 years and been to Thailand twice and it was to get dental work done. You KBR types goto Thailand. I goto Las Vegas
        ” Give us all a break – go back and do your job and stop complaining”..I work every day so thoes in management never have to worry about the job not getting done and as you can read, You can read? I love DynCorp
        ” You are all over this site with posts, most of which are partly or fully fiction so obviously you must be pretty underemployed”
        I dont lie because on a blog it can come back and bite you if you are lieing and if these post ever come back to me I am free and clear because I tell the truth.
        You are a KBR lyalist and everyone on this website knows it, and yiou were finnaly pressed to make a LAME attempt to defend KBR. Take your own advise and get your resume in shape because when KBR is out you will saying “Would you like frys with that”
        KBR SUCKS

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      WOW through a miricle Fluor is back to using the Movin Pick as their contract hotel. WHat happened here????????

      • Comment by all ears:

        Perhaps it was a person who went to Fluor security and told them that Jim Luchsinger was a silent partner with the Star Metro. Jim is back after a medical leave but in a smaller capacity. By the way, May 1 Fluor starts getting rid of 25% of workers.

        • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

          Perhaps or….The head of KBR security back in 09 is the head of Fluor security now so This arrangement was common knolege back then. But Thank you for confirming what I posted a while back about Jim and the Star Merto.

          • Comment by old tymer:

            It would be better that Fluor actually had evidence on Luchsinger and then the IG prosecuted him. Anyway, the lights are being turned off at the camps sooner than many thought. Four Corners, Bastion, Ghazni, Warrior and more. The breakfasts are being eliminated at many places as a start to the draw down. So the less that go through Dubai the less money for the hotels. Hopefully Fluor will do the correct thing about Texas Jim.

          • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

            WOW looks like the KBR loyalist has tryed and failed to discredit me. So know we all know that KBR sucks

            • Comment by all ears:

              It seems like KBR is the Big Dog again with the Eagle Task Order ($23Billion)with Fluor and mantech as subs. Contract was awarded last October. Must be that KBR is doing something correct, hmmm?

              • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

                So the US taxpayer pays for the US military to get screwed yet once again. I am wondering who cost the US taxpayer the most money in Iraq and Afghanistan…the bad guys or KBR overcharging the goverment?
                KBR sucks

                • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

                  I have come to a realization that our goverment want the lowest quality of service for the higest price possible. As if they love to get ripped off. This is why KBR still exits to fulfill the need to get screwed
                  KBR sucks

                  • Comment by LOST:

                    Steve you are manily the only one still posting here. I guess since the last posting was in Jan maybe the interest in the LOGCAP experience is past since it is coming to an end in Afghanistan.

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      This post got me a n e mail from Fluor Security cord Jim Kalowosky asking who my sources were and other questions. Why would a post from myself trigger the Fluor security Big wig of Afghanistan to e maile me at my work e-mail 2 days after I posted this? The answer is , of course, I am right on the money and the KBFluor management went into damage control mode
      KBR sucks

  30. Comment by Stevgu93:

    It’s been a while since I’ve written. A lot has changed, I remember I stated that DI threaten jobs a lot well that has somewhat stopped. PPI is being weeded out and the OCN’s and TCN’s are being hired on directly by DI. I don’t know what the pay scale is. All DI personal are being moved out of the tents and into the RLBs (hard structures). As I settle down here in DI, things look good. I gave up on any promotions considering you don’t get promoted. You apply for a new position along with many others. So if they can’t promote you they at least make your job more tolerable. It looks like the military is giving DI what it needs to continue the missions. Vehicles, space so on. The DFACs though, you can only go to certain DFACS to eat. Again you get used to it in time. It’s all how you bend and sway. Sometimes I feel like Gumby. I understand the TCN’s more. I have to give them my renowned respect. They bend more than Gumby does. Sorry if you don’t know who Gumby is. We have to rely on the TCN’s/OCN’s its how the contract is written. Yes I wish we had more expats but think about how much money DI would lose or how many more issues we’d have with HR. Who‘d do you think the biggest complaints come from. Every week I hear of a couple being sent home for having a relationship, expat on expat or expat on TCN. TCN’s/OCN’s treat you with respect and do almost anything for you. IF YOU treats then with the same respect. As far as the PJ issues and the cultural differences, enjoy the experience.

  31. Comment by Pharoe:

    I’m currently being recruited for a position with Dyncorp on the LG4 contract and it seems Dyncorp is wanting me to deploy within the next 2 weeks. I would like to inquire if the health and welfare conditions have indeed improved and what the in country new employee process is like at this point.

    I’m prior Army 13 years with 4 combat deployments so I’m more than use to harsh and not so sanitary living conditions. My question for Kandahar is honestly what should I expect upon arrival? Are the open tents still permanent housing for Expat employees? Most importantly does Dyncorp pay on time and accurately?

    • Comment by Stevgu93:

      Sorry I can’t say anything about KAF and the in country processing. It’s been a year since I saw KAF. As far as the pay let’s put it this way my wife has no complaints. It’s in the bank on time. Don’t expect the same treatment as a contractor then as you would being a soldier. You level on the Totem pole just dropped immensely.

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      KAF is a NATO base so there is issues there, The conditions when you get to your place will be much better. DynCopr always gets the pay right, like I have said in 2010 there were some issues but its all good now,
      You made a good choise not signing with Fluor. Not that Fluor is bad but they are Fluor in Name only…It is now KBR east

      • Comment by Jim Ohnstad:

        DI seems to kfd up the only thing they ever used to do right. Now they cant seem to get the pay to the employees!

        going on the 3rd day now of NO in country pay at all, paystubs missing, and no explaination. I was entertained by “Do the right thing” and the incessant “You WILL be terminated” speaches coming from mgt and HR. Like they had a leg to stand on. NOW DI – Terminate the people responsible for hosing up the pay for thousands of your inmates.

      • Comment by Fab5Brother:

        Fluor is indeed FlourBR but it’s still a few notches above DI in pay, RR and living conditions.

        I’m not a fan of any of the LOGCAP contractors. DI treats expats like TCNs, Fluor is FlourBR and ITT is racist due to it’s black controlled country HR….but if you want the best pay you go with ITT, if you want the best all around deal you go with Fluor, if you want to be treated like a TCN go with DI.

        • Comment by Neal Cassidy:

          If these are bad companies – then why work for them? Since these conflicts are winding down and there will no longer be a requirement for as much contractor support as required in the past – why are folks dwelling on these dwindling employment opportunities and not focusing on what they will do in the post war world (post 2014).

          • Comment by Fab5Brother:

            Defense contractors are indeed ‘bad companies’ because it isn’t about a product or service, it’s about politics. How many Congressmen or ex Generals (or their relatives) you have on the payroll.

            I’ve been back in the US working for over $100k for almost 11 months. Most ex LOGCAPers will come back to the harsh reality of $20-30k. I filled a highly skilled position in LCIII and IV and enjoyed my experience working for the US Military in a warzone. However the LOGCAP project is a nightmare for people who are actually skilled in their jobs and want to work.

            Anyone looking to stay in LOGCAP IV after AFG will be working for 1/2 to 1/3 of their current salaries.

  32. Comment by Punk Buster:

    You all really thought Afghanistan was going to be “BETTER” after KBR got booted? really? Suck it up or leave…you always have options! Also, there is some magic pixie dust that you can use to make all your dreams come true….just look for Tinkerbell while you are there in Never Never land dreaming!

  33. Comment by Pharoe:

    Thank you, I’ve done private security contracting throughout Iraq but this will be my first run of contracting in Afghanistan. I see the pictures about of the over filled tents and question is if this is the same case today in 2012.

    Any LG4 Security Specialist out there?

  34. Comment by Anita:

    I cannot understand why you American’s must always make everything about you. Not everyone else working there are disgusting, just because they are not American. Secondly, did you think you were going to work in a holiday resort? You get paid that much cause of the area you work in. Stop complaining and just leave, there are people out there that are prepared to work hard for their money and are willing to accept the living conditions as there is not work in their own country.

    • Comment by Jimbo:

      I cannot understand why you people from the Balkans think you have a voice in this. You work for an American company. No one in America owes you a job. You only have it because you do the same work for less US taxpayer money.

      • Comment by Debra:

        Exactly Jimbo! I think it is obscene and should be illegal to give these jobs to filthy TCN/OCNs when there are vast number of Americans who need imployment!

        • Comment by Filthy TCN/OCN:

          You can have all the American jobs including cleaning of all the toilet in all US Military Bases. GOD cursed America because of you selfish and greedy people in your country. You cannot obtain your mission in WAR to have PEACE without the help of TCNs. TCNs are not asking for equal benefits of Americans but at least fair treatment of human rights not slavery.

          • Comment by Jimbo:

            We’re greedy because we are tired of paying unappreciative TCN’s with money that is taxed out of our pockets? That’s a laugh!
            If you don’t like “slavery”, work elsewhere. I hear that Tuzla is rocking with the hot jobs.

            • Comment by M.ward:

              So what your saying jimbo is that your advocating slavery . You and Debra must go to the same clan meetings because her comments are very racist by calling TCN/OCN workers filthy . Great advert for your country .
              My final point is to Debra , the word your looking for is employment and not imployment

        • Comment by M.ward:

          Debra your comments make me sick . You sound like a racist when you say filthy TCN/OCN’s . I was a direct hire OCN with KBR and was stuck some where in the middle . The TCN/OCN’s did the jobs that no American would do because it was below them . I watch them being treated like slaves .
          I don’t think Americans need “imployment ” but rather ” employment ” , try going back to school

  35. Comment by ITT WATCH:

    ITT is only paying the cleaners on Camp Arifjan 17 cents per hours. That practice was going on under Colonel John S. Alexander and his wife even seemed to treat the maids they had by wanting to pay them 60 KD per month less than the going rate. What was wrong with his kids that they needed maids. The wife I understand after hearing her talk to the prospective maid. Lazy-Ass seems to have rubbed off from the Kuwaiti Lazy-Ass children.

    KBOSSS contract has allowed the Army to break the moral high-ground once again. It is systemic with the U.S. Military overseas.

    Dealing with money-laundring Lebanese run companies by kick-back-seeking contracting officers. It is Camp Arifjan’s legacy.

  36. Comment by Tom Jones:

    OK.. First off. Been there done that.
    Nutt to Butt with some fat bastard from Texas.
    Full tents smelling farts and hearing snoring all night.
    Sleeping in the a shit hole building (FOB) that was just taken over a few weeks prior and still taking Sniper fire every couple hours.
    Living in plywood lean-to while motors drop all around out.
    You people complain about the conditions. GROW A SET OF BALLS !
    You are not on vacation !
    Id love to see your whining asses living under a rock for months on end
    taking hits and loosing friends on a daily basis.
    Your ass would give the left nut to take a shower in those nasty showers or eat in that nasty DFAC.
    BOTTOM LINE.. GO THE F#CK HOME ! or SHUT UP and make your money!

  37. Comment by Keith H:

    Is it hard to get employed with Fluor/Dyncorp/ITT etc. without prior military experience? I worked on LOGCAP III in Iraq for 3 years. Am I just missing the key contact people or what?

  38. Comment by jose Antony:

    If u don’t like to work with DynCorp . Please resign and go Nobody is going to stop you. This is Afghanistan Logcap Mission. what do you think this is not Dubai 5 star Hotel. Here everybody is same. what do you think if you are expat means .You required special fesilities fu….k no way . Resin and go home man. People thoseMany Dyncorp LOGCAP IV employees disgusted

    I can’t even count the number of complaints I’ve received regarding the pay issues and the working and living conditions for Dyncorp LOGCAP IV employees in Kandahar, Afghanistan. All in all it has to be close to 100% that being an new American expat working for Dyncorp sucks. Many are saying it’s worse than working for KBR. But I’m sure if you’re Scott Mount, Jeff Archie or Conrad Cannon your living conditions are premium. Below is an email from a Dyncorp employee.


    If you are thinking Dyncorp for your job, let me give you some true blue facts. I know everyone at one time or another has ask, “what have you heard about Dyncorp”, well you are hearing it from the horses mouth.

    Dyncorp is not what you expect from a company of this size and reputation. The HR is as bad as it gets. The finance (pay) is a hit and a miss. Some people get paid others are not paid for up to three months. The living conditions are as poor as there is. We start out in a circus tent with 300 people double bunked with 2 foot of space between bunks. Then we are moved to an 8 man tent but they have placed bunks in for 20 people. The top bunks are only 2 inches from the top of the tent and the lights. We are given 3 to 4 foot between bunks and this is our permanent living assignment, even for Supervisors. There are CHU’s(Civilian Housing Unit) with TCN’s (Third Country Nationals) running everything. There is no such thing as a waiting list for CHU’s and nobody can explain why most xpats are in tents. I can see most xpats demobing once they all get their clearances.

    The laundry goes this way…you turn your laundry in with an issued bag which holds 2 sets of clothes. It takes 72 hours to receive your laundry back. They wash your clothes without removing the clothes from your bag. If you do not put the soap powder in your bag your clothes are washed with dirty water only. When you receive your clothes back they smell, most have dirt stains on them (which were not there to start with) and they are waded up and wrinkled beyond belief.

    The chow is bad, C-Rations are better. The working conditions are bad, I will not go into this. Think the worst and then add more bad things to it and you have the work conditions.

    There is no safety or any kind of QAQC around the company.

    We all share the bathrooms with the TCN’s. These guys are from all over the world. They are doing their laundry in the showers and sinks. Absolutely disgusting people. There is nobody around to enforce rules or regulations in the camps. It looks and smells like a group of animals just spent 24 hours in the showers. Nasty to say the least.

    One of the Transportation Managers (name edited out) here just got busted with drugs and having classified material in his computer. Real class act management. I thought KBR was bad until I came here. I found out some supervisors and managers that KBR fired – are here. It’s hard to get away from idiots.

    Stay away from DynCorp Intl.

    I know this will guarantee some hate emails but I stand by my opinion there are inherent safety issues with American expats living in close quarters with unvetted TCN’s from SE Asia, India etc. At least Americans get a back ground check and you know there are no convicted felons sleeping in the next bunk. With regards to TCN’s you have no idea who the person is sleeping next to you and then there are health issues. Diseases such hepatitis and tuberculosis are near epidemic conditions in some countries and it’s a well known fact that labor contractors lie about getting these people vetted including who are jobless people they will sacrifice and will earn more money. If you are not here also Dyncorp will run the mission Man. Go and stay any 5 star hotel and Let me know How many days you can stay in 5 star hotel with your own money . May be one month after you will become a beggar.

  39. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    Well put…..just remember KBR SUCKS. If a few contractors do a good job serving our customer we hurt KBR a little. If we all serve the customer we hurt KBR a LOT. We are here for the Military and to support them. KBR belives the military was there to support KBR
    KBR sucks

    • Comment by Jimbo:

      Stevie, you are the epitome of suck.

      It’s a$$clowns like you that have ruined the reputation of KBR, and when you see the writing on the wall, you take your cesspool attitude to another company to disgrace them.

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      I dont know how my reply got on this tread but I LOVE DYNCORP there are better than KBR KBR SUCKS

  40. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    Well 1st off let me start off by saying THANK YOU for the complement. If I, Little Steve Lofquist, can even hurt big KBR with true and factual post then I am a BAD MAN ..kinda like Mike Tyson. KBR dosent need my help to ruin their reputation. They do fine on that by themselfs. So why take my facts elsewhere when no one else is even close to KBR when it comes to corruption. You know when it comes to corrupt defence contractors its kind of like the snake. Cut off the head and the rest die so I will do my tiny part, and once again thank you for valadating my points by personal attacks, and press on making the world a slightly better place. But now for you Jimbo….show some guts and post under your real name

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      Remember if you support KBR you are supporting a company whos HIGH points are the rape of Jamie Leigh Jones and Anna Mayo. You support triple charging the Taxpayers. You support the poising of most of the water in Iraq. Why would an American support a company that screwed the american tax payer.
      KBR Sucks

      • Comment by Jimbo:

        Stevie – Jimbo is my real name. Think of that, eh? I’ll wager that you made tons of unfounded assumptions when you were on the job also.

        Oh yeah, KBR did not rape Jamie Leigh Jones and Anna Mayo, employee(s) did. KBR did not poison most of the water in Iraq, it was dud employees who were always looking for a shortcut who did that. KBR is a company, an amalgam of it’s employees. If you are laying the blame on an inanimate company, you might as well suck up your share of the blame.

        The only thing I can fault KBR for is hiring a bunch of liberal HR types who brought all their whining friends, gutter scum, and trailer trash into the company and ruined it. Those people spent more time trying to find a way out of doing a job correctly than actually performing the job.
        Let me ask you this, Stevie: What did you do to correct a wrong situation? I’ll wager that you did nothing but write to Ms Sparky.

  41. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    Well I kept over 10K solidgers safe from burning themselfs down on 17 Cop’s and FOBS. Employees are directed by managers who inturn are directed by the Company so yes I do blame KBR, also if KBR is not to blame for the Jamie Leigh Jones and Anna Mayo incidents why did KBR management attempt to hide these incidents? Why was not putting clorine in the water treatment plants a SOP for KBR?

    “The only thing I can fault KBR for is hiring a bunch of liberal HR types who brought all their whining friends, gutter scum, and trailer trash into the company and ruined it. Those people spent more time trying to find a way out of doing a job correctly than actually performing the job.” at least we agree on that, When mamagement is unchallenged by labor for 8 years they become judge, Jury and executioner. Oh and your Name….Jimbo ……or do you have a last name.

    • Comment by Tarmi Ricmi:

      You was almost for 2 years with KBR, according to your posts shouldn’t you give back all that “dirty” money you received from the company in that period and prove how big patriot you are?
      The longest period you spend in some of overseas contractor companies was KBR (what an irony), how many of them (contractors) you’ve changed in short period after you left KBR? Does that tell you anything?
      Your posts are product of nostalgia for KBR nothing else, lol.
      Don’t lie your self anymore, KBR respected you more than any other contractor you’ve been employed for…. So far.

      • Comment by s:

        Tarmi Ricmi…Beware the questions you ask me on here because I will answer honestly and you will not like what you read and it will also make you look stupid.
        Now how would know my work history? Your post about my post KBR employment is all wrong. Was this a lame attempt to show me as incompetnet? As someone who has been to every contract in theater? KBR hates me and their executives and Lawyers read this blog. and I hate KBR
        KBR sucks

  42. Comment by nhminuteman43:

    To Steven,
    You make comments about KBR. Your company is no winner. You have had many castoffs joining your ragged ass company. Many of my former KBR Colleagues joined Dyncorp for more money. What happened is that they were fooled and bailed out. They came back. Starting my 8th year with KBR, they have always been accurate with my pay. Not your company, they are bad at paying their workers.
    When I went on medical leave of absence, the Houston HR People made DAMN sure the Iraq HR People kept within the rules.
    In my 89 months with the company, there have been hiccups, but they straightened themselves.
    Now, Dyncorp is getting its knuckes rapped. Why because your patheic company could not keep up the physical plant. So before screaming without think, think you idiot.

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      I have never had a pay issue with Dyncorp. Dyncorp dosent have a NKVD style security dept who breaks into your quaeters and plants drugs and alchol. Wheres your HR then? Dyncorp dosent search and open your mail. Wheres your HR then? Dyncorp dosent have rape cases. Where was your great HR when this happened? When someone from the Balkin states with a base pay of 500 demobes after 2 weeks and there forefully kept in country to pay back the 500 forced on them in Huston. A classic case of Human traficking….where was your HR then? Speaking of pay how much were you payed in Huston for processing? every other company pays their employees during this time. KBR sucks and by all the recent personal attacks I am reciving I must be rattling the chians a little so the Loyalist are compelled to defent the most corrupt company in recent history. KBR sucks

  43. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    “You was almost for 2 years with KBR, according to your posts shouldn’t you give back all that “dirty” money you received from the company in that period and prove how big patriot you are?”
    Funny you should mention that…I did gived the money to the real americans. I gave it to US forces who suffered Article 15’s
    “The longest period you spend in some of overseas contractor companies was KBR (what an irony), how many of them (contractors) you’ve changed in short period after you left KBR? Does that tell you anything?”
    I spent 2 years with another contractor after KBR screwed me so once again your wrong.
    “Your posts are product of nostalgia for KBR nothing else, lol.
    Don’t lie your self anymore, KBR respected you more than any other contractor you’ve been employed for…. So far.”
    I hates me and I hate KBR. You obivously are a KBR Loyalist who has made another Pheeble attempt to defend KBR against little Steve Lofquist

    • Comment by Floridastorm:

      Steve……….From your posting I would think that you are still in Afghanistan for DynCorp, am I correct in that assessment? If so, can you look at my post to see if you can answer some of my questions?

      I have never had a problem with any of the contractors I’ve worked for overseas. I simply want to know what to expect when I arrive.If I know what to expect I can prepare and then live with it upon arrival. I am former military so I am used to long hours and not so comfortable living conditions.

      • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

        Ok when you get to Dallas prepare for a fantastic hotel. Then you will recive a packege explaining the processing proceedures. The food is fantastic there by the way. Oh heres the 2 best points about DynCorp processing….1: You gat payed while processing. 2 They treat you like an adult. Then after 6 days you get onthe KBR of airlines ( United) and fly to Dubai. There you stay in a decent hotel untill they fly you to Khandahar. Then the fun begins. It is better than Fluors processing where you pay for your own food or KBR when you dont get payed and their food is well….LAME. Just remember KBR SUCKS

        • Comment by NEW YORK:

          Steve you must have drank the Dyncorp koolaid Yea you pay for your food with Fluor but they give it to you in your pay for each day in the US. and in Dubai. Better than DI.when I went through with DI. we went through Kuwait and all I got for a hotel was some run down hotel with no soap,towels or even but wipe we stayed for 2 hours and sent off to another 5 star hotel to pick up some people than we got to fly Gryphon Air into Kandahar ware they take your Passport till you get a KAF. Badge and don’t forget South Park the Slum and the fine smells from the poo pond so keep DI. Fluor pays a better uplift and pays on time

          • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

            Yes Fluor pays 80% rether then FynCorps 70%. KBR payed 75%. But South Park is better than Warrior east which is KBFluors transient housing. The Star Merto hotel…Jim Lucksingers hotel, At least DynCorp leadership dosent make their hotel, and they dont have one, the required hotel for the company. Once again I find it pathetic that all these pheeble personal attacks come at the peoson who exposes KBR for Sucking
            KBR sucks

            • Comment by NEW YORK:

              They all Suck ! but we sign on anyway just to feed are family’s .they need to keep expats to their own showers,tent’s,b-huts since the ocn,tcn are quite the dirty crew no shots or health care in their home land I seen a guy get the TB test and he came up Pos.with the big boil on his arm and he was with NASSA and they were working on FOB Span in the defac ! Warrior was better than south park by a mile and at least the tcn weren’t using the shower’s to do their laundry .Hay How’s that new DEFAC on Warrior they were going to open when I left for Mam marl up north in Mez. At least the Germans had a nice bar and PX it was pricey but something different. Fluor transient area near HR.PX.area is a slum Bunk bed Cots and the square heads who are up all night smoking and flapping their pie holes so you get no sleep and you stay in BAF.waiting for Mil. Air for a seat only to get bumped and you get to stay in the slum another night.I got a system when you get bumped just go to Warrior for a bed instead of staying in Fluor city it’s only a short bus ride to air ops.I have my issues with Fluor but they are small compared to the crap I put up with DI will take some crap and live a rough life but we sign on for it Just show me the money Merry Christmas

            • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

              OK it was late and I just cleaned my keyboard so forgive the spelling errors…but that does not change the facts that KBR sucks and Fluor has become KBR east. Has it ever occured to anyone that even though KBR under bid fluor ..Fluor got the contract? Maybe That happened for a reason?….

        • Comment by Fab5Brother:

          Drago Steve,

          You forgot to mention how DI makes you do all your own leg work and front the money for you pre deployment medical.

          I’d prefer to go to my own places to eat with the per diem Fluor gave us.

          Not to mention Fluor pays A LOT more and you get four 21 day RR compared to DI’s 3 17 day RRs.

          What kind of fool would work for DI when you could work for Fluor?

          Warrior is a lot better than South Park. When was the last time you were at BAF?

          The Movenpick was a great hotel for Fluor outbound in Dubai. But due to government bidding rules FluorBR has to get a new lower bid each year. I am sure a five star hotel wasn’t too fond of the drunk rednecks bringing whores back to the hotel or urinating in the hallways or the chain smoking ocns smoking in non smoking rooms.

          Just curious, when you get called out for your misinformation why do you view it as a personal attack by KBR loyalist such as Ksnipper. Even Ksnipper isn’t a KBR loyalist anymore. He works for DI – like all the LOGCAP bottom feeders. You guys share a bunk bed?

          • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

            Drago Steve?????????. Well KBFluor used the Star Merto the second Lucksinger came back in country. The official reason was that George Rabb just ingored the contract re-newal. But we all know the real reason.
            I left KBFluor in July of 2012 so yes South Park is better than Warrior east. I dont give Misinformation so when I am accused of lieing it is a personal attack and I do not know Ksnipper and when you accuse me of sleeping with him that kinda sounds like a personal attack to me . This could mean your a FRAT boy because thats their prefered tactic… Make false clames about someone and use your popularity to enforce your will. Hey KBR Loyaist…..KBR sucks

            • Comment by Fab5Brother:

              The real reason was the same reason why they keep on switching TCN slave labor suppliers every year. It’s in the contract that they have to save money every year. The Movenpick is a very nice hotel, the Star Metro, not so much and of course the Avenue is still being used as the inbound hotel.

              Did you leave FluorBR willing? to go down south for a big cut in pay and RR? Doubtful. Were you still working as a fire inspector for Fluor in 2012?

              • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

                Yes I left KBFLUOR because it turned into KBR east

                • Comment by Fab5Brother:

                  ITT has been filling all the fire inspector jobs since the LC III – LC IV transistion in AFG, not Fluor…

                  It’s possible you left Fluor willing to go work down south for a lot less money and RR but doubtful.

                  • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

                    I left ITT because the prime contract holder became KBFluor. Its not about the money , its about hurting KBR in Any way possible. Oh by the way when me and KBR “Parted ways” there were big fires on a few of my FOBS. Proof that I wass the only person who could handle my job. Thats why KBR wanted me out so they could tell the goverment that they could handle it and ITT cant

                    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

                      Correction…there were NO Fires on my FOBS…..Keyboard is messed up again. When I left there were 2 Big fires that I was told about

                    • Comment by Fab5Brother:

                      Stevie, keep repeating PASS, PASS, PASS.

                      Was that you directing everyone how to use their ABC’s when SSA went up at BAF?

                      Stevie, your credibility is about zero.

                      FluorBR didn’t become the Prime while ITT was part of the contract, FluorBR was always the prime.

            • Comment by Neal Cassidy:

              Steve – your spelling is really atrocious. Perhaps you need a new keyboard. Poor spelling really takes away from a post’s credibility so you might want to check your keyboard out before you hit the send button.

              • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

                I know dude. I FOB hop a lot and this computer gets dirty. Helecopter rides with rock and dirt HLZ’s really mucks things up. But I try. But in the end I am just here forthe troops. With KBR,ITT and now Dyncorp I have never had a soldier hurt in a preventable fire. They all come home safe. I have had 2 preventable fires at FOB Orgun-E but I had trained my fire wardens how to use a fire extinguisher so facilities were saved and no one got hurt. So no matter who you work for you should be here for the troops not KBR’s profitts

                • Comment by Tarmi Ricmi:

                  Yeah sure, you are there just for the troops :)

                  • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

                    Why would you question this? You once asked my why I do not give all that dirty KBR money back….I gave it to the real victems. The soldiers who recived Article 15’s . Article 15’s that deprived their familys of food and caused rent payments to be late. These Articles screw over local econimeys as well.

                    • Comment by Neal Cassidy:

                      If you are giving money to servicemen while you are deployed in the service of a DoD contractor – could that not be perceived wrong?

                    • Comment by Fab5Brother:

                      “Steve”, you sound like a complete phony.

                      Are you a OCN or TCN working in the DFAC writing this stuff from the MWR?

  44. Comment by Neal Cassidy:

    Steve – you spelled feeble wrong. PH??????eeble???

  45. Comment by Floridastorm:

    I am currently processing with Dyncorp for a deployment date of January 15th. I’m just glad that I’ve done this type of processing before otherwise it would be overwhelming. Never have I seen so many documents and procedures to complete. Anyway, I’m nearly done with all of it. I worked for Parsons in Iraq, a few years back, and it was an excellent company. Originally they had some tenting facilities for living. But, within 6 months we had built modular housing. After that no employee lived in a tent.

    Since I know little about Dyncorp, except for what I read on these forums,can someone who has been through the processing and initial few weeks with the company give me some insight.

    Since I have done all of the medical, dental, drug screen, and documents processing, here in my home town, how long will I spend in Ft. Worth and what processing is done there?

    My understanding is that, initially, I will be in Dubai. Where do they put you up in Dubai and what are the conditions?

    How do they get you from Dubai to Afghanistan? When I was with Parsons we went from Kuwait to Iraq via military C-130.

    When you first arrive in Afghanistan where do you go and what are the conditions? Walk me through the first week or so on the ground in Afghanistan, if you will.

    Has DynCorp built any modular housing for its employees or is it all tent type living? If there is modular housing is it shared facilities?

    HR is telling me that the working hours are 12 to 14 per day 7 days a week. Even in Iraq we didn’t work that much.

    What kind of leave policy is there? How many weeks on? How many weeks off? Do you get paid for the days you have off? What is the DynCorp policy on airfare for leave?

    How would I contact someone, via email, who is already in Afghanistan working in the department I will eventually be assigned to? I would like to be briefed on the way the department is run and the systems they use.

    I truly appreciate any and all information that can be provided as I do not like to go into any situation unprepared. Thanks Again.

    • Comment by Pete Beale:

      Floridastorm, this may be late in getting to you as I guess you already have finished processing and on site. I worked for KBR in Iraq until the drawdown and I have to say I pretty much enjoyed my experience there. I then got hired by Dyncorp and it all went downhill from there. I arrived at what can only be described as a refugee camp (South Park). I understand that its AFGHAN and tent living, but the conditions there are deplorable, freezing cold showers, faeces in the shower unit and all over the toilets curteosy of the TCN’s, nowhere to secure your personal belongings, hence theft was a daily occurance there. In the 3 months I lived in South Park 3 attempted sexual assaults on females too place and security for females was non existent. My job in Camp Hicks was a joke, management were a click, there was no direction and they constantly promoted their friends who were also clueless. I was lucky to get paid, salary was never on time and on 2 occasions uplift was not included. Asking finance or indeed HR was to the point of hilarious as they are all Indian workers who speak little english and just bobble their heads. They are unhelpful or unconcerned if you do not receive you salary and in the end I had to yell at them to find me an american employee in that dept to at least understand what my issue was. I am in no means racist, but living and working with the Indian employees was trying owing to their hygiene and basic lack of toilet training. How I never got a serious disease from there is beyond me. After 6 months of that BS I departed, like most self respecting person there. The turn over in staff is crazy with Dyncorp, no one wants to remain. I however got another position, better paid and around other Americans and educated english speaking other nationals which is great. I still live in a tent, but with mannerly hygienic people and my personal belongings are secure. If you are there keep looking out for something else, there is much better paid jobs and conditions here in AFG, I would go on unemployment before I would return to Dyncorp……

  46. Comment by KBR WATCH:


    If you had as much paperwork as you say you received, then you should be reading it and making notes. Most of your questions are answered in your own paperwork. Dubai is most likely a hotel. I am glad to see you are transiting from there to AFG rather than through that shit-hole Ali Al Salem that ITT manages in Kuwait.

    Get a binder with slipsheets and lay these documents out. Also, if you are working all those hours, then local labor law will apply for overtime. What is your overtime rate. In Kuwait, companies like ITT, VSE, KBR, GDIT, SAIC all have cases in the Kuwait Ministry of Labor courts for not paying the overtime that their Prime Contract obligated them to pay. Base lawyers at Camp Arifjan have a lot of Qui Tam cases on their hands for these violations and contracting officers under the command of General Joe Bass that frankly don’t know what they are doing and have only proven that the Army Contracting Command is a joke. Get a copy of the Prime Contract and see what you are really entitled to in the way of services from the military.

    So, if you have a labor claim in AFG – where do you go to file a claim in the AFG ministries ? Your company doesn’t want you to know that. We have already seen that corrupt contracting officers COULD NOT indemnify KBR against liability for following the Prime Contract. Lesson learned for DynCorp.

    • Comment by Slimey Limey:

      All of you dumb bottom feeding sucks should try to better yourselves and work for a company that is of real use to the military over here, such as SAIC, where we make the big dollars, 240K, all of this DI, KBR, ITT, FLOUR crap, all useless to me,you don’t work, the TCN’s are the ones who work, so why should you get paid to watch a TCN to make sure he gives me only one scoop of ice cream, I mean you have a supervisor and a manager for damn near everything, probably a manager and supervisor, and foreman to watch a TCN clean the toilet, when you should be the one’s cleaning it, get a clearance, and get a real job over here, otherwise, stop bitchin and snitchin about the shit that you are into, these mom and pop companies pay you guys probably less than 6 figures, I sopke to a guy who was making 76K from KBR in Iraq, when he got on DI in AFG, he was bumped up to 96K, he just got his clearance and now he is making 200K, so my point is, all of you can better yourselves, or just keep on bitchin and snitchin, and please, stop making things hard on us who actaully is of real use to the military,

      • Comment by Fab5Brother:

        The LOGCAP system of having a supervisor for every worker is based on the US Military, if you have a clearance it’s a 90% chance you are ex mil so you should already know that.

        What ‘real job’ are you doing in AFG for SAIC? Cleaning NVGs? 90% of the deployed people, Mil and contractor alike do nothing. Not all LOGCAP jobs pay poorly, I was making 210k up north but it was a job with a clearance.

        Sorry to hear about your ice cream problems.

    • Comment by Floridastorm:

      Most of the paperwork has to do with medical, security, personal information, etc. The actual offer letter only states the salary per hour, hours per week, departure dates, etc. Any of the other policies, living arrangements, leave, etc. was not mentioned. I believe that Dyncorp has the same pay policy as all of the other DOD contractors. The first 40 hours straight time with differential and hazardous duty added. Overtime, over 40 hours, at straight time. No time and 1/2 for overtime. Normally 12 hours per day 7 days per week. Don’t know if Dyncorp gives the differential and hazardous duty pay for overtime hours. I believe that Parsons did give the differential and hazardous pay also for overtime worked. As far as I know this is pretty standard with all companies in a war zone. I just don’t see any future in challenging this policy as the contract is issued by an American company to an American citizen. The government rules in Afghanistan don’t apply with these contracts.

      All I know is that I will be going to Ft. Worth for completion of processing and then will fly to Dubai. I think Dyncorp puts you up in a hotel in Dubai. After some time there you fly into Afghanistan. Believe it will be Kandahar. I am not sure whether they pay me while I’m in Ft. Worth or not. However, the prime DOD contract with Dyncorp sets down the terms and conditions of just about anything. So, believe that it will be similar to other contractors.

      I intend, once the processing is complete enough to insure that I am leaving, to ask all of the pertinent questions. If some of the terms and conditions are not acceptable to me, then I just don’t leave for Dubai.

  47. Comment by KBR WATCH:

    1. They make that money BECAUSE they ARE American and not Afghani or Paki who are not to be trusted on any of our U.S. installations.
    2. Because the US Government has a corrupt relationship with KBR, DynCorp, ITT ( Exelis ), and Fluor, and the contracting officers basically like to pad the bills for the contractor unnecessarily by allowing for all the senior do-nothing staff. The more billable hours, the higher the award fee and the higher the kick-back.
    3. TCNs should not even be allowed on U.S. Military installations. All the work positions should be strictly American passport holders only. You cannot have them working on the base one hour and the next they are upset because some of our First Amendment advocates are burning the ( I did not say their ) Koran.

    That is the position of about 90% of American passport holders and we are the tax-payers paying the bills.

    ITT should never never be manning the outside checkpoints or perimeter at any Kuwait or AFG base. That is the duty of the Army and always has been for their own bases. Only a corrupt contracting officer and his General Officer would allow that to be written into the KBOSSS contract.

    • Comment by Allen Kang:

      To those that work in Afghanistan, I applaud your bravery.Now, female Afgan Police Officers shooting at our fellow citizens, what next? I have been very lucky in Iraq. In my 10 years in Iraq, these cases were rare!
      What is incredible is KBR is supposedly firing alot of people at the start of 2013. In Besmaya, we have seen Kulak, Turkish SCW Company, has released alot of good workers. Now, the Iraqis (LN) are coming in. Their work ethic is bad.
      The Iraqi Army Commander, General Abbas, has lots of interest to leave this open. He is making money the old fashioned way.
      Supposedly, the USDOS and OSC-I Camps will be normalized. It means the Iraqis wi be the paymaster. ets see how many of us will leave.

  48. Comment by Fab5Brother:


    ITT (I’ll pass on calling them Exelis), only does the biometerics screening at the gate in AFG for bases. Which isn’t big deal in of itself but some of the people are EXTREMELY (per LOGCAP usual) unqualified to being doing that job. I heard of one person who was a clerk in KBR Travel in LIII and ended up as a biometeric clerk for ITT in LIV. Yup, went from buying airplane tickets to screeening Taliban at the gate, all because they knew someone in ITT HR/Recruiting.

    I don’t know and will never know how it is in Kuwait, pay is crap and their is waaay too much racial favoritism going on there for any sane person. I did demob out of Kuwait City for KBR, seemed a lot nicer than Dubai. It was interesting to have to pay an airport visa tho, guess they have already forgotten about 1991.

  49. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    OK Lets all get something straight. No more Misquoating me. No more insulting my credibility. Everything I say is true. Thats the reason I have ZERO fear of posting under my real mane unlike most people who are on here just to support KBR. In Jan of 2010 Fluor ,with ITT as the sub, took over the Jalalabad Area. I have always said this. I am as American as it gets. The order of operations you KBR loyalist are using is perdictable, 1st lie about facts, then personal insults and if that fails attack credibility. The readers see you for what you really are…KBR loyalist attempting damage control

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      Oh and I guess you think that BAF was the only place a fire inspector is stationed, now your credibility is starting to sink.

      • Comment by Floridastorm:

        I’ve been reading all of the comments from people who either like or dislike KBR. A lot of people seem to be coming down on Steve Lofquist for stating some negative specifics about KBR. Let me tell you all my story working for KBR for a year at Camp Slayer in Contracts.

        There were two of us that worked in the contracts office at Camp Slayer, myself and another American. Since I have many years of experience with some large companies, including Fluor, Parsons, Saudi Aramco, and Northrop, from day one I did my job correctly, following the FARs and KBR policies. My partner was a joke. He not only did not know anything about his job he wasted time and screwed up just about everything he touched. I tried to get him to follow procedures. But he wouldn’t listen. I had to do do my job and his job too which made the job overwhelming.

        When I first arrived in Slayer I was placed in a broken down Saddam out building about the size of a large garage. There were 16 of us two high living there. We had AC but no running water and not bathroom facilities. We all nicknamed our garage “the homeless shelter”.The facilities were on the main camp about 3 miles away. During the following months I worked hard to insure that the modular housing was contracted out and built. Finally the housing was finished and we were told that we would be moving into the housing, two men sharing a large room and bathroom.

        Up until that time I had been trying to get the contracts group located into another small office which was empty and not being used, as our community office was often loud and crowded. In contracts you need a quiet and calm place to conduct business due to the legal aspects of the job. I had made it be known emphatically to the Manager that we needed to use this other office if at all possible. I never demanded or caused any trouble. I simply advised.

        The next thing I knew is that I was told I was being transferred to an FOB somewhere on the Iranian border. A remote base with little or no facilities. Only tents were available. Also it was an extremely dangerous place for both military and civilians. I was being punished for daring to bring attention to the need for more space and solitude in order to do my job efficiently. I had never told the Manager about my incompetent partner and how I was having to do most of the work.

        By the way, I was given 8 hours to get my stuff together and to report to the Green Zone contracts office for deployment to this FOB. My fate had been decided by a contracts manager who everyone knew did not know anything about his job. He had been hired, in that position, based upon his being a military non com retiree and the right ethnicity. Believe me, the man knew nothing about anything. Could not even answer the most basic question pertaining to the contracts discipline.

        To make a long story short, I did state that I wanted to remain at Camp Slayer and that the job required two contracts people. The manager simply told me to either go to the FOB or quit. He wasn’t even civil about it. Just gave me an order. So, I took his suggestion and got on the first plane out of Iraq.

        KBR did have quite a few decent and experienced employees, including managers. However, there were many who were just looking for another form of welfare and either did not do their job or did it very badly. This incompetent contracts manager caused the company to lose an experienced and dedicated employee by his attitude and lack of professionalism. A few years later, when I worked for Parsons in Iraq, I never found anything to compare to my experiences at KBR.

        • Comment by Fab5Brother:

          Decent people in KBR above foreman were few and far between.

          I completely disliked the KBR experience in Iraq. My job in of itself was interesting but working for slave wages in a warzone was not. It didn’t help that one out of twenty people knew or cared what they were doing.

          I believe Steve is a phony, a lot of things he post just doesn’t add up. For a person who spent his time in AFG he sure posts a lot about Iraq. I’ve never once posted anything positive about KBR other then ‘KBR did a few thing very well but they did most things poorly’. I don’t know if that can be seen as being positive.

          Also, the living and working conditions you describe while harsh for Iraq are still par for the course in AFG.

      • Comment by Fab5Brother:

        What are you babbling about, Stevie?

  50. Comment by Steve Lofquist:

    KBR’s high points are the rape of Jamie Leigh Jones and Anna Mayo. Triple chargeing the goverment for services not rendered. Poisning the water in Iraq. Why are so many people loyal to a company like this? Unless they support the practices that make these enviroments possible in the first place. So everyone who supports KBR take a good long look at these names and remember them. These are the people who SUPPORT the toxic enviroments caused by the “Judge,jury and exacutioner” mentality of KBR management. Unless they are placed on damage control by their overlords in KBR itself. So ask why they support KBR when the entire world know of their High Points

    • Comment by Thomas:

      I got a real good one for you,although I dont know what I need to do,but OHS confused my records with another employee sent me to dubai,I got cleared,then they tried to block the docter from emailing back to them my release.cours I went around to HR and got my release though,this is Dyncorp

      • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

        There are still traces of Canser (KBR management) that Dyncorp has not weeded out as of yet. That was one of these cases. Management IS NOT JUDE JURY AND EXACUTIONER ANYMORE. They must follow the LAW and if they break the LAW they, like KBR just found out, they will be held accountable.
        KBR sucks

    • Comment by Steve Lofquist:

      So now that we established that I am who I say I am and I tell the truth we can move on.
      KBR sucks

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